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Terraria Suggestions


  1. More summons option in Journey Mode please. A Slider from 1 to 100 extra summons I guess? Yes this includes sentries.

  2. Permanent buffs option in Journey Mode please. Whatever potion you drink will become permanent even through death until you untoggle this option.

  3. Increase item drop rate option in Journey Mode please. Pretty self explanatory increase mob spawn rate which we already have and increase item drop rate for those mobs which have spawned. If you can't be bothered with UI, could you slip it into the mob spawn rate? 10x mobs spawning means 10x drop rate?

  4. 777% Critical Chance option in Journey Mode please. Critical for days!

  5. Journey mode has an extend reach range option for builders. Could you slip in an extended pickup range into that option? I know UI is annoying to code so just don't? Slip it in just like you slipped in unlimited mana into invincibility.

  6. Auto Research for Journey Mode? If you have enough of an item in your inventory to duplicate the research automatically activates? Its a pain in the butt doing it one by one. Make sure auto research doesn't consume the items before you have enough to duplicate because what if you're playing multiplayer and you and your friend's items combined can start duplicating? Make this toggleable maybe for people who don't like it and want to know exactly what they research. Or a "research all in inventory" option.

  7. Auto Delete items in your inventory which have been researched. Don't want your inventory being clogged by banners and stuff which you have already researched.

  8. Journey Mode change time. If you click on day twice or night twice nothing happens. Could you tweak it so if you click a certain time twice it skips a full day? In other words I can keep spamming the day button until I get a solar eclipse or night button till I get a night event I want rather than back and forth between day and night. Its a hassle.

  9. Full Bright option. So you can see every block as if it were totally bright.

  10. Journey mode doesn't have no respawn time cheat? Respawn time sucks.

  11. Homing weapons mode. All those projectiles your melee attacks send out, all ranger bullets and arrows chlorophyte or not, all mage projectiles, and all summoner projectiles are now homing. Aim is overrated.

  12. Ore vein miner. Love it. Guess it fits right in as a Journey mode cheat if you ask me.

  13. Functional Vanity Slots. Double the armor slots and accessory slots. Make sure the set bonus of the armor in the vanity slot works too. Not sure how that would work if you're equipping two of the same set. Double Stardust Guardians? That would be cool if someone could make it work.

  14. Infinite ammo. Yes I know we could just duplicate the ammo but even stacks of 999 or 9999 run out sooner or later. I don't want to pay attention to it at all. Please make an infinite ammo option so I can do so.

  15. Luck Stat Slider. I want to go past the luck limit in Journey Mode. Allow us to bring the luck limit to 777 or 7777777 or whatever broken to the point where there is no difference. Also Luck should affect critical chance and critical damage should it not?
  1. Potion Bag Pouch. Maximum power and survival requires you to carry a lot of potions in your inventory. We need a potion bag which by clicking quick buff, heal, or mana will use the potions inside the bag. Bruh the Yoyo Bag looks exactly like what I would think the Potion Bag/Pouch should look like. Edit: So Void Bag has been given these things... I think you should still make the Potion Pouch since the point of the Void Bag was to pick up items when your inventory was full and it can't serve its original purpose if it is full of potions, food, ale/sake, flasks, and stationary buff stations... Make the Potion Pouch and limit it to potions, food, ale/sake, flasks, and stationary buff stations. If you think at that point it shouldn't still be called Potion Pouch then call it Buff Bag? Personally I think Potion Pouch sounds better and just make the exceptions to those other things.

  2. Combine the Cell Phone with Demon Conch and Magic Conch? One teleports you home, the other to hell, and the last to the right or left oceans. Might as well combine them since they all have the function of teleporting you to places. Conch Phone?

  3. Wormhole Mirror? Mirror of Return? Wormhole is great for playing with friends but having a limited amount of potions suck. Also Potion of Return is useful in general and I find it odd and a shame that Magic Mirror doesn't have a Mirror of Return upgrade already. Make mirrors for both these potions and combine them with the Conch Phone? Oh hey I forgot about Teleportation Potions. That could totally use a Mirror too. Random Magic Mirror? Or just Random Mirror.

  4. Rod of Discord + Hook of Dissonance + Portal Gun = Something. I mean the base item will be Rod of Discord. Upgrade it somehow? Maybe so you can teleport three times before Chaos State? Hmm... If you combine this with Conch Phone... Mirror of Return + Portal Gun = Mirror of Portal? Portals which are more than one use which you and you friends can use? Maybe apply this to Wormhole Mirrors too? Then Rod of Discord + Conch Phone = Conch Phone of Discord? Left click to do your usual teleporting but has three charges before Chaos State. And when Left clicking gives the option to teleport home, left ocean, right ocean, hell, or random.

  5. I recently learned that Ultrabright Torches isn't the brightest torch. Could someone please fix this? Currently the brightest torch is the White Torch. Probably because it isn't tinted blue like Ultrabright Torch. Why is Ultrabright Torch even tinted blue? Make it white and make it brighter than White Torch? I mean they will look very similar but one will be very much brighter after being placed down.

  6. Guide to Critter Companionship be made into a consumable toggleable item like Torch God's Favor. When killing a Prismatic Lacewing to summon the Empress of Light I put my Guide to Critter Companionship temporarily in my trash and sometimes accidentally end up deleting it. Same thing with Critter Shampoo. I cannot be bothered with keeping something useless in my vanity slots. I put accessories that I sometimes use in there to be ready to switch out.

  7. Infinite Quiver and Infinite Musket Pouch but for Rocket I and Rocket II. Rain destruction.

  8. Unlimited Chum Bucket! Unlimited Master Bait!

  9. Ugh I wish there was a Chum Caster + Hotline Fishing Rod + Golden Fishing Rod. Chum for fishing up enemies, Hotline for lava, Golden for highest fishing power. Also Crystal Ball the Chum Bucket (Make it unlimited) and add that to the Lavaproof Tackle Bag (Permanent passive more fishing power. I do not want to bother throwing chum all the time. Or maybe it makes it so every time you cast your Rod it throws chum to the exact spot your bobble will land.) Honestly I find it weird that the Golden Fishing Rod can't fish in lava when the Golden Bug Net can catch underworld insects.

  10. Fishing Rods should be able to pull enemies towards you like Minecraft. I personally think that it is a very enjoyable feature and no reason Terraria shouldn't have it just because Minecraft does.

  11. Unbreakable Golden Key. This came to be thanks to you adding in chains to lock chests. Assuming Golden Keys are what will be required to open the chains its best to have an Infinite/Unbreakable Golden Key. Next do this: Unbreakable Golden Key + Shadow Key +Temple Key + Jungle Key + Frozen Key + Hallowed Key + Corruption Key + Crimson Key + Desert Key + Key of Light + Key of Night + Keybrand?/Cosmic Car Key?/Bone Key? = Keychain?/Skeleton Key?/Master Key? At this point its really up to you. What do you want this new item to be? An accessory? A melee weapon upgrade to Keybrand? A mount or a pet for some reason? Just make sure that as long as this item is in your inventory or equipped in vanity or accessory slot that you will be able to open any chest. Hmm... Not sure about the Key of Light and Key of Night though. Don't want to be accidentally turning empty chests into mimics. But if you do end up including Key of Light and Night in this recipe either its random and either Hallowed or Corrupt/Crimson mimics can appear or a new kind of mimic with new drops perhaps? Hallowed Corruption/Crimson?

  12. Craftable evil altar. I would like to destroy all of them in my world to spawn all the ores, and still be able to craft evil altar exclusive items AT MY HOUSE and not have to run to wherever the nearest evil altar is.

  13. Banner compiler of some sort. An item which combines all banners into one and has them all active as long as they are in your inventory or something.

  14. Convert Water Candle into a buff therefore I don't have to find a platform to place it on everywhere I go that I want to use a water candle.

  15. Make Ultrabright Torch brighter than White Torch? Or don't and leave White Torch as the brightest but make sure White Torch also has a Campfire and perhaps give it an upgrade of waterproof so I don't have to use Coral/Ichor/Cursed Torches for underwater areas.

  16. Pocket Base. A dimensional base which you can take with you from any world to any other world. Portable home. Something like that. I really need this Red. Terraria 2? Btw I thought this up after seeing that echo monolith spoiler. Instead of thinking it was invisible I thought it appeared out of nowhere.

  17. Pylon Fragment: Infinite use item which allows you to teleport to other pylons without being currently next to a pylon.

  18. Bewitching Table + Slice of Cake + Crystal Ball + Ammo Box + War table + Sharpening Station = Fortress? All I know is I want to combine all stationary buffing stations into a singular object and consumes a single buff slot rather than six. A reward for collecting all the stationary buffing stations. Also please increase Slice of Cake duration to 10m or from what I hear about 1.4.4 "until you die it's permanent".

  19. Grenade/bomb/dynamite glove? The demolitionist should sell this tool/weapon right from the start. Left click to use explosives as ammo. Right click to immediately detonate. I'm sick of how slow one throws dynamite and how long it takes to explode. I want this tool to fix that. Glove or Gun.

  20. Bring back the Horn O' Plenty of Turkor perhaps. Make it an unlimited food item which gives Well Fed for an hour. Not sure what to do about Lepus.

  21. Clentaminator brown solution. Everything becomes poo.


  23. Asphalt platform. I love the speed of Asphalt Blocks but I need to be able to go down.

  24. So we have Slice of Cake which gives Sugar Rush buff. I mean a single slice of cake gives sugar rush? Ok I guess. How about a Whole Cake item which gives Super Sugar Rush. +200% movement speed and +200% mining speed.

  1. Zenith + Teraprisma + Kaleidoscope = Rainbow Zenith? Left click to melee attack, right click to summon sword summons. The Kaleidoscope is there for summon tag damage, critical, and focus.

  2. Ballista + Lunar Portal Staff = Railgun? Instead of the Ballista shooting an arrow, it fires a beam arrow like the Lunar Portal Staff.

  3. Golden Shower + Betsy's Wrath = Something. Both items are good for removing defense. One has ichor and the other one has a personal defense down debuff. Perhaps combine them?

  4. Nimbus Rod + Crimson Rod + Ichor/Golden Shower = Ichor Rod or whatever you want to call it. Deals more damage than Nimbus Rod and also give the Ichor status effect. Can summon up to 3 clouds, sync up the duration with the rest of the magic sentries, and makes it so you can't use Nimbus Rod or Crimson Rod when you're using the Ichor Rod (Its really up to you, knowing me tho I'll probably have Ichor Rod, Nimbus Rod, and Crimson Rod in my hotbar so I can use 6 clouds in total. I feel like I need to stop but at the same time more power I guess.)

  5. Crimson version of the Clinger Staff. The Clinger Staff is a pretty good weapon. Sucks that there isn't a crimson ichor horizontal version of it (Not a big fan of Life Drain). Since Clinger Staff is vertical maybe make the crimson counterpart horizonal? If not then just make it vertical. Horizontal makes it OP. Clinger Staff generates a wall of Cursed Flame 15 tiles high. 15 tiles horizontal would be pretty damn good. If Ichor Rod becomes a thing then this sure as hell doesn't. This is definitely still better but Ichor Rod is more likely to happen perhaps.

  6. Broken Hero Sword into a weapon. Why is it just a crafting item? Make it strong but since it is broken make it have horrid range. Like short sword range perhaps.

  7. Lucy the Axe + Ham Bat = Lucy the Ham Axe. Make the Ham Bat into a hammer. I mean if we can have fish as a pickaxe, axe, and hammer, why not a slab of ham?

  8. Vampire Knives + Possessed Hatchet = Possessed Knives? Vampiric Hatchet? The healing of Vampire Knives and the homing of Possessed Hatchet. I've never really liked the spread projectiles of Vampire Knives compared to the Homing boomerang of Possessed Hatchet. Also these items do fit together since possessed items are usually bloodthirsty and stained with blood.

  9. Vampire Knives + Sanguine Staff = Summoner pet upgrade with lifesteal. Either it is still a vampire bat weapon or it becomes a vampire sword/knife weapon. Alucard from the Castlevania animation had his sick sword flying around him.

  10. Vampire Knives + Blood Thorn = Kazikli Bey? Make Blood Thorn easier to use and attacks any enemies that comes within screen distance. Pierces them from below with a bloody spear like Vlad III. More lifesteal.

  11. Flare Gun MKII or Flare Machine Gun upgrade. And Ultrabright Flares please. And please let the upgraded versions of Flare Gun have modifiers please (Normal Flare Gun didn't even have modifiers, found that odd.)

  12. Elden Ring Easter egg items? Imagine if Mimic Tear Ashes actually got into Terraria lol. Probably not. Maybe as a summon? As a light pet? Shrug. Sprit Calling Bell.

  13. Acorn Gun/Shotgun. Remember that video? Seed Gun? I dunno. Random thought.

  14. Town Slime Staff. Have the Slime Staff, King Slime Mask, Queen Slime Mask, and craft it in an area with Town Slimes I guess? I dunno. I saw the Town Slime thing being added and thought it was a new summoner item and was sad it wasn't.

  15. Clentaminator upgrade so it deals damage and changes the biome faster. And let it have modifiers so it can be Unreal!

  16. Endgame Star Cannon. Give the Super Star Shooter something to bring it to the next level.

  17. CelebrationMKII + ? = ? An item built purely for rocket mining. Converts Rocket I into Mini Nuke II or whatever block destroying rocket you decide to choose.

  18. An item with a base critical chance of 777% and has RNG stuff like Zapinator. But for ranged, melee, or summoner. Take your pick.

  19. Portable Bunny cannon/cannon. I want to shoot exploding bunnies without setting down a turret.

  20. Allow Clinger Staff wall to be placed midair and not attached to ground? Easier to hit bosses that way.

  21. Shroomite Digging Claw + Luminite + Nebula/Solar/Stardust/Vortex Fragment + Laser Drill = Best pickaxe?... Ugh. Was never big fan of Shroomite Digging Claw's existence. 1. The :red:ty range. 2. I prefer hamaxes and pickaxes not picksaws and hammers. Hmm...

  22. If Zenith + Teraprisma doesn't happen and it probably won't, perhaps make it so if you are holding a shield when you right click while holding zenith you can counter and gain a striking moment. Perhaps something to do with ankh shield since that shield does take quite a bit to make just like zenith. Or maybe the solar armor buff shield works anyways.

  23. Cool Whip upgrade through the Frost Moon. Makes sense if you ask me. Don't ask for the specifics of what the item should be because I don't know.

  24. Vampire Frog and Vampire Bat staff should inflict bleeding debuff and have a tiny amount of lifesteal. Makes it more vampire.

  25. Slap Hand should be able to slap boulders. Umbrella should block Angry Nimbus's rain attack.
  1. Its about time for Armor Modifiers. Looking forward to seeing it in Terraria 2 however you choose to do it.

  2. Stardust Armor + Valhalla Knight Armor = Space Viking? Summons, sentries, and a bit of melee power on the side for whipping or Zenith'ing. Maybe Ballista + Lunar Portal Staff = Railgun? For the new sentry since Ballista was the original set bonus for Valhalla Knight Armor. And perhaps the Stardust Guardian can get a buff where it can take a killing blow for you but will take 30 seconds to regenerate like Hallowed Armor. (Wheezes in Thor Love and Thunder Space Viking reference.)

  3. Rain Hat, Rain Coat, but no Rain Boots? Set effect being damage boost when raining or something like that up to you.

  4. So we have the Moon Lord Mask, Moon Lord Legs, Add Moon Lord Body and make it into an armor with a set bonus? I'm very curious if you decide to do so.

  5. Perhaps some sets should work in vanity? Like Angler armor or Mining armor. Those armor sets make you weak as hell and would only be a slight bonus anyways if you allowed it to work in vanity slots.

  6. Why does Angler set have no set effect? Bruh more fishing power or something useful please.

  7. Creeper Vanity. Make sure it still works in vanity and while in pvp if you run into another player you self destruct and deal loads of damage.

  8. True Hallowed Armor? And endgame set on par with the Luminite armors? Course the set bonus will be the same. Holy Protection but perhaps with less cooldown?

  9. True Red's armor?... Endgame stuff.
  1. Treasure Magnet + Greedy Ring = Magnet Ring? I'd like the Treasure Magnet's range to be increased and those items go well together I guess.

  2. Ankh shield + Hero Shield + Frozen Shield + Aegis = Tera Shield? Bring it to the next level? Would be cool. Or have three, four shields hover in a circle around the player as an accessory. Probably not though. Tera Shield is easier.

  3. Some new accessory to boost Paladin Shield range to 100 tiles. Sometimes 50 just isn't enough. Tank tank.

  4. Tera Shield probably isn't happening so just Ankh Shield + Pocket Mirror = Improved Ankh Shield + Celestial Shell = Celestial Shield? People usually have both of these accessories equipped but if we are forced to choose one due to limited accessory slots it would be Celestial Shell. But I'd rather not choose since both are really useful so please just combine them. It really sucks though. Frozen Shield's damage reduction is really nice.

  5. Medusa's Head + Paladin Shield + Pocket Mirror = Aegis? A random thought. No clue where I am going with this either. Add this to the Tera Shield?

  6. Celestial Shell + Ankh Shield + Celestial Starboard = Celestial Shield? I was mainly thinking about adding Celestial Shell and Ankh Shield together but then I thought up riding a flying shield. Course one would rather be riding a flying sword but I'll take what I can get... Moon Knight? Dawn Warrior?

  7. An accessory made from combining every expert mode boss accessory? Yeah... I don't expect this to happen either. But something less ridiculous would be combining these expert mode accessories. Worm Scarf + Brain of Confusion, Royal Gel + Volatile Gelatin, Spore Sac + Shiny Stone... Yeah I don't really know what to do with Shield of Cthulhu, Hive Pack, Bone Glove, Gravity Globe, and Soaring Insignia. Maybe Hive Pack + Soaring Insignia? Empress of Bees? But the others make sense.

  8. Yoyo bag, string, counterweight, and glove but for whips? Increase whip length, dual wield whips, and not sure about the bag or counterweight version of whips.

  9. Like how Melee and Ranged has Fire Gauntlet and Molten Quiver, can summoners have a summoner version item which makes it so your summons set enemies on fire? I'd guess the recipe would be Molten Stone + Papyrus Scarab. Mages could probably use something like this too.

  10. And like how Ranged has Recon Scope, Stalkers Quiver and Mage has Arcane Flower can summoners have a summoner version which makes it so you are less likely to be targeted? I'd guess the recipe would be Putrid Scent + Papyrus Scarab.

  11. Ichor Stone. Like Magma Stone but ichor. Combine it with Papyrus Scarab and all your summons inflict ichor onto your enemies. A bit much if you ask me and super nice since I can be lazy and not use a melee weapon to inflict ichor or golden shower because I am lazy. Molten stone makes me sad. Who wants to inflict fire when they can inflict cursed flame or ichor. Maybe make a stone for every kind of flask and combine them all together. Don't really expect it to happen though.

  12. Cursed Inferno Gauntlet, Cursed Inferno Quiver, Cursed Inferno Scope, Cursed Inferno Scroll.

  13. Screw it lets make a Stone for every debuff then combine them all together to make a Debuff Stone. Ichor Stone, Cursed Flame Stone, Frostflame Stone, Hellfire Stone, Shadowflame Stone, etc. CURSE THE HELL OUT OF OUR ENEMIES! DEBUFF GALORE!

  14. Monk's Belt + Squire's Shield + Apprentice's Scarf + Huntress's Buckler = Something. Sentry Accessories are lacking. I'm surprised that Shinobi's Belt, Valhalla Knight Shield, Dark Artist Scarf, and Red Riding Buckler isn't a thing.

  15. Add Dune rider Boots sand speed effects to Tera spark Boots. I mean it is part of the crafting recipe for Specter Boots but it just doesn't stay. Also add the Flower Boots and Flame Waker boots to Tera spark Boots recipe perhaps and have it so Flame Waker's fire trail actually deals damage.

  16. Celestial Shell + Celestial Starboard = Something. This is something also rather random. I just randomly remembered that Celestial Shell is made of Moon and Sun stone and Celestial Starboard is well... a star. The sun, the moon, and the stars. Didn't really factor the werewolf and merfolk part into it. Think of it as you will. Also It's funny how Vampires appear on a solar eclipse and not a blood moon... Yup no clue. It would be great if you could take the Celestial Shell even farther.

  17. I hear Cennxx likes bees. Sweetheart Necklace + Bee Cloak + Amber Horseshow Balloon + Stinger Necklace + Hive Pack = Super Bee? Another totally random and not well thought out idea. Also Panic Necklace + Stinger Necklace = Sweet Tooth Necklace. Sweetheart Necklace + Shark Tooth Necklace = Sweet Tooth Necklace works too.

  18. Ancient Chisel should be in the crafting recipe of Architect Gizmo Pack. Architect Gizmo Pack Plus or something. Maybe Shroomite Digging Claw too. Shroomite Architect Gizmo Pack?

  19. Frog Gear + Master Ninja Gear = Frog Ninja Gear? Lol tooltip 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Frogs?'. Seriously this is a suggestion I'd really like to be ingame.

  20. Bundle of Balloons + Horseshoe? Safety in fall damage negation. Also perhaps a "True" Bundle of Balloons (Tera Balloon?). After all we do have Fart in a Balloon, Sharkron Balloon, and Honey Balloon. All six together. WITH A HORSESHOE OF COURSE.

  21. Make a Magnet accessory? Then Heartreach Potion + Celestial Magnet + Treasure Magnet = Something Magnet. Succ.

  22. Witch Doctor Mask as a summoner accessory. Not sure what the ingredients would be to make it but it would be nice.

  23. I will totally take a wing slot. If you could, make a slot for Soaring Insignia too. Ok nevermind I understand why it can't happen now. Still it is a shame. If you ever combined Celestial Shell with Celestial Starboard it wouldn't be a problem because pretty much everyone always has Celestial Shell equipped. Its too useful.

  24. Vampire Knives + Life Drain? + ? = ? If only Vampire Knives could be forged into a health leech accessory that works for every class. Utterly clueless about how it should work tho.

  25. Band of Starpower + Philosopher's stone = Something to help with Mana Sickness? Since Band of Regeneration + Philosopher's Stone = Charm of Myths which help with Potion Sickness there should be a Mana Sickness Counterpart. Then combine those two accessories together. Perhaps Mana Flower should be included in this recipe since auto use of mana potions is useful. If that could be applied to health too if you drop below a certain amount that would be great.

  26. We have attack mounts so why not attack wings? Maybe change some that already exist or add new ones. Steampunk wings that shoot metal feathers, Celestial Starboard which shoots star fragments. As long as you're in flight the attacks will happen. Justice rains from above...

  27. More fishing lines? Remember that bug or cheat where you can cast a bunch of fishing lines at once? That should be made into an accessory. Maybe even add in an endgame fishing auto-reeler.

  28. Why do we not have a turtle shell shield which deals thorns damage? Or a beetle shell shield? Scarab?

  29. Archangel Wings? Archdemon Wings? Duality Wings? Arch Duality Wings? By Archangel or Archdemon I mean six wings. As for Duality I mean one side is Angel and the other side is Demon. Arch Duality should be self explanatory. Someone was talking about giving these old wings some love.

  30. Teraspark Boots + Tabi = Teraspark Boots with Socks. Someone on reddit talked about this and it does make sense since Tabi is socks. No reason why you shouldn't be able to put these two items together not to mention they synergize really well. Dashes are nice.

  31. Fart in a Jar + Poo block = Shart in a Jar, Shart in a Balloon, and Brown Horseshoe Balloon. Maybe some boots which change all blocks you step on into poo. Boots of Gluttony?

  32. Arctic Diving Gear... Its a pain to get and becomes obsolete once you have Neptune's Shell. Do you have any ideas to keep it relevant? Because I don't. And for some reason I like this item.

  33. Fairy Boots + Staff of Regrowth + Dryad Boots? Move the "Creates grass on dirt" and "Increases Alchemy Plant Collection" over to the boots. Make it not just what you step on but all dirt nearby will grow grass? As for the "Increase Alchemy Plant Collection" change it into a passive which works as long as you have the boots equipped. Maybe this recipe also requires purification powder or something? And just like the grass radius, it will also purify anything nearby? Dyad Boots after all.
  1. Jewel of Light Pet brightness be raised from 120% to 200%, be given the same treasure senses as Suspicious Looking Tentacle, and the manual repositioning of Wisp in a Bottle but with a greater range. Its a Master Mode Light Pet yet its inferior to the Suspicious Looking Tentacle? Why? Not to mention we literally have fairies that leads us to treasures in game so why doesn't the Jewel of Light have the ability to sense treasures at the very least?... Maybe the Fairy Princess pet will always have a blue, green, and pink fairy circling her and will fly towards nearby treasures like how they always worked?

  2. Some Non-Light Pets are able to produce light. The most useful being the Cursed Sapling. Not sure what I'm asking myself but could you buff all other Non-Light Pets or nerf those able to produce light or something?

  3. So the Slime Prince and Slime Princess pet is a thing. Will the Mechanical Trio become a singular pet too? Also Plantera Seedling with Golem?

  4. Money Trough + Piggy Bank + Vault + Defenders Forge + Void Bag + Void Vault + Chester = Veronica? A pet with access to all the storages, glows a little but counts as a Non-Light Pet, and circles around you like the Cursed Sapling. I was reminded of the Avengers Age of Ultron Veronica supporting spare parts to the Hulk Buster. Or name it Gigachester? Gigachadster? Stupid names so pick your own name and design.

  5. Change the Phantasmal Dragon pet. Make it so it only has the same animation as the flying Cursed Sapling. What I mean by that is no coiling near the player but always trying its best to fly around in a circle a distance away from the player. And make it brighter even though it isn't a light pet.

  6. I don't like Chester compared to the Money Trough. Money Trough doesn't consume a buff slot and stays perfectly still on the spot. If you're flying then Chester is always moving around in the air making it annoying to click him at times.
  1. Mechanical Cart + Meowmere Minecart = Robot Cat Cart. Honestly I found it sad that Meowmere Cart was the same as every other cart and Mechanical was the only one better than average Minecarts. I just randomly thought of that game Robot Unicorn Attack but instead of a Unicorn it's Nyan cat so this is a totally random suggestion perhaps upgrade to the Mechanical Cart.

  2. Mechanical Cart + Digging Molecart = The Underminer. Remember the Underminer and his Drill from The Incredibles? The Molecart is kinda slow so I want a Mechanical Cart upgrade.

  3. Mechanical Cart + Santank = Tank Cart. It kinda makes sense. Guns and homing missiles. Like those armored trains in the past.
  1. Why does the Black Spot mount not fire cannonballs? I feel like it should be a combat mount.

  2. Shrimpy Truffle + Superheated Blood = Superheated Truffle. A Shrimpy Truffle upgrade which gives the lava immunity from the Superheated Blood. Maybe even add Black Spot to this mount to make it into a "carriage" mount where the Black Spot is being dragged by the Superheated Truffle.

  3. Drill Containment Unit + Architect Gizmo Pack + Ancient Chisel + Ultrabright Helmet + Mining Shirt + Mining pants + Rod of Discord + Shroomite Digging Claw + Laser Drill = Drill Containment Unit Plus. Make it super small and compact 3x2 like the player size. Right clicking teleports you thanks to Rod of Discord. Left clicking has a more focused mining.

  4. I want a mount that can do it all. Infinite flight of many mounts, fastest horizontal and vertical speed, rocket launcher and machine gun of the Santank, lasers of the Scutlix, fire trail of the Goat Skull, ramming damage of the Hexxed Branch, damage/movement bonus of the Shrimpy Truffle, smallness (3x2) of the Witch's Broom, falling speed of the Winged Slime, knockback immunity of Basilisk, and the lava immunity of Lava Shark. What a dream this mount would be.

  5. Zenith Toilet mount: Infinite flight, shoots homing turds, faster in liquids, knockback/lava immunity, double tap jump to switch modes. Falls fast and bouncy like Gelatinous Pillion. Deals high fall damage to enemies. Guess it also moves fast on land and does ramming damage like Hexxed Branch. The mount that does it all. And it is a friggin toilet. Weird? Yes. Fitting? Yes. Feels very Terraria.
  1. Make an endgame grappling hook that isn't the Lunar Hook? I'm totally clueless but Lunar is currently the best for most situations. Dissonance and antigravity are interesting ones for sure but aren't as useful. 4 hooks from lunar, has antigravity maybe, and for the first hook whatever you hit you will teleport to? I don't know. Perhaps you might have an idea. Lunar is kind of dull. Strong but dull.

  2. A grappling hook that can grab onto air? Like when you shoot the grappling hook once it reaches its limit of length without hitting something it will grab the air and drag you towards it? But once you reach that spot the grappling hook is retracted.

  3. A grappling hook that can swing like Terraria Otherworld? Perhaps an upgrade to the Web Slinger cuz spooderman.

  4. A grappling hook that can drag enemies to you? Or maybe this is a weapon. Make sure the end of this grappling hook has a blade and the tooltip is 'Get over here!' -Scorpion

  5. Hook that can palm/slap/fist enemies away. Golem should drop it.
  1. Echo/Invisible Dye. You can still see yourself perfectly fine but as long as the dye is on you people in multiplayer can't see you at all. I heart you guys talking about echo paint earlier and randomly thought of this. Yes there's invisibility potion but this is permanent and you don't have to put it on every part of your body. you could be headless, legless, bodiless, etc. Shadow dye exists and works in the total darkness of night but its weird.

  2. Ultrabright/White Glow/Shine Dye. Yes we have Shine Potion but I want something permanent and perhaps stackable with Shine Potion. Make yourself permanently flashy. Accessories, Minecarts, Hooks, Pets, EVERYTHING GLOWS WITH SHINE DYE! I'M FABULOUS!
  1. Increase buff slots. 22 isn't enough. Perhaps 33, 66, or 99. The more the better.

  2. Choose modifier/Lock modifier. Either make it so you can use a Journey mode cheat so you can straight up choose a modifier for your weapons and accessories or make it so you can choose a modifier to lock and prevent you from rerolling when you get that modifier from the Goblin Tinkerer so you don't accidentally roll past it. Legendary, Mythical, Unreal, Menacing. Those are the ones people would probably lock. I REALLY HOPE THIS IS IN TERRARIA 2.

  3. Look forward to summoner getting their own modifier in Terraria 2.

  4. Summon items doesn't have auto reuse? I find it annoying to click over and over again and not have the option to hold down the item to summon.

  5. Nimbus Rod and Crimson Rod both have prefix limit of Demonic. Could you change the limit to Mythical? Course it makes sense that Crimson has the limit of Demonic but not for Nimbus. Nimbus should definitely be Mythical.

  6. Rainbow Gun 20 seconds, Clinger Staff 45 seconds, Nimbus Rod 1 minute. They all are what I would call the category of "magic sentry". If you could sync up their durations to 1, 3, 5, or the duration of summoner sentries that would be great. Also perhaps make it so Rainbow Gun and Clinger Staff can summon 2 rainbows and 2 walls of Cursed Flame instead of just one? Just like how Crimson Rod and only summon one cloud and Nimbus Rod can summon two. Cover the right and the left side.

  7. Petition to change Chlorophyte Arrows from bounce to homing like its OP bullet counterpart.

  8. Rope Coils can only be thrown currently. Is there any way they can be like placed on an existing piece of rope? That would make it so much easier to use rope going downwards. Or make it so you place rope a lot faster than you can go down a rope.

  9. Red's Potion has 1/2/3 hours of debuffs if you drink it in a not for the worthy world, but only has 30 minutes of buff? I say boost it to 1/2/3 hours of buffs too. Chug a bunch in a for the worthy world then world hop. As long as you don't die thats 1/2/3 hours of nice buffs.

  10. Red's potion could use a buff. Obsidian Skin, Featherfall, Swiftness?, Inferno, Hunter, Dangersense, Spelunker, Mining, etc. Are really not overwhelmingly necessary. Ammo Preservation, Greater Luck, Summoning, Thorns, Titan, and maybe Warmth Potion? Sigh... I don't know. You figure it out.

  11. Psycho Knife bugs?. Perhaps let the stealth of the Psycho Knife work on mounts too, of course the mounts will move at a snails pace but thats fine. Also make it so the crit buff it applies during stealth affects the crit damage of magic sentry weapons.

  12. Golden Fishing Rod should be able to fish in lava. If the Golden Bug Net can catch underworld insects then why can't the Golden Fishing Rod fish lava fish?

  13. It's a bit much but I hope Terraria 2 has those instant npc house items, Instant arena, instant mob farm, instant hellevator.

  14. Craftable Ice Magic Mirror? Magic Mirror + 100 Ice Blocks? Remove Ice Magic Mirrors from spawning in Ice Chests? All I want from Ice Chests for the most part is the Ice Skates and to increase those odds might as well remove Ice Magic Mirror from the drop pool

  15. Calming Potions should increase the spawn rate of non-hostile animals such as birds, and other creatures.

  16. Dynamite filled boulders. Because why not. YEAHHH BOUNCING DYNAMITE BOULDERS!

  17. Poo boulders filled with dynamite! Uhh ohh! Stinky! Poopy!

  18. A way to activate stationary buffs directly from inventory or quick buff without placing it down.

  19. Perhaps add in a "every boss at once" summoning item and a reward for completing it. Something akin to how Teraprisma only drops from Empress of Light when you beat her during day.

  20. Tax Collector NPC could also have a banker function? You give him gold and interest grows for days and you get back more gold? Or something like that.

  21. Do something about ammo slots. I always keep 1 star and 1 gel in my ammo slots because stars at night and slimes everywhere. Currently the other two slots go to Mini Nuke II for CelebrationMK2 mining and Master Bait for fishing... What I'm saying is it sure would suck if I was a ranger. Oh yeah also arrows. There are always wooden arrows dropping everywhere and end up in your inventory... Make it so when you left click endless quiver or musket pouch it opens a storage solely for wooden arrows or musket bullets? Bah not really a good idea. I don't know how to make this better. Maybe you do.

  22. When you do the Ankh Shield + Pocket Mirror combination could you just change the 5 pixel circle in the yellow symbol of the ankh shield to the light blue color of the pocket mirror? I think that would be a fun way to power up the Ankh Shield without changing its appearance too much.

  23. Dirt + Poo = Fertile Dirt. Makes trees grow faster and taller.

  24. Currently there are very few Easter egg name effects. Dev names just changes the color of Last Prism and Wolfpet gives you a Wolf mount/transformation. Perhaps dev name could be upgraded so you spawn with their full vanity set? Wings, weapons, dyes, and other accessories included if they have it. Course dev names with weapons is definitely better. Why the heck does Valkyrie Yoyo have the same stats as Red's Throw? Red's Throw should be better! Buff it! Slightly! Also weird that Cenxx doesn't have her own dev weapon.

  25. I want a way to obtain gravestones that doesn't involve anyone dying and also not be in hardcore.

  26. Trampoline would be fun to mess with. Does seem like something that would be in vanilla terraria.

  27. Something to stop random goblin armies, UFO probes, pirate invasions, blood moons, and solar eclipses. I want control over when it happens with my event summon items.

  28. Hamster ball trap boulder? It rolls and picks up the first NPC or player it hits and continues rolling till it hits something? Send one at the guide and make him fall down the hellevator and into lava?

  29. Falling Star Monolith. Light up the sky with meteor shower/shooting stars background at night. Full Moon Monolith. Good for Werewolves, Fishing, Other things related to the full moon and not having to wait a few nights.

  30. Luck should affect critical chance and critical damage should it not?

  31. Hide vanity armors, vanity accessories, and dyes. Hide it all. Mechanical Minecart looks like a wooden minecart, Lunar Hook looks like the default hook... Mount looks like... King Slime Mount I guess? That is the early game mount.

  32. Could you make it so we can mess with inventory and equipped item while dead? I'd rather spend that respawn time doing something rather than nothing especially in master mode worlds where the respawn time is longer.

  33. Super Dynamite Bunny? It flies towards you and blows up? If you manage to catch it with a bug net then you can release it and it will fly towards mobs and bosses? If you're in PVP it will fly towards other players? So you guys can play hot potato but instead with Dynamite Bunnies

  34. Vanity slots for minecarts, pets, hooks, and mounts.

  35. So now that we have loadouts I must ask for a grace period for summoners. If you swap to a different loadout your minions will stay for 10 seconds before despawning to the current summon limit of your current loadout. If you swap back to your summoner loadout and your higher summon limit is restored then your minions won't despawn. It is a hassle to resummon minions all the time and this 10 second grace period would be very useful. Also a hotkey for loadouts please.

  36. Option in settings to turn on Christmas or Halloween. I want presents and goodie bags.

  37. Guide to critter companionship should have a right click to open and close. when closed it doesnt affect anything. once again I mainly just want this to kill nightglows to summon the empress of light without dropping it out of my inventory or putting it in my trash.

  38. We have so many permanent buff items now. lets have a gym badge case so we can tell which we have and dont have.
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I only just saw this. I would be sad if this was removed, it looks so nice and I always switch to it if I find it after magic mirror
The other ideas are cool though
Remove Ice Magic Mirror from Ice Chests. Make it craftable Magic Mirror + 100 Ice blocks. Please tell me what other suggestions you liked.
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Any other suggestions you liked btw? Also thoughts on the loadout spoiler? I personally would much rather have mining armor and fishing armor function in vanity slots. Also what the hell is with Angler's set not having a set bonus.


Stardust Pillar
Any other suggestions you liked btw? Also thoughts on the loadout spoiler? I personally would much rather have mining armor and fishing armor function in vanity slots. Also what the hell is with Angler's set not having a set bonus.
I like all of the ideas, honestly. My favorite is the explosive boulders. Would love to accidentally kill my friends because I was trying to clear out the goblins again-


Im conflicted, half of this is good, half of it I hate XD

Im sure Terraria developers will know which ones im talking about.
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