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Terraria State of the Game - September 2020

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To clear it up, the devs don’t go out of their way to prioritize PC.

The devs have experience with working for PC, and therefore write the code and updates for PC. The devs can’t build the update for console and mobile, It is the job of other studios like Pipeworks and DR to port the updates.

Porting content takes time, as the grounds of mobile and console are different from PC. The side studios need to port the code, make sure it works properly, optimize it, make it work for console and mobile, etc.

It’s not as simple as “the devs like PC more” and it’s really annoying how everyone seems to think so.


The Destroyer
I dont really care for v1.4.1 because it doesn't have to do with mobile at this point
we don’t care that you don’t care. Everything is not about you.
Ok, chill, to be honest, all mobile players are just thinking about the {1.4 update}, they’ve waited a long time for it, they know that they’ll be enjoying {1.4} while ~1.4.1comes out so they just don’t care as much about it as other people do, no need to get all defensive.

And please don’t go all “well, they should get the PC version then!“ not all of us can just go out and get a PC in the first place or could have other reasons as to why they cannot do that.

also, Fnaflord Studios, don’t forget to quote whoever you’re talking to, kinda can get confusing as to who you’re actually replying to.

Diamond Bunny

Probably 2 weeks til state of the game for October
The PC Version is the version in which all the features get added to first because it's the original version. The game was ported over to Console and Mobile by other companies working with Re-Logic
Re-Logic are the creators of Terraria and they develop for PC not Console or Mobile so it only makes sense that PC get it way before other platforms. No I'm not a PC player so this is not biased. I play on Console. The last platform that is going to get 1.4 but I don't mind waiting for the update because I can enjoy watching and learning the update. And I am looking forward to 1.4. I want the update to come which it will so wait like everyone else :happy:
Also 1.4 looks amazing in Console and it's only been 1 month. DR are doing an amazing job developing for Console and Mobile at fast speeds at the same time

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this question just popped into my head randomly, since both th angry dandelion and rock golem did more damage than intended, and that was fixed in 1.4.1, will it still do more damage than intended in 1.4 mobile? I was just wondering.


Lol didn't even read it. And excuse me for expressing a lil jealousy and impatience, must have ruined your day if you're still goin lol
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