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Terraria State of the Game - June 2019

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Do you guys know if they have a fix on the way, for the next update or whenever, for the ps3 to PS4 cross save glitch where when you try to upload a world to the next gen you get the error message “no character available for download”?


I'm so excited for Journey's End! Especially since I thought 1.3 was the last major update. Take all the time you need, make it awesome, I'll be waiting patiently!


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Probably would try going for translations as I could translate certain things into Polish language, however I'm not sure if it's worth it as I'm not as active on the forums anymore. I also mostly lurk on the Terraria Discord. :p


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It’s great to hear that mobile is almost at its beta stage already. I’m really looking forward to this update and I’m glad that it’s finally near a full release. Keep up the good work.


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Pretty much excited for Journey's End and 1.3 Mobile

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