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Important Terraria Trading Post: Rules & Guidelines

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Below you will find rules and guidelines specific to the Terraria Trading Post Category of the community. These govern how trading works here - on top of the overall Terrarian Community Rules & Culture. Happy Trading, Terrarians!

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of the Terraria Community Forums, and any associated entities are not responsible for any issues encountered by members of the Terraria Community due to their participation in trading. No guarantees are given or implied in relation to the outcome of any trade or transaction.

Trading Post Summary
  • Want to Buy: This section is for one-time transactions where you are looking to purchase or trade FOR a specific item(s).
  • Want to Sell: This section is for one-time transactions where you are looking to sell or trade AWAY a specific item(s).
  • Terraria Shops: This section is for longer-term, multi-transaction, player-run shops.
Trading Post Rules
  • This section is primarily for transactions involving the sale or trade of Terraria items for either other items or in-game Terraria currency. Please try to keep to this as much as possible.
  • Members should be cautious when joining servers or allowing others to join their servers. All risk falls on those participating in a trade and there is little to nothing that staff members can do if a transaction goes poorly.
  • Do not trade Terraria items or in-game currency for real-world cash or other items of monetary value.
  • Do not advertise trading threads in other threads or anywhere else outside of signatures and one's own profile.
  • Do not accuse other members of trading hacked or otherwise illegitimate items. However, if one has definitive proof of a member trading illegitimate items, then that should be brought to the attention of the staff through the standard means.
  • Illegitimate, also known as "hacked", items are strongly discouraged. Members are asked to sell items gathered only through legitimate, in-game methods. Please have the courtesy to keep hacked items to oneself and respect others' desire to play the game as intended.
  • Multiple item transactions, store-based or otherwise, should be confined to a single thread and multiple threads will be locked.
  • Appropriate thread prefixes should be used to denote on which platform the trade is occurring (PC/PS3/Xbox/etc).

Suggested Guidelines

Successful trading is greatly enhanced by providing proper information in an easily understood manner. While the guidelines below are not rules, they are strongly suggested as a means to help ensure smooth and fast trading.
  • Buying/Selling - Indicate the type of transaction.
  • Your Request - What are you looking to sell, buy, or trade? Best when included in thread title.
  • Your Ask/Offer - What are you offering or what is the price you desire for the item you are selling? Great to include in the summary section so members can see it without opening your thread.
  • Availability - When will you be online and able to complete any transactions.
  • The optional summary text field allows you to list further information beneath your title without the readers needing to open your thread.
  • The optional item categories allow you to restrict your thread's focus to one of 9 certain item categories such as Weapon, Accessory, or Furniture. There is also the option to restrict it even further by choosing one of the 32 subcategories like Sword, Spear, or Acc: Combat. These will affect how your thread appears in searches and is a great way to distinguish threads about one certain item.
  • Other info should be provided as necessary or desired. It is recommended that personal contact details not be included.
  • Stores should utilize all available means to indicate whether their store is open, closed, or shut down.

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  • Published: 2014/09/17
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