Terraria State of the Game - August 2022

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My only wish is that the melee changes to the weapons we've seen so far are applied to all melee weapons...
I can say, with my very short time playin' Melee Class, it's a LOT more fun then I expected it to be, it's got some pretty busted Weapons I've ever seen as of 1.4.3! Just thwakin' Enemies and plowin' through whatever they do, with devil-may-care is somethin' special! I can't be totally sure just yet, because I haven't seen enough, but I think there's something lost in Swords shooting Projectiles in Mid-Late Game...

...and that this steers mods to incorporate the changes as well.
Last I heard, Mods like Calamity, don't really care about the State, or Balance of the Vanilla Game [and from what I've played, I believe it]. If by some chance they do, that'd certainly be interesting... I'd be very curious as to why that would move the needle [specifically], and not actual Bosses, Enemies [Mobs] and Item placement. 🤔 ☕
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I'm honestly kinda loving what they're doing so far [it took time though]... but please, no [LoL]! Let's at least get parity & cross-play first, please! 😅 🙅‍♂️
Parity is certainly planned since they're aiming for a simultaneous release. Cross-play hasn't been announced yet, though.

Last I heard, Mods like Calamity, don't really care about the State, or Balance of the Vanilla Game [and from what I've played, I believe it].
Calamity doesn't care about vanilla balance and in fact changes a lot of vanilla mechanics. However, many other "big name" mods stay closer to vanilla balance. That's why I'm eagerly waiting for Thorium or Spirit to get released before trying 1.4 modded. (I really like how Spirit is planning to have a full "otherworldy" soundtrack. Now that's dedication to fitting seamlessly into vanilla Terraria!)

they add crossplay along with 758358 changes to make everything fair lol
There are signs already there will probably be a post-LoL update... The devs are literally incapable of running out of stuff they want to add in!

Also, while tweet-trawling, I found this:
Yeah, about that, I remember in the bygone days of Terraria Online forums ranting about how "carpal tunnel syndrome was not a valid part of game balance"; but back then it didn't sway the devs. (Nowadays I'd call it RSI instead of CTS. More accurate.)
Can you provide a lot more detail there? Pretty sure it’s been available to the vast majority of players on Android have had no trouble with installs.

Device? OS? What precisely happens? Etc.
I have just now checked again the ability to install the game via Play Store just now, intending to check if the issue is resolved. When I made the post it was still unavailable for my current device. In between the time I made the previous and this exact second, something must have been changed. And with that change, I am so happy that the problem is resolved on my end. Unfortunately, on my previous device the issue persisted.

I made a fuss about this in two threads discussing the issue and they are linked below:
  1. Mobile - Cant install terraria
  2. Mobile - Incompatibility error after play store update.
My shared solution (linked here)[3] is also posted for everyone who desperate to install the game (like me), however, it involves downloading another store front which you and me know is problematic in regard to Security (especially for those who does not know how Android really works behind-the-scene). Looking at the date of the post (May 15, 2022), I own a device Xiaomi Mi A2 which I have no access to Terraria via Play Store. When I got a new device this month Xiaomi Poco F3, I had the same issue hence my post in the thread [2].

While I am extremely ecstatic and really appreciate that this is now resolved for me and my current phone, I hope it is resolved for others as well. Whatever happens between the time i posted in this thread and this very second, I am very thankful to the responsible party that allowed the game to be installed on what should've been supported devices. However, I wish the issue would still be investigated further because some supposed-to-be supported device is still incompatible, in particular my Mi A2.

Nevertheless, I am obliged to answer your questions

DeviceXiaomi Mi A2
OSAndroid 10
What precisely happensPlay Store says the device is not supported and therefore I am unable to download the game. A screenshot below demonstrates the problem on Play Store page.
WorkaroundsMobile - My phone is no longer supported
Only Re-Logic/505 Games/DR can deal with this issue. Nothing the customer can do to make the device "compatible".

I refer "supported devices" as stated in official wiki: "Android 4.3 and at least 1 GB of RAM"
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I’m curious what the angel statue use will be not to mention what all we don’t know about yet. :) That is nice that terrariums can be stacked. Also it looks like nautilus shells can be placed which is awesome.
I’m curious what the angel statue use will be
My guess, based on nothing whatsoever, is that it will give a buff of some sort.
I'm curious to see what Neon Blocks are like!
Me too, especially with negative paint. I wonder if the light from light-emitting blocks will change with paint colour, as glowing mushroom trees will: @Loki care to shed some light (ha ha) on this?
I know, it would be amazing. I'm also hoping that poo blocks have the stink potion lines coming off of them.
I've always enjoyed the Mushroom Biome for some very specific reasons, a.) it's sharp contrast to the usual experience of being Underground, b.) it's offer of respite from having to use Torches and other light sources, c.) the quirky-a** music [I even have it as my Forum Theme].

Still, I've never been a fan of using it for Housing NPCs, mostly in the Overworld, because it's Biome Theme is just so "dark" and makes telling time [without a Watch/ Clock] a bit weird; it almost has a white room effect on me and I hate it [LoL].

However, I gotta say... the ability to modify how certain portions of the Biome glows [in an NPC Town], will probably change my mind.

Poo Blocks/ Tiles on the other hand... I could've really done without. I plan to 99.9% my Journey Mode Research Vault, but Poo Blocks will NOT be joining my item collection [LoL]! 🤢🙅‍♂️
Poo Blocks/ Tiles on the other hand... I could've really done without. I plan to 99.9% my Journey Mode Research Vault, but Poo Blocks will NOT be joining my item collection [LoL]! 🤢🙅‍♂️
It depends on the texture; with the right paint they could make a useful addition for building. It's also a great source of free blocks early game. All you need is one apple and a toilet and you're good to go (pardon the pun).
LOL…they could add dung droppings that you could collect say from insects in order to make poo or dung blocks…just an idea…the neon block lighting bit is an interesting idea indeed. I not sure though about adding stink potion lines for the poo blocks…kinda on the wall about it.
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Yea so? Literally very first thing that comes up in Terraria related searches and that site was reliable source of Terraria information for years to come.
So spare me your "ew fandom wiki" ..
I think it's just that the official terraria wiki looks more professional with its colour scheme whereas the terraria fandom just looks kinda yucky with its pop up disclaimers, especially on a mobile device. The white and yellow just doesn't fit at all with the colour schemes of a terrarian forest. As an added bonus, looking at the bottom of the page won't lead you to unrelated articles of different wikis.
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