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Terraria State of the Game - April 2020


The Destroyer
What's in the next update? You'll just have to wait and see?!?!! Re-Logic, you KILLING me. I've been waiting for old one's army since BEFORE 1.3. Can't you at least come out in the open about what's next?!?!
(Don't worry, I'm not really angry, this is all in good humor;))


Oh nice, the streamers play on the same world, wait, will you guys also be in the same voice chat then? Or will you be seperate

Edit: What i mean is , will you guys be communicating and stuff via some sort of voice chat app (Discord, etc), or are all of you going to be staying seperate in that case and only communicate via the ingame chat
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That tree spoiler, what does it mean? clearlly not journey mode, we have the icon for that, maybe built-in mod support, or just (as FlamingPanda said) steam workshop for maps and texture packs. I'm hoping for mod support, but steam workshop is a very good feature to have.
I'd like to have both!
I'll try catch the stream, but I'll probably try and play the update before watching any otrer videos of it.

Kovex Play

I'm so excited for 1.4! I want to watch that stream on 15th may but in my country it will be 10pm so i won't watch it whole. I hope that weird bug with transparent blocks will be fixed soon, as you said. A small question: 1.4 on ps4 will be next year? I can't wait for the final update of my favourite game.
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