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Terraria State of the Game - April 2021

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It's the team developing the mods that will have to update it, and for the popularity, Calamity team didn't start to update their mod to 1.4, and it may take months after the release of tmod 1.4 beta...
There are few mods that are worked on along tmodloader, mostly because they are developed my tmod devs and you should be able to play with them day 1
Ok I said in there that Tmodloder devs would probably give the thing to help the mod devs develop a 1.4 build…. Guess I didn’t clearly state that…
But I’m not a person who knows everything so I know that I may not be correct

Well, I can do pixel art and code, but I'm too lazy to show an example


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man I am excited how the playstation and xbox are finally getting more and more closer so they can tell us a date of when journey's end comes out for console and xbox. I can't believe that terraria is already almost 10! It has felt like only a year since 2013 when i first heard about it!


I can't believe the 10th anniversary is almost here and 1.4 will already be 1 years old
I am a long time fan of the channel and just managed to kill my first master mode Dungeon Guardian yesterday. It took as long as my first successful Moonlord fight with a solar eruption!

P.S. Image attached below is proof that I have defeated the dungeon guardian from when I returned to one of my normal worlds


Those are really interesting news, tModLoader update soon, and Steam Workshop was a great addition, beside I'm impressed that Kobold Invasion texture pack got so much spotlight on the workshop. I even got shocked at the time when I saw It, but the texture pack is cool, though. (beside the warrior kobold animation...)

I'm glad the devs did some changes to how one publishes It on the workshop, now It's a lot easier and faster to have It up.
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Uh... Penguin Games Server?


Would it be possible for console to just have the option to have a cursor for menu navigation? Console UI has always felt clunky after the original UI and it’s always felt to me it’s because of keeping track of the inventory slots and where you are on the menu, which is hard to do with how small text can be on console. I feel it would make it easier to just have a cursor to navigate everything, inventory, gear, etc, instead of cycling through everything with bumpers.
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