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  1. Teseo911

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    WE HAVE ALSO PATREON NOW! https://www.patreon.com/Projectgamesinc


    The 1st real deck is here and i'm now testing the game!!!
    Here we have some images!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This Thread will be used for all the final and finished things for the Terraria Trading Card Game.
    Since i have the whole game system with rules, and also dozens of cards, it is time to take this in the serious way.
    The 1st deck will be printed, and then become physically real the 30/07/2018!

    For the 1st idea, and everything else, check out the old thread : https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terraria-card-game-design.66203/


    One day, a huge fan of terraria, after hitting 1200 hours of play, had an idea.
    "Why the hell there is no a real, consistent, good project for a Terraria Trading Card Game out here?"
    You know, i've loved Pokèmon Trading Cards, also Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh ones!
    All i was searching for was a Terraria Trading Card Thread or reddit post or something like this.
    I was really surprised, there was none of them, well, no one of them were at least good enough.
    And then, i had the idea to make it, my own way to make a Terraria Trading Card system and game.

    I'm Andrea Pallaoro, i'm from Italy, and i fell sorry if my english is not all that good, be patient with me, still learning.
    I'm born in 11/12/1992, in a little town in the north.
    I always loved computers, techs, games, and Terraria is the number one for me, no one other game have so much hours of play like it.
    I'm a simple guy, i love the simple, original ideas, clean desing, retro style.
    This is why i love Terraria so much, and this is why i'm here with this thread.


    The entire game is based on a collectable cards system, just like the Pokèmon one.
    There will be a main package of 60 cards, with all you need to play the Card Game (I will explain everything later).
    There will be then other small packages, every one of them with 7 random cards.
    I don't have a max number of cards right now, there is so much content in Terraria, the cards could be 200 max, or maybe 500 or 1000, i don't know.
    There will not be expansion packs or other things like that, i will just add new cards to the whole collection every N (2 to 5) weeks.


    So, you are inside a toys shop or similar one, and you see a "Terraria Trading Card Game : Starter Pack" box, what the hell?
    What is? Lets take a look!
    Inside the Main Package there will be 120 Cards (2x60 Cards Decks), 40 Hearth Points (2x20 Hearth Points x player), a Game Field Example, the Rule Book and a metal money with a tree and an Eye of Cthulhu symbol.
    The cards are in a solid, plastic, light
    rough material, that makes them durable and nice to the touch.
    The hearth are in a solid plastic, with a bright red color, and the money shine like a real gold money!

    What? This is insane! Let's check it out!


    The rules are not so complicated.
    There will be 4 types of cards : Unit Cards, Conditional Cards, Event Cards, Research Cards.

    At the start of the game, both players will have 60 cards in the decks, and, after the decks have being shuffled, the coin will be thrown to decide who start.
    Then the players will pick 7 cards from the top of the decks, if less then 2 playable unit cards will be in hand, the decks must be shuffled again and you have to start over.
    At the start of your turn you will pick one card from the top of the deck (this rule is valid from the 2nd turn), then your first move is to play Unit Cards.
    The main aim of the game is to reduce the opponent HP to 0.
    To do so, we need to know 1st how the Unit Cards works.

    Unit Cards will look like this one:


    The first number in the top left corner will be the number of the card, this will have no effect in the game. (it just mean that if you see a 003, the card you have is the 3rd card ever made).
    Under this number there is a small star and another number... This is the rarity nad will tell you if you can play the card.
    Every card in the game, not only the unit one, will be playable if the rarity number match the current turn of the game.
    Example: Turn 1, you can play only 1/10 rarity cards. Turn 2, you can play 1/10 and 2/10 rarity cards, and so on.
    By the way, to play cards that have rarity more then 6/10, you will need also an active Hardmode Card. (I plan to put a little mechanical counter with the boxed game to help you track the turn you are playing in)
    in the top right side we have the name, in the top center we have the image of the Unit Card, and under it we will have the cards effects.
    At last, in the bottom right corner there will be ATK / DEF value of the Unit Card (Attack and Defence points can be increased with research or conditional cards).
    Remember!!! If there is a Unit Card active, you can't attack the Hearth Points (HP) of your opponent! You first need to destroy the Unit Card!
    The Unit Card will be destroyed if the attack from another Unit Card have higher ATK then your DEF.
    Enemy Unit Card have 5 ATK points, your have 4 DEF points, your card will be destroyed, no HP will be lost.
    Enemy Unit Cards have 5 ATK points, your have 5 DEF points, your card will NOT be destroyed! The attack it is null, so its like doing nothing at all!
    To make your opponent lose HP you have to attack him with an Unit Card when he have no active Unit Cards.
    Unit Cards can only be played at the start of the turn, after you have picked the card from your deck.
    To use an Unit Card (for attacking another one or to use his special ability etc...) you must wait 1 turn.
    So, if you put an Unit Card in the field, you can only use it the next turn, since every Unit Card can do only 1 action and putting it in the field is, in fact, one action.
    Also you can normally play Unit Cards (but this rule is valid for all the cards) if they have 6 or less rarity points, and the rarity point match the current turn of the game, as explained before, to play cards that have more then 6 rarity points you need an active "Hardmode Card".
    The last thing is the type of Unit Card, every unit will have different card style (Grass style, Corruption, Ice/Snow, Jungle, Desert and so on), this difference is not only graphic!
    Some Unit Cards will have bonuses or bonus/malus vs other Unit Cards based on their types!
    (For example, the Jungle Bat card will gain 1 ATK point for every jungle Unit Card you have active, Ice Slime card will do no damage to snow/ice Unit Cards but will do 2x damage to hell Unit Cards!)
    You can play only 2 Unit Cards at once!


    Boss Cards will have their unique play rules.
    A Boss Card will be basically the same as an Unit Card, but in the description, will have additional info, such as the Event Card needed to play it.
    Every Boss Card will need a specific Event Card to be played.
    For example: Plantera will need you to play the Event Card "Bulb Breaker" in order to play it.
    When you play the Event Card, it will act the same way as other Event Cards, so you will be able to play the Boss Card and after that, the Event Card will be destroyed.

    Be Carefull! Boss Cards are really powerfull, but when you lose one of them, you will lose 1 HP!



    After the Unit Cards, you can play the Event, Research or Conditional Cards.
    An Event Card will look like:


    The "E" in the bottom right corner simply tell you that this is an Event Card.
    The Event Card can be played at any moment, but always after you have played Unit Cards.
    The card will take effect immediately and will be then destroyed.

    You can also play Conditional Cards, like this one:


    This type of card is played backflipped, so your opponent will never know what kind of card it is, unless you activate it.
    The card will be revealed and activated when the conditions explained in the card are met.
    The card will be then destroyed.
    Those cards will have an "U" or a "G" letter in the bottom right corner
    The "U" mean that the card is Unit Bound, so you have to play it backflipped and behind a Unit Card and will be bounded to it.
    With the "G" letter the card is Global Bound, so you can play it in the global cards place and it will take effect when the conditions are met.
    This card also take effect immediately after the activation, and it is then destroyed.

    You can also play Research Cards!
    A Research Card will look like this:


    This card is similar to the Conditional Cards, it will have a "U" for Unit Bound or a "G" for General Bound.
    This card will be persistent, so if you play a Research Card on one Unit Card (so one with the "U" letter), it will last forever, the only way to remove it is to destroy the Unit Card, using some special Event Cards that can remove Research Cards or a special Unit Card effect.
    The General Bound one it is the same as the Unit Bound, but will affect the whole Game Field.
    Every Unit Card can have only 1 Research Card active, if you want to change it, the old one will be destroyed.
    Also you can have only 1 General Bound Research Card active, so its the same as the Unit Bound, to change it, the old one must be destroyed.

    After all your cards are played, you can attack your opponent.

    So the order is :
    Unit Cards (if you play any other card, you cannot play more Unit Cards)
    Event/Conditional/Research Cards;

    Those are the rules right now, every change will be listed in the news and will have a different text color.























    I really hope you guys will like the idea and the work i'm doing, and i really hope one day this game will be real and will be played by all the Terraria Fans, and maybe from other guys, so Terraria will have more players, more fans, since it is one of the best game of this genre around here (Well, for me IT IS DA BEST).

    If you have any idea, if you dont like something, if you feel that some of the rules are broken or cannot work, please tell me!


    Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/Kje6EhK
    Steam Group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TerrariaTradingCardGame


    Here all the nice people that have helped me with this project!

    Thanks to @Pikachumania for the idea of Hardmode and Expert Mode Cards!
    Thanks to @anonbob for the idea of the Magic Mirror Card!

    To support me and my project here we have a banner if you wish to use it in your signature.


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  2. leechheart

    leechheart Skeletron Prime

    Oh my god I love this so much! Maybe bosses could be a separate category too? Idk just a suggestion but keep up the amazing work.
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  3. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Yeah bosses will have their own category and they will need special conditions to be played.
    I'm working with this and i will update the 1st post as soon as i have them finished!

    By the way thanks a lot for your kind words!
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  4. I want this its just too awesome. Maybe some balance changes to your cards could be done. Also bosses!!! We need all of them and some of their attacks as separate cards but you can only use them if you have that boss in your hand or on the your side of the field. They would be expensive or require some event cards too spawn. I have an idea for Plantera where either the bulb is a unit with 1 health and if it dies PLANTERA AWAKES or the bulb could be a condition card which can be put only on jungle units and if they die PLANTERA AWAKES. Anyway love this idea
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  5. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    This is some serious nice idea @Britney "HornBlow" Thorer !
    I already know there are some points in the rules that i need to fix and also something to be fixed in the cards.
    I will work and post all the updates!

    I also will work for sure on bosses cards! Thanks for your tips!;)
  6. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian


    Boss Cards will have their unique play rules.
    A Boss Card will be basically the same as an Unit Card, but in the description, will have additional info, such as the Event Card needed to play it.
    Every Boss Card will need a specific Event Card to be played.
    For example: Plantera will need you to play the Event Card "Bulb Breaker" in order to play it.
    When you play the Event Card, it will act the same way as other Event Cards, so you will be able to play the Boss Card and after that, the Event Card will be destroyed.

    Be Carefull! Boss Cards are really powerfull, but when you lose one of them, you will lose 1 HP! (Example of Boss Card and Event Card needed will be posted in few days)
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  7. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Hi guys, here we have a new update!
    Here you can see how the Boss Card and the Event Card needed to play it will look like.
    Plantera and Bulb Breaker are here!


  8. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Skeletron Prime

    I'm half tempted to just make cards of my own and play with my friends :D
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  9. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Heh, i know what you mean @superscrub42 !
    I'm printing this with normal A4 pages to test them as well! :D
  10. Essa20

    Essa20 Skeletron Prime

    Hey this seems awesome!
    Could i maybe help with making cards?
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  11. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Heya! Thanks @Essa20 !
    Right now i'm making the cards with another guy, and we are enoguh right now.

    By the way, if you have any hint or you see some errors, or some of the rules are not working for you, let me know!

    Thanks again ;)
  12. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    Hey, I like this! I've got some suggestions as an avid card game player, hope you don't mind. Feel free to ignore them though, won't hurt my feelings!

    First thing I see is, I don't like the idea of requiring one specific card (hardmode) to enable most of certain decks. The options I would consider are: Add an easier way to draw into hardmode specifically, or a new condition. It doesn't follow the game perfectly, but maybe instead of having hardmode be a card, just make it something that happens when a boss monster dies? Alternatively, it could still be a card that goes into decks, but when a boss monster dies, you can search for it and add it to your hand? Also, maybe make it affect each player, so one doesn't get stuck in easy mode and completely demolished by the superior hardmode cards. Of course, this would make the opponent's hardmode a completely dead draw, so it isn't a perfect fix.

    Secondly, and this is just me personally, I love tribal decks in MTG so I'd like to see lots of synergy between certain cards; more definitive archetypes. I like the slime theme you have going on, and I think the biome borders are a great idea! I know they'll be expanded on in the future, so I'll reserve judgement on that for now.

    I'd also like to suggest some flavour text! Some wording on the cards could be improved as well, here's how I would word some:

    Green slime

    This unit has +1 attack point for each other friendly Slime unit.
    Flavour text was good on this one!

    Blue Slime

    As long as you have 2 or more friendly Blue Slime units, this unit has +2 defence points.
    This one is fine as well.
    Side-note: I'm not sure if this would be too strong, but I would like the blue slime to require any slime to be stronger, not specifically another blue.


    Looked good to me, but the effect doesn't seem terribly fitting for a slime. I find it a huge pain to deal with unless it's alone, so maybe make it stronger for each slime you have active? I'm totally trying to push a theme here...
    No changes here.


    Friendly Demon Eye units have +1 Defence point.
    Blue Slimes are not the worst of your problems....
    Side-note: I couldn't think of a good way to word it to mean exactly what you were going for, so I figured the easiest way was to spread the ability across both Zombies and Demon Eyes, as it needed both to function anyways. The current wording is a bit confusing, I'm not sure what would happen if you have multiple zombies. Depending how many zombies/demon eyes can be on board, this might get too out of control, so maybe a clause would have to be added that even If you have 2 zombies, the demon eyes would only have +1 defence.

    Demon Eye

    Friendly Zombie units have +1 Defence point.
    If this unit receives a fatal blow, you can destroy a friendly Demon Eye unit instead.
    The bloodshot eyes of a moonlit night.

    Ice Slime

    No changes here
    When this pouncing blob shivers, it isn't from the cold.

    Ice Bat

    When this unit deals a fatal blow to an enemy unit, that unit's controller cannot use any new research cards during their next turn.
    YOU try innovating with cold fingers!
    Side-note: I worded this one under the assumption that 3+ player games are possible. If this isn't the case, I would replace 'that unit's controller' with 'your opponent'.


    Whenever an opponent activates a Condition Card while you are attacking, it will not take effect until your attack is done.
    If you're cool with saying ':red:', then I have no problem with it

    Corrupt Slime

    When this unit receives a fatal blow, look at one card in an opponent's hand, chosen at random.
    This flavour text is pretty fitting, I can't think of anything better
    Side-note: Again with the multiplayer thing, if it's only gonna be 1v1, then replace 'an opponent's' with 'your opponent's'.

    Eater of Souls

    Whenever an enemy unit attacks this unit, it loses 1 attack point for the duration of the attack.
    From the corrupted chasms rises a new apex predator...
    Side-note: I am unclear as to whether this attack point drop is permanent or not, so I worded it as if it only applies for the one attack. If it's permanent, I would simply say 'it loses 1 attack point'.


    Whenever this unit inflicts a fatal blow to an enemy unit, that unit's controller discards a card from their hand.
    Nothing can stand between a Devourer and it's prey.
    Side-note: In the case of more than 2 players, change 'that unit's controller' to 'your opponent'.


    Whenever you inflict a fatal blow to an enemy unit, draw a card.
    With the spirits of light released, a new plague seeks to corrupt the world. Not through blood or shadows, but with the power of rainbows.


    Whenever this unit attacks an enemy Corruption unit, it is immediately destroyed.
    Cute but deadly, like a charging hippo.
    Side-note: An alternate wording could be 'Any attack directed at an enemy Corruption unit by this unit is considered a fatal blow'.


    Whenever this unit attacks an enemy unit, your opponent cannot activate Conditional cards for the duration of the attack'.
    Many underestimate the Antlion for it's lack of mobility. Many lose their lives to a long-range blast of sand.
    Side-note: Same deal here, it may need to be worded 'your opponents' or 'that unit's controller', whichever is intended.

    Antlion Charger

    If you control another Desert unit, this unit cannot be attacked.
    A distracted foe will never keep up with an Antlion Charger's incredible speed.


    Whenever this unit inflicts a fatal blow to an enemy unit, that unit's controller loses 1 Hearth Piece.
    These plants have adapted a long stalk to reach into unsuspecting adventurer's tunnels and snap them up.

    I could do more if you like, but that's probably plenty for now. Apologies for being such a nit-picker, but consistent wording is pretty important to keep rules clear!

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  13. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Whoa! Thanks a lot @Vessyl !
    Nearly everything you wrote is a huge amount of help, the wording is one of the main problem for me, i know what i want to write but due to the lack of my english skills sometimes i can't figure out how to properly write it.

    I will modify many cards with your tips, you will be credited of course!
    And please, if you are ok with that, maybe i will ask you some kind of help with wording when i will have the 1st deck ready, since i feel that you could help a lot!

    Thanks a lot for your appreciated help!
  14. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    I'd be happy to help! I'll check back regularly to see how things are progressing!
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  15. Essa20

    Essa20 Skeletron Prime

    I have an idea for the Magic Mirror : Flip the coin, if heads then it protects the unit;If tails it has no effect
  16. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Huh, this is nice to be honest.
    I have to use the coin a little bit more, it's a thing that i really love in the card games!
    Thanks @Essa20 !

    By the way in those days i'm out for work, when i will come back to home i will update the cards, update the rules and maybe post a new Boss Card with its own Event Card!
  17. Vessyl

    Vessyl Terrarian

    A couple questions...is there a limit to how many of each card you can have in a deck? Also, is there a way to destroy general bound research cards other than playing another? I assume each player can have one active as well, right?
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  18. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian

    Yes, there will be limits in how many cards you can have in a single deck.
    Also there will be cards, such as events or unit cards powers that wikl be able to destroy research cards bound to unit cards.
    Also you will be able to destroy them at any time in your turn.
    The unit bound research cards limit will be one per unit, but you can have more then 1 active if you have more then 1 unit card.
    I will update all the rules when i will be back home.
  19. Enroke

    Enroke Plantera

    I love this!
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  20. Teseo911

    Teseo911 Terrarian