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WIP Terraria Suggestions Wiki! (A little something I made)

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Have you grown tired of sharing your suggestions on the forums without anybody really caring? Well, I made a Fandom Wiki where everyone can share there ideas and see other people's ideas without being criticized! More information can be found on the front page of the site. I'm looking for some people to join this community, so I figured- why not ask here? The link is right here:
<Link removed by staff>

I didn't cover up the link in any way so you can see that it's legitimate.

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sad man dan

Well, I made a Fandom Wiki where everyone can share there ideas and see other people's ideas without being criticized!

I don't think a safe space where you're not allowed to criticize anyone is a good idea. How would this new site even make people care about suggestions people share especially when the only way they can find out about it (so far) is by going through the suggestion forum. (which already shows that they care about the suggestions people post)

Sorry if I sound too harsh, I can sort of see what you're going for but I don't think this is the right way to do it


Dan pretty much said what I wanted to say better than I could have said it, so I'm just gonna go ahead and point this out instead:
Well, I made a Fandom Wiki
There's, uh, already an entire flipping wiki for this exact purpose. VERY well-populated, too. Googling the name you gave your wiki brought me to it.
Advice for the future (which also applies to these forums): look to see if somebody else hasn't already done what you're thinking of yet.


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The suggestion section is for posting one's own work. It is not to be used for sharing links to external sites.

While it may be a wiki for taking Terraria suggestions, this is not an appropriate use of the suggestion forums. You may share the link to the site on either your profile or your own signature, but creating a thread for advertising it is not permitted.

For this reason, we have locked this thread.
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