Terraria State of the Game - June 2023

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I'm excited for this new update, me and my friend @James_gcm will be able to continue our finished world.
Hyped for that! Don't rush anything guy's!
Yooo is that a new sun with shading!
Edit: Im now just seeing the character editor. what happens to preexisting characters, can we edit it after we have once made said character.
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So we have Sun shading now but could we finally get animated water waves in the Ocean backdrop? (In similar fashion like the lava lakes and flows in Undeworld backdrop)
Pretty please? xD
Does anyone know how far we can take the custom seeds? for example I would love to have the legendary mode bosses and harder enemies in a normal mastermode world without the spawning in hell and the other seed effects
Could you please add workshop support to the console and mobile versions of Terraria?
I mean you might have to, due to the whole "parity" thing...
Could you please add workshop support to the console and mobile versions of Terraria?
I mean you might have to, due to the whole "parity" thing...
Unfortunately, workshop is actually a feature of Steam. I imagine it's not impossible to mod the mobile or console version of the game to utilize a resource pack or to download a map (after all, the first terraria mod was made before the game even properly released and map sharing has also existed forever), but it wouldn't be possible to just port the feature to mobile as such.
An interesting idea would be for a combination of secret seeds would be, for in for the worthy pots dropping bombs, but instead slimes carring bombs explode on death, and maybe Increase the chance of them carrying bombs.
I hope there's a lot of content but that also makes me scared of how many hours i will have to play on top of the 200+ hours
Have you guys considered adding a desert whip and a shimmered version of the drill containment unit that's mines a larger area, mines faster and moves faster? Because I personally would enjoy these in game. A possible recipe for the whip would be using ancient shards and the desert cloth and either of the hardmode evil resources (ichor cursed flames).
Being able to COMBINE World Seeds, picking and mixing how you like?

GIMME DAT. Like, yesterday.

I like Drunk World, but yet I discovered how awesome it is to play on celebration mk10 and I kept thinking to myself, man, I really wish I could have both.
I wonder what happens if you combine all the secret seeds
I thought that's what getfixedboi was already?
Considering the shimmer ocean teaser I think getfixedboi just counts as a single seed under this new system rather than a mix of all the other seeds. The image isn't a gif so we can't tell since the image isn't changing, but I assume one of the clickable presets is getfixedboi
do you think that there will be a hopper-like block that could allow items to be transported into chests? It will allow others to have even better farms like trying to get the R.O.D.
and will there be a console/mobile version of Tmod launcher? I think it would be smart considering cross-play is in action.
why is nobody talking about this

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