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Terraria State of the Game - August 2019

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator


    Greetings Terrarians!

    Welcome to the the latest Terraria community update on development progress across all active platforms! School is back in session, but that has not slowed down the pace of progress across the board for Terraria. Things are really starting to come together and pick up momentum - so hang on, enjoy the ride, and read on for all of the latest Terraria news!

    PlayStation 4 & XBOX ONE - PIPEWORKS

    Summon sentry weapons smaller.jpg

    The team has nearly finished with functional integration of all of the 1.3.4 content! There are just a couple of bugs leftover from the integration before most of what’s left is going to be a QA pass to make sure everything is working to spec!

    We also managed to finish most of the platform work we need to do, updating the SDK and the version of Unity we’re running.

    We’re still a bit too far out for a release date, but we’ll announce through official channels as soon as we’re ready!



    Thanks everyone for all your support for the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria! We’re about a month and half post-launch, and busy at work on the content update for Switch. We’ll finish with that be ready to pass it over to Re-Logic and QA for assessment and de-bugging. We’re hoping to have split-screen back in with this patch, but we need to make sure it’s in a good place before we commit to bringing that back. More news soon!

    Oh, and did we already mention that the retail release is coming soon for Switch? We just got to see the first batch of these in person, and we are super excited for this to be out on shelves soon!

    Switch US Box small.jpg

    As a reminder, these are the physical release launch dates:
    • Thursday, August 22 in Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand
    • Friday, August 23 in U.K. France, Italy, and other European territories (except Germany)
    • Tuesday, August 27 in North America & Germany

    Please continue to report any bugs you find or issues you run into through the official reporting form here: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form



    We don't have much to add to what has already been revealed this week (whew!) - but in case you were hiding under a rock or deep underground mining for ore....

    We had some fun sharing this cryptic short video

    Then we came clean with the truth....

    Very special shoutouts to Apollyon (∆ㄕ◊レレㄚ◊и#9350), who worked as a team with Pikachu (Pikachu#3232), シRickjoseeツ (シRickjoseeツ#4924), and |ყσµɳɠ ℓεɠσℓαร|(|ყσµɳɠ ℓεɠσℓαร|#0586) from Discord, and @The Real Bryan and Mine® working together from TCF for solving the mystery the soonest that we could find on each platform!

    (If you got a correct guess in sooner, sorry we missed it!)

    We will just let that speak for itself - its crazy to think that this time next month, everyone will have Mobile Terraria 1.3 in their hands! We hope you are as excited as we all are and that you enjoy it as much as we hope you will. We have put a lot of hard work and passion into this version of the game and we are really proud of how it turned out. That said, we have lots of exciting post launch plans that we look forward to sharing with you in the months ahead!


    Greetings from the PC development team!

    Do you ever get tired of your summoned minions having the same boring, generic look as everyone else? Want to stand out from the crowd and be the envy of Summoners everywhere? Feast your eyes on our latest invention - sure to pull in rave reviews from your fellow Terrarians!


    Work on Journey's End marches onward at a strong and steady pace. We are getting so much done every day - but there is still so much to do! We hope you are as eager with anticipation as we are for what this update will bring to the table. Stay tuned!


    Greetings Terrarians! We are overjoyed to announce that the mobile update is almost upon us. The 1.3 mobile update will finally allow global online play for up to 8 players. Starting August 27, we are going to begin announcing official community adventures that Terraria players will be able to complete for a chance to win prizes. We created an official adventure channel located at Join the Terraria Discord Server! where you will be able to partner up with other members of the Terraria community.

    Make sure you stop by our Discord server, join the #activities-chat, and gather allies to help you on your conquest for fortune and glory. Full details will be provided in the server so make sure you stop by and check out all of the action. We also have to take a moment to give a massive shout out to the Terraria Community Team and the overall community for helping us build one of the largest and most active gaming communities on Discord. We are currently the 8th most active verified server on the platform and we are sure that we can one day grow to become the largest server to ever exist on the platform. Help us reach the #1 server spot on Discord and please spread the word to all Terrarians!

    Discord Aug sotg.png

    There have been some truly exciting community updates lately, especially on Xbox. Microsoft recently rolled out their new official Xbox community hubs, and - of course - Terraria's community is packed with activity and millions of unique club visits monthly. With all of the recent upgrades, we are eager to hear feedback from the Xbox community on how we can make our console communities even more fun.

    If you have a suggestion or you would like help improve our community then please stop by our official hub and share your suggestions.

    Since the launch of Terraria on Switch we have been hosting regular meet-up events to build epic creations and survive gruesome challenges. If you are interested in joining in on the action then send a Switch friend request to: SW:1555-1182-7233 and join one our open worlds. We also have a fairly large stockpile of epic endgame gear for those lacking firepower.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  2. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Summon dyes! And Mobile's long awaited 1.3 release date! I'm getting really exited for this!! :eek:
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  3. GhostlyTerrarianYT

    GhostlyTerrarianYT Terrarian

    So excited for 1.3 Mobile!
  4. Vilvo2.0

    Vilvo2.0 Terrarian

    Ooohhh, very exciting times for terraria
  5. scientistB

    scientistB Dungeon Spirit

    I'm logging on to shout MINION DYES.
  6. Charlie Lemanski

    Charlie Lemanski Terrarian

  7. PINHEADpatt•

    PINHEADpatt• Terrarian

    This is so cool and exciting and I honestly cannot wait,thank you DR studios if weren't for you guys o don't think mobile would have been wher it is today(well we're it is gonna be...)
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  8. MasterBrain

    MasterBrain Skeletron Prime

    Minion Dyes. Literally the best addition ever! I can't even imagine what other insane ideas you're going to add to the game!
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  9. yannick1124

    yannick1124 Terrarian

    Wiring update's coming for Switch! I've been waiting for 1.3.1!
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  10. Nsk1341

    Nsk1341 Terrarian

    I'm happy to hear you're working on the next patch for switch but this isn't really news. Do you have a timeframe you're hoping to hit? Will the next patch be in the next month or so? This year?
  11. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    Switch physical release, mobile 1.3 impending release, many more things down the pipeline.. as for PC folk, I imagine the wait will well be worth it. Hangin' in there!
  12. kamperNL

    kamperNL Terrarian

    aw im so excited
    also summon dye?? thats amazing!
    keep up the good work terraria is my favorite game and you guys make it better every day :)
  13. ASHIDA

    ASHIDA Terrarian

    Hey 9.
  14. Jojo33

    Jojo33 Terrarian

    Yay! So pleased to get a release date for the mobile update. So glad it's finally here. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible!
  15. Olegrizz90

    Olegrizz90 Skeletron Prime

    Split screen not spit screen @Loki . Lol noticed the typo in the switch info. Not making fun of ya or anything good sir, just aggravatin ya cause you've got a helluva plate full as it is :)

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  16. LapLasagna

    LapLasagna Spazmatism

    I believe I'm mistaken, I thought the next update for xbox/PlayStation was 1.3.2-1.3.5? If not it's still fine, I was just confused.
  17. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Dyable minions?
    That’s it I’m gonna play a playthrough in 1.4 with no gamepedia crap. Find it out on my own.
    (Banner at top has vampire frog thing, new armor/vanity, and possibly a new background object.)
  18. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    It was announced as 1.3.2 to 1.3.4. 1.3.5 is still further out. Thankfully 1.3.5 is mostly cosmetic and QoL content, so I think waiting for that is fine.
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  19. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Official Terrarian

    It's nice to see that there's a new summon. And I kind of wonder if the shampoo only stays on the summon until it's unsummoned. Beside I guess a kind of "shampoo" for weapons would make people eyes shine, too.
  20. Mine®

    Mine® Skeletron

    GLaDOS: Yaaay. Cake time.