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Terraria State of the Game - May 2020

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Hey Re-Logic team, I just thought that I should say something about Master Mode. I am fine with just stat changes for Enemies and Bosses for Master Mode, but I and many other people think it would be nice to see at least some AI changes for bosses in Master Mode.
Here is a video from Leviathan for more information:

I completely understand if you don’t add Master Mode boss AI, but it would be nice to see the true Master Mode.
I think everyone agrees that master mode AI changes would be great, but ultimately everything takes time and RL decided that there were other, more important things that they wanted to work on.


Huh. Now we know what the plan is for Mobile Updates. That is amazing. I would be a lot more hyped about this a month ago, as I now have PC. 😜 As soon as Mobile gets it, I'll go back to playing it and use PC for mods.

the more i see people talk about mods, the more i wonder if i am alone in preferring games as they're meant to be played.

i view mods as unnatural and they ruin the experience for me, even if it's minor, it makes the game not feel like itself anymore.

i used to play games on PC long ago until that community drove me away from the whole thing, and mods just felt wrong, actually even causing me to completely drop games i attempted to use them on, no matter how much i loved the games.

that is one reason i will never play on PC again, cause i don't want terraria ruined for me.

just saying, it's an alien concept to me, the idea of people not only enjoying mods, but WANTING to mod a game so heavily, especially one that is already so good on its own merits.

it's even stranger when people so casually talk about mods breaking games and causing so many other issues... and keep using them.

how does that not ruin the game for those people? :dryadconfused:


Can someone explain to me why Pipeworks supposedly is going to "perfect" 1.3.5 and fix its bugs rather than just go to 1.4, when 1.4 is basically an almost complete remake of Terraria along with the thought that wouldnt everything being nerfed, changed, buffed and completely reworked cause many bug fixes of their previous versions to become obsolete as new bugs would take over? Idk I'm just really salty mobiles already running 1.4 before console when its player base is smaller and it just sucks to play on. I get they're 2 different companies but come on. Seems like console and other platforms will get 1.4 next year meanwhile mobile and PC are way ahead.


So, supposedly the reason why 1.4 has been said to be the final update is because of the code being spaghetti now and the engine being XNA, meant for xbox live arcade games and said engine losing support back in 2011, meaning that adding much more to the game would make the game unstable. This fact makes me sad, since does this really mean that the summoner will just have to be left in the state it is in?


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