Terraria State of the Game - June 2022

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Absolutely awesome!
I am interested how the cube that makes things invisible works o_O
Also banners can already be placed on platforms lol ( although only when hammered )
Words can't describe how grateful I am for being part of this community <3
it's bittersweet that the first time console and PC are actually gonna get an update at the same time... well, maybe... is with the final update.

i was confused about that device at first... but then i remembered that invisible paint was brought up before along with having to remove some paints for it.

so this is the answer to that issue, i assume?
I'm going to try to guess and say that I think it's wire stuff, like wiring everything in that house and then pressing the cube! :0
I hope it doesn't involve wires or actuators. Otherwise, complex buildings with wires cannot be hidden.
Kovex Play said:
Absolutely awesome!
I am interested how the cube that makes things invisible works o_O
I think it shows the hidden, not hides)
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Really excited for the next update, and I love how you guys answer the problem with invisible paint

Now, make staff of regrowth instantly grow acorns into trees 🔫
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*rubs hands together* 🙏 😏
  1. I was actually waiting for this update, first time ever I've waited on/for a State of the Game post.
  2. Thor: Love and Thunder comes out in theaters tomorrow... ❤️⚡
  3. Though I don't think it's ever been necessary, especially when it comes to "secrets" in Adventure Maps, that new "Echo/ Chameleon Device" is gonna do wonders. If somehow Actuators and this item can work side-by-side (play nice together)... oh boy!!
  4. Banners on Platform is one of those things that kinda made sense, and has for quite a while now, Functional "war banners" FTW!
  5. "Corruption Detection" is also pretty useful, I know most are thinking about it in the "get rid of it" manner, but I've got other plans...
  6. ...speaking of plans, I'm wondering what items like "The Grand Design" will be like now that wiring is free.
  7. It's cool to see nearly all the spoilers had something to do with "building-type stuff".

Greetings Terrarians!

We don't know about you, but the heat this summer has been brutal so far to us! Sounds like a good excuse to grab some gaming time and catch up on the latest and greatest Terraria news, right? Development work on the Labor of Love update is in full swing across both the Re-Logic and DR Studios teams - and we are really excited for some of the juicy spoilers that we have in store for you this month (on top of those we have already shared this month in case you missed them on our socials). That said, grab a cold beverage, cool off, and settle in for this month's State of the Game!











Labor of Love really feels like it is living up to its name more and more as each week of development goes by. The team has conducted a couple of playthroughs along the way, and we have found these to be some of the more fun and unique sessions that we have had for years. We have shared a lot of what is going into this update thus far, but rest assured that we have held some rather substantial changes and additions close to the vest as is tradition. We have a bit more to share this month... but some things you will have to discover yourself when Labor of Love launches.

No, we still do not have a date to give you - but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Spoilers though? We've got one for you!

View attachment 375078
Wow, when you guys said you were going to be transparent with us about the new update, you weren't kidding!


Another month and another 1000 additions to the Workshop - with over 57,000 packs and worlds so far, you are missing out if you haven't taken the time to check out the Workshop yet.

We hope to get around to doing some "summer cleaning" of the Workshop once Labor of Love settles down a bit. If you get what we mean. (some of this has already begun) %-_-

Click the banner above to check out the Terraria Workshop!



Right now, the core focus of the time is the final push to get Labor of Love done to what we have as the vision for the update. Still have that one eye on the future though. :)


As always, keep your bug reports coming via the handy bug report button below!


Thanks again, Terrarians - we are as always blown away by your support!

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Hello everyone!

On June 2, 2022, we launched tModLoader for Terraria 1.4+ to Terrarians everywhere. This was the result of countless hours of hard work by the TML Team and many other contributors over the span of nearly two years, and the team is beyond thrilled to have TML 1.4 in your hands. We specifically want to recognize the following folks whom have made invaluable contributions to the TML project since Journey's End released in 2020:

direwolf420, Chik3r, ExterminatorX99, ThomasThePencil, Itorius, Steviegt6, Rartrin, Agrair, Ishigh1, DarkLight66, DarioDaF, kittenchilly, Dual-Iron, MrSlimeDude, sgkoishi, OliHeamon, RighteousRyan1, Igmc, NotLe0n, Pixelnando, daim03, fakelag, andrewlord607, pollen00, einarmo, Setnour6, MutantWafflez, Ozzatron, Antirhinnum, CriddleZap, jackbondpreston, Pbone3, ModernMAK, Crapsky233, absoluteAquarian, rjmarzec, ubnt-intrepid, ScalarVector1, Pacnysam, Falcon-05, staticfox, JPANv2, Nyrest, Naginif, D1plex, georgewoodall82, Tyfyter, zzp198, SpencerDawg, RunningDroid, Trivaxy, SadOnion, miarodri, sdegueldre, JamzOhJamz, Ved-s, BarteQ778177, Lumelore, RuneZhevitz, Dinoxel, jjohnsnaill, xKirtle, MikhailMCraft,terrynmuse, hannest03, Fatiz, Valjean42, TomaszOleszko, Rijam, IbanPlay, Fragstiller, S-Pladison


tModLoader Steam Workshop - Now Available!
View attachment 375076

The launch of TML 1.4 also allowed the team to bring the tModLoader Steam Workshop online. We have already seen nearly 1,400 mods make their way onto the Workshop in the first month alone, with some of the more well-known mods being added to the Workshop in recent days. Coupled with the in-game mod browser, the TML Steam Workshop is a great way to explore what modded Terraria has to offer - check it out today by clicking the banner above!

tModLoader 1.3 Still Available

Of course, the developers behind each individual Terraria mod will need to update their mods to the 1.4 era, so hang with them while that process takes place. We also realize that some older mods that are no longer in development may never make the leap to the 1.4 era. Given that, we have kept the 1.3.5 version of TML playable

How do I switch to back to 1.3 tModLoader?
1. Right click on tModLoader in Steam and select 'Properties...', then 'BETAS';
2. Select '1.3-legacy' in the drop-down menu on top;
3. Close the window. You don't need to type any passwords!


One of the biggest priorities this last month has been to rapidly respond to release issues, and fix several of the bugs that users are seeing.
We hope the upcoming July stable release will fix a large portion, but we know there is still more to do and are actively working to resolve several. We appreciate everyone's patience as we pursue a better modloader!

Our other big priority this month was fleshing out tModPorter.

This custom software, bundled with tModLoader, provides the capability to quickly bring a 1.3 mod to majority ported to 1.4.
Further still, it will also be the primary tool we provide so modders can do the minor porting for code on each monthly release moving forward.
We hope that all modders take advantage of this tool to make their lives easier, and if you have improvements, don't hesitate to reach out in our discord.

As always, you can keep track the current progress and such more in real time at tModLoader/tModLoader (But note that the completion percentage doesn't mean anything, because issues and PRs don't have weights.)

Developers who are willing to contribute may do so by doing PRs to the tModLoader/tModLoader branch. (See tModLoader/tModLoader)



The Re-Logic team does not directly develop TML, so bugs with TML are best reported via the links below.

tModLoader - Play Terraria with Mods!


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The team at DR Studios has been feverishly working to try and keep pace with the development of Labor of Love that is taking place on the PC side of things. Yes, in case you missed last month's State of the Game, we have already begun active development of Labor of Love for Console and Mobile. In addition, earlier in June we shared a "first look" spoiler on Mobile (which you will find below in the Mobile section for any that missed it) - the first time that brand new Terraria content/features have been shown on anything other than PC. Well, we don't want our Console Terrarians feeling left out - so here's another first look at a brand new feature coming to Terraria when Labor of Love is available...

View attachment 375077
No longer contained to blocks alone, the Banners finally broke free - able to be in full display on platforms and stairs alike!

Until next time, Console friends - thanks for all of your love and support!


The team is feeling pretty good about console at this point, but we know a handful of bugs and issues are still wandering out there in the wild. We have most of these documented (again, the best way to make sure your issue is seen is to file a Bug Report in the TCF Bug Section by pressing the button below!)

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Hello everyone!

So yeah, what a month! We were beyond thrilled to be able to share a first-ever new content Terraria spoiler on Mobile! After years of playing catch-up, it is such a fun time to be able to work on Mobile (and Console) in parallel to the ongoing work on PC. What's that? You missed the Mobile spoiler earlier this month? Well, allow us to share it once again below...

You may also want to check out the Console section of this month's State of the Game for yet another first-ever spoiler, this time on Switch!

Thanks as always for the honor and trust you give us each month to work on Terraria - it is not a responsibility that we take lightly, and we look forward to bringing more amazing things to you all as we move forward.

Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!



The merchandise hub is where you can find all of the latest and greatest Terraria merchandise - and we are kicking off the new year with a handful of new offerings, including brand new plush! Check out the latest merch drops as well as some classics and pick up that epic Terraria gift for a friend (or yourself!).

Click the banner above to head to Terraria.org/store now!



Nothing new to share this month... but we have lots of fun stuff gearing up for the rest of the year. Hoping to be able to share some of that very soon.




The Terraria Lego Ideas concept that we have been mentioning for the past few months (check out the State of the Game for April and May for details) is edging ever-closer to the magic 10,000 milestone. Currently sitting at around 7700 supporters, it has climbed the charts fast! If maybe, possibly, seeing such a thing happen (or maybe something else similar, who knows?) in the future piques your interest, click the link below and toss your support behind this idea.



r/terraria Hits One Million Subscribers!

View attachment 375116

Congratulations to the Terraria community on reaching the incredible 1 million subscriber milestone on Reddit! This is truly a worthwhile accomplishment that we all get to share. Shoutout to the r/terraria moderators for their contributions in facilitating an awesome hub the community has grown to love.

View attachment 375117 View attachment 375119 View attachment 375118
(The yummy ice cream cakes featured at the 1 million subs r/terraria lunch party)

To celebrate the occasion, we created channels in the community where you can share your favorite r/terraria memories throughout the years. There is still time to participate and read about the awesome threads shared by the community.

If you want to share your favorite memories on r/terraria then you can share them in
If you want to share your favorite threads & memories on the forums then you can share them in r/terraria Subreddit Reaches One Million Terrarians!



We have some incredibly exciting news! Terraria is now officially partnered with Discord for an awesome new global initiative involving non-English communities! We are proud to announce the official French Terraria server located at Join the TerraServ Discord Server! If you speak French or know any Terraria players who speak French and would be interested to join the official French Terraria community then please feel free to forward them the invite.

View attachment 375120

Join for fun conversation, activities, and more! We will make additional announcements related to the French server and other non-English Terraria servers in the future. However, for now please welcome our newest verified community.

Salutations Terrariens ! Nous nous sommes associés à Discord pour créer un serveur officiel français ! Rejoignez-nous dès maintenant pour discuter, participer à des activités et bien plus encore à: Join the TerraServ Discord Server!


Until next time, Terrarians - we hope you have an amazing month, and we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest next time!

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I can't wait for this update!


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Tbh, I'm not as hyped for the banner thing, I've just started to get used to giving my arena a neat shape to place the banners.
All of these new features look very good, and I'm glad for the Q.o.L.
That being said I have a lot of issues with this game that I want to get off my chest.
TLDR: Bring back the throwing class!

  1. My main problem with this game is the amount of grinding required to progress. At some point during your adventures you will hit a roadblock in progression: you can grind enemies for better weapons, or you can grind a boss until you beat it. In my experience, both options take about the same amount of time, but it's clear you devs want us to pick the more fun option of fighting bosses, because in the last update there were massive strides taken to make grinding for equipment an even greater chore than it was in 1.3. Now if you want to get anything that has less than a 5% drop chance, instead of being rewarded for being creative (in a sandbox game) players are encouraged to download an all-items world and skip all grinding, which ruins the game imo. While discouraging any player from grinding in this time-consuming vortex of a game is a good thing, I don't think the many anti-afk changes were designed with as much care as the rest of the update was. To me it feels eerily similar to the torch-luck implementation in that the devs want you to play their sandbox game the way they want you to. Afk farms take a lot of time, effort, and planning to work properly. Players should feel rewarded for their creative efforts towards exploiting the game within its own rules, not punished. Instead the changes have strongly encouraged players to either start a journey-mode world, toil for hours grinding on a standard world, or download an all-items world and completely break progression.
  2. On this train of thought, fishing was similarly nerfed farther than it ever needed to. The time-reward ratio is far too high for anyone who respects their sleep schedule to even consider trying as an alternative to grinding through the world. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the nerfs to the Reaver Shark or to crates. Those items completely broke progression is a way that made natural pre-plantera progression a complete joke. What ruined fishing wasn't the nerfs themselves, but the lack of any substantial rewards in their place. There just isn't enough of an incentive to go fishing when the only benefit you can get from it is a couple of achievements (200 is 100 too many), and alternative accessories in case you got unlucky with world-gen.
  3. I know I'm not the only one that feels that melee has gotten special attention, and for good reason. "Melee" covers seven different sub-class weapons, while range covers five, mage covers four, and summoner covers three. The variety of unique play-styles available to melee players alone can account for the same variety of the mage and summoner classes combined! I would love to see more variety with the rest of the other classes. Instead of just increasing their stats, how about add more items that synergize with different weapons. For example: ranged could get some more unique bullets that interact differently (ie. rubber bullets that send enemies flying), mages could have weapons that change the way projectiles interact (ie. projectiles will accelerate towards the cursor), and summoners could have literally anything that lets them survive more than a single hit.
  4. There were a lot of other minute changes to the game that felt like downgrades when I first updated that I would love to see reverted. The first of which was how vanity accessory slots were changed to only allow the use of vanity-viable accessories. The vanilla inventory system is already extremely limiting, even with all of the extra global storage systems. Having those extra vanity slots to store my alternate accessories really helped me to swap my play-styles on the go without the need to fill up my already cluttered inventory. Another change that I'm sure only a small handful of people noticed was the removal of automated liquid duplication through the use of pumps. I get that one though; it was a bug and nobody but me cared about it, but this is my rant so I'm including this on here anyway. While I'm complaining about random things that nobody else cares about, let us get those two expert-mode exclusive statues in Journey Mode!
  5. Some other things I would like to see is a way to fully automate storage, crafting, placing blocks, and interacting. Let's fully automate terraria, factorio-style! I liked the new pylon system, but my npcs seem to care a little too much which biome they are in, I should be able to bribe my npcs to being happy. I love the new traps and I would love to see more :). The void-bag has the potential to permanently fix inventory issues forever. All you have to do is allow for the void bank to automatically sort items into nearby chests. It doesn't matter if you use a mechanical hopper to automate sorting or if it just gains the ability to quick sort (best addition to all of terraria btw), anything will massively overhaul the largest issue with this game since its conception. If nothing else, let us expand our inventory when we enter hardmode.

Please understand this comes from a place of love from a long-time dedicated fan of this game. I like to take my sweet time building with obscure techniques and collecting every item, and in doing so I have seen the best in this game, and I have seen the worst in this game. I love this game to death, and I deeply appreciate all the time and energy you developers have put forth through this game. I've seen version come and go, and no matter how this game turns out I'm sure I'll be playing it for decades to come. <3
TLDR: Bring back the throwing class
I agree with this, throwing was my favorite class in 1.3, and then it was just... gone again, and I had to find a new favorite (which became summoner thanks to my potato... that's one thing Calamity did for me)
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