Terraria Spriting Carnival 2


Skeletron Prime
Im just still a begginer with this (i had problems with the handle of the sword)
An robot mob
And an robot sword or something


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Soooo not too sure what this is. I woke up and decided to sprite something random and this is what it came out to be
New Piskel.png

I don't really like the colors i used but i'll probably change it as soon as i figure out what works(I don't know how to use yellow if that makes sense :p) My shading skills need some more improvement :D I feel like i start off good and at the end of it i end up messing things up. Trust me, this looked sooooo much better when i had the outline of it but once i start trying to figure out what to fill it up with things go downhill xD
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Nice, I'm new to spriting and these are my first ever sprites:
Water sword.png
Lighting sword.png

Sorry if these are terrible, I tried my best and these are my first ever sprites!


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I even made a boomerang, plz say that I'm starting good. The only problem is that it is so small so here is an attachment


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    Water boomerang.png
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