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    Hi guys! This is my story from the old forums, brought here!

    This is my point of view in the story about Terraria. I will talk about what I think everything is and stuff like that, and I will start with...

    The Guide.

    The guide was the first person to exist in the world of Terraria. He explored a lot, spent all his time learning about the world. But one fateful day, he discovered the evil of the two spirits of Light and Dark(yes, both evil, and I'm getting to that later), and sought to end their evil plot. Unable to defeat them, he summoned the Wall of Flesh, the only being powerful enough to imprison them. So by the time the Wall of Flesh imprisoned them, the spirit of dark alreay had left his mark on the land in the form of the Corruption/Crimson, but the spirit of Light had not been able to create the Hallow yet. The Wall of Flesh had grown to like the Guide, and decided to threaten those who tried to kill of the Guide if said person were to do so from the Underworld. The Guide knew of this. But he also knew that anyone with the power to defeat the Wall of Flesh could likely defeat the spirits. He vowed to himself that he would teach all he knew to the next Terrarian he met, in hopes that they would defeat the Wall of Flesh, and then the spirits. But he knew two things the Wall didn't know. The Guide knew first that should he himself die, he would immediately return under a new name, so he had no problem being sacrificed. He also knew that should the Wall be defeated, the spirits would be released.

    The Player
    The player is the protagonist of the game, obviously, and was the second Terrarian to exist. Not much else can be said about the player, as his/her actions are determined by the player. The hero could be good, seeking to remove the influence of the Spirits by cleansing the world, or be evil by helping spread their influence by way of the Crimson/Corruption/Hallow. Or could even be unaligned, by not even releasing the Spirits from the Wall of Flesh, and choosing to live a safer, more relaxed life.

    The Ancient Spirits of Light and Dark
    These are the beings that created the Hallow, Crimson, and Corruption. Despite their names, both are beings of great evil. The spirit of Dark is the more powerful, brutal, and more dangerous spirit. He managed to create the Crimson/Corruption before being imprisoned, but didn't get very far in spreading it.
    The spirit of Light is the more cunning, tricky, yet slightly less powerful spirit, being able to fool most people by way of the Hallow, tricking them into thinking it to be a force of good. However, unlike the spirit of Dark, the spirit of Light is not powerful enough to overtake the Jungle.
    Although almost all recognize the evil of the Dark spirit,(And by most, I mean everyone except the player in the case of the player being evil themself, spreading Corruption.) most find the Light spirit to be innocent and good. The only ones who recognized the evil of this spirit were the Guide, the Dryad,(you may not notice, but she congratulates the player saying they have done well if the world is completely devoid of Hallow and Corruption) and in some cases the Player should they seek to remove the Hallow.
    Once both biomes have been removed, this removes the spirits' influence on the world, however, should a Demon Altar be smashed after completely cleansing the world, this sometimes lets one spirit leave a tiny spot on the world again, potentially growing should the spot not be found soon.

    The Wall of Flesh
    The Wall of Flesh is a powerful deity, being the only thing able to imprison the Spirits effectively. The only way for the Spirits to escape would be to defeat the Wall, releasing the Spirits and other forces that were imprisoned. These "other forces" being the things that appear in Hardmode that don't have any relation to the Spirits. The Guide was the one who manged to make the Wall realize the evil of the two spirits, and the Wall then imprisoned them. The Wall started to like the Guide, and threatened to kill those who would try to kill the Guide from the Underworld. The Guide did eventually tell this to the Player if they got far enough. And at that point, knowing the Guide would be immediately reborn, the Player proceeded to throw a Voodoo Doll of the Guide into lava just to bait the Wall. The Wall of Flesh released all the imprisoned forces after its defeat. The Wall of Flesh was never actually evil, it was a neutral force, imprisoning forces it thought too powerful, whether these forces were good or evil. Most of these forces were evil, but a few were good, like the Wizard. But the Wall had never imprisoned the Player, because the Wall tended to underestimate the power of some beings, like Skeletron, or the Eye and Brain of Cthulu , or the Eater of Worlds.(which doesn't actually eat worlds.)

    The Dryad
    The Dryad is another Terrarian. She focuses on protecting nature, and wishes for a pure world more than anything. However, duing Blood Moons, she seems to feel the other way, as she sells Corrupt/Crimson seeds at this time. However, she mostly likes to help the Player out by supplying them with Purification Powder, and telling them how much of the world is pure. She doesn't show herself until a mighty foe has been defeated, because she doesn't wish to show herself to one who would be unable to purify the world. Whether or not it was a good idea for her to trust the Player, like many other things, all depends on the Player's actions. Should the Player be the type who likes to shroud the land in the influence of the Spirits, she forever regrets her desicion in trusting the player, yet never mentions it to anyone.

    The Blood Moon
    The Blood Moon is one other way the Dark Spirit causes harm. The Blood Moon is another creation of his, as a way to cause chaos without directly using his power in the world, thus being able to continue wreaking havoc even if his influence has been stopped in that world. The Light Spirit also has a role to play in this event, being the one who is able to hide away the real moon to allow the Blood Moon to rise. The Blood Moon is able to allow even more monsters to exist at once, and even causes some innocent animals to temporarily become evil. Not only that, but it gives the undead the intelligence they need to open doors to terrorize those who reside in their houses. The reason the Blood Moon isn't always around is due to the fact that the Spirits like to go to a different world with it every once in a while.

    The Party Girl
    Now, you must be thinking, "WTH, a backstory for The Party Girl? Why her?!" Answer, for fun, of course! The Party Girl was not originally Terrarian! She came from... Another world, she came to spread *ahem* Laughter, and to make more magi-*ahem* friends. She came from Equ- *ahem* a place with lots of ponies? And her Confetti Gun is clearly her Party Cannon from where she came from, but more... Terrarianized. Why did the *ahem* 5 others of her number not come too? Not a clue!

    More to come later! I hope you liked reading this!
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    this is amazing
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    Thanks! Yes it was very popular in the other forums! I had to bring it over! And where it says "More to come later", this part's finished, I'm gonna do a full blown story later!
  4. I loved this the first time and I can't wait for the next part! PET BUNNIEZ
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    Yeah, I have the first chapter all planned out! But I won't be able to post it QUITE yet I've been too busy! Trying to move! Not enough time for putting up a whole chapter up onto a forum! In a few days I'll be completely free and I'll post it! I'm as excited as you are, believe me!
  6. Okay,I understand. (But I'm still waiting for FearDasZombie...)
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    Amazing job!!! The next part should be great as well, can't wait :)
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    Time to start Chapter 1!

    It was just one boring day after the next doing the same old thing... Checking all the Corrupted and Crimsoned sites to check for leakage. Nothing special. Nobody else to talk to while I did it. Who am I? My name is Andrew, and if I had anyone else to call me by a nickname, it'd be the Guide. Because I know everything! Anyway, I always checked the infections for leakage because I knew it would mean the Spirits had returned... As it is the infection can't spread through stone, so a big circle of stones around all the infected sites was sufficient to block any spread. It was exciting back in the day... Monsters everywhere... But then the Spirits came. Only the Dark spirit had managed to infect the land before the Wall of Flesh awoke and imprisoned mostly everything. Not much other than little bunnies and slimes showed up around now... But at least the nights are beautiful. Sure you've got the occasional zombie roamin' around then, but you can look up and watch the stars fall of the sky and then run to see where it landed. The night was always the best time... But it was day at the current moment. I decided just to go back to the center of the world just to lie down a bit. But when I did, I saw something. It was... A boy. Clad in yellow. Yellow clothes and hair. His skin was the same color as mine though... I started to go up to him...
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    I went up to the young boy and tried to wake him up. He woke up eventually... "Hey, kid, who are you? What's your name?" Andrew asked. "My name's Gold... I have no idea how I know that. But anyway, it seems kinda empty around here... Except for all these trees... Maybe I should... Build a shelter!" Gold said. He started swinging a shiny copper axe at a tree. Andrew's eyes went wide. "He has... Tools! He can build! Maybe he can spice things up around here..." Andrew said to himself. Gold looked up and smiled as each tree he cut burst into wood chunks that flew into him, and he started on building a small house. "I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly excited to find out what comes out at night, so I guess this will protect us..." Gold said. "Excellent work, Gold." Andrew said going in. "Ah! Furniture! And a door! But we'll need something to light up the inside with... If you see any slimes, the gel they leave behind is flammable." he said. Gold nodded and ran off to find some...
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    Very interesting! I would love to hear a story on the lore of Cthulhu. I always thought of it as a mysterious God who became "corrupted" etc, etc. But this is a very fascinating concept of each individual NPC and Player. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. ;D
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    Lore on Plantera?
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    More on that later!

    And also I decided to give a sneak peek on a planned future scene, it may or may not change slightly when I actually get to it, but here.
    "I see you like the Minishark there. That there's some of my finest workmanship there... You know, I've always tried to make a more powerful version, but I could never get it right, it always used too many bullets, and it kept breaking down, it needed some sort of... Essence. And it needed to be made on a better anvil or something, but since I could never find such things I never succeeded in creating... The Megashark." Tyrone explained. "Well I hope to figure that out sometime! Who knows what I may find in the future!" Gold said confidently.
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    I love this, it makes so much scence now! thanks... I guess
  14. Looks great! It's getting better and better. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks, sorry for not adding more in forever. I haven't had much inspiration for a while :/
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    Why does it say "with lots of ponies?" Does it have ponies or do u just not know and why haven't u added anything to it yet
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    I think the answer to that is on the Party Girl's wiki page actually
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    Some updates!

    So, first of all one thing I'd like to stress is the lore on the OP. I shall not be changing what's written on that, even if I change what's actually "true" about it. Why? For one, the lore is written by the knowledge of the Terrarians, mainly the Guide. And because there has to be plot twists!

    Also. I haven't really come up with what happens next in the story, but I've come up with a few more ideas for the future ofthe story!

    One thing. I plan on including the little wolf guy. Think of his addition as... An original NPC sort of character. He'd be a little more minor than Gold or the Guide, I just want to include him for three reasons: 1, for fun, 2, I've come up with some interesting story ideas involving him, 3, he's become kinda iconic with me, I gotta include him!
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    Gold went out, popping slimes with his sword, one after the oter. He was gathering loads of the gel(which felt rather nice in his hand). He managed to create many torches, and started building a little more. But as he did, he noticed a tiny pink slime. "Watch out Gold, that's a Pinky! A little tougher for people without good weaponry. Try and pin it against the wall and continuously strike!" Andrew told him. Gold nodded and did so, eventually the Pinky popped, and although most the slimes dropped tiny copper coins, this one dropped a big golden coin! "Wow, this must be worth a lot!" Gold said. As he continued to build, the two heard a soft, elderly voice speak. "Hello? I heard some money being made! Thought I'd come take a look..." said the man. Gold turned around. "Oh! Yeah, I found this golden coin! Pretty, isn't it?" he said, showing it to the man. "Very. But nothing compared to one of Platinum! But those are extremely rare. Only ever seen one in my life! Now, if you need, I have a few nice things I could trade for that coin, but for now I'll let you keep on building." the man said in reply. "Oh, and call me the Merchant!" he said.
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    Well this looks great! Cant wait for some more Lore! How about cursed Hammers/Axes/Excaliburs?