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Terraria State of the Game - March 2019

Discussion in 'Mobile - 505 Games' started by Loki, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. Sniper AxL

    Sniper AxL Terrarian

    Will paint literally PAINT almost everything like in PC? because paint in mobile doesn't work correctly, like if you paint a wall of 2 different colors it'll have the previous color used and stuff like that, not to mention that the only thing you can paint are blocks and walls (when you paint chairs or bottles a paint particle will appear but it won't be painted)
  2. rayst

    rayst Terrarian

    *feels like terraria 1.3 won't roll out anytime soon this summer*
    Oh welp my hype just died ;(
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  3. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I think 1.3 will come out either summer or christmas day. Why? Well summer because it is the longest season, most likely for any game to release then. And christmas day because mobile has been promised 1.3 YEARS ago and hasn't got it yet, it would be a christmas gift and a miracle. And im pretty sure this is real because my uncle's grandpa's son works at DR games but this is just speculation. I hope that it comes out as soon as possible, because HOLY COW 5.99 for terraria 1.3 would be crazy.

    ((note that crossout is a joke))
  4. rayst

    rayst Terrarian

    I cant wait any longer because my laptop and pc just broke down for almost 2 years now that's why phone's my only option. Ooooh I would love to play it with my brother and cousins this summer I just wish they'd release it early this april
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  5. Geo the Maku Gamer

    Geo the Maku Gamer Terrarian

    I feel like it should be out by early April or late may since they already told us 2weeks ago they were tuning controls and they takes about 4 to 6wks to do
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  6. rayst

    rayst Terrarian

    We shouldn't really get our hopes up tho
  7. Alpha The Wolf

    Alpha The Wolf Terrarian

    just give me terraria 1.3 for mobile plz
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  8. Bjorn

    Bjorn Terrarian

    Why is everyone so hyped for the mobile version? I rather play on a big screen with seriously easier controls then on the mobile. I loved it on the pc (just a crappy laptop now), on the Wii u was fun to only Duke Fishron was the highest you could go, and on mobile...just no. Switch will be really sweet to play it in handheld or on tv :)
  9. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Because some people don’t have big fancy consoles.
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  10. fallendead

    fallendead Terrarian

    Because there are some people who only have free time to play Terraria while in a toilet at work)
  11. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    I used to be there too... but to me at least, I started really looking forward to playing mobile with the new approach/version. It's not a replacement for the big screen, but rather an attempt to bring that big screen experience to the small screen when a big screen just isn't happening (say someone else wants to watch TV or you are in the car on a long trip). Really hopeful that everyone will feel the same way... and that it will draw in a lot of folks that might have previously shunned the mobile version for those reasons... and that comes from a primarily M+K PC player. ;) (though I have done at least one playthrough on everything now)
  12. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    And then there's the Switch version that allows you to do either big or portable screen. :D
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  13. Bjorn

    Bjorn Terrarian

    Fair enough.
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  14. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    I think atleast 4 months.
    I prefer smaller screens, and i love touchscreen compared to a keyboard (Or in some cases, a controller). The new controls, like grapple without wasting one of five slots (10 on bigger devices) and having to stop as you cant change items while moving.
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  15. Sniper AxL

    Sniper AxL Terrarian

    Since mobile already has a cursor I wonder if the fast walls placement will be added :) I doubt it, but it would be cool
  16. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    Like bullet spread???
  17. CrazyDuck

    CrazyDuck Terrarian

    What state of the game is the mobile version in? Is it in alpha, pre-alpha, beta or gamma/pre-release?
  18. Sniper AxL

    Sniper AxL Terrarian

    That, and the painting. If it uses a different codebase I'm sure it will work
  19. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    Whichever one of those version 1.2.2 is.
  20. CrazyDuck

    CrazyDuck Terrarian

    Oh no, I meant what state is 1.3 Mobile in not 1.2 right now.
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