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PC Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - JoJo Mod for Terraria


Hello! I came across this mod when exploring random content, and it's amazing! i was wondering if ther was any way to remove a stand, and what's with the "Knife Gang" item



Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - JoJo Stands, vanity, weapons and more to come!

Hello and welcome to the thread of the Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - the mod that aims to faithfully implement abilities, items and Stands from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.
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Current Content:
Current Stands include:
Star Platinum,
The World,
King Crimson
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(spoilers to be added to the post)

How to Obtain a Stand?

To kick things off in the mod, you'll need to craft Bizarre Arrow using 15 Meteorite, 1 Wooden Arrow & 30 Fallen Stars at an anvil
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Webmilio - programmer, creator of WebmilioCommons
Skipping - balancing & ideas
MiloJopus - Lead artist
dUNCEdAFT - Artist
Phobostar - Artist
BlockaroZ - Artist
ConsumeMoment - Musician
HellGoesOn - small programming

If you want to stay tuned in on the mod's development, consider joining our discord server :)

I got a stand I didn't want is there a way to get a new one???


first of all, the sprite work and animation in this mod is some of the smoothest and highest quality I've ever seen. I also really like the stand control's and the essential pose button. I think that, to make this mod truly great, it needs more content, and some tweaks to the stamina system. perhaps a faster regeneration of stamina, so you don't go on an Ora rush and then have to wait a few minutes to do things, or a separate ability timers. overall, cool mod, keep up the great work!


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Blicker _

Guys, I'm new to tmodloader, could you show (dazzle me) how I can download the mod?(And Yes, I'm Russian and don't speak English very well, so I did it through a translator)


hey! im doing a mod and i did most of it in a separate folder to then i place the files in the actual mod folder later it in the .tmod file, but i don't know how can i do it, can someone help me telling how do i convert it or place it on the .tmod file?


I tested it out, and to be honest the animations are the best part like jeez they are flippin epic, so are the sprites. The TS and the TE work really well. Aerosmith is kinda janky with it's flying, I did get to see a plane fly backwards so that was cool IG. The barraging sucks, it completely leaves you open, you can't change direction, you can't cancel, and it's got such a short range so it can't do much. The DMG is really powerful especially for a meteorite lvl weapon but the range and the amount of time it can be used for somewhat makes up for that. The punches are meh and the only real reason to use most of these stands are for their ability and none of their attacks. The stands are both really :red: weapons but really OP at the same time somehow. Right now it's definitely not playable in an actual play through but it seems pretty cool for now.
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