Terraria State of the Game - November 2021

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Content parity means content parity... every platform with the same vanilla content (not getting into the whole mods thing, that's another bridge). Content parity then enables an ATTEMPT at crossplay functionality for real.
In practice, it means for the other versions to catch up with the PC version, and that has proved to be a moving target. Since for a long while it was understood as "catching up to Journey's (Actual) End" it sort of makes sense, in a way, to assume that this what the dev team are still working on, with the DST crossover being left to wait for a next update. Or perhaps that it's only content parity between the console/mobile ports -- the sections that have "505 Games/DR" on their banner instead of "Re-Logic".

Basically there was no actual announcement that the DST content would be included in the content parity in that line:
The team is eagerly anticipating jumping headlong into bringing content parity to all platforms in the new year
It may seem obvious to you, but Internet communication is the land of confusion and misunderstandings (it doesn't help that some people are reading through online translators that don't always do a stellar job), so sometimes it's better to be exceedingly explicit.


So – we know the big question will be “why can it not come out before the end of the year if you are so close right now?” The reality there is that companies – including Nintendo – are nearing the end of year/holidays. As we all know, that means a lot of folks out on vacation and/or full company shutdowns. If we were to release - say in December - this would create a scenario where if there are any bugs or issues at all, they would essentially be impossible to fix (even if DR had a fix made instantly) until probably sometime in mid-January. It is just an unfortunate dynamic of this time of year. This gets the update out just as soon as possible in the new year, avoiding that risk.
or you could just make it an optional update like Witcher 3 did with its last update. that way it doesn't auto update the game for people that don't want to risk it while those that accept the risk can manually check for the update.


It's totally understandable why the Switch content needs more time. People just don't understand the way it works because they don't take the time to think about it. It's not like the team tries to delay it for a good laugh.

Anyway! I'm very happy to hear that you got a release date and I'm very excited to play 1.4 on my Switch next year. It will be the first highlight for me right at the beginning of the new year!


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As always, I'm excited to see the players hyped for the news coming out of this. I'm happy to be a member of this community. :dryadsmile:


For the parity update on mobile and consoles, will you go to 1.4.1 then work your way up or go straight to the don’t starve crossover?


New Terraria achievement ideas
Defeat deerclops
complete the map
complete the bestiary
Complete for the worthy


You guys at Re-logic are doing an amazing job! I can't wait for the other versions of Terraria to be on the latest update. :)


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Edited Console fix list in the OP - should be coming your way this week!

Will, of course, re-post those changenotes when it does.
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