Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

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Greetings Terrarians!

Since we last left you, the hotfixes have been rolling out (with more to come!), along with some special surprises coming your way a bit later on. Things have been heating up - literally speaking with the outside weather as well as for those "fortunate" enough to survive their encounter with the Torch God. All that said, let's dive into the latest and greatest across the board!









Happy Summer everyone! The PC development team has been hard at work on the series of post-launch hotfixes - hopefully, these have improved your Journey's End Experience.


It's that time of year, of course - the Steam Summer Sale is here! From today until July 9th @ 10am Pacific - Terraria, Terraria 4 Packs, and the Terraria Soundtrack are all 50% off! If you held off picking up Terraria during the Journey's End launch (or you have a friend or 50 that didn't), there is no better time to delve into the world of Terraria! Clicking the Steam Summer Sale Banner above will take you to our Steam Page where you can get (or gift) your copy today!

Terraria is also very proud to be a part of the new Steam Points program on Steam. With this latest addition from Valve, you can earn Steam Points by buying games and redeem those points for cool items that you can display on your profile - like our two animated friends below! Anything you pick up in the Points Shop is yours to keep, and the Points Shop is a permanent, year-round addition to Steam. These are beyond cool, and they would make a fantastic addition to any Terrarian's Steam profile! :cool:




But wait, there's more!!!


Starting today, we are releasing the long-demanded Terraria: Otherworld Soundtrack on Steam! Composed by Jeff Broadbent and Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, and featuring musical performances by Tina Guo, Jeff Ball, and Frank Klepacki - the Terraria: Otherworld soundtrack is 25 tracks of awesome ear candy and a glimpse into what might have been.

OWST 616x353.png

All of these amazing tracks should also be available on other music downloading and streaming services (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) in the very near future. Click the cover art above to head to the Steam page for the Terraria: Otherworld Official Soundtrack!

PreludeJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent1:36
Every Adventure Has A BeginningJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent2:35
Night Falls, Darkness EmergeJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:11
Below the SurfaceJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenJeff Ball (Violin)3:07
Secret of the SandsJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden3:38
Glimmers of VibranceJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:05
Enchanted BlueJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden2:48
Sky GuardianJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenTina Guo (Cello)3:15
The Endless VoidJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden3:49
Celestial CavernsJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:05
Journey to the CoreJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden2:15
Ancient CitadelJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:16
Shadows of CorruptionJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:15
Decay and CorrosionJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:10
Behold the OctoEyeJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden2:58
Blood CrawlersJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden2:21
Crimson ChasmJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den Wijngaarden3:02
Fighting Off the InvasionJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent2:44
Twisted VirtueJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent3:05
A Sweet MenaceJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent2:55
Rage of TaruunkJeff BroadbentJeff Broadbent2:19
Enter DarknessJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenFrank Klepacki (Guitar)2:36
Fighting the NightJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenFrank Klepacki (Guitar)3:03
Sinkholes of DarknessJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenFrank Klepacki (Guitar)2:45
Consumed by DarknessJonathan van den WijngaardenJonathan van den WijngaardenFrank Klepacki (Guitar)2:53


Be sure that you are up-to-date with the latest and greatest on this front via the Hotfix Changelog... and keep your bug reports coming via the handy bug report button below!

Terraria: Journey's End - Hotfix Changelog



The Re-Logic team does not directly develop TML, so bugs with TML are best reported via the links below.

tModLoader - Play Terraria with Mods!



Sure, sure fixes... but what else are we working on right now? Well, besides the awesomeness that is the Torch God, we are starting to dip our toes into elements of the 1.4.1 update. As a reminder, this will contain the Vanity Contest winners and a handful of other fun things that we either didn't quite get into 1.4 or ideas that came to mind coming out of that launch. No spoilers to give you just yet (nor a timeframe), but wanted to share that work has begun in earnest on this in parallel to the ongoing fixes.

Thanks again, Terrarians - we are as always blown away by your support!

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PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch - PIPEWORKS

Additional Console Fixes and Quality of Life Patch Coming Soon!

As we briefly mentioned in various locations in the past, there are a handful of quality of life issues that have existed on Console that we wanted to rectify once we got all of the 1.3.5 content launched. These are things that are not technically bugs per se, but that would improve the experience of players once addressed. What all does this entail?

Password Lobby.png

Password Protected Multiplayer Games - want to keep your session private? Set a Password and only share it with the folks you want on your world.

Cursor Sensitivity Settings.png

Cursor Sensitivity Settings - for both Deadzone and Overall Sensitivity, you can now tailor the speed of your cursor to how you want to play

Map Data on Multiplayer Sessions should now be persistent across sessions (vs resetting each session) - subject to data storage limits!

This update will also contain a solid set of miscellaneous bug fixes (from smaller visual things to some more edge-case impactful items), as we ensure console is in a great place before the leap to 1.4.



Last time we spoke, Terraria 1.3.5 had just launched for Nintendo Switch! We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed all of this new and amazing content over the last month. Of course, within that, we have been carefully watching for your bug reports. We are happy to report that we should have a fix wave inbound soon that will address some of the more widespread issues that you have noted to us since 1.3.5 released. These include (but are not limited to):[/SIZE]

  • Enemies making their proper "on hit" and death sounds
  • Bubbles are no longer invisible
  • Underworld freezing
  • Handful of multiplayer desync issues
  • Performance Improvements

As with XB1/PS4, we really want to be sure that the Nintendo Switch version has the fixes it needs and is in a good place before tackling what is next.


What about 1.4?

We are hoping to be able to share more about the plans for Terraria 1.4 on Console/Switch in the July State of the Game. We are absolutely planning to bring Journey's End to these platforms (since we have seen some rumors stating otherwise), but we know you want the juicy details about what might happen when. Cannot necessarily promise that perfect level of detail next time - but we hope to be able to give some general ideas into the path ahead. :cool:

What about Splitscreen/Local?

Splitscreen has been one of those nagging issues since the launch of Terraria on Nintendo Switch. To get everyone on the same page, the feature does actually exist on the development side, however it is just subject to some rather impactful performance issues - particularly in high-action sequences when both players are on screen at the same time (a Martian Madness invasion in an arena with late game weaponry). The debate has always been centered around what would be "good enough" performance for this feature. Adding to that, as content continued to be layered-on, the risk of getting into a fixed-broken-fixed-broken cycle was a real concern. To be sure, attempts to improve the splitscreen performance have been made over time - with some marked gains - but the performance standard has still not been met.

Ok, so that was the rationale - what's the plan? We have said that we wanted to address the Splitscreen issues in a post-1.3.5 era, which we are in now. Splitscreen will be addressed in parallel during the Journey's End development cycle. We will leave no stone unturned in this quest, and we can only ask for your continued patience as we try to stand up this overdue feature for everyone.

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Hello everyone!

So we know that you enjoyed our little "reveal" last month - we did too. ;)

As we said then, there remains a LOT to get done in order to get the entirety of 1.3.1 - 1.4 pulled together for you. Currently, we are at a place where a lot of the new features are in and at least partially functional... while others are still waiting in the wings. We are making huge strides, and we are happy to share a little bit of that progress below.

Remember that these are early development builds, so UI elements are subject to change and you very likely will see bugs (especially visual bugs or performance things) in any of these early screens or short videos. Don't worry, we will get all of those ironed out before the end.

Can you spot all of the fun new things in this video?

Still no update on exact timing. A lot of that will come down to iterations between DR Studios and Re-Logic on UI design elements (and there are a lot of them!) as well as the massive ton of testing that will be needed on both sides... seriously, it is going to be a lot to check over between 1.3 and 1.4. :eek:

We hope this little sneak peak has kept you satiated for now... more to come along our own path to Journey's End!

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Discord Alliances & Joint Community Events!

With the transition into Summer we thought it would be fun to start having some new and creative events for prizes. Teamwork makes the dream work so why not be innovators and form alliances with other awesome gaming communities on Discord. These alliances are very exciting and will include both community collaboration with our alliance partners and fun joint events. Let us give a warm welcome to our new Discord alliance servers: r/leagueoflegends, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and /r/Overwatch.


We are currently in the middle of an /r/Overwatch joint event. The rules are simple: create fan art or other content depicting both Overwatch and Terraria themes. You can vote for the event entries here: Terraria x Overwatch Art Event Voting Gauntlet

There are already some cool submissions:



Join us June 27 for our r/LeagueOfLegends joint event and July 11 for our Animal Crossing: New Horizons joint event. Start working on your submissions now and best of luck to all participants. All entries must be submitted via Discord.

We have some other exciting alliances in the works and will update the Terraria community as they form. We are also actively reviewing potential community alliances. If you are part of a community that you believe would be a great fit for a Terraria alliance then ask your server admin to reach out on Discord to MrGameTheory#8778 our Terraria Community Manager at 505 Games.


We Have a Winner - First Grand Prize Claimed on Terraria Discord Server!

Congratulations Quartz on being an epic Terrarian!

Let us put our hands together and give a massive round of applause to Quartz#6961 for being the first person in the Terraria community to win the grand prize available in the official Terraria Discord server prize shop. Quartz earned 2.5 million prize points and used all of them to unlock The Winner role and some incredible prizes including signed merchandise, free games, Terraria collectibles, and much more.

As many of you know, the official Terraria Discord server has its very own prize shop with some epic swag. 24/7 you can log into our Discord server and participate in events, trivia, epic battles, and other fun activities to win prizes. Come stop by the official Terraria Discord server and participate in our fun activities and let us see if you have what it takes to top our activities Leader Board.

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Ohh the sneak peak of Journey's End for Mobile is looking good! Looking forward to see how the new Mobile update will develop

Thank you for releasing the Otherworld OST! I've been looking forward to listening it outside the game!

Now if only Steam would load for me so I can purchase it. Auuuu


I hope for a full quality FLAC soundtrack on Bandcamp that isn't hard-cut at 15 khz and 128kbps.

I also really hope a new update on 1.4 is the ability to see how complete an entry on the Bestiary is specifically.
Currently, it is impossible to see if a mob has no drops, or simply isn't researched quite fully, that I can see.
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Torch God
One feature I hope is implemented in 1.4 is the ability to see how complete an entry on the Bestiary is.
Currently, it is impossible to see if a mob has no drops, or simply isn't researched quite fully, that I can see.

I also hope for a full quality FLAC soundtrack on Bandcamp for our audiophile needs
There is a bar on the bottom, and if you hover over it, it shows the percentage of how completed it is.


Pixel Pirate
Are we ever going to get Vol. 2 of the soundtrack on Apple Music? The only songs available right now are Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, which makes it impossible to listen to a lot of the 1.2 and 1.4 songs on this platform.


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Are we ever going to get Vol. 2 of the soundtrack on Apple Music? The only songs available right now are Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, which makes it impossible to listen to a lot of the 1.2 and 1.4 songs on this platform.

I have followed up with those folks twice previously, and they were supposed to get this all sorted. It appears they have not - so I have just put in a third request. I'll chase it down. :)

Kovex Play

I really like console cursor's customization! And a small question ( it's not a bug so i can't report it ): does anyone else on console ( i have ps4 ) have old tortoise and skeletron prime sprites? I think they should have the ones from pc's 1.3.5. Also i have a small bug, I might report it - when using laser drill, it is in small white box ( I don't know how to describe it, its sprites is just bugging )
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I'm 13th. Why?

So. I think I must start to make a D.Va pixle-art in terraria.

I wasn't able to watch sneak peak video :( , but I am excited. Will there be another release date enigma for mobile 1.4? 😉
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the only thing i saw in all of that was "maybe we'll give you a tiny bit of info on console sometime in july".


see you in july, i guess.

Edit: i know pipeworks is working hard, but still... the world is in an extremely miserable state, so don't expect me to fake a smile. %:sigh:
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