Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!

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    Just to close this off-topic topic out:

    As you may or may not know, those are being re-done from scratch for current gen to gain a more aligned experience to how things "should" be - inclusive of 1.3-tier content. Problem soon solved.

    Just because you find "Content X" to be "useless" does not make it so. This game appeals to a broad array of people, so what may be useless for you is not so for another person. For sure, you are entitled to your opinion - but so are those whom might disagree. Such are the decisions that we have made and will make along the way in an attempt to keep bringing things for EVERYONE. ;)

    "Balance" in Terraria has always been a bit of a misnomer - it is a game that can never truly be "balanced" in the traditional sense. The sheer number of variables involved coupled with the vast array of skills and experience levels of the players make this the case. Literally every encounter can and will be different - in many ways controllable by the player themselves - each time. Gear sets, different arenas, wiring, block work, etc, etc. Now, we have tried our best to at least set "guardrails" along the way...but expecting a game like this to be individually balanced and tailored in a way that, say a platformer would be (each level presenting itself as exactly the same every single time) is just never going to happen.

    Now - back on topic.....as @Tunnel King stated, if you want to continue this elsewhere, have at it - but let's get this thread back on track!

    Yeah, thereabouts. Keep in mind that the number of PC units we are talking about here is no small feat either. Very few games have reached that level. Also, PC remains by far the largest of the 3 core segments (Through End of 2016: Mobile ~6.4m | Console ~5.5m).
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    Wow that's amazing keep up the good work guys!;)
  3. Smith27

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    Congratulations ;)[​IMG]
  4. Incinerate

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    Now, all that's left is for us to know when will 1.3.5 come.
  5. FlyKip

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    Parties are easily the biggest part of Terraria. I mean, what are you supposed to do after you beat expert moon lord? Pigronata party, of course!!!
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    Twenty million copies? Wow, I knew Terraria caught on but I didn't know it caught on that much. Good to know a good game got the recognition it deserved. Plus, now I can be even more smug about getting on the bandwagon early. You kids today with all your content, back in my day it ended with Skeletron and that's the way we liked it! ...Wait, no, we didn't like that early limited scope, we wanted more than that right from the beginning, because even that relatively tiny version of Terraria was already pretty good. And fortunately, it only got better from there. So many other games seem to go off the rails as they expand from the initial release's vision, but Terraria never ruined the concept it was built on, but rather expanded on it. Even if I didn't necessarily like every individual change that's ever happened on the way, (and still haven't gotten a few changes I always wanted,) Terraria grew up right and earned that success. Congratulations!

    Speaking of Terraria's development and success though, twenty million copies is certainly a decent chunk of cash so... At the risk of sounding like a soulless consumption machine always wanting more, how's about a proper ground-up sequel already? Original Terraria is kinda old and clunky feeling now in multiple ways, (and just plain will not run smoothly on my new computer that runs everything else just fine for some reason,) and updates to the original modestly conceived engine just aren't the sort of fresh new design foundation and technology I think we're due by now. Us consumers threw money at you - I even bought four copies myself for that matter - so it's reasonable to turn some of that profit around into an even bigger and better game. Or to put it bluntly: After twenty million copes sold you've gotta have a big pile of money to work with now, so what's the holdup with Terraria Otherworld and/or Terraria 2? I want a shiny new higher resolution (not to mention other core improvements) version of Terraria already and you definitely have the money to make that happen and then some, since you surely have significantly more development money available now than Terraria started with.
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    Congrats on the milestone! I first found out about this game because it was a free Playstation Plus title on the Vita. Within 15mins I was hooked and I've spent countless hours playing this game and have bought it on Xbox one, ps3, ps4, and Steam. Since I play on consoles, I'm really looking forward to 1.3! Keep up the great work guys!
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    Dude,that is friccin insane! Congrats!
  9. KibbleKip

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    Say, looking at the amount of platforms its on reminded me of something. Will Terraria be coming to the Nintendo Switch?

    Also, congratulations Re-Logic! Bought the game over 2 years ago and haven't had any regrets since ;)
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  10. Loltak

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    Bravo :)
  11. Tux

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    I remember getting the game one week after its release. It was when it was my finals at my high school.
    I was having a blast back then, and it remains a game to return to.
    Thank you for your work, and all the content you devs given to us. Congratulations for 20.000.000!
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    Glad you got to this milestone re-logic 20 million copies wow
  13. Catman8274

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    Wow! Terraria has truly come a long way! I look forward to seeing all the new stuff you come up with!
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  14. FlyKip

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    I love how he mentioned T:OW. it seems that they tend to neglect mentioning it, so my hopes are really high for a spoiler soon!!;)
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  15. ZeroJinKui

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    you realize pipeworks has been brought in to basically make the console versions identical to PC, right?

    that's what the whole console reset thing is about.

    also, it sounds like you're complaining about free updates... man, your post is nothing but negative. %-_-

    eh, loki... not sure it was the best idea to go into details about which group is biggest... you know that's gonna stir something up with certain people around here.
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  16. hommar

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    Congrats, You deserved every penny of that 20M copies.
    You've made a good game, then made it better, and better, and so on...

    I first played Terraria when WoF was the final boss, and it was a pirated version. :)
    When i grew the brain to finally buy it, it was allready far more awsome than i ever thought it would.

    Re-Logic, thank You for the chance to play such a grape game. :)
    Now let's see how long will it take to double that 20M...
  17. Eli10293

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    Pipeworks isn't going to make the console version identical to the PC just on release of 1.3 for consoles, considering they'd need to take many more hours to get the rest of the content from 1.3.1 to 1.3.5 done. I'm glad they still give users free updates but I just don't think I'm intersted in the game direction, besides there is a difference between complaing about free updates and stating my problems with a game.
  18. ZeroJinKui

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    you know what i meant, they're working on making them identical, obviously, not EVERY update will be ported over in one go, since the updates come out far too quickly, but the games will function the game, the code is going to be the same, pretty much, so bugs will be easier to fix and the like.

    i'm ending the conversation there, i refuse to continue the argument.

    if you don't like the game, there is a simple fix to that.
  19. WolfTheAlpha

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    IMG_0993.JPG Once 1.3 is on console I'll be playing terraria constantly until I defeat moon lord
  20. Sigma90

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    Actually, now I think about it -- and recognising it says 20 million copies sold -- this figure doesn't include the free/trial version on tablet/mobile, does it? Only the paid versions are included?