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PC Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - JoJo Mod for Terraria


Skeletron Prime
Really epic, if you read this, then make the desert music change into Walk Like an Egyptian and artic music to Caesar's death music. I hope the mod gets released soon!
Its already avaiable for download in the mod browser.
Search Terrarian Bizarre Adventure(or simply JoJo Mod) and it should show up. You also need WebmilioCommons for it to run.


Official Terrarian
Would you be willing to look into allowing the player to move the stamina meter? It's currently covering the magic storage space number.
Ngl would be pretty epic if you made a texture pack with the vanity outfits. I see you have Doppio and Diavolo they would be amazing to have in vanilla.


After playing around with this for a few hours I have a few ideas/suggestions:

1. I'm not sure what type of damage stand damage counts as, but I think it would be cool if it were a unique damage type that had a few correlating armor sets that are just Jojo costumes so they double as vanity sometime in the future
2. Maybe add some accessories that increase max stamina and/or stamina regen, or decrease stamina usage? I feel like they should have another effect as well, or just add stamina enhancements to existing accessories maybe, like make band of regeneration and it's crafting tree have both health and stamina regen. (This may be redundant because health affects stamina regen as far as I can tell, but the idea is the same)
3. An autoattack method for stands. Maybe it constantly drains stamina as well as when they use basic punches, or just has a damage penalty, or both, but it becomes a hassle to use them in conjuction with other weapons, and sometimes on their own. I feel like this is especially applicable to Aerosmith. For him it would be cool if when autoattacking, it worked like one very powerful summon while the player is doing their own thing, but with damage reduced because holding down left click gives insane DPS.
4. I'm not exactly sure how to implement this, but stand projectiles would be so cool, like we see Jotaro and Josuke use in the rat arc. Maybe have a throwing weapon exclusively available when a close range stand is active that has really slow speed and high damage or something similar.
5. The ability to cancel time stop/erasure prematurely. With Star Platinum this isn't an issue since his time stop is short, but with The World I'll stop time, muda muda muda a boss, and then have to wait a few seconds and recall the stand to recover stamina while time stop ends
6. Speaking of time stop/erasure, sort of, stand growth. They can be obtained as soon as you smash an orb/heart with a low amount of farming, and are pretty OP for when you get them in game progression. Perhaps nerf them, and have bosses drop an arrow only used for upgrading that is consumed when used and upgrades the current stand. Like Eater and Brain drop the first upgrade arrow, then Skeletron, then WoF, then a mech boss, etc. For the three close range ones, have time stop/erasure grow in the amount of time you can use it as well. Maybe one upgrade you get the ability to cancel it? Either way, this would be a major balance change and would make stands able to be used as an additional (or even primary) source of damage throughout the game, whereas currently they're OP when you get them and fall off around Plantera, except against weaker HM enemies like werewolves.
7. New stand abilities when you pierce yourself with a different kind of arrow? I'm not really sure about this one. Maybe certain upgrade arrows give you abilities, like you unlock time stop on Star Platinum after Skeletron or WoF.
8. Finally, some suggestions for new stands. Killer Queen would be cool, it could have a unique melee like King Crimson's right click that plants a bomb on an enemy, then you right click whenever you want to create an explosion with the power of dynamite (no destroying blocks tho) that damages the enemy and others around it. Gold Experience could do something similar, maybe on a unique melee it can grow vines around an enemy that slow it down, or ivy that inflicts poison/venom dealing damage over time.

This is an amazing mod and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future. Good luck!


What needs to be done to get a stand? I made an arrow, clicked many times, and did not receive my stand. What requirements are needed?


Looks very promising, if you can do a majority of the main stands, implement a requiem arrow and ways to increase the size and regen of your Stand Gauge, this could be really good.
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