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Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

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Duke Fishron
Ten years. Ten beautiful years. That's a mighty incredible thing. Thanks to everyone on the team for helping to bring a smile to millions of faces world-wide!

Scratch Lunin

Skeletron Prime
Those new textures look great! I hope they end up being added into the base game instead of a texture pack, considering the official developers made them and a new update is inbound soon. I feel a lot of people would be happy with them.

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
But wait! There's more! Our art team has been working on some of their own Texture Packs on the side - so that we can have some fun new offerings for everyone on day one! Want to see a sneak peek at some of the changes? Of course you do!
You bet I'm gonna get that texture pack as soon as it's available.
Check out this fancy new water.
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss water!!

Major Terraria Fan

Official Terrarian
Really amazing news. the texture packs look amazing(and at times terrifying) :happy::)But I'm a console player so will there be a steam workshop-like thing for console and mobile or is it just pc? o_O


Really amazing news. the texture packs look amazing(and at times terrifying) :happy::)But I'm a console player so will there be a steam workshop-like thing for console and mobile or is it just pc? o_O

think it's safe to say console will not be getting those textures.

it's basically up there with mods, more or less.

Greetings Terrarians!

We don't know about you, but February brought lots of cold weather (and not a small amount of snow and ice) our way. :islime: Hopefully you have been able to stay warm and safe. While the weather may be chilly, the action on the Terraria development side is continuing to heat up. On the PC side, the team is doing a lot of polish work for the upcoming Steam Workshop/1.4.2 update - and things are really starting to come together. Meanwhile, our partners over at DR Studios are making fantastic strides on what is arguably the toughest task for Console 1.4: UI & Controls! Rounding it all out, we have some cool new Terraria merch and community tidbits to share. So, come in from the cold and let's sit around the fire and talk some Terraria!











First things first, we do not yet have an exact timing for Workshop support. We will say that things feel like they are getting really close, and most of the team's time now on this update is focused on the polish/finishing touches area along with the usual bugfixes. We expect to be able to provide at least some general launch timing/window very soon.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are planning to have and maintain a "Developer's Choice" tag/section on our Steam Workshop. We will periodically review new submissions in each Pack Category as well as Maps and elevate our favorites to this list.

View attachment 309409

For that reason and more, we would again encourage everyone to check out what is already on-offer in regards to Texture Packs and Worlds here on TCF - both for ideas and to see what might hopefully be available on Workshop in the near future! :)



As a reminder, Steam Workshop for the core Terraria game will not support Terraria Mods - as for all things Terraria Mods, that remains firmly in the realm of tModLoader and the team behind that! :cool:

Want to see more? Ok fine... feast your eyes on the in-game Workshop menu (still being tweaked, so subject to change!)

View attachment 309809

But wait! There's more! Our art team has been working on some of their own Texture Packs on the side - so that we can have some fun new offerings for everyone on day one! Want to see a sneak peek at some of the changes? Of course you do!

View attachment 309554 View attachment 309555

View attachment 309556

New Enemy textures and animations, courtesy of @Lazure

View attachment 309559

View attachment 309558

View attachment 309557

View attachment 309790

View attachment 309561

View attachment 309791
Aesthetic changes to bosses, blocks, biomes and more from @Jimmarn


Learning activities such as we mentioned last month in regards to expanding our coding and art talents remain ongoing in parallel. Whatever path we choose for the future, these skills will only help Re-Logic take things to the next level!


Be sure that you are up-to-date with the latest and greatest on this front via the Hotfix Changelog... and keep your bug reports coming via the handy bug report button below!

Terraria: Journey's End - Hotfix Changelog



As you may have noticed, we had a ton of issues to kick off the year stemming from the locking-down of Redigit's entire Google account in early January. After a month of pushing (and with the immense support of our fans), Google finally reached out and was able to provide a lot of transparency around the situation and to restore access to all of our accounts. Due to the hard work the Stadia team has put in - as well as our partners at 505 Games - we have decided that we will allow the upcoming launch Terraria on Google Stadia to proceed. The Terraria Stadia build is based on the DR Studios (latest) build, and is currently at Google for certification review.


Thanks again, Terrarians - we are as always blown away by your support!

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The tModLoader Team remains hard at work on getting TML up to the 1.4 era.

Hopefully, it will not be too much longer!



The Re-Logic team does not directly develop TML, so bugs with TML are best reported via the links below.

tModLoader - Play Terraria with Mods!


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PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch - DR STUDIOS


Greetings once again, everyone! The DR Studios team has been hard at work in the lab with a big time focus on User Interface and Controls of late. Outside of obviously bringing all of the content from Journey's End over (already done!), providing a UI and Control experience that is equal parts optimal for Consoles AND customizable to the extent that we are able/allowed is one of the most critical and challenging parts of the process of getting 1.4 in your hands. This requires a lot of iteration to capture the various ways people might want to play - allowing for evolution of the experience while keeping an eye on maintaining familiarity for those that prefer things to stay closer to the status quo. This is a large part of the reason around why we still cannot give you an exact "date" for release yet - for this part of the project (as well as a couple others), we need to let it take the time it does to get it feeling just right.

Here is a quick glimpse at where things are as of today - again, not final at all, lots of back and forth to do... but we felt comfortable enough with where we stand to show you the WIP version. We will be checking out your feedback (and obviously a picture doesn't really do justice to how a UI "feels" in your hands), so be sure to share. :)

Also keep in mind that this is an ALPHA version of Terraria 1.4 on Console. Lots of things - such as the final UI, etc - are still subject to change. So don't get too hung up on anything!

We are drawing ever closer to Journey's End on Consoles - hang with us just a bit longer. Trust us, we cannot wait to be able to share what the timing might be just as soon as we can.



Of course the UI and controls development is not isolated only to Xbox and PlayStation. Switch players can expect to see these improvements coming their way as well during the Journey's End release - we are doing our very best to work on all three platforms at the same time, in order to minimize any delay in the launch between XB/PS and Nintendo Switch. That is not to say they will necessarily be simultaneous, but working in parallel means we can cut way down on any possible delays.

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Hello everyone!

As with last month, things are mostly quiet on the Terraria Mobile front as the DR team is focused elsewhere for the time being. The team is still documenting bugs for future fixes, however, so keep those coming in (see below). We expect to be able to run headlong into more fixes and 1.4.1, etc. once we get Console 1.4 closed out.

What? You are still here looking for more? Ok, fine then... have it your way. Check out this fancy new water.

It truly remains an honor to be able to work on Terraria - on behalf of our entire team, thank you for your support, patience, passion, and kind words. We have so much planned for 2021 across the board, it's going to be a wild ride!

Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!



View attachment 309567
In case you missed it earlier this week, we officially revealed a crossover merchandise partnership between Terraria and streamer/content creator extraordinaire, PewDiePie! From No Legs Gang clothing to the amazing PewdLord figurine, these are some unique offerings that you will not want to miss if you are a fan of either or both!

Check out the PewDiePie x Terraria collection - as well as all of the ever-expanding collection of Terraria merchandise - over at Terraria.shop, or click the banner above to go straight to the crossover collection!



We created a new 10th-anniversary-planning channel in the Terraria Community Team server. Stop by and share your opinion of what we should include in the anniversary festivities for next year. We would love to hear your feedback on how to make Terraria’s 10th anniversary a truly unforgettable occasion. Furthermore, we are forming a Terraria Anniversary Party Committee made up of passionate community members eager to take the celebration to the next level.

View attachment 309873
You can join the Terraria Community Team server here: Join the Terraria Community Team Discord Server!


We Have another Winner - Grand Prize Claimed on Terraria Discord Server!

Congratulations DuneX22 on being an epic Terrarian!

Let us put our hands together and give a massive round of applause to DuneX22#5256 for winning the grand prize available in the official Terraria Discord server prize shop. DuneX22 earned 2.5 million prize points and used all of them to unlock The Winner role and some incredible prizes including signed merchandise, free games, Terraria collectibles, and much more.

As many of you know, the official Terraria Discord server has its very own prize shop with some epic swag. 24/7 you can log into our Discord server and participate in events, trivia, epic battles, and other fun activities to win prizes. Come stop by the official Terraria Discord server and participate in our fun activities and let us see if you have what it takes to top our activities Leader Board.


Until next time, Terrarians - we hope you have an amazing month, and we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest next time!

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