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  1. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    This is a pretty epic mod!
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  2. Sherbet

    Sherbet Terrarian

    I like how I'm not listed in the credits. Y'know, for introducing you to Terraria in the first place? Or Sky, for, y'know, buying you Terraria? But it's fine, it's fine. I see how it is!!!!!
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  3. Zekeram12

    Zekeram12 Golem

    The monado shield make us look like a bunch'a jokers!
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  4. blacksniper

    blacksniper Terrarian

    When I try shopping at The Powerful Vesk the game crashes without creating a Log file. He also walks oddly, flickering in and out and when he stands still he is always in a "taking a step" frame of his walk cycle.

    Not sure if the crash is related to any of the other mods I have installed or not (curse you tApi for not always making a log file!), but they are: ShockahBase r3, Accessory Slot+ r1, BaseMod, GRealm, NeoUtilities, Pumpking's Mod, Terraria+ and TheInvisibleHand.
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  5. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    I'm going to temporarily remove Vesk until he can be fixed. I'm gonna work on fixing him. Thanks for the report! I'll check his code. :D
  6. Nine_Tails13

    Nine_Tails13 Terrarian

    If you dont mind, Im going to share my opinions on this mod, and some ideas of my own.

    A simple, yet elegant mod. I love some of the ideas, such as the legend swords, and the True Upgrades. And the Armor textures are just wonderful! I swear they look just like they came right out of Terraria!! I would love whoever did that to teach me, or at least give me some pointers :D Back to the Main topic, I love alot of the weapons, and their general design, but the spriting needs abit more shading, it looks abit too colorful for my tastes. Also, maybe rename the 'Axel Blade" to Firewheel Axle, or something of that ilk? The band of Rejuvination needs abit of help aswell, since its a combination of Health and mana, maybe give it some mana regen or +20 mana instead? Or you could always make the band of rejuvenation a Crystal Heart and Regen Band. Also, the Muramasa is the fastest of the Pre-hardmode swords, so why is it second fastest? Anyway, thats just about all for me, overall its a great mod, and Id be more than happy to help with ideas or something (In Exchange for some coding/Spriting lessons :p ) overall, you got my support! :D
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  7. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    I intentionally held this back for a while, but now, (on my birthday. And yes, this was intentional) I have released the 1.1 Update! It's a pretty big update compared to the other ones. I think. I ain't got a clue. Well, just in case people no longer get alerts for this thread...

    @CraftedNightmare Here!
    Yeah... I get everybody? Okay.
  8. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    HOLY CRAP NEW UPDATE I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE SUMMONER WEAP- *looks at the weapon list*....awwww ;(...wait is that an everscream gun? :eek::passionate:

    happy birthday
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  9. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    I'm having the same problem as @berberborscing with Summoner Weapons. So until their fixed... I'm going to have to put all summoner weapons on hiatus. Thanks for the happy birthday! And the Everscream Gun? Ye, that is an Everscream Gun! Everscream Double!
  10. Qw2

    Qw2 Official Terrarian

    < Qw2 bumps the thread on accident, not knowing the last post was around 3 hours ago. >

    Oh cool, its your birthday?
    And noice, a new update! :dryadsmile:
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  11. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Idea for the Thermal Blade recipe (that idea I suggested a while ago): How about Axel's Blade + Snow Crasher + Ectoplasm?

    It would be a sword that inflicts On Fire and Frostburn at the same time.
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  12. Nine_Tails13

    Nine_Tails13 Terrarian

    Thanks! Ill be sure to download it ASAP :D
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  13. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    The Mana Regeneration Band has no health effects, this is basically a Health version of that, wit the effects being applied to health instead of mana.
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  14. Nine_Tails13

    Nine_Tails13 Terrarian

    Oooh ok
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  15. WhyYouNoDrop!!

    WhyYouNoDrop!! Terrarian

    is the top hat skeleton seller part of this mod?
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  16. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    Ye, just a bit... useless right now. I'm probably going to get rid of him.
  17. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    This mod looks really awesome! I'm going to try it out!
    Although, I have a problem, there is already a Destroyer Emblem in the base game, it gives +10% damage and +8% crit
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  18. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    CRAFTABLE LENSES/BLACK LENSES!!! lenses could be made from glass..and black lenses could be made from 1 lense and a few souls of night :D

    edit: now that I think about it: craftable vertebra from bones at a bone welder

    also craftable biome keys with 1 gold key, 10 of each bar, 20 of each soul, and 50 stone/ice blocks from the biome you need the key for :p

    and of course: craftable coin gun made with a megashark and 30 gold/platinum bars :3

    and finally: craftable lucky coin made with 1 platinum coin and 30 gold/platinum bars

    lastly: sold mining armor by the merchant..but only if you beat the eye of cthulu? :D
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  19. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    It's an inside joke with Ulterraria's leader, in the development convo, where we had some fun. And thanks for making me feel much better about Terraria+ being big someday. You really brought my hopes up man. Also, Ulterraria is currently as popular as I am, so I suggest you check out their thread, and see how it's doing right now (no offense, Zenvonicality). Did you do your research?
    The bubbles will all probably deal damage before you even get the chance to see them.
    These are probably going to stay a drop
    Same as lens
    These are rare for a reason
    I could potentially remove Coin Gun from all of the Pirates' drop table and make it crafted with many Souls of Value.
    I could do the same with the Coin Gun, if I find out how to do that.
  20. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    craftable pet rock :naughty:
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