Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

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Those who are patient like the rest of us will truly be rewarded. Unlike some big-names where things can get rushed and hella broken -- I'm sure with this extra time the update will be given to you in quite less a breaky state. (Things will be made right -- in the current situation, testing may be longer, needing extra passes so things are A-OK! I've been there, so just have patience! :dryadsmile:) Not only that, some holidays here in the US are coming around and it'll be timings with family and friends, so it's going to be slow.

Just brace with it a while longer. You'll be glad you did. Promise.
I feel like a broken record at this point, as I'm sure I've said this several times before, but thank you for consistently caring about your community and keeping us up-to-date with all the goings-on for every version of the game, and all the other projects relating to it. Many devs don't take the time to foster community relations and let them stagnate, and let people begin to wonder if a game has been abandoned. With Terraria, this has never been a concern. You've always been honest about what's happening, even when making hard decisions like delaying updates or cancelling Otherworld. That has to be one of my favourite things about Re-Logic as a company.

While yes, people will be upset, perhaps unreasonably so (coughsee belowcough), it's evident time and time again that everyone there cares a great deal about the quality, quantity, and reception standards of every update. Given that, if everything goes to plan, this is to be Terraria's final update, I can only hope this determination and vigor carries over to whatever new projects lie ahead! So many times now, the game has been "finished", yet you all keep coming back and delivering to the community great new content, fixes, overhauls, and more, all free of additional charge! Re-Logic really feels like the gold-standard that developers should strive for: Caring for the community, frequent interaction and notification, honesty, integrity, a dedication to their products AND playerbase above all else. Thank you again for providing this amazing game, and for continuing to provide for it until a point you can sit back, satisfied, and say "this is the best it can be".

The switch is half handheld, and considering how many buttons a single joycon has, supporting splitscreen on it seems like it would be a massive headache.
Did they even advertise there would be splitscreen? I'm asking honestly here, I legitimately do not know if they did.
If they did, yes it's something they need to fix, and the lack of a fix is worrysome.
If they didn't... You still got a massive singleplayer game with online multiplayer support, equivalent to what the PC version has (aside from Nintendo online being paid-for but that's what you get with Consoles these days). And Terraria, last I checked, is not even an expensive game.
Also Switch development is handled by Pipeworks, not Re-Logic, so you may be barking up the wrong tree.

September 2017... So if it releases in September 2020 (It will likely release several months before that) that's 3 years. Not even close to half a decade. Semantics? Yes. But still.
While reveals are nice, yes, they're not required to give tons of them. From what I understand though, the Discord and various Dev Twitters showcase things more often than on the forums if you want to check there. If you think Re-Logic is bad at communicating reveals, boy do I have horror stories for you from so many other companies.
November 2022 is just a ridiculous assumption. 1.3.6 was pushed back since they decided to do a massive final update instead of several smaller updates. 1.4 was pushed back a bit more because they wanted to include everything in that update instead of launching a bunch of smaller content updates later on, once again. While I agree that the philosophy of saving everything for one update isn't great, Re-Logic has a quality standard that I have yet to see broken. The few updates that have had really major bugs have been patched generally very quickly and reliably. Will 1.4 be buggier? Probably, given its size. Most large game updates are. Heck, most games these days have EVERY patch full of bugs, most of which never get fixed. Is that okay? No. And again, I've followed Terraria for a long time and Re-Logic have been one of few consistently good companies about improving and fixing their game in a timely manner.

So okay, if you're gonna take a really frank delay announcement because they want time to make the quality and quantity both befitting a massive overhaul and final content update, and assume it's some kind of personal attack and that they're trying to trick you... because... that's somehow good for business?... No. Stop being, as much as I hate this word, entitled. 1.3 was going to be the last update originally. Hell, 1.2 was going to be the last update at one point. The fact that they're even MAKING 1.4 is a testament to how much they care about both the game and the community. They could cancel the update entirely and the game would still be a top-notch complete product.
If you don't want to stick around and wait, then fine, don't. That's a pretty healthy thing to do, actually, rather than clinging to the hype-train.
Come back when 1.4 releases, if you want, and decide then if you approve.
If not, then oh well, you still got a massive amount of content with just 1.3, and if you can't enjoy that then maybe the game isn't for you.


At launch on the eShop it was stated that the game had split screen. I ONLY purchased it to play with my wife. Additionally, it has been 5 months and we are still waiting on a core feature that has been available on other platforms.

Switch users have absolutely every right to be upset with the poor communication and decision making associated with this low quality, over priced port.

They constantly say they prefer to take the time to do things right and not rush inferior products. Their actions, in regards to the release of the switch port, do not align with those statements.

I am happy for those of you who are not upset or who this has not been an issue for.
I didn't say you were a jerk. I said you were stating the obvious, and that it makes me feel condescended to. (or at least that was the intention) That's just for me personally.

I already said I wasn't happy with that comment. It's unfortunate that we have the problem where:

1. I make unrefined comments without thinking them through first and make myself look like an :red:. and

2. You instantly reply to my comments that I deleted less than a minute after I wrote them because I wasn't happy with them.

In regards to "sources not being official enough" I have no idea what in the world you're talking about. I was saying I'm a sewer rat who takes every offhand statement I can find (hence prone to more confusion) whereas the moderator was speaking as if I had only been looking at big announcements on the forums. I'm sure I'm wrong, in fact. You just responded to what I said before I put literally any thought into the situation (which I commented because I'm an idiot).

Pretty much anything the devs state online regarding the game is taken as an official statement unless they specify otherwise - there have been no 'offhand statements' about release dates from developers - they would not share one 'offhand' just once and then not post it in any official channels. Please stop spreading misinformation without evidence.

Additionally, to both you and @Proto Persona, please stop this argument; it is bringing the thread off-topic. Thank you.
While its sad to here about the delay, I trust in the team. As Shigeru Miyamoto said "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad "

but for the love of god, can we atleast get a minor update for block-swap?
I've known for at least half a year that 2019 wasn't feasible. I'm not even disappointed at the "delay". Considering what we'll be getting and that we still get it before the other platforms? We're still winners. Take your time and make it right. You're still leagues better than other developers I can think of for being punctual. Yacht Club Games release good stuff, but they're extremely tardy. I'm waiting for them to delay King of Cards yet again.

In the mean time I, like other gamers, have a backlog and can keep myself entertained until my next venture into the world(s) of Terraria. Thanks for the free content updates for all of these years. You guys are *the* example of indie game development done right. No hyperbole. I'm glad I bought Terraria when it first came out on Steam at full price. And I quite enjoy my PS4 copy as well.
i'm on console, so 1.4 was likely not coming any sooner than sometime in 2020 for that part of the fanbase, anyway. :dryadtongue:

but i've always trusted you guys, so i know this is for the best.

would be nice if more developers cared as much as you guys do, honestly. :dryadsmile:
Hello my dearest devs and brethren players!

Very sad for the PC news, but totally supportive of your quality standards.

If you would like some suggestion, I think we could use more visual spoilers, in a more frequent basis...
Disappointed, but not surprised. Y'all were runnin out of '2019' to work in.

Its also too bad you can't give another window of expectation for release, but I understand why you can't after 'this'. I would have at least liked a small-to-moderately sized spoiler in addition to this bad news to take some of sting out of the delivery, but its w/e at this point. Good thing Stardew's 1.4 update drops Tuesday at least; I'll have something to tide me over until whenever Journey's End ever drops.

My sovereign suggestioneer, conceptionist and spriter... Maybe you could resume posting your awesome Biomes, like the Tides!!!!!! <3

We all miss you!
Not even an estimated release window after this reevaluation of your progress? It might be december 2020 for all I know if you just keep adding and polishing endlessly, too bad nobody will get to enjoy this work of yours for who knows how long. Not mentioning that the work on this update (1.3.6 renamed 1.4) is already taking a million years.

Factorio devs were doing the same thing, making big updates like half a year or longer but in the end they saw the error of their ways and created an open beta branch where people can play the game including the"small" and often updates + give feedback and guess what, nobody died from an occasional bug. Even more so, nobody is forced to play the beta branch so if someone is a quality freak he can totally wait for the game to hit stable version and be released as the main game build. Win-win.

Everybody saying "take your time" or "better polished than bugged" are just conditioned to expect trash and can't think straight i guess, it's not a noname dev's first game or AAA title made in a year to cash in. Especially when talking about games made by decent developers like RE-Logic, they wouldn't just release the update and leave it broken if it was broken so why the unnecessary wait? Is it really that important that the final version will say 1.4.0 and not 1.4.X?
I'm quite curious on how big that update is going to be considering how long it's been in the works
Either it must be enormous, like, doubling the content in the game, or it must have a lot of changes and updates that just take a lot of work, even if the payoff is a slight improvement
Maybe there's features that are so complex that they need a lot of rewrites in the code
Or I wonder if there's something completely unexpected with the update that may not necessarily directly involve the game
Either way, I'm still looking forward to it. I hope the hype won't build up too much xD
You shouldn't worry about pushing it back, push it back as much as you like. As for myself, I can patiently wait until 2021. I'd rather have a complete final update to be remembered and impacting the whole community, and even other communities, rather than an incomplete update that doesn't live up to expectations, while the news of the flop are known throughout the community. No one is truly going to quit the game just because the HUGE update got pushed back a little bit. They can complain, but after it all, they're still going to be playing the game once the update comes out. Almost 7 years of my life has been spent playing this game, one of my best purchases. Best of luck Re-Logic, do your best.
It's not the waiting that bothers me. It's the complete uncertainty. If you're screwing us over by delaying it for the millionth time and not even giving a spoiler in months, at least give us an estimated release date so we can know what to expect. It's so unprofessional to just say "2020". But 2020 when? January? March? December?

Despite what you might hear in this echo chamber of nauseating positivity, the game is swiftly losing relevance in the lives of people who actually care about it. I know that it's a free update and it takes a lot of work, I get that. I've worked in game development myself. I'm not saying it should be out immediately. All I'm saying is the complete lack of actual, substantive communication about the update is frustrating. Most companies communicate with the player base at every step of the update and keep them hyped while receiving feedback when it's actually useful, instead of keeping everything a huge secret like it's the 90s.

It's late 2019. Hearing about a significant update to a beloved game shouldn't be like solving an obscure puzzle found in the jungle temple.
I'm honestly a little disapointed in the PC news, but I figured it was going to happen and understand. Disapointing, but not a big deal at the end of the day. I still look forward to when it comes out and will likely be spending even more time in game when it does.
My sovereign suggestioneer, conceptionist and spriter... Maybe you could resume posting your awesome Biomes, like the Tides!!!!!! <3

We all miss you!
I don't really have the time, but low key; I was also waiting for 1.4 to drop to see what else I might need to add in. Whoops.
*shrug* Okay. There are other things to do until it drops. I'll be glad when the final update is out, but to be honest I've got dozens of times as much play value out of Terraria as the minuscule cost of a license. For icing on the cake I'll be patient.
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