Terraria State of the Game - July 2023

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Redigit said 1.4.5 is gonna be the final update

Final content update perhaps.

Crossplay will be attempted outside of content releases to keep it simple - most likely after 1.4.5 is out and fixed.

Some work has already been done.

All subject to change of course.
What if there were duel-wielded mushroom pistols that the Truffle sold after you defeat a mech boss. They could shoot spores and would do lasting damage, and could be called "Double-Truffle" being similar to the phrase double trouble. I think they'd be a cool new addition to the game since we haven't seen any dual wielded weapons before!
Here's food for thought, make the bosses recruitable and can fight for and/or alongside you, once youve beaten literaly everything in the game including the new boss... 50 times.
Hello there! This has been annoying me for a while but is there anyway you could give Lunatic cultist a treasure bag? I dont mind if he doesent get any new expert mode equipment id be satisfied with the bag alone!
Looks awesome this game is way cool. if I could reach out to red I would ask if the empress of light could be fought pre plantera like duke fishron. Maybe shimmering the truffle worm 🤷🧙‍♂️
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