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Terraria Spriting Carnival 2


Skeletron Prime
I decided to take a small break from sprite making and now that I'm doing it again I decided to make something a bit more basic and made this. (The handle is supposed to be rusty. Sorry I haven't got the hang of shading yet.)
Railroad Blade.png
maxresdefault (2).jpg


Official Terrarian
I made sprites and descriptions for them:
Boss Idea:

Name: Snowfloater
HP: 40,000
Defense: 20
Head Damage: 70 (Expert: 80) (Master: 90)
Hand Damage (arms don't deal damage): 50 (Expert and Master: 70)
Drops: 150 Snow Blocks (100%), Snowfloater Trophy (
Weapon_Rack_(placed) (1).png
) (10%), all normal boss drops (like Lesser Healing Potions) (100%), 5 Gold Coins, and 1 Strange Ice Shard (
New Piskel (2).png
Hardmode: Yes
How to summon: Summon in the Snow Biome.
Summon Item: Strange Snowball (
New Piskel.png
Way to obtain: 1% chance to drop from Ice Mimics and can be crafted with 2 Snow Globes, 150 Snow Blocks, and 1 Mana Crystal.
Strange Ice Shard tooltip:
"It refuses to melt"
Recipes: 1 Ice Blade, 1 Boreal Wood Sword, 50 Snow Blocks, 50 Ice Blocks, and 1 Strange Ice Crystal = Slicicle (
New Piskel (1).png

Strange Snowball tooltip:
"Having a snowball fight with this is not a good idea"
Summons Snowfloater

Slicicle Stats:
Damage (Sword): 80
Damage (Ice Trident Projectile (
New Piskel (3).png
)): 40
Use Time: 21 (Fast)
Velocity: 9.5
Has a 50% chance to inflict Frostburn
"It's made of ice. Ice that will never melt."

How sprites were made: Piskel
I should make a mod with these someday.

The Slicicle is made of early prehardmode materials because the boss is simple but hard (and has a Skeletron AI for some attacks), and it's shard is needed to craft the sword. Also, the Boreal Wood Sword is the bottom (because you wouldn't want your hands to be cold, would you?) and the snow, ice, and Ice Blade are on top.


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