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Terraria Theory: Moon Lord is a hallucination?

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CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
Yep, you heard it from the title. Is Moon Lord a hallucination?

I'm not saying it would change the whole Terraria Lore, but it might apply something. If you want to know what I see in this theory, follow the info:

So, you defeated Golem, and now you see Cultists at the Dungeon, worshiping some sort of sigil. Why? That's another story...


After killing the Cultists, the Lunatic Cultist shows up, and now you have to kill him. But, it's quite odd for an appearance for him to have a beak-like mask, right? No, not odd at all. Infact, the design, looks kinda like a Plague Doctor.


Lunatic Cultist


Plague Doctor

And, we know that during the Black Death, Plague Doctors were apparently thought to treat people from the plague. So, basically, this guy, the Lunatic Cultist, is trying to cure you, but like other conquests, you just go ahead and kill him. Then, the Celestial Pillars appear, starting the Lunar Event.

After defeating each pillar, you're left with a message.

  • First Tower destroyed: "Your mind goes numb..."
  • Second Tower destroyed: "You are overwhelmed with pain..."
  • Third Tower destroyed: "Otherworldly voices linger around you..."
  • Fourth Tower destroyed: "Impending doom approaches..."
They seem weird, right? Like, symptoms for a disease or virus. So maybe, you were infected with some sort of virus, possibly around after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

After defeating the fourth pillar, the screen seems to shake, and turn a bit dark. Then the music starts fading away, and then... BAM! Moon Lord appears! Attack his hands, but beware of the Phantasmal True Eyes of Cthulh... Wait, Phantasmal? So, it's an illusion? Same goes with his attacks:
-Phantasmal Deathray
-Phantasmal Sphere
-Phantasmal Bolt

They're illusions, ghosts. I know it can hurt you, but, Phantasmal? So, that could mean that Moon Lord, might be a hallucination. How did it become one? A disease, possibly around when you defeat the Lunatic Cultist

So, they weren't summoning the Moon Lord, they might have been trying to hold back a disease

Now, I know what you'll say: Moon Lord drops loot. That's what I'm trying to decipher, but my best thought so far is that it might have been a reward for overcoming the plague. And they bring back memories as well, like the Star's Wrath, which is an OP Star Fury. And the S.D.M.G, similar to the Mini/Mega Shark, right? And that Moon Lord can kill your NPCs: It might sound silly, but maybe while thinking you're fighting Moon Lord, you might also could have killed your NPCs

So, that's my theory on Moon Lord. Feedback is welcome. Got any suggestions? List them below.

Stay crafty!


Maybe the loots symbolizes your defeat of the disease by seeing everyday objets.
-Last Prism=Rainbows
-Meowmere= Cats (cute lil buggers, aint they)
-Terrarian=Swing (?)
-Lunar Flare= Explosions, Fireworks (?)
-Star Wrath=Stars, Meteors
-Rainbow Crystal Staff=Thisimage.jpg
-Lunar Portal Staff=Comets
-SDMG=Crossbows (?)


Considering that there are such things as wraiths, reapers and a lot of undead enemies, one of which is outright stated to be a spirit, it doesn't make much sense, specially considering that it would be more indicative of the Moon Lord being some sort of ghost or undead.


This theory was about the whole Lunar events being a possible reference to the Black Death, not the game as a whole.



I defeat the cultists, they call down these Lunar Pillars, I have to fight a lot of stuff that can actually kill me, then the Moon Lord Pops, and I'm actually hallucinating while fighting him, and somehow, when I defeat him, a bunch of potions, and a bunch of ore, along with a portal gun and a random weapon pops out of thin air, just because?

LOL, I wish RL hallucinations caused items to pop out of thin air!


The Destroyer
It's not "some sort of sigil". Look at the sigil. See the fire around it? That looks very similar to solar flares in real life. Now, look the Sigel itself. Notice the face in the center? Now compare that face to the moonlord. Nearly identical right?


It's not "some sort of sigil". Look at the sigil. See the fire around it? That looks very similar to solar flares in real life. Now, look the Sigel itself. Notice the face in the center? Now compare that face to the moonlord. Nearly identical right?

Moon Lord must be a spirit which possesses you and causes the hallucinations before you encounter him.
That could make more sense. Maybe that's the reason why lunar enemies dont drop anything.

Dreadful man

Hmm... It makes some sense. As, if we die mid fight we have to do everything again - kill the cultist,etc (unless one uses the sigil). So it could really be an hallucination caused by some disease which is cured when we die and are reborn

Mystical Rahz

Pixel Pirate
Sorry if I'm squashing the meta here, but I think moon lord was going to be Cthulhu, but they had already teased a lunar-based boss, so changed his design a bit.
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