Terraria suggested I introduice mesaelf

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AsherThom, Jun 8, 2019.

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      1. :golem::zombie::nymph::pumpking::rslime::hoppinjack::sslime::lslime::cslime::pinky::gslime::joy::merchanthappy::merchantwink::merchantmad:Hey what up
      2. im shera==asher
      3. this is proably unr=-09adable
      4. and making
      • things unreadable is apart of my
    1. presonalit
    2. y
    3. so dont bann m]e this is definitely and introduction
    • I aspire 2 be game dev and terraria is pretty epic and inspirations me but can you retexture the grass block and dirt block it looks like dirt I mean it looks like it hasn't had water in 3 years

    Ok this is actually slightly hard to use when I was trying to fix the crap I did but yeah I'm a teenage skinny boi who likes computers too much and likes memes k see ya around
  2. AsherThom

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    sorry not sorry
  3. Doppelsöldner

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    That is a simple definition of r/ihadastroke

    Other than that, welcome to The Terraria Community Forums `:)
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    `:( Pleade don't overuse formatting
  5. All Seeing Eye

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    This is the coolest introduction so far. You'd win in the competition of introductions if there was one.
    Anyway, Welcome to the forums :dryadwink:
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    Hi, AsherThom! Welcome to the forums! Nice to meet you!
    Just a friendly reminder, don't do a double post. You can use the "edit," if you want to make a change or add something.
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    I actually do that all the time because it gives me the posts.
    This young guy has a great future as a postfarmer like me.
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    welcome to the forums! It's great to see new people joining and making the community even better!