Terraria: Undeluxe Edition - Out Now!

Hey! What if you added banners but for boss minions like the phantasmal dragon and ancient doom. That would be cool to see.
We have heard the Terraria Community's cries to bring back the versions of Terraria from long long ago for many years now. Frankly, we appreciate the nostalgia as much as anyone, but to say that the daunting task of trying to remove 13 years of content from the game has held us back from doing so would be a massive understatement!

That being said, we are pleased to share with you all that starting today, the Terraria Undeluxe Edition is available for fans everywhere to enjoy!

Highlights of this massive downdate include:

  • 12 Biomes to explore - who needs locations like the Ice Biome... too darned cold!
  • Be careful not to trip as you leap over single-high blocks
  • Rope? Minecarts? Blocks and platforms will suffice.
  • The Crimson was deemed too nasty and the Hallow too sweet, so they both have been kicked to the curb.
  • Demon Altars (those purple spiky things) are now immortal - resistance is futile!
  • Cacti can and will damage you - I mean they ARE covered in needles after all
  • Built-in Bunny Protection will prevent you from accidental Bunny-cide.
  • Delve deep into caves free from the threat of boulders and traps

  • Over 360 items/weapons/armor/etc. to find and craft
  • 45 enemies will seek to defeat you at every turn!
  • Defeat the Goblin Army to obtain the greatest mobility accessory in the game, the Rocket Boots!
  • To maintain accuracy the Scraggler was re-added then promptly removed
  • Four challenging boss encounters await
  • Face the terrifying Final Boss, Skeletron!
  • Challenge the endgame Dungeon for fortune and glory!

  • All 8 NPCs are now clearly labeled by their role so you don't have to remember that Helen is your Nurse
  • Enjoy the streamlined experience of items without any nasty modifiers - no Goblin Tinkerer to take your hard-earned coins here!
  • Speaking of coins, you are going to need to carry them with you if you want to buy something.
  • Valid housing? Figure it out yourself.
  • Axes are now required to chop up all wood blocks - we don't want any accidents!
  • Chests contain a whopping 20 storage slots for you to stash your piles of loot!
  • Avoid accidentally using items by being sure they are in your hotbar prior to use - waste not, want not!
  • Wire? Where you are going, you won't need wires.
  • Paints? Dyes? Angles and slopes? Who needs that kind of variety in their life?

You can only imagine the sheer amount of time and effort it took to remove almost 500 enemies/critters, 21 bosses, 5100 items, 32 NPCs, 14 biomes (and all of the mini-biomes), 82 music tracks, 586 tilesets, and so on. A small price to pay for the awesomeness that is Terraria v1.06! Starting today, you can pick up Terraria Undeluxe Edition at your favorite Steam Store! We know you will join us in enthusiastically welcoming Terraria Undeluxe Edition to the Terraria family of games!
definitely getting this asap. idc if this is a joke I WILL get this
It's the experience that builds the enjoyment, not some standard of "gameplay" or such. It's why Indie games are much more successful than AAA games, grinding statistics and trying to give the world forsakes why we play games in the first place. Thank you Re-Logic!
I honestly thought that there was a way to downgrade versions on Steam already.

Or is there? Sort of like what Minecraft already allows you to do but through Steam.

If you don't know what I mean, Minecraft allows you to choose the very first versions of the game through their launcher.
I was thinking that'd it'd be cool to have the same option on Steam although I'd never personally use it but I'm sure some would like it.

I am happy with the content and the current state of Terraria so I don't wanna go back or play a Fork of the game in this case.
Whoops. Sorry. Forgot to update everyone that I finally finished playing a round about a week and a half later. Took me ten-ish days, not counting a little clean up at the end, because I could. Was definitely a fun little jaunt through Terraria History. :)
This is Pretty much the version of Terraria that I started playing

Though I think it were either 1.0.4 or 1.0.5. I started with.

I Very much would have Loved this as Separate download on Steam, like TML is

Rather then have to Replace Current Terraria
and switch between each time when I want to Test sprites ingame, Release or Update a Texturepack for the Workshop and Play the older version

Though I miss there not being a Female Player Sprite added in Terraria 1.1
and I Miss the options of Texturepacks function, in this older version of Terraria

Though I could just Replace the Original .xnb files, like back when Custom Texture Loaders such as T.C.C.L. got Discontinued
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