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Terraria: State of the Game - December 2018

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hey developer team. i like animation of tree, grass flower but i dont like fast animation.

maybe. pls have option control speed animation,

Moor Oakheart

Greetings Terrarians!

Happy Holidays from the teams at Re-Logic, 505 Games, and Pipeworks! As we near the end of 2018, we want to reiterate how grateful we are for the support of the community. Your passion helps fuel our desire to make Terraria the best it can be regardless of platform.


We’re happy to announce a new patch is available (as of last week) for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. You can find the full patch notes here: CONSOLE DECEMBER UPDATE NOTES

While we made it clear that this update was tackling both engine upgrades and technical housekeeping, the team was also able to address several bugs related to split-screen & online multiplayer, game functionality, crashes, performance, and art.

Many of the issues included in the patch notes above were reported to us by the community both through the bug report portal and the console crash reporters.

As always make sure to report any additional issues using the bug report form here: https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form15/index.html

We’ll be coordinating on what’s next for the console version of Terraria with our partners at 505 Games & Re-Logic. Stay tuned for additional information and enjoy the patch!


The Switch version has successfully hit another new production milestone, which included a bunch of UI modifications based on feedback from Re-Logic. We plan on showcasing additional information about the UI in the future.

While we’re still doing some in-depth testing, we’ve successfully connected 8 Switch development kits together in local wireless multiplayer.

On top of that the team has been making additional modifications to the controls for the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller - which will be supported. It’s important to note that the game will not support a single Joy-Con input mode. These refinements have really helped improve the feel of the game regardless of your controller preference.

We also wanted to confirm that the current plan is to support 30 worlds & 30 characters in the Switch version, though that is subject to change.


In case you missed it, the news is finally out there about the recent mobile development move to DR Studios. If you did actually miss it, learn more - and check out the first ever views of 1.3 Mobile HERE. These latest members of team Terraria have been working on the mobile version for a while now under a veil of secrecy, but now we’ve finally allowed them out from the darkness of the underground caverns where we have kept them. They are looking forward to sharing their progress and journey with you as we move forward towards 1.3!

On that front, it’s been a busy but very productive month for DR Studios. They are actually based in the UK very near to the 505 Games UK office, which means 505 have been visiting DR a lot over the last month to catch up on progress. That has also meant taking time to play an awful lot of the mobile version in order to make totally sure that we get the "feel" just right. In the last few days this has culminated in the very latest build going over to Re-Logic for their feedback. It is still early, to be sure, but we are taking the time needed to focus hard on actual in-game playability in regards to controls and UI elements. Beyond just adding the new content, getting that "just right" is critical to giving the Terraria Mobile players the experience they deserve. :)

Santa is coming to bring his presents this month, so that may slow us down a bit while we take a moment to enjoy the season. Otherwise, we will be full steam ahead! While we are at it, we would love to hear what you think about what you saw in the spoiler image - feedback would be a great gift indeed! Merry Christmas all!


Happy Holidays from the PC development team to every Terrarian out there. We always like to take time out during this part of the year to appreciate all of the support that each and every one of you have given us over the years - so, thanks so much for all you do for us! :)

In celebration of the season, Terraria is 50% off ($4.99) on Steam for the Steam Winter Sale! You can pick your copy up (or maybe get one as a gift for a friend) on the Terraria Steam store page HERE

As we wind up the year, we do want to share that 1.3.6 remains very much in active development - with so much exciting stuff going in (a lot of which we won't talk about for a while... or maybe will just save as surprises for launch ;) ), we cannot wait until you all get to check it out. We do not have an estimated time for this yet. For now, we wanted to share a little something we have added in - a peaceful way to unwind after a tough day exploring, killing bosses, and collecting loot....

Happy Holidays - and we cannot wait for what is coming up for everyone in 2019!
Man, this is awesome! These are the kind of things I like from you guys! Keep it up! You have my support.


The only problem I have with mobiles in development UI is the hotbar. I like being able to quickly swap items, and i feel like that if theyre that close together im bound to accidentally use a summon or something.


Well, here's my reaction.

Me: How's 1.3.6 coming along.
Devs: Actively being worked on! We don't have a release date just yet. Thank you for your patience!
How I interpret this in my head: "Look if you don't stop bugging us we will turn this car around, so help us!"
What I said in response: A'ight. Just checking.
What I told myself after: ... ah, whatever. I'll still be playing it.


It's been 21 months since 1.3.5 was released, and exactly one year since the first 1.3.6 preview. That's a lot of time for a maintenance/minor build number.
Taking your time is fine, but please just release QoL stuff when it's ready instead of packaging it with "content" updates.

It's a bit ridiculous how long this is taking.


Judging from the teases we've gotten I think feature creep has set in, and this is far from a minor maintenance update anymore. Would it make it better if they just renamed it to 1.4? Version numbers are arbitrary anyways.
version numbers aren't just random. It indicates how much it changes from the previous version.

If it's just a bunch of minor changes. Then it's not worth in comparison that 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 has given.


Official Terrarian
Personal opinion: 1.3.6 could be called 1.4 and nobody could complain, though, not the same with the DD2 crossover, because it only focused on the crossover. Some people would probably be mad if the DD2 crossover thing was called 1.4


I don't know why they don't just release a Terraria expansion since Otherworld is scrapped. They've given more than enough stuff away for free, take the time to truly improve Terraria and charge another 5$, no one would begrudge it.


Official Terrarian
^^ yea, nobody would get mad, heck, i would probably fork over 10 tbh. I mean, i love terraria THAT much. a 10 dollar game that goes on sale often with a 10 dollar DLC is worth it.

And it supports the devs, which is good

I just thought of a The Behemoth (the people who made Castle Crashers) and 505 games crossover game.


Slime Collector
Eh, what a developer's vision is can change over time, no harm in that. Besides, there's a limit to what you should give away for free. ReLogic have gone WELL past that point in my opinion. Another injection of capital would be good for them. For the amount of enjoyment I've gotten out of Terraria I think I owe them something too.

If expansion content is truly something they're against they could offer something cosmetic. Like a costume pack or something.
Once again, I repeat: New players.
Paid content isn’t really gonna be friendly for them, and it might give bad first impressions.


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I'm a personal believer that a game that receives constant updates to the core game itself by creating add-ons to the base experience should not be paid DLC.

Creating new experiences with vastly different content from the base game does warrant Paid DLC status in my book. New Terraria content doesn't warrent a vastly different experience from the base game, and I have great respect for the dev teams for not nickel and diming their customers because they know this.


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In the 1.3 update for mobile. Will we have the Celestial Pillars after the cultist is defeated? And speaking of that, will we have Moon lord and cultist?


Staff member
In the 1.3 update for mobile. Will we have the Celestial Pillars after the cultist is defeated? And speaking of that, will we have Moon lord and cultist?
Yes, the Celestial Pillars and Moon Lord are part of the 1.3 update and will be accessible when Mobile does get the 1.3 Update.


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"Vastly different experience" is a really subjective standard though. In my opinion none of the DLC I've ever bought for any game meets that qualification. To me all any DLC has ever done is add on to the base experience. I've never bought any DLC that transformed a game into a new experience.

I really don't see it as some evil that a company wants more money for things they made anyways. Especially when those things were made as long after release as we are talking about here. ReLogic as a team hasn't put out any new purchasable products in years. Their salary has to come from something, and the success of the original release won't last forever. It's not nickel and diming, it's keeping the lights on and employees paid.
Oh, I’ve seen DLC that met that qualification.
The Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 is the purest example of this. It was a single player campaign, and the game had one already. However, the expansion was nothing like we’ve ever seen before, the way we traversed through that story. New mechanics and everything. Definitely worth $20 in my book.
When I played through the Octo Expansion, it gave me a completely different view on what DLC should be like.


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none of us ever specified what the DLC could be like for terraria, we just said it COULD have it and nobody would complain xD
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