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PC Terraria Towns - Earn Money and Grow an Economical Empire


This was not my idea, and it belongs to one of my friends, Colind8. However, he didn't have an account for TCF, and he was too lazy to make one, so I'm promoting this for him.

Terraria Towns is a server where you can create buildings like hotels, shops, houses, and more. It is a cooperative project allowing for multiple people to help build, give you supplies/money, and help manage your business. Your buildings will earn you money. You can use that money to upgrade your buildings, buy more land, or if you're really rich, build an entire town.

• Construct stunning buildings (If you're any good at building)
• Create awesome towns
• Non-competitive
• Own businesses
• Get greenlit to have your build featured on our steam page
• And much more!

Q. How do I know the boundaries?
A. User barriers are marked with red team blocks.

Q. Is the first plot free?
A. Of course! Just show a banker where you want to put it, and you'll be set.

If you want the IP, you must be on our Discord:
You can also join our Steam group here:
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