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Terraria State of the Game - May 2020

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Also, I have yet to be able to even start up Terraria Cuz I verify a File, and it immediately gets deleted, and I didn't delete it. It is 2 files I need to run the game.


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Their calendar for uhh the events and stuff, they posted it in a state of game, probably march.
U guys form Re-Logic wants to give the June State of the Game in June 27 Manila Time?
are State of the Games always on the 21st? or is it a little random?

There isn't a set time for State of the Games to come out. They usually happen around the middle or end of a week, but it is generally when the Developers are ready to share news.

I do want to clarify that State of the Games won't always release as the Discord Calendar says. I don't know when the June 2020 one is coming out, but it'll probably be sometime this week since it is almost the end of June.
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