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Terraria State of the Game - May 2019

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, May 14, 2019.

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  1. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator


    Greetings Terrarians!

    Welcome to the the latest Terraria community update on development progress across all active platforms! A ton of progress is being made, and things are really starting to come together - we are hopeful that we will be able to have some of this in your hands soon. That said, on with the latest news....

    PlayStation 4 & XBOX ONE - PIPEWORKS

    For anyone that may have missed the news, we’re happy to share that 1.3.1 is available to download on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One!

    You can check out the full patch notes HERE.

    The team has also been monitoring bug reports by the community, and will be working to address any nagging issues that were introduced in this new update. If you do manage to come across a bug, please use this contact form.

    After we get any additional needed hotfixes out to everyone, our focus will shift towards the next wave of content additions. Speaking of content, we have some good news on that front! Our current plan is to combine the next several updates including 1.3.5 into one patch - making the leap to try and get PS4/XB1 much closer to parity with PC! It’s very early, but we’ve already begun work integrating those pieces in the background.



    Next, let's look at a quick update on Switch. For this month's news item, we wanted to take the opportunity to give an overview on what we have planned in regards to touch support functionality for Terraria on Switch.

    The team has poured a lot of time and effort and attention into really making touch a great experience. There are so many functions that you can use touch to control.

    For example, you can:
    • Interact with the main menu, adjust settings, browse accomplishments, and customize your character.
    • In-game, you can....
    • Pinch to adjust zoom (be careful, this will use the item currently selected in the hotbar!)
    • Press to use the item currently selected in the hotbar
    • Press the minimap to instantly activate the full-screen map
    • Press any item on the hotbar to select it
    • Double-tap the hotbar to open the inventory
    • Press to select any item in the inventory
    • Double-tap on any inventory item to activate build mode
    • Press and hold + drag on any item to move it around the inventory/move it to a chest or shop/equip it/throw it in the trash
    • Press any in-inventory button or interactable text (quick stack, sort, loot all, crafting menu, map display types)
    • Press and hold up or down on the crafting wheel to scroll through it
    • Press and hold on an item in the crafting wheel to craft, then drag to place it in the inventory
    • Press on any of the accessory info buttons to toggle visibility
    • Double-tap any of the accessory slots to toggly visibility

    • You can also adjust the in-game settings with touch!

    Want to see it an action? Don’t worry, we’ll be covering this in a video showcase very soon!

    Quite a list, eh? We’re looking forward to getting this in your hands to try! As always, thanks for your patience and support!



    First off, we figured that we might show off something that you all could be, maybe, just a little bit interested in seeing: the first glimpse at multiplayer for Terraria Mobile 1.3!

    MP Chat 1.jpg
    Local Side by Side 4.JPG

    Pretty cool stuff, huh? Terraria really shines in multiplayer, and we are so excited to be able to show it off at long last! We know people will have tons of questions about the ins and outs of Terraria Mobile 1.3 multiplayer, and we will do the best we can to answer them - but do know that not everything is fully set in stone as of yet, so some things will remain a mystery for now.

    What you see above, though:
    • Local MP in action!
    • Text Chat in multiplayer
    • PvP/Teams/etc. all working well
    Tester is dead.png

    It is so much fun to play Terraria with friends, so we are really happy that this is ready for you to see. Still a lot of work to go here on optimizing and tweaking and getting it just right... and we are planning to share even more details about the inner workings of Terraria Mobile 1.3 multiplayer in the near future. Definitely stay tuned for that! ;) :cool:


    Second, we wanted to take a second to address some widespread confusion around the status of Console/Mobile exclusive content and how it intersects with Terraria Mobile 1.3.

    The short version here is that all exclusive content - whether it originated from Console or current Mobile - will be removed from Terraria Mobile 1.3. No vanity/legacy items will remain - which is different from what occurred when PS4/XB1 moved to 1.3. Where possible, items will be swapped for tier-appropriate gear from the core game. Where this is not feasible, some other compensation will be made in-game (for example, Gold Bunnies or coins).

    We (Re-Logic & DR Studios) understand that this will be a controversial decision - and perhaps an unpopular one with some folks. However, we would ask that the community understand that this choice is all a part of a broader plan, part of which is centralizing gameplay across the multiple platforms to a more consistent experience. This will pay off down the road, but exactly how and when any/all of that can take place is still very much in flux. In the end, the desire here is to provide a better core game experience rather than relying on exclusives that were never a great fit with the progression and style of the core game. We hope everyone understands. :)

    We are going to be making some big announcements regarding the mobile 1.3 Beta in the near future, so be ready!


    Happy start-of-summer everyone! The PC team is hard at work on quite a few things that are, quite frankly, pretty darned awesome. What are those things, you may ask? Well, you will have to wait and see like everyone else. :)

    We don't have anything big to share this month - however, we would say that everyone should tune in to the 2019 PC Gaming Show coming up from E3 in a few weeks. More information can be found HERE. You never know, you might see something interesting there....

    (To go ahead and squash the conspiracy theories before they get started: no, we are not going to be the latest Epic exclusive - Terraria has been on Steam since the beginning, and it will stay that way)

    We would also like to share that, as of the first few months of 2019, Terraria has officially broken the 27 Million copies sold barrier - with 12 million on PC alone! To say that your ongoing support is just astounding would be putting it very mildly. Thank you all - and here is to a bright future!


    The Terraria family wants to give a big digital hug to everyone who joined us for the eighth-year anniversary festivities. The turnout was so overwhelming that our Discord server and forums briefly crashed from the legendary turnout. If you happen to miss the occasion, fear not, we are going to be recapping some of the excitement that took place.

    We started the Terraria birthday by announcing three fun community events open to everyone. There is still time to submit your entries! Come by the forums and read all of the details here: Official - Terraria's 8th Anniversary! Contest and more, come join in!

    Afterwards, for the first time ever we gave the Terraria community a glimpse of the official Terraria lore! This is the story behind Terraria and the background of the adventure we all love. If you are interested in reading every word then you can check it out here: Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    To mark the occasion we released, for the first time, the official Terraria Bot! This amazing community creation lives within the official Terraria Discord server and has many worthwhile community features. The Terraria Bot launched with the Trivia Guide Bot and the Prize Merchant Bot. The Trivia Guide Bot will ask Terraria related trivia questions and award community points to those who successful guess the correct answer. The Prize Merchant Bot is a digital store that functions as a prize shop where Terrarians can redeem their community points for exclusive prizes. Click the link below to join the Terraria Discord community and test your Terraria knowledge.

    Discord Page.png

    Finally, for those truly passionate Terrarians, who actively participate in our community events, we are releasing an exclusive Terraria community hoodie that you will only be able to win through community events. Come check out the Terraria Discord for more details on how to win this limited-edition prize!

    Hoodie Final.png
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
  2. RApoZa

    RApoZa Terrarian

    I'm am so excited to try test the mobile beta, i want so much!
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  3. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Cool! Looking forward to E3!
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  4. demizegg

    demizegg Official Terrarian

    Can't wait to see what Terraria has to show at E3! :happy:
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  5. Loffy09

    Loffy09 Spazmatism

    Seeing the revenue split difference between Steam and Epic, I wouldn't feel any negativity if you chose to release Terraria on Epic Store.

    If it was an exclusive, I wouldn't really like that but the difference in the split is pretty big IMO
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  6. Geo the Maku Gamer

    Geo the Maku Gamer Terrarian

    Well it's good to know that they kept multiplayer since lots of people wanted to know that
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  7. WhytieTightie

    WhytieTightie Terrarian

    Im so excited for terraria 1.3 mobile i can hardly wait!
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  8. IndigoRage

    IndigoRage Terrarian

    Maybe some day I'll actually figure out a reasonable explanation for why literally anyone cares about this. If it's tencent spyware or w/e, that's 100% already in something you use anyway.

    This is probably just guerilla marketing for 80th level steamheads glad to see you're pandering to their latest nontroversy though. Smart move on you guys' part I guess.

    The reddit threads seem to confirm people are buying the game because of it at least.

    Don't mean to come off so aggressive, but I've never seen Re-Logic as one to pander to the le epic gamur crowd and it's just a little shocking is all.
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  9. WhytieTightie

    WhytieTightie Terrarian

    Me to
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  10. Izumi

    Izumi Steampunker

    Nice to see that mobile is finally getting text chat!
  11. Mardekoya

    Mardekoya Terrarian

  12. LapLasagna

    LapLasagna Spazmatism

    Hearing that you guys are going to lump the next updates on console makes up for any bugs. Very grateful for this community and the developers being on top of bugs and issues.
  13. TechnoSparks

    TechnoSparks Official Terrarian

    Terraria is already released, therefore logically it can't become an exclusive to Epic. (Unless we are talking about Terraria 2 here hehe lol) But I appreciate the statement regardless, since many are indeed anxious about the topic ever since the Exodus debacle.
  14. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    We were literally asked by a large group of folks (Discord, Email, Twitter, FB, even support tickets lol) the day of the E3 "inclusion" news going out (which also included the Epic sponsorship of the PC Gaming Show) if we were going to be the latest group to go down the exclusive road. I guess because of Rocket League? Who knows?

    The key word there being EXCLUSIVE - no one that I am aware of has argued against the split there being a negative thing. :)

    So we answered that clearly. Nothing more ominous than that. Getting rid of confusion is always good. :)

    Not everything is some stunt or an attempt at an agenda. ;)

    (with that, can we please not turn this thread into one of those threads?)
  15. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I'll keep it civil since I have too much respect for this forum to go on an anti-Epic rant, but this comment annoys me. There is nothing entitled or childish about the large percentage of the PC gaming community angry with Epic and their awful software/business practices. The company and its scummy CEO are an embarrassment to the industry, and I say good for Re-Logic for distancing themselves from those creeps.
  16. Jayfox

    Jayfox Terrarian

    Has DR studios squashed all the bugs yet? Just wondering because if they do will they be able to release 1.3 for mobile if they squash all bugs.
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  17. AlphaEspeon

    AlphaEspeon Skeletron Prime

    I’m still waiting for the info on the mobile Beta. But still, I’m excited for this!
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  18. Ethacon

    Ethacon Golem

    odd that they would include legacy items in the console but decide to completely remove it in mobile.
  19. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    Very happy to hear that Console is indeed about to start delivering content in larger chunks, as was promised. I understand that for a while, it probably looked to a lot of Console players like things were stagnating, but ever since 1.3 actually hit, things have indeed been moving along it looks like. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if now, it doesn't take so long at all for 1.3.6 to reach Consoles once it's out on PC. I certainly wouldn't expect it to come along within this year, as obviously these things aren't accomplished overnight, but it does make me even more optimistic about eventually picking up the Switch version if it's not going to be spending much time behind.
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  20. ThatOneMobileTerrariaUser

    ThatOneMobileTerrariaUser Eye of Cthulhu

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