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Terraria Wall Decals


Official Terrarian
Hello Terrarians!

We are happy to present another way to experience Terraria in your home! Peel and stick Terraria wall decals are now available. The decals are repositionable and removable, with no sticky residue left behind, making them great for a Terraria-themed room, office, or party! :)

They work on any smooth, interior surface and have different sets make it easy to customize your space. Multiple biomes, bosses, etc are available now from My Wonderful Walls. You can check them out here: mywonderfulwalls.com/terraria.
I need this to my room :D Will they add some Items like Terra Blade, Night's Edge, Meowmere or Terrarian ? That would be awesome!! <3 :D

Quinn The Wolf

Wish there was a clothier!
yes youre 110% right! XD

btw before i forget to ask
do you know anything about an possible bug in terraria 3ds edition?

becouse i hear soundtracks ive never heared in 3ds terraria but only on pc

pc underworld plays in bloodmoon, underworld and when close to metiors
and the pirate invasion and golem has the pirate invasion soundtrack
and the underground corruption has the undergound crimson soundtrack
(not that i dislike it but greadly apreciate and love this bug(becouse they are just the soundtracks i realy like! XD))

and ive actualy started a treath whit an link to a video
but i stioll dont have the answer and nobidy is actualy looking... :D

so just wondering

sry about my keyboard being so buggy if i have writed text wrong

btw if somebody else know about this plz leave a coment
[doublepost=1510345755,1510345658][/doublepost]but it is a very VERY wonderfull idea XD

if i manage to save up some extra money i would realy mutch like to buy some stickers
this will make my bureau more terraria like :D


This is very nice indeed. Quite expensive though, especially for the age group it's aimed at.

Nevertheless, I hope that some of you will share some photos of your Terraria walls/fridges/windows/pets. (Kidding, don't stick them onto your pets, sillies.)


Staff member
Would be cool to see how people have displayed theirs as they get them and set them up. :)
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