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Terraria Image Stitcher is a tool for combining images created from Terraria's in-game screenshot tool without the image packer setting enabled.

Terraria has added the ability for in-game screenshots for since the release of This tool aims to aid in the stitching (combining) of the many images created without Image Packing. Very Light and portable application will save you much time and headaches!

How To Use

Download application from webpage - Feel free to scan for viruses
Extract the application from the ziped archive
Within application, click "Add Photos"
Navigate to directory "\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Captures"
Find and open your recent capture's directory
Select all photos in this directory (Missing one will result in error message)
Within application, click "Save Location"
Navigate to a place you wish to save the output image (Don't add file extension)
Within application, select your output image conversion format.
Within application, click "Stitch Images" button.

How It Works And How It Knows Image Size?

This tool works by first getting the total amount of selected images. It then goes through each file name based on the first number before the "-" in the name. Ex: 2875-1635.png

From here we need to create a new image. We can use this file name number to calculate the final images height & width. How? Simple,

In this example:


Number of images with xxxx: 2
Number of image groups with a new xxxx: 4
This means the width is 4 and the height is 2.

We then add the first 2 images based on name going from top to bottom, and repeat left to right for the next 3 (for a width of 4).

Then we crop out the empty space and walah! It's stitched! And yes, doing this sounds easy on paper, but the process is much harder! Let's just enjoy the fact I suffered for you!



~ Combines ALL images into one single stitched image ~
~ Single instance application, no API's attached ~
~ Simple yet efficient GUI ~


.NET Framework 4.5.2 | Windows 7 or later
Terraria for PC


~ At the bottom of this page ~



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