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Terraria Theories By Zach

Unit One

Staff member
a place where I tell you my terraria theories.
Hi @ZacTheRuler, in the future, it’s best if you wait until you actually have something to talk about before making a thread. Creating a thread to say that you’re going to post in the thread later is messy and not necessary. :) Just a tip for going forward that threads like this will likely be closed.
Thanks Unit One.
Anyway, here's my first theory: The Terrarian is the bad guy. In the lore they said Cthulhu was destroying the world and becoming ruler; but what if he was the GOOD guy? He wanted to destroy the corruption! However the Dryads wanted to cleanse it to purity first. So they killed Cthulhu!
His body parts were in search of the last dryad, but when they saw you with the dryad they had to kill you! Skeleton was actually only defending the graveyard city, the Dungeon! Cthulhu had created the WoF to protect the world from Corruption but you destroyed it
Maybe the Mechanic was trapped inside the Dungeon because she was a criminal! However, the dryad gave her hallowed bars and she made the mechanical bosses, to brainwash and make Cthulhu even stronger! Thankfully, she didn't finish the brain.
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