Terraria State of the Game - July 2023

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This is the best spoiler Wednesday yet!:dryadgrin: That secret seed combo seems pretty interesting and makes me excited for all the other possibilities. Ya’ll are doing amazing work and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

r-place 2023 Terraria 1.jpg

You may be seeing this arrive as a painting in Terraria update near you!
Also, I hope this isn’t the version of the art that’s going to be in the game. There are a LOT of mistakes here that we fixed later (most importantly the pixel on Leinfor’s hair).:dryadwink:
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From the four pictures with raptors I can see new smooth sprite for sand. Kinda nice and also from what it looks like the zenith seems to got a bit more jagged, looks kinda like the true excalibur. It looks great. We also got a look at the new Imp Staff sprite and minion sprite. These new sprites look awesome.
Finally we can see which worlds we played last with our characters, truly a game changer.
Can't wait for this amazing update 🤌
So no cross play at all for 1.4.5 or no crossplay until very close to the release?
It's been stated many times, in many places, that cross-play involving consoles will not be part of 1.4.5

If that changes, you all will probably know about it before I do.
Hi, dear Terraria devs,

It is nice to hear you are feeling well and are very motivated just like the community is.
I wish for you that everything goes well.

Patient continuing to be we must for a great update until it releases.
May the greatness of the update be with you when it releases.

Have a nice day!

-- Glasia
I am feeling major Dino Run DX vibes from the group picture, love that hats translate over into the transformation! (also, new summon sprites !)
128 unique worldseeds, wow! I wonder if there is a combination in there somewhere, that removes all weapons that dont belong to a particular class, like a forced mono-class challenge.. probably too much work just for restricting freedom tho lol.

Vampire seed looks fun, love the spin on the usual "don't travel at night" dynamic :)

Also, finally! a history of which character played on which world :0
Every update I think "now, Terraria is complete, I can't think of anything to add, I am at peace"... and then you add some new content, that I can never play without moving forward xD

Love you guys, enjoy your playthrough and keep it up!
Take care~
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