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  • 1.4 will bring many changes to the PC version. We strongly advise making plans to back up your worlds and players prior to updating your game. More details here.
  • Begin your search for Journey's End information here and here. Please report bugs and issues for Journey's End here.
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The Mysterious One

......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times! The official Terraria newsletter!

Table of Contents

PC News
by Mr. Mystery

......Hello once again, Terrarians! I'm Mr. Mystery, leader and head honcho here at The Terrarian Times. This Issue we're going to focus heavily on game speculation and update news, especially news surrounding 1.3 for the PC platform.

......PC - A tiny teaser
......Things had been quiet for awhile, nothing being posted since Crowno's "tiny teaser" which (shown below) revealed a picture which included several blurred sprites along with the "Ancient Aliens" meme suggesting that the blurred sprites belong to the long foretold Lunar event which includes what seem to be new alien mobs.

......It's been confirmed that the grayish smaller sprite is a character sprite for measurement reasons. There have not been, however, anymore spoilers or hints about these particular alien sprites except for a hint that Crowno teased about in the original post, saying:
And I didn't even mentioned the Bo... oh nothing, you guys will see that. And probably scream in despair.
......As for what this might mean, we can only speculate. Speculate and wait.
......Full thread here.

......(Before we move onto the next segment of news, I want you to check out this art made by community member Daimera based on the blurred sprites: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/a-tiny-1-3-teaser.149852/page-11#post-3033314)

......PC - An update on things...
......After the events of Crowno's teaser things had been quiet for about a month. Then, on June 30th, Cenx posted a short post giving us a quick update on recent affairs in the PC development world.
......Among these things were the news that the new Terraria forums website is well underway and Crowno and Skiphs are working hard on getting it ready. More info on this will be covered shortly.
......After this, Cenx stated that there will be a chance to have Steam Achievements, as Yoraiz0r started looking into Steamworks. Cenx said that if achievements were possible, they'd have to be put on hold until the end of the update in order to get the best quality out of them. She also included a disclaimer stating that it could possibly end up in disaster and not happen at all.
......She went on to say that most of the "tedious coding" for 1.3 was finished and all that was left was to finish programming "the boss", and setting values and drop rates. Cenx also says that Crowno had a "pretty awesome concept" for the new Lunar Boss that differentiates from the normal Moon invasion type event.
......Following this, Cenx dropped a big one on the community, saying that recently Skiphs had been working on something and then revealed a screen shot of Terraria running on Mac. This news has pleased many Macintosh players, and since then there has been news of a Linux port as well. Screenshot below.

......Since then Cenx has said that the Mac and Linux ports are essentially done. Loki ISP revealed that anyone who owns the PC version will also be able to download the Mac/Linux versions on Steam. Character and world files will be compatible across the three platforms. Gamers will be able to play multiplayer cross platform, as well. We await these ports eagerly!
......Full thread here.

......PC - Random Eye Candy
......Things were quiet again, for awhile, and then recently on August 21st Cenx posted another update. This spoiler thread included some of the smaller, more useful changes they've made in 1.3 so far.
......First, she goes on to show that Skiphs has made some changes to the dye system. These changes make the dyes that were previously unnoticeable more evident. You can view some of the changes to the dye system below.

......Next in the showcase, Cenx reveals a progress bar has been added to moon invasions. Below is a gif example for the Frost Moon.

......And last but not least, a new accessory was shown that allows players to make measurements for building. Take a look at the gif below demonstrating the Laser Ruler.

......After all this, Cenx went on to say that, for now, it is too early to put a release date on 1.3.
......You can view the full thread here.

...... Cenx also tweeted that she programmed her first changes in Terraria the other day! Awesome work, Cenx.

......All in all, 1.3 is looking like it's going to be a great update! 1.3 will be the last update worked on by Redigit himself, and the last update with any huge content additions. After 1.3, Yoraiz0r and Skiphs will be working with the rest of the team to continue updating Terraria and Redigit will move onto another project.
......This update will not include any content that resembles the Pumpkin/Frost Moon events. The team has decided to go in a different direction for the final boss in this update and you won't actually be fighting the moon. The developers have especially focused on not making this update a huge battle with RNG.
......Finally, we can only wait in excitement for this awesome looking update.
......I'd like to give a special shoutout to all the developers who have been working hard on this update, and a special "Thank You" to Solsund who left the Relogic team on August 11th for personal reasons. Good luck to Solsund in his future endeavors and to the rest of the Relogic team, keep up the great work!

Mr. Mystery

Other Platform News
......by Mr. Mystery

......This section we're going to be talking a bit about the happenings in a different realm of Terraria; console and mobile platforms. There have been many interesting progressions on these platforms, and today we'll be covering recent news in these areas.

......Console - Xbox & Playstation
......As most of you know, the 1.2 update was released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in April of this year and was followed up with a few patches to crush bugs and heighten the experience for players. Since then, it has been announced that Terraria will be coming to next gen consoles - the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.
......505Games announced that Terraria will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in late 2014 and come already packed with 1.2 content and extra functional features!
......Below you can view a demo of Terraria on PS4 that was played at E3 2014.

......Mobile - iOS & Android
......The update that mobile users have been expecting anxiously has finally arrived! This recent update adds tons of cool, items, enemies and bosses. 1.2 on iOS and Android has come at last — and it brings a multitude of features.
......This update includes:​
  • New biomes
  • New bosses
  • 20+ New enemies
  • 100+ New items
  • New NPCs
  • And much more!
......The new update includes new features such as combat targeting. Now you are able to touch and select an enemy and your aim will be directed to this target by default. And, last but not least, the developers have added Everplay support (iOS only, temporarily disabled) that allows you to record and share your gameplay via the Pause Menu.
......Have fun, mobile users! Remember, the iOS version requires iOS 1.6 or higher and is optimized for iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4, iPad 2 or better.
......If you wish to report a bug click here.
......If you have feedback you want to share with the devs click here.
......To view full list of features and changes click here.

Mr. Mystery

Community News
......by Mr. Mystery

......Welcome to the community news sections, readers. Here I'll feature various fan made content such as Terraria fan art, in-game creations, and suggestions for the game. I'll also talk about recent goings and news within the Terraria Online community

......The first thing that we'll be discussing will be the upcoming, brand-new Terraria forums. That's right, the developers have decided to migrate the official community to another website with better support and better security.
......The new Terraria forums will come with several brand new themes that you can choose from in order to please all your aesthetic needs. The forums will have several new features that make browsing and posting much easier and will also come with new "just-for-fun" features.
......The new forums are anticipated greatly, and will (hopefully) be up soon! If you want to discuss the new forums, or have a cool idea you want to suggest for the new website, check this thread out: here.

......Next up, the Terraria calendar. That's right, Terraria now has an official calendar for 2015 featuring beautiful digital paintings from community artist Suika Ibuki.

Calendar samples
......Buy the Terraria calendar here.
......View Suika's art thread here.

......Now, The Terraria Animated Series has been around for awhile (since Jun 27th), but I figure I'd cover it in case you might have missed it!
......Jazwares has teamed up with Element Animation in order to create a YouTube miniseries that provides a sneak peak at their new line of Terraria toys.
......Since Jun 27th, Element Animation has come out with two more episodes of the series, all of which you can view here. The first episode can be seen below.

Featured Artists
......by Mr. Mystery

......For this issue's featured artists, we two very talented pixel artists (or spriters), the first of which being community member Sir Cutswood.
......Sir Cutswood, community member since March 2014, has made many unique Terraria-styled sprites, varying from melee and ranged weapons to new monsters and creatures.
......A sample of his work can be seen below.
......You can view his full art thread here.

......Next up, we have the pixel-artist Balduran.
......Balduran, member since 2011, has been spriting since 2010. She has since then created many wonderful and unique sprites and pieces of pixel art. Samples below.

......You can view her TO thread here or, for more pixel art, you can check out her deviantART.

Featured Builders
......by Mr. Mystery

......In this section we're going to take a look at some of the marvelous creations that community members have made in-game, utilizing the game's many colored tiles and furniture to express their creative ability and make many unique builds.

......First up we have the community member Flor3nce2456.
......Flor3nce, as well as a pixel artist, is a great builder. He's worked on multiple large projects that he's kept us updated on via posts in his build's thread.
......Not only does Flor3nce have an eye for design, he is great at making technologically advanced looking builds as seen in his spaceship build (below).

......Check out all of Flor3nce's builds here.

......Our second and final builder today will be oSIVo. His many builds are exquisite and unique. View a sample below.

......You can view his full thread here to see the rest of his great builds.

Featured Suggestion
......by Mr. Mystery

......- The Cyber -
......If you're looking for an in depth suggestion, with great detail and beautiful art, then look no further; Zoomo's "the Cyber" is where it's at.

Honestly, I don't think that the crimson fits with the hallowed very well. It works really well in the game and is a great alt to corruption... But it just needs something a little bit more thematic to go with it. Many have suggested alts which are interesting ideas, but they don't really fit. So i say what better alternate to a living diseased monstrosity of a biome, than a steely biome which is clean, shiny, perfect... At all costs. It is a biome which would be filled with futuristic robots and steampunk droids alike. A biome which is devoid of all life, but not inherently dark and evil. One covered in fields of glowing lights, where huge robots have all but become part of the landscape. It is the Cyber.
......Zoomo's suggests an alternative which has tons of detail, along with many awesome sprites. He also presents more additions to the Crimson increase depth. Examples of what The Cyber might look like below.

......To view the whole suggestion, click here. More art below.

Terraria Math
......The Ankh Shield, and how (un)lucky you are
...................By Xman101

......The Ankh Shield. The most complex accessory (in terms of base accessories) as of yet. And I am going to show how lucky you are in achieving this milestone.
......Prepare for Maths.

......For those of you who are not familiar with this accessory, let me explain its background:

......The Ankh Shield is combination of the following accessories:
  • Obsidian Shield
o Cobalt Shield – Negates knockback
o Obsidian Skull – Negates Burning debuff​
  • Ankh Charm
o Armor Bracing
§ Armor Polish – Negates Broken Armor debuff
§ Vitamins – Negates Weak debuff​
o Blindfold – Negates Darkness debuff
o Countercurse Mantra
§ Megaphone – Negates Silence debuff
§ Nazar – Negates Cursed debuff​
o Medicated Bandage
§ Adhesive Bandage – Negates Bleeding debuff
§ Bezoar – Negates Poison debuff​
o The Plan
§ Fast Clock – Negates Slow debuff
§ Trifold Map – Negates Confused debuff​
......Now, for the Maths.

......For the purpose of this explanation, I will assume that you have 100% chance of obtaining the Obsidian Shield, as it has no instantaneous RNG element (other than finding the Cobalt Shield and Obsidian in the first place, but not relevant here).

......For this Maths breakdown, we will have a close look at the random chance for each drop in the Ankh Charm part of the Ankh Shield.
......Now, for each of the base accessories (ones that are dropped by enemies, not combined ones), they all have a 1% chance of dropping.

Question 1 – What are the chances of obtaining the Ankh Shield in 9 kills?
......To determine this, we need to combine the chances of all the accessories dropping in one kill. The formula for this is:
......If Chance 1 has x chance of being true, and Chance 2 has y chance of being true:
......Chance 1 AND Chance 2 True: x.y
......Now this works for any number of chances, so returning to the Ankh Shield accessories:
......All accessory chance true in one kill = 1% = 0.01 (Where all chances true and false = 1)
......Therefore, Chance of Ankh Shield in 1 kill per accessory = (0.01)9 = 0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01x0.01 = 1x10^(-18) = 1x10^(-16)%
…which is incredibly unlikely.

Question 2: What if I kill 100 enemies that drop each base accessory? Isn’t that 100%?
......To put it bluntly… no. It is definitely NOT 100%. Here is why:
......To calculate the chance of getting each accessory after 100 kills, we must multiple the chances of NOT obtaining an accessory in 100 kills, and then subtract the result from 1. Which is:
(1 – (0.99)^100)^9 = 1 – 0.000117943 = 0.999882056 (to 9 decimal places) = 99.9882056%
......…which is very close to, but not quite, 100%.

Question 3: How many enemies, on average, would I have to kill to get at least a 50% chance of obtaining all the accessories?
......This one is a toughie. Whereas before the number of enemies to kill was given to us (and therefore the power of which we multiply) and found the percentage, we need to work the other way round – use the percentage to find the power (and thus, the number of enemies to kill).
......Let ‘x/9’ equal our unknown integer of enemies killed for one accessory. We must calculate the chances of NOT getting the accessory BELOW 50%.
For nine accessories, the equation is: (0.99)x = 0.5^9

......Now, for some logarithm magic:
x = log0.99(0.5)^9
x = 9log0.99(0.5)
…but that’s a bit unsavoury for a calculator. Convert it to a form the calculator can use:
x = 9(ln0.5)/(ln0.99)
x = 9(68.9676)
x = 620.7081
......But we need an integer that is equal to greater than the result.
......Therefore, x = 621.

......So you need to kill at least 621 enemies to have good chances (more than 50%) of getting all the Ankh Charm accessories. Good luck.

......by Suika Ibuki

Closing Notes & Credits

......Thank you all for reading the seventeenth issue of The Terrarian Times. It was a pleasure putting all this together, and a pleasure presenting it to you.
......If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
......You can also PM me if you:
  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
  • Want to add a community quote
  • Want something advertised
  • Want to give me cookies
Credits for Articles:
Mr. Mystery
- Project Leader - Game News, Community News and Features
Xman101 - Math Analyzer - Writes the "Math Analysis" section.
Suika Ibuki - Comic Artist - Made the comic for this Issue!

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The Mysterious One

......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times is a community project to show off awesome fan-made creativity and to keep you up-to-date with Terrarian news!
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:

Table of Contents

Game News
.................by Mr. Mystery

.........Hello, fellow Terrarians. Today I invite you to enjoy reading up on the latest news pertaining to our favorite game: Terraria. In the 16th Issue of The Terrarian Times, in this section of the game news, we will see the latest updates on Terraria for the PC, Console, and Mobile platforms.
.........The latest for Terraria on the PC is that Redigit and the team are working on the 1.2.4 update, which will include the anxiously anticipated “Lunar Boss” and many other knicks-knacks and fun gadgets. Other than the Lunar Event, this update will include a brand new mechanic that many are excited for: fishing! That’s right, in the 1.2.4 update, you can fish in Terraria.

.........According to Redigit, developer of Terraria, fishing will used for a multitude of purposes, including creating new vanity sets, loot and random items, purely for-fun items, and new ingredients for alchemy potions. You can read Redigit’s original post here.
.........In slightly different news, Handyman Studios, developers of Edge of Space, have released an update to their game that includes new features such as multiplayer and exclusive Terraria easter eggs and items. Check out their new trailer here.
.........Things are pretty exciting in the console world as well. 505 Games and the engine devs have been working tirelessly to bring the 1.2 update content to Xboxes and PS3s (including Playstation Vitas!) everywhere. The console players have been eagerly awaiting the update, and recently the developers have released the official trailer for 1.2 on the console to sate the thirst of the many console-ers.

.........You can view the whole original post here.
.........That’s it for today’s game news section. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon!
.........Mr. Mystery

Community News
.............by Charmander27

The Laureate's Quill [4th Edition]

.........Hosted by Basso (formerly Garneac of The Terrarian Times staff), The Laureate's Quill is a Terrarian writing contest. It will be judged and there are currently up to $180 in prizes (and potentially more)!
.........Content must be new, so you'll need to submit something that wasn't on the forums prior to the contest's creation. The current categories are stories and poems, and you must include references to things in-game within your submission. The grading criteria are creativity, logic, mechanics, presentation, relevance to Terraria, and skill/quality. The contest runs from January 24th to March 15th 11:59 p.m. EST. For more information, visit the contest thread.
.........You can also contact Basso if you would like to contribute to the prize pool to further reward these great Terrarian artists of literature!

Featured Builder

.........This week's featured builder is TurtleYo. Sporting a sweet avatar of a panda-headdress-wearing, rainbow-faced dude is not the only awesome thing this guy can do; he's also an incredible builder! From pixel art to temples that are falling apart, Turtle's got fantastic art. Rhymes aside, Turtle has things ranging from his name in ninja form to my final evolution, pirate ships, fruit-bearing trees even Yoshi would like to eat from, celebrity faces, sleepy kitties and much more.
.........Check out his thread and leave a comment!

Featured Story

The Alternative by Basso

.........Created by Basso, and based loosely on an idea spawned in a dream of Mr. Mystery's, The Alternative combines various personae from the Terrarian community, including both famous members (such as Redigit, Cenx, W1K and Loki ISP) and other members that may or may not be as well-known.
.........In my opinion, the best part about the story is how it seamlessly includes famous quotes and references to the more-famous quotes, memes, and history of the Terraria Online forums with things such as "No, Because Kane," Daimeria's artwork, and Xeta Corp's faked death.
.........Check out Basso's awesome story and follow its progression on the thread found here. Who knows, maybe you'll even see yourself featured within the piece!

Real Analysis
...................By Bit Android

.........Welcome, yet again, to Real Analysis. Where we keep stuffing your brain with facts and stuff about real life equivalents of anything Terraria! Whether it’s items, game mechanics, events or NPCs, I always give you a logical explanation to match reality… and maybe something to think about before going to sleep. This time, I hope you were hungry, because today’s analysis will definitely stuff you until you are Well Fed. This time we will be talking about food!

.........First, a little disclaimer: I am aware of the existence of mushrooms and goldfish as being “eaten” by the player. However, I will be counting only those items that apply the Well Fed buff. Healing items are in a league of their own. Anyways, now that that’s out of the way, food items are the ones which, when consumed, give the player the Well Fed buff, granting a 5% increase on all stats— except magic, which oddly receives a 10% bump, and defense/critical strike chance, which receive a 2% increase. This makes it one of the most compact and helpful buffs in the game.

.........It also lasts for the longest time, from 10 to 15 minutes depending on which item is consumed. That’s a duration rivalled only by flasks.

.........Every food item is different, which is why each one will be analyzed separately. Please bear with me as this might take multiple issues. So, first, we shall begin with the one item that has with us since the very beginning: the bowl of soup.

.........Taking a bowl, a mushroom and a goldfish to a cooking pot makes this bowl of mushroom crème. This is the only item craftable with that station, and remains so since its debut in 1.0.6. This is known as the first item that granted the Well Fed buff, and did so for 10 minutes. It was the longest buff in the entire game (until 1.1 went live) and was only matched by the Clairvoyance buff. It became technically useless in 1.2.1, with the introduction of the pumpkin pie. It's still available for anyone wanting a retro-flavored bowl of soup. That’s all I can say, other than using goldfish is… kind of disgusting for soup.

.........Now, let’s talk real life. As you may know, soup has a lot of variants. So many, I would run out of space talking about them in this article. However, we will focus on one variant: the cream of mushroom soup. While not specifically for direct consumption, it’s still a very good base treat for casseroles and the like.

.........The way it’s created is simple: make a raw “roux,” then thin it out with milk or cream and finally add mushrooms or mushroom broth. That’s it. Enjoy. You can add other ingredients to the soup, like corn for example.

.........Campbell's is a company that makes this kind of soup. Of course, it’s condensed and canned to keep freshness. But there’s a tiny problem: no commercial soup (or even homemade soup, for that matter) includes a poor goldfish in it. Seriously. It’s also a bad idea, since they’re not that edible, either. Also look at them! They're so cute!

.........So no soup uses real goldfish, but what about fictitious ones? If you look at the goldfish item's tool tip, you can see it reads, “It’s smiling. Might be a good snack.” This is obviously a reference to the delicious Goldfish cheese crackers, whose motto is “The snack that smiles back.”

.........And to finish the connection, goldfish crackers are made by Pepperidge Farm, a division of the Campbell Soup Company. There you have it. Now the mystery about why the Bowl of Soup requires goldfish has been solved. Now let’s move on to what we care about: it’s nutritious facts. The Well Fed buff can be taken as the energy that food gives to you. So we need to find how many calories one bowl of mushroom crème soup with goldfish crackers has. For that, we need to get one serving of each product. After doing the research, I found that one serving of mushroom cream soup (248g) has 96 calories, while a serving of goldfish crackers (30g) has 140 calories. Add those up together and you get…

.........236 calories falls way off the 10-minute mark of extra energy, considering the average human needs about 2000 calories to exist every day. But, then again, Terraria’s mushroom soup uses a raw goldfish, and not goldfish-shaped cheese crackers. We just don’t know how many calories you would get from eating a goldfish. Because that’s not natural. So our next item might be a little bit more realistic: the cooked marshmallow.

.........This nifty item was introduced in 1.2 as an easier alternative for the bowl of soup, along with campfires. The merchant, if located in a snow biome, sells raw marshmallows, which you need to put on some wood (to make the marshmallow on a stick). Finally, just stand by a campfire with the impaled marshmallow just above the fire. It will cook eventually.

.........This is the equivalent to the bowl of soup. Excepting looks, of course. Other than that, it gives the same buff, for the same amount of time. If we talk real life, marshmallows are also popular within our society. The average marshmallow is made out of sugar, corn syrup, water and gelatin. All of that covered in corn starch. This makes them extremely sweet when eaten raw.

.........Certain marshmallows use eggs as a binder, while others use beef (?!). Fun fact: they were used as medicine back in Egyptian times as a cure for sore throats. In those times, however, these healing marshmallows came from the roots of a plant named Althaea Officinalis, otherwise known as “Marshmallow plant”.

.........Lots of recipes include marshmallows in them, such as s’mores, moon cakes and many more chocolate-like products. However, let’s talk about what we care about: the more than amazing cooked Marshmallow. As in Terraria, toasting a marshmallow over a campfire is pretty much the thing everyone does. Put the marshmallow on a stick or skewer and let it toast. There are two versions of the cooked marshmallow:

1. Toasting it carefully will give you a nice, caramel-like outside layer.
2. Igniting it will completely burn the outer layer.​

.........Both versions include a molten core which can be toasted again for more goodness.

.........Now, on to the nutritious facts. From the research I did, one regular sized marshmallow includes 23 calories. Now, the same marshmallow, toasted, has about 28.75 calories. That’s an extra 5.75 calories from toasting it alone. Doesn't look like that much of a difference, but this is actually fairly close to a 10 minute energy boost. It also looks like a carefully toasted one, since you know, it never ignites while you toast it. So, this is pretty much the most realistic food item in Terraria.

.........Well, I think I’m running out of space, but come back next issue to learn about the Halloween-themed pumpkin pie and one of the Christmas foods: the sugar cookie.

.........In the meantime, eat your soup and you may have marshmallows for dessert. Bit Android, out.


Where did I put it again?

by ibowser123

Random User Interview
.........by Blue Lit

.........Hello! And welcome to another Random User Interview! (I'm still Dark Fire Wolf the lovable Scotsman, there's just been a change of name.)
.........Today we have the one and only Mythril Guy! Let's begin!

The Interview
Blue Lit: So what—if anything—do you do in the community? Do you make videos? Draw? And if any of the above, are you able—and willing—to show some of your work?

Mythril Guy: Ok, so I basically search the forums for anything useful to reply to if I can, or if I feel I need to. I don't have a particular skill set, but I do make videos and put them on YouTube. They are not all about Terraria, but I will usually create spoiler reviews/news about the game and upcoming features/updates. (If needed, here's my Youtube account, and I plan on starting a play through, hopefully the next time an update comes out.)

BL: You are in a new world, with a new character, but you're only able to have three weapons: one for melee, one for ranged and one for magic. Which ones do you pick, and why?

MG: So if I was in a new world, I'd choose the strongest and best pick axe for melee (it deals melee damage). And since it's easier to get around, I'd choose a Phoenix Blaster for ranged, because why not a gun that was made from a phoenix and can blast? And lastly a Rainbow Gun because shooting rainbows into the sky is amazing!

BL: -Random Question- Look to your left. What do you see? That's now your weapon for battling off a real life pirate invasion, how fucked screwed over are you?

MG: I look to my left and see a cutlass from a fallen ally.

BL: 1.2.3 went live, adding a few new things, such as the Travelling Merchant. What's your favourite addition?

MG: Well, I haven't actually had time to enjoy the new update, but I'll be sure to do it soon.

BL: If you could add anything—and I mean anything!—what would it be? (Please, try and keep it clean...)

MG: I think I'd add a Shut Up button like Smosh's intro, for all the kids that complain about stuff being too hard in-game (like on servers, little kids bombarding the chat with complaints).

BL: Magic doesn't have these extra buffs—the way melee has flasks. Do you think magic should have access to this sort of gameplay?

MG: I don't think magic should have extra buffs as we (I'm a fellow mage) already have Magic Power potions and Clairvoyance (both are more than enough).

BL: -Random Question- Do you prefer wrist watches or pocket watches (Personally, I like wrist watches).

MG: I prefer wrist watches as you can tell time without wasting precious carbs having to take the watch out of your pocket, look at it and then put it back.

BL: Final question: do you think Terraria should have mini-games? E.g., like a mini Game Boy sort of thing.

MG: It would be cool to have a mini-game feature, but that should be DLC (pricing maybe around $1-2 depending on how much content/how many games are added) because if you put it in the game, I think people would complain about it being there and others would show the pros and cons and this would cause more ruckus than it should. So I say yes, but only in a DLC (not intended for extra revenue for Red and his team).


.........And that wraps it for this issue's Random User Interview. Next time it'll be... this user? Really? Do I have to...? *Walks off.*

Community Quotes

"Well, give Red some credit. He is definitely preemptively addressing the bugs in the next release."
—Midnight Tea (commenting on the 1.2.3 update)

"Well, when two apples love each other very much..."

"Ok, thanks for that journey into the land of bad grammar and spelling - let's get this topic back on rails now, shall we? :)"
—Loki ISP

"'Be intelligent'. I feel like the rules are asking too much of me."

"He is blasting this rave band called Con Bro Chill and keeps calling me Jaba the Hutt."
—Mr. Mystery

"Curse broke the site after that whole hacking fiasco and now nobody can see their own naughty bits anymore"


"I didn't feel like doing the dishes so I made a chocolate cake instead."

Closing Notes & Credits

......Thank you all for reading the sixteenth issue of The Terrarian Times. It was a pleasure putting all this together, and a pleasure presenting it to you.
......If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
......You can also PM me if you:
  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
  • Want to add a community quote
  • Want something advertised
  • Or you want to give me cookies
Credits for Icons:
Devilbro: Header
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Credits for Articles:
Garneac, thelastflame50
- Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bit Android - Real Analyzer - Writes the "Real Analysis" section
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spiky Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
ibowser123 - Comic Artist - Provide comics for each Issue.
Mr. Mystery - Project Manager, Game News - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

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The Terrarian Times team as depicted by Eldoro:
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The Mysterious One

......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times is a community project to show off awesome fan-made creativity and to keep you up-to-date with Terrarian news!
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:

Table of Contents

Community Quotes



"This whole thread just shows that clothes only bring problems in life. What ever happened to the days where we ran around naked, spearing zebras with pointy sticks and not caring who saw our junk?" - Minthany Huggs

"Leave this thread now, do not post here again." - Tunnel King

"I don't know what is going on here, but it is going to stop. " - Jeckel

"You will soon learn that we are the ghetto xenforo forums." - kirabook

Community Features and News
..............by Garneac

………There you are. Right: take my hand (not that tightly, damn it) and we’ll jump into this hole, see what’s been happening in this winter wonderland. Please help us.
Things have settled down a little since the Christmas update went live on December 19th. Enough time, I imagine, for almost everyone to discover the magnificence of beauties such as the Razorpine and the North Pole. (Also enough time, I hope, to pick up the pieces of our dignity after the Ice Queen and her gang slapped us around.) If you haven’t already, leave some feedback about the update, or let everyone know what goodies you've found here. Mr. Mystery, our project leader, abuses us.
Speaking of treats: did you attend the Terraria.dj winter festival event that went down December 24th? If not, no worries! You can still get all the songs for free, and continue to celebrate the rebirth of Terraria along with the holiday update. Thanks to everyone who made this happen, with special recognition to DJs Pacific Dane, Dazvolt and DJ Kinggo for providing the music. He can get very angry. When he's angry, he throws coffee mugs.
(We’ve been falling for a while now. There’s AyeAye12 on your left, current manager of the Creation Compendium, accepting submissions on his profile for the next collection. Busy guy. Silent hero. Feed him your accomplishments.)
………Way over there, by those snow covered pumpkin fields, are both the winners and finalists of the Halloween contest (sponsored by Relogic). When you’ve worked up your nerve, head on over to give the entries a closer look.
………As for those shining structures— well, that’s where the Developer Appreciation contest was held, a joint venture between TO and Terraria Reddit moderators. Quite the remarkable builds, hmm? Never hurts to express how you feel about the game’s progress, or about the devs in general. Coffee mugs hurt like hell. He must be stopped.
I think... I think that incredibly long lineup is for the raffle. More free stuff! Enter for a chance to win a copy of Terraria or its soundtrack (or both). What a remarkable display of—We can't go to the mods. The mods are in on it.
crap. Crap crap crap. See that massive mob? It's the Console-folk. Strange, though; they look peaceful. Might have something to do with the recent good news about how well the console port conversion is doing.
.........Veer left; a little more—there. That particular party's been going on for over a week: Lazure, once a volunteer sprite contributor, has returned as an official artist. On the other side of the frozen lake, where people are rolling up deathweed blunts, the celebration's about Solsund and Yoraiz0r's addition to the development team as coders.
.........There. We’ve arrived. Let’s have a proper look-see. Help us before it's too late.

Featured Artist

.........Sprite artists (spriters? Spritists?) need loving, too. So that’s why we’re going to turn our attention to EldaieAnsari and smother the bastard with all our affection in his thread.

.........He’s also heading up a spriting challenge, with accompanying threads for suggestions and voting. A great way to have other sprite artists test themselves against like-minded people.
.........Only problem is EldaieAnsari has abandoned this dimension. Again. Apparently, summoning him back to this plane of reality required a human sacrifice the first time around.
.........If I may make a suggestion: goat’s blood does wonders. Less risk of being arrested, too.

Featured Builders

.........“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
.........Yes, Mr. Shelley, despair is an apt description of what I feel when I look on these Baroque and Neo-Gothic marvels.
.........First up is manabi’s “attempt” at a side tower.

.........Creativity complemented by precise use of space (fair warning: I have an art certificate in Delightful Bull:red:ting). It took hours of planning and construction, and is a blend of wiring, inactive blocks and carefully chosen complementary pieces. For more of manabi’s work, check out his castle or his stalled—but no less impressive!—Castlevania endavour.
.........Next up in our survey of architectural porn is Aristocrat’s “try” at something based on the Milan Cathedral.

.........Try? Nope: there is only success here. The attention to detail makes my wisdom teeth ache; that, and I’ve yet to stop shaking my head just thinking about the dedication required to realize so impressive a design. Visit Aristocrat’s thread to read up on some of his stylistic choices as a fan of traditional architecture (if for no other reason than to admire his coining of “rococo chute”).
.........TO has always had a fantastic building community, and these creations are further testaments to the overall quality of its contributors.

Featured Story

.........It’s a relief finding a story on this site that’s actually complete. On that note, P.T.G’s He Who Was Once The Best is a short (and effective*) tale describing the rise to power and eventual fall of the hammer-throwing, shield-wielding paladin. P.T.G does a neat job moving through the perspectives of player and mob, although his dialogue and prose aren’t as refined as they could be; still, these drawbacks aren’t fatal, so if, like me, you’re starved for Terraria lore, why not sample this brief backstory?
.........*You might be boarding the feels-train after reading the story. Bring some tissues as a precaution.

Featured Suggestion

.........“What’s really important is knowing I can quickly get up to answer the phone or something without worrying I didn’t pause correctly and I will die to a flying fish.”
dgrin91, a concerned Terrarian

.........(Only slight hyperbole: once 1.2 went live, I used to have minor heart palpitations every time I saw the aquatic :red:s onscreen.)
.........Dgrin91 has a simple request: let there be an easier way to pause gameplay than having to save and exit all the time. Also, this dedicated pause menu should include the settings, making access to options such as music/sound, keybinds and resolution less of a hassle.
.........But before you wonderful keyboard warriors work yourselves into a frenzy, do remember to debate the position, and not the person.
.........Otherwise, futility. Futility everywhere.

Real Analysis
...................By Bittheandroid

.........Welcome back to Real Analysis! The section where we analyze about the 1000+ items in Terraria—biomes, NPC’s, events, you name it!—and their real life counterparts, and their part in history, fantasy, mythology and other games. I was in a lot of doubt for today’s analysis but, thanks to you, the audience in front of the monitor, and your brilliant suggestion, I decided we should get going with something shiny. An ore that you bounce on the walls if you find it, those bars that make your weapons look very expensive and the bricks that make your vanity go up by 300%. Brace yourselves, it’s gold!

.........First, let’s talk about gold in Terraria. Gold is a basic material, being available ever since world generation, but quite hard to get when you're unprepared. It mostly spawns in the cavern layer in somewhat medium clusters. Most players, after finding this, get very (and I mean very) happy, even though it kinda sucks in Terraria. (We’ll talk about that later.) Gold is used mostly for crafting the second strongest basic weaponry in the game. It can make picks, swords, bows, hammers, armor, axes and the great early game magic weapon, the Ruby Staff.

.........Gold, of course, does not last very long… (Again, we’ll talk about that later.) Still, you can use it to make an even wider array of accessories and decorative furniture, like candles, candelabras, watches, chandeliers and even thrones. To top it off, you can also make yourself a gold crown as a vanity item!

.........It was once useful in hardmode, but that was very long ago… It was used when making the Magical Harp and the Fairy Bell.

.........You can also use it for two interesting things: you can turn it into bricks and literally make your house very shiny; or you can go for alchemy and make the world-famous Spelunker potion.

.........Overall, Gold is quite the *beep* when you know exactly what to use it on. Now, real life is not that different! Gold, as you may know it, is a Group 11 metal with the atomic number 79.

.........Gold is world famous for being the most coveted precious metal in existence. If it has gold, chances are it will cost thousands of dollars. There are several gold mines all over the world, and the people who work there end up losing their beginning fortunes (and possibly even their sanity) if they don’t find that precious vein.

.........If you are curious (and I know you are because you’re reading my article), Johannesburg in South Africa has the largest deposit of gold ever found. Now I know what you're thinking: you want to go and steal every claim worked there for some time, produce some bars, then forge a sword and kill a squirrel. That is not going to happen, and not because plane tickets are expensive. As I said earlier, every metal in Group 11 is soft and malleable, and gold is not the exception. You can still have the bragging rights, but other than that, it's useless. Speaking of which, the Goblin Tinkerer actually says this: “YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?”
.........This is false, because iron is one of the toughest and hardest materials in the world. Gold isn’t even close to being as tough as iron. This is referenced in Minecraft, where many players consider gold weaker than iron (even tough it’s a tier above iron). At least gold armour would work pretty well on defending your organs, because it is tough, no matter what. Also, Terraria physics make no sense (that’s why this section exists in the first place).

.........Now it’s time to do some math! *Audience starts to leave* NO WAIT! I WILL TELL YOU THE PRICE OF GOLD IN TERRARIA! *Audience comes back* Good. As you may know, gold is measured in kilograms and so is its price. Right now, one kilogram of gold equals ~$62K. You think that’s a lot? Well, let’s talk Terraria. In-game sources indicate that each block is two feet tall. When you place a gold bar and measure it (note: every bar looks like two unless you use a hammer), the bar has these dimensions: one foot tall, two feet long and two feet wide. In meters, that would be 0.3m high, 0.6m wide and 0.6m long (note: these measurements are from the PC version. Sorry, console users. You will have to make-do). Multiply all that and you get:

.........However, we need mass, and the density of gold is 19,300kg/m³. Punch those numbers into your calculator and:

.........Now that we have that number, we can calculate price. One more multiplication should be enough!

.........And be wary that this price is from a single bar. Now imagine all the tools made from gold. You would be rich in so little time, it’s almost unfair. However, that’s not the case in Terraria. You see, each gold bar in Terraria, when sold to any NPC, costs 12 silver coins only. If you see each copper coin as one dollar, one Terrarian bar costs $120. If you see them as one cent, the price would be even worse. This also means that gold coins are worth more than the gold bar itself, when in real life it’s the complete opposite.

.........Also, gold is not the absolute best, considering that later ores like demonite, crimtane, meteor and even its replacement ore, platinum, are far more costly than gold. Sorry gold, but you will be used in potions, not to sell to the merchant.

.........Well, that marks the end of another Real Analysis! Come back next issue for another great comparison between the real world and this wondrous, magical land where everything wants to kill you (Australia)! As always, spit out your suggestion for the next Real Analysis! Bit the Android, out!

by ibowser123

Random User Interview

.........Heyo! It's me again! Dark Fire Wolf! And today, we have Canti!

Dark Fire Wolf: Right, I've got nothing better to do right now, so I'll just fire some questions at ya, what-do-ya-say-'bout-that? (Just think of a Scottish guy saying that rather fast.)

Canti: Fire away, Wolf! It’s an honor to be interviewed for TTT, and all I had to do was reply to your status post first. A little bit about myself, I am kind of an unknown here since I'm a newer member (though I frequented this site for months on end before joining). I am mostly a PS3 console Terraria player. I started playing it a few days after it was released on PS3 after trying the demo at random. I’d never heard of the game before and loved all the possibilities the game offered. I bought Terraria on sale for PC a while ago so I could check out other player's builds since you can't really share worlds easily on PS3, and to be able to play 1.2 sooner of course. Let’s get this show on the road.

DFW: From what you said earlier, you're a console player (PS3). What would you say is your favorite thing within the console version of Terraria?

Canti: If we are talking about a difference between the console and PC version, I would have to say the toggle option for auto-mining. This makes the mining experience so much easier and doesn’t cause carpal tunnel. Mining isn’t a pain in the PC version, but requires a lot more clicks. I also love the map, but the PC version has that too, now that 1.2 is here. If we are talking in general, it's the building hands down. Building is what makes Terraria great. Once you have collected everything and beat all the bosses, you could still spend hundreds if not thousands of hours building.

DFW: What is your favorite vanity set or piece and why? (Can be both vanity or armour in social slot.)

Canti: The tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants, and sunglasses hands down. Something about that mix makes me feel all sorts of snazzy. If I could just have a martini in game, I’d be James Bond.

DFW: What do you think about flasks? Have you used them?

Canti: I have used some of them and like them thus far. They’re a great addition, IMO, as I am usually a melee player. As for my favorite, I love the Flask of Party. I know that it just makes confetti appear, but I can’t stop using it. I like to think the enemies go “wtf” while I proceed to kill them.

DFW: What do you think about all the references in the game? Do you think there's too many of them? (e.g. the Hammush from The Legend of Maxx.)

Canti: The references rock! The more the merrier I say. Red put them into the game in honor of games, movies, shows, etc that he appreciates. I personally would love to see an Evil Dead reference in Terraria… Help us Deadites out Cenx!

DFW: If The Twins and Skeletron Prime had a battle with each other, who would win? (My bet's on Skeletron prime!)

Canti: I have to agree, Skeletron Prime would knock The Twins out. Prime has got four multi-faceted arms and violent dead rolls. How the hell do the Twins stand a chance?!?!

DFW: *Random Question of Issue* Zombies are outside your house. (This is real life we're talking about.) What's the closest item you would grab and use as a weapon? (I've got a Halloween prop myself; it would still work!!)

Canti: Definitely my Springfield 45 ACP. I’m pretty good with that one. If we are talking crowd control, nothing beats a shotgun. Unfortunately, I don’t have one yet.

DFW: Final question: do you try to collect sets of anything in Terraria, like banners or statues?

Canti: Statues and weapons are my thing. I had bad RNG luck early on with a number of worlds I generated when looking for my first Muramasa. I raided a ridiculous number of dungeons to farm dungeon brick on the console version. Got to love RNG!

.........Well, that seems to be it for today! Enjoy the rest of your day, the next person-- Wait, whats that? What do ya mean by-- *Runs off after Mysterious person*

Modding Interviews

......Hello. It is me, Bullseye55, with a major article.
......Please note that this is quite a long read. I will be starring W1K, Omnir, PoroCYon, Zoodletec, and Eikester. Yoraiz0r and Shockah were too busy to attend the interview scheduled for them, so wish them luck on whatever projects they may be doing. Enjoy the read everyone!

......The interviews with each of the major modders that could attend are below. Check your favorite modder, and read!

......Note that all interviews are unedited, except for Eikester's, who requested me to.

Bullseye55: W1K, what are your thoughts on 1.2's TAPI?
W1K: Given the circumstance, aka what I have seen so far about tAPI and the current state of its development, I can't say I'm not excited to finally see our sweet modding community back on track and with a so much advanced tool at our disposal
W1K: No lying tho, I'm rather conflicted between either take the road leading to learning Starbound's modding or get back on the track with tAPI. Most likely, I'll take the second one.
Bullseye55: Alright, so, W1K, what features do you like about 1.2's TAPI that separate it from TConfig in your view?
W1K: Sincerely, what I am really looking for is the good old hooks, as long as I can implement the same exact features tConfig did let me to, that's perfectly alright for me.
W1K: The full menu customization is a really sweet feature tho, and I could easily expect the whole thing is a lot better optimized compared to the old tConfig, or even Terraria itself.
Bullseye55: Good. :)
Bullseye55: Now.
Bullseye55: Onto the next topic of discussion. What are your plans for 1.2 modding?
W1K: Kill La Kill related mods
W1K: because totally valid reasons
W1K: joking aside, porting my old modpack is definitely the top priority
W1K: then I'll go by the same path I've always followed up
W1K: making contents, contents related to what I generally like
W1K: my contents as of now have been based upon Touhou, Metroid and so on
W1K: there obviously is a pattern regarding the contents I release

Bullseye55: Alright, do you have any major goals or smaller goals what you would like to discuss?
W1K: Nothing in particular, I have always worked on my own contents without much consideration of anyone else's likings or any specific goal
W1K: Of course, npcs coding and contents balancing are still two features of my mods I'm still rather proud of and will totally keep releasing contents according to those two major points
Bullseye55: About balance, do you plan to balance the Frost Moon and Life Leech mechanics?
W1K: I do not feel much comfortable with editing the official contents sincerely, mostly because it would take a good amount of time and manual balancing
W1K: still, sincerely, some mod rebalancing both frost moon and pumpkin moon to be both fun and soloable? That could be pretty sweet
W1K: Vampirism is the bane of the game's balance, I don't really plan to interfere with such feature, it also depends on what ways we'll be able to hook into the game's mechanics
W1K: it's kind of ironic knowing one of the first vampiric weapons ever made for Terraria was in my own mod
W1K: it was made to satisfy my own tastes tho
W1K: the problem with Vampire Knives is their "end-game" status
W1K: the problem with Spectre is the broken armor's logic itself
W1K: but this isn't the time to discuss about such topic I guess
Bullseye55: Alright, final thing.
Bullseye55: What can the common person who installs your mod expect when you mod 1.2 with TAPI?
W1K: I like to make contents referencing either directly or indirectly to other awesome games or non-games series
W1K: of course, hard work trying to keep every single content in line with the game's official balance is a must in my little workshop of modding
W1K: people say I'm good at coding AIs, I guess I'll just believe their words and say I can craft some rather sweet handly crafted custom NPCs and bosses
W1K: I also aim for the uniqueness rather than recycling old contents, change their names, stats and sprites
W1K: the last patches released for my modpack in the time of tConfig introduced attack pets and an accessory that turns you into a dragon, I'm not sure how you can expect something to be more unique
W1K: of course, that was 1.1, we now have mounts and minions, let's just consider that an example
W1K: in much simpler words, don't expect two swords to work in the same identical way

W1K: I also have some major mechanics changing features of course, that's me trying to tune the game the way I want
Bullseye55: Alright, what is the final thing you want to say before we conclude?
W1K: eat your vegetables
W1K: I don't think I really eat much vegetables but I have no idea what to say k
Bullseye55: Oh W1K. XD
Bullseye55: Well, that concludes the interview. See you later. :)
W1K: Gbaiyo

Bullseye55: What are your plans for 1.2 TAPI modding, as in, your own mods?
PoroCYon: I'm going to port my ICM and avalon to tAPI.
PoroCYon: But I have no other ideas, because I will mainly be programming tAPI and other things.
Bullseye55: Do you have any specific goals for 1.2 modding?
PoroCYon: Not really..
PoroCYon: I might as well make an SDK to make modding easier
PoroCYon: ('SDK' might be big, it's going to be a library, some tools an templates)
Bullseye55: As a TAPI developer, what are two features that distinguish it from TConfig for 1.1?
PoroCYon: There are no differences, feature-wise
PoroCYon: but the core is completely different
PoroCYon: (at the moment, that is)
Bullseye55: Also, this is a bit of an issue I've heard mumbled about the forums. Any hints you can make as to how coding will be different using TAPI from Tconfig?
PoroCYon: You'll need to use JSON, and you have to define all classes (and their constructors), unlike tConfig, where you only had to declare methods
Bullseye55: For the common person, explain what that means using a small sample of code.
PoroCYon: using System; namespace TAPI.someMod { public class ModItem { public ModItem(ModBase modBase, Item i) : base(modBase, i) { } public override bool CanUse(Player p, bool currentState) { return doStuff(); } } }

PoroCYon: you only needed to have the 'public override bool CanUse(...' part in tConfig, without the override keyword
Bullseye55: Now, onto another topic.
Bullseye55: Have, any plans or things you want to add to Avalon?
PoroCYon: Don't ask me, I'm not the creative thinker in the team :p
PoroCYon: I just... code
PoroCYon: I might as well program in multiple languages (then, ildasm -> ilasm)
PoroCYon: And make some code that might help programming other things
PoroCYon: It's a long time ago that we did something, so I forgot most of the things. (I'm bad at remembering things..)
PoroCYon: But, in the beginning, me and blah usually had an argument about how things should be coded
PoroCYon: and he didn't want to use some code I made, etc...
PoroCYon: It was pretty annoying
Bullseye55: What are your thoughts on some of the new additions to the Avalonmod team, such as me, Star and Moon, and the beta testers?
PoroCYon: You brought peace... kinda
PoroCYon: We also needed spriters, because most of the sprites were recolours
PoroCYon: And we also needed the betatesters, because I usually don't test every piece of code
PoroCYon: (eg, a simple Effect method)
Bullseye55: I still remember when I found that the team didn't include the Sporolash poisoning code. Your thoughts about that now?
PoroCYon: errare humanum est
PoroCYon: I didn't look at the item code, because there were too many items...
PoroCYon: I looked the most at the global code (ModWorld etc)
Bullseye55: Name three words how you interpreted Avalon before I joined the team, and a few months after I joined the team. :p
PoroCYon: pretty big - blah, y u no listen - bugs | quieter - more organized - still big
Bullseye55: Alright, anything you want to add about TAPI, your Cheat Menu, or Avalonmod before we end the interview?
PoroCYon: no, can't think of anything...
Bullseye55: Alright. Interview ended. :)

Bullseye55: What are some of your thoughts on how TAPI will affect how you mod 1.2 Terraria?
Eikester: Well, I think it will be easier from the beginning, especially the hooks. Tconfig had lots of changes over time that I think will not be there. Hooks will (at least thats what I know) remain the same from the beginning.
Bullseye55: Ah.
Bullseye55: Any plans for content in your mods for 1.2, using TAPI?
Eikester: First thing I want to do is port my furniture and decorations mod and expand it content-wise. Also want to add multiplayer support for the Pong/arcade Machine. Later, depending on my time, I want to port my other ports too like the League of Legends Modpack
Bullseye55: Ah. :)
Bullseye55: Hmm...
Bullseye55: Do you have any specific goals in mind for your 1.2 TAPI mods?
Eikester: Well, the only real goal is to make them even better and trying to finish some of my unfinished Mods.
Bullseye55: Ah. :)
Bullseye55: What are certain improvements you plan on making to your content mods?
Eikester: Like I mentioned before, I'd like to add multiplayer support for the Pong Game in the Decorations Mod. The radio and walkman was a bit unstable. It worked quite good, but I was never really happy with how it came out. The radio lacks many functions that I want to add in like Play/Pause Buttons, Playlist etc.
Bullseye55: What aspects of other major content mods do you like?
Eikester: I like how big WiK's and Omnir’s mods are and that they are of a high quality, as you can clearly see how much effort they put in their mods.
Bullseye55: Ah. :p
Bullseye55: What new or more advanced features can the common user expect from your modpacks?
Eikester: Well, I have not really thought about that yet. I never really think about it when I want to do something. Whenever I do something it is more spontaneously, if you know what I mean.
Bullseye55: Ah.
Bullseye55: Any last words you want to say before this fine interview ends, Eikester?
Eikester: I hope everyone enjoys what I will release in the next year and that the modding community (and the community in general) stays as nice as it is.
Eikester: I want to say thanks for the interview. :)

Bullseye55: Zoodle, do you have any plans for 1.2 modding and your modpacks?
Zoodletec: Yes I do, I plan on recruiting a team to work on the Necro mod rebuild and future updates. I'll be looking for some coding help and also possibly a few people for the giant task of balancing all the custom content.
Bullseye55: Anything else? :p
Zoodletec: I would like to focus the mod on giving the player two main paths to follow while playing, the path of good and the path of evil. I would like to also have two possible end games. Also I have been working tirelessly to re-make many of the sprites. Mostly because when I had created them my skill as a spriter wasn't close to the level I'm at now. I would also like to implement some new generation of areas. Areas like little dungeons and such.
Bullseye55: Do you plan on increasing relations and compatibility, in other words, shared progression somewhat, with other major content mods?
Zoodletec: I definitely would like to though it becomes very hard with other large content mods. I think that my goal will be to have the content balanced to Terraria's content first and then try to work around some of the more well known or played mods. I will be making a lot of small content packs to be released seperate from the Necro mod. These packs will be mods that players will be able to play easily with other mods and not break them. Packs like passive creatures, decoration, vanity items.
Zoodletec: ect...
Bullseye55: Do you have any goals for 1.2 TAPI modding and your content packs? If so, which one of your goals is the most significant to you?
Zoodletec: I guess my most significant goal would be to make the mod last. I would like to have the mod feel more like a DLC then a mod. Give it more direction and more choice for the player. I guess if another year rolls by and people are still playing it, everything will be very much worth the effort.
Bullseye55: What should the common person look most forward to when they think about your mod for 1.2?
Zoodletec: Bosses and lots of them. XD The Necro mod like Omnir's mod adds many new enemies of all kinds. I've tried to add a little bit of everything for all the types of players. But if you're like me and just love killin stuff. This mod’s for you.
Bullseye55: What are some other features the common player should look forward too?

Zoodletec: There will be new things to build, new monsters to kill, new bosses to slay, new drops to collect, new ores to dig, new trophies to mount, and lots of new armors to wear and collect.
Bullseye55: Anything you want to mention before we conclude this fine interview?
Zoodletec: I'd just like to mention the tAPI dev team and thank them. Thier endless work and devotion to Terraria and it's fans is nothing short of amazing. Without them, all the modding fun would be a thing of the past.
Bullseye55: Ah. Thanks Zoodle, for being in the interview. :)

Bullseye55: What are some of your plans for TAPI 1.2 modding?
Omnir: At this point, only really getting my modpack back up, and doing more metroid themed additions
Bullseye55: What do you plan, feature and content wise, for your modpacks, Omnir?
Omnir: Simple things, currently. I'm working on other stuff at the moment, so it'd be more like Space Jump, Metroids, new walls/tiles (most are done)
Omnir: And the Metroid bosses
Bullseye55: Ah. :)
Bullseye55: So, how do you think TAPI will impact how you mod Terraria?
Omnir: It sounds like it will be better than tConfig, mainly because the scope is understood from day 1
Omnir: I'm hoping it'll be easier and smoother... but I'm not sure how true that will be :p
Bullseye55: Any thoughts on other big content modpacks, such as W1K's modpacks, Avalonmod, etc?
Omnir: I hear a lot of good things about Avalon mod, but I honestly haven't played any others but a few mechanic additions, like the step up mod.
Omnir: So I can't comment on them :(
Bullseye55: Ah.
Bullseye55: How do you feel about the 1.2+ updates in general? Have they helped or not helped what you will mod in?
Omnir: They've been really awesome. They've added in a ton of things I wanted to -- or generally have. I'm hoping to donate some things to the future updates, but we'll see how it works.
Bullseye55: Ah. Like your new hairstyles that have been rumored going in sooner or later?
Omnir: Yes :)
Bullseye55: :)
Omnir: Let's hope for 1.3 >.>
Bullseye55: So, what can the common user expect from your main modpacks and your metroid modpacks, feature or content-wise?
Omnir: Definitely, I'll be rebalancing what I've already done. But more than that, I'm -hoping- to add in a metroid world type. If not, then Biomes seem to be the way -- or just the tiles as craftables
Omnir: More enemies, for sure, and enemies won't be as much of pinnatas as they are,now
Omnir: (in my mod, i mean)
Bullseye55: Do you have any custom, completely new AI, planned? If so, mind offering a bit of a spoilery hint? :p
Omnir: I do want to revamp my current boss AIto be more alive and less random. Basically, that means that I want them to stop, and "power up" for their bigger hits, but also for their dashing attacks to look/act better
Omnir: Outside of bosses, there's not too much. Hoppers, Metroid -suckling ai, and transformations
Bullseye55: Ah. :)
Bullseye55: Anything else you want to say before we conclude?
Omnir: I may have more stuff planned out as I get back to modding :) I'm currently keeping it simple as to not burn out XD
Bullseye55: Ah. :)

......I hope this has been a good read everyone. It took several hours to arrange the interviews and to get the correct information. Have a good rest of the day!

Closing Notes & Credits

......Thank you all for reading the fourteenth issue of The Terrarian Times. It was a pleasure putting all this together, and a pleasure presenting it to you.
......If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
......You can also PM me if you:
  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
  • Want to add a community quote
  • Want something advertised
  • Or you want to give me cookies
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Credits for Articles:
Garneac, thelastflame50
- Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Bittheandroid - Real Analyzer - Writes the "Real Analysis" section
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spiky Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123, GruntyMan - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery - Project Manager - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

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The Terrarian Times team as depicted by Eldoro:
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The Mysterious One

......Welcome fellow Terrarians to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times was founded by TheEimas in the early stages of Terraria. TheEimas, sadly, could not continue this project, but me and a few other helpful Terraria Online members did.
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:

Table of Contents

Halloween Update & More...
by D3athSt3nch

.....Hello all, I am D3athSt3nch and I welcome you to another issue of The Terrarian Times. In this article I will tell you all about a few upcoming features of the multiple versions of Terraria. Starting with Terraria for PC, then going on to Terraria for Console and Vita.


.....Terraria 1.2 is an update like no other, an update that has blown the minds of players over and over again. It has been nearly two full weeks since the update was released, and already details of another update are emerging. These details cover features and parts of a Halloween update, including a possible new weapon! These new details are amazing at just how many possibilities there are for Terraria’s future.

.....Cenx has commented on the IRC channel that on Twitter, Markus Alexej Persson (more commonly known as Notch, the creator of Minecraft) has given permission for a “creeper Halloween costume.” This is amazing for fans of both Minecraft and Terraria, and will be an interesting development for Terraria’s future.
.....This is not the only new development that has been shown that is about the Terraria Halloween update. What appears to be a potential weapon has been released, which appears to be known as the “Jack O’ Lantern Launcher.” The name is quite obvious as to what it shall do, which is launch Jack O’ Lantern’s. This is quite Halloween based and even has a quite interesting sprite design, which maintains a Halloween appeal and appearance.

.....Cenx has also released a screenshot of said Creeper costume and Halloween update related decorations:


Disclaimer: 505 Games will announce further details/info closer to launch.

.....505Games has commented, in a PM to a TTT staff member, that the console versions of Terraria shall be receiving the ‘First Wave’ of the Terraria 1.2 update. By this they mean that the first ‘chunk’ of 1.2 items, game mechanics and NPC’s (full list shall be released with the update) along with a code change from C#/XNA to C++ has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval. If all goes well 505Games will have a release date in the next week or two.

.....In addition to this 505Games has stated that the update shall be FREE, although they have stated that they cannot comment on future updates and ‘wave’s’ just yet and only know about this one.

.....505Games has also stated that “since the Vita version has been confirmed to have Cross-Play” it will have the same 1.2 content that the PS3 version receives, further stating that the “game versions will match due to having the same source code.”

.....Since the Vita version has been confirmed to have Cross-Play, it will have the same 1.2 content that the PS3 version gets in these updates when it is released. The game versions will match due to having the same source code.

.....Also, there has been a fun little cross-over of fun of two popular Xbox Live Arcade/PSN games: Terraria and Worms 3.
.....Worms 3 recently received an update that includes cool customization items from Terraria. Read more about it >here<.


.....That is all for Game News Coverage for this issue, I hope to see you all again next issue.
.....Thank you. ~D3athSt3nch.

Community News & Features
by Charmander27

.....Hello all, and welcome to The Community News and Features section of The Terrarian Times. In this section, tell you about the latest going-ons of Terraria Online, and show some very cool fanmade content!

.....First, let's take a look at what's been happening inside the community of Terraria Online with Charmander27:

.....So, with 1.2 out, most of us are playing the game, and while the forums are active with discussion about the new content, there is not much official news going on here on Terraria Online. There are a few things that I would like to highlight, however.
  • The staff is completing their process in selecting new moderators, as the moderator application deadline has now passed.
  • It has been hinted that the fuzzy spoiler image (below) given to us recently by her Excellency, ModMin Kirabook, that an update as to the new changes coming about Terraria Online will be released soon. Stay tuned for more information.


.....Now, back to me! Today we have many great pieces of digital art to show you all by some very talented artists.
.....First, check out some Terraria Boss Art by Scarecrow!

The Twins by Scarecrow

Skeletron Prime by Scarecrow

.....Next we have some more very nice boss art this time by the user MechaShockwave515! You can view his thread here.

Plantera by MechaShockwave

.....Our third artist goes by the name of uberfluber. He has created a very nice picture of the "Big Eater". You can view it in spoiler below, or visit his thread in this link!

.....The fourth artist we will be featuring this Issue will be some very nice and unique art by FallenSeaStar. While FallenSeaStar has created several pieces of art (all of which you can view here), here are two which I thought stood out the most:


.....Our fifth talented artist is lambo. lambo has made some very cool fanart of the Crimson Biome!

.....And last but not least, we have some more fanart from the amazing artist Daimera! Daimera has been featured before on Terraria Online, and now her amazing sword art is featured once again, this time with an update with the new 1.2 swords.

.....You can view her art thread here.

.....Well, that's it for the Community News & Features sections. Please, if you have any artwork or fanmade content that you feel should be featured, feel free to contact me (Mr. Mystery) or Charmander27.
.....Thanks, and see you soon!

Terraria: Real Analysis!

by Bittheandroid

......Is this thing on? Oh, hey! Welcome to Real Analysis! A brand new section for The Terrarian Times! This section will bring Terraria to the real world, analyzing stuff such as items, NPC’s, biomes, enemies and events as well as their real life counterparts and/or their part in history/fiction/other sandbox games/mythology. Since you are so hyped up because of 1.2, you will want me to explain everything exactly like it is now, but let’s face it. Just one month is not enough to explore everything (Actually, it is!). So, without further ado, let’s get started with the basic of the basic. The ore we all know and love, the bars that make the weakest armor and the bricks that decorate your house with orange sparkles. Yep, that’s right. It’s the well known Copper!

......So let’s get started with how copper works in-game. Copper is the most basic mineral you can find, being found very near the surface in large clusters. They were introduced in Pre-Release and have been there for us ever since. Sure, the sparkles were added in 1.0.5, but no one cares! (Actually, I do!). This ore is the one you clearly find first, and it’s used to make the weakest tools in the game: Swords, picks, bows, armor, hammers and axes.

......Being the weakest, every new character created starts off with copper tools. Most people prefer wooden swords over copper broadswords, and sometimes even SKIP a tier and go for iron first. While not necessarily the greatest, it sure serves a purpose in decorating and accessory making, being necessary to make things like chandeliers and watches.

......Even in hardmode copper has a purpose, since it’s necessary for the powerful flamethrower.

......Being so useless in the early game, players will prefer to turn it into bricks and brick walls. This will give your house a nice sparkle effect, just like silver and gold.

......So resuming: Copper sucks as everything until hardmode. In REAL LIFE, however, copper is one of the greatest minerals that ever exist, being located at spot 29 in the periodic table.

......Copper is very different in real life, because it’s pretty much used everywhere. It was first discovered by the Romans (though first USED in the year 9000BC) and named cyprium, later renamed to cuprum. It has been wildly used ever since as a building material,as a part of the chemical compounds necessary for life, and pigments for art. Now let’s stop right there. Pigments? Well, copper is mostly found in copper salts, not native, like the image above. These salts give different colors to other pigment minerals, like azurite and turquoise. Even when left out in the open, copper corrodes and forms verdigris around it. This gives even more cool things for our eyes, like the Statue of Liberty or certain copper roofs, like the one in the Minneapolis City Hall.

......So, we got a match. Copper in Terraria and real life is a building material, except in Terraria it sparkles more and does not corrode. However, before you go running to the nearest shop and steal buy a couple hundred bars to make a sword and kill some bunnies, it’s worth noting that copper (Like ALL the metals in Group 11) is soft and malleable, thus pretty much weak when used as part of a pickaxe or sword. But that makes it tough, being the PERFECT metal for a nice armor. There’s no clue in history about a copper armor, but in Terraria, it still used to be the weakest.

......Hang on right there… Copper is also used somewhere else! Where, do you ask? Well, it’s
used in WIRING!

......Of course, no one (except maybe one of the developers) knows exactly what’s in those Terrarian wires to begin with, but in real life, copper is the main ingredient for wires of any kind, including those on your electronic devices. Seriously! Grab some scissors and peel off the protecting layer of a wire you will never use again. There’s a 10 out of 10 chance that there will be a string of copper in there (WARNING! Not suitable for children or dummies who don’t disconnect the wire before trying this. Congrats. You’ve been slain by electricity.)

......Well, that concludes the very first Real Analysis! Come back next month for another comparison between Terraria and the real world. If you, the audience, have any suggestions for next month’s article, leave a suggestion anywhere! Bit the android, out.

Community Quotes


"i would Like to bye Admin please will giv 20 Platinem thank " -buit

"Dat body ain't gonna support her hair girl! 100hp and flaunting THOSE curls? Nuh uh!" -Wizard1994

"I already drink tea. Does that make me British?" -InvisibleClarity

"Nah it's all good... in truth, it's Loki's fault for being too nice to people. ;)" - PowerCosmic

"You know what TerrariaOnline makes me want to do? Become an alcoholic." - PowerCosmic

"The next big thing was when it started raining, and this fish stood his :red: up and strutted his :red: through my house." - Halo Diamond

"Plantera: How much damage [does the Lost Girl do]
Halo Diamond: I cant remember, I was near the start of the game all i remember was standing above her half dead blowing seeds at her"


......Today I want to give a shoutout to a little project with great amounts of generosity from user CSa! CSa and co. have put together a very generous service called TerrariaFreedom Hosting. Alexander "CSa" says he wanted to give back to the Terraria community by giving out 24/7 servers for absolutely free! TerrariaFreedom Hosting is sponsored by VortexServers, and is currently being run by donations. They have already given out over 100 free servers.
......Currently, CSa has run out of servers to give out! If you want a free server, and want to share this gift with the TO community please donate to CSa and TerrariaFreedom Hosting. Donating $5-15 once is better than paying $20 a month, right?

......As well as giving away free servers he has done a raffle giving away free servers, and is running one right now! Try your luck >here< There's one day left!

......So donate now! Give more free servers to the community and one for yourself! Follow the link below for more details:
......Or, donate here:

......Thanks CSa and VortexServers for giving back to the Terraria community. Keep up the good work!

Closing Notes & Credits

......Thank you all for reading the fourteenth issue of The Terrarian Times. It was a pleasure putting all this together, and a pleasure presenting it to you.
......If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
......You can also PM me if you:
  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
  • Want to add a community quote
  • Want something advertised
  • Or you want to give me cookies
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Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Bittheandroid - Real Analyzer - Writes the "Real Analysis" section
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spiky Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123, GruntyMan - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery - Project Manager - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

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The Mysterious One

......Welcome fellow Terrarians to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times was founded by TheEimas in the early stages of Terraria. TheEimas, sadly, could not continue this project, but me and a few other helpful Terraria Online members did.
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:

Table of Contents

PC, Mobile, and Other News

......Hello, all! Mr. Mystery here. D3athS3nch was not able to write the news covering 505's advancements for this issue, so I’ve taken over for a short time. I all hope you don’t mind (I’ll try my best!).
......It has been a very busy week for the developers and the Terraria community! There has been major news not only for the PC’s 1.2 update but also in the world of the other platforms as well.

......First, let’s take a look at what’s been happening with 505Games and their new features!

......As most of you may know, Terraria has been released on the iOS Platform on August 29th, and has since then been one of the top paid apps on the App Store as well as receiving the Editor’s Choice award.

Terraria on iPad

......You can view and purchase Terraria for iOS here: http://www.appstore.com/Terraria
......Terraria has also been released on another mobile platform: Android Devices! You can download it here, on Google Play.
......In other exciting news, a trailer has been released for Terraria for the PlayStation Vita!

......505Games told us that they are currently working on a multiplayer patch and release for the Windows Phone 8. They have finished a patch for iOS that fixes many bugs and also adds iOS7 support. This update will be coming out soon*. You can see the full list of patch notes for the iOS bug fixes here:
-Piggy bank and safe now work correctly
-NPC head's don't dissapear anymore when the player is in the crafting tab
-Fixed several crashes related to the player moving to the edge of world
-Fixed issue with sawmill items not being able to craft
-Fixed issue with speaking to the bound mechanic causing sometimes a crash
-Fixed issue with ammo count not being shown in the crafting tab
-Only the closest NPC will now show the chat bubble
-Tweaked the way magnifying glass behaves, now always stays on screen and moves to the side when necessary
-Added a text cursor to text boxes where needed
-When a player is spawning inside blocks, the player will now spawn on top instead of blowing up the house.
-The bound npc's now will always spawn correctly instead of being in tiles.
-Crystal hearts are now destroyable with a pickaxe as well
-More shadow orbs are being spawned when a world is created
-Fixed issue with crafting button sometimes appear half its size
-Fixed issue with sword speeds (ex: muramasa)
-Fixed issue where the background wasn't draw in the magnifying glass when trying to use it near the edge of the screen
-If a potion is being used, the game will automatically switch back to its previous item
-Multiple accessories are now being blocked from being worn
-Fixed issue with dragon skulls being invisible
-Fixed issue with oceans being empty on world generation
-Fixed issue with certain recipes not being unlocked
-Higher chance of spawning rotten chunks and a small chance for vile powder to be dropped the giant worm
-Fixed corruption of save files
-Timers can now be bought from the mechanic
-Demon Altar icon now shows up in the crafting menu if it is a required crafting station
-Fixed a crash related to the gravitation potion
-Optimized performance when using the magnifying glass
-Fixed bug with goggle crafting
-Selling coins is not possible anymore
-Fixed bug related to pet buff icon
......(*they will also release a patch for Android that fixes its bugs as well.)

......That's all for non-PC news,so let's move on to news about 1.2 with D3athSt3nch!

......There have been many great and wonderful changes occurring here at Terraria Online: competitions; further additions to 1.2; and opportunities for members to seek to do more for this community. Yet it's the update which has really grabbed the attention of almost every member, as these new additions by Redigit have re-invigorated the community, even moreso considering there is now a confirmed release date of October 1st for the update. Having said that, the spoilers have come to a near standstill in this final week of waiting, although one of these is of massive significance and serves as a wake-up call to anyone who did not fully recognize just how close the update is to being released.​

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spoiler Warning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

......The 1.2 trailer is a glorious one hundred and seventeen seconds, during which time new gameplay and so much more are featured.

......The trailer consists of twenty five short clips of gameplay. These clips show many new features to Terraria: bosses; enemies; items; accessories; armour; vanity; and countless items for building and decoration. (The new backgrounds are also put on display!) These are all marvellous additions to Terraria, and it is no wonder that people are so excited for the update to be released.
......There have been countless IRC quotes as well as a spoiler image of the very last thing included in 1.2. This final spoiler image shows off the Frost Hydra.

......This Hydra is spawned by the player to fight alongside. Quite a few things can be seen in this spoiler, including a new enemy being attacked by the Frost Hydra. Also featured are new snow biome background and the ice torch. Lastly, there is a new armour/vanity set being worn by the player in the image.
......It has also been announced that several well-known YouTubers have been given early-access by Redigit and Cenx in order to showcase 1.2 before release. You can view those videos here.

......That's it for the game news coverage for this Issue, we all hope to see you soon.
......Thank you,

......Mr. Mystery and D3athSt3nch

Community Features and News

by Charmander27

......With 1.2 quickly coming on October 1st, many changes are happening in the community to prepare for the long-awaited release. The Terraria Online staff has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming rush and flood of new threads about the update and has done some pretty incredible things.
......The first of these things is that there has been a new forum ordering, this helps keep the various sections of Terraria Online more organized and separate the threads according to their various platforms, such as PC, Console, and Mobile. There have also been a series of new tags across the sections that you may see in front of the thread titles that help users quickly identify and sort through different types of threads within the same section. To participate in the feedback discussion about the new forum ordering, click here.
......The second thing that our staff has done is create The Culture of Terraria Online. This is a creed of behavior that our moderators strive to uphold as well as the guidelines to the type of behavior that our members should strive to uphold to keep Terraria Online thriving, successful, and informative place for our members to get information about the game, socialize, and discuss various topics in a respectful manner that doesn't take away from us having fun while we're here.
......The final major update from our staff of moderators here is the staff itself. Some of the older, inactive moderators have stepped down from their positions, and with the rush that is likely to come after October 1st and 1.2 being available to the public, Terraria Online is hiring new moderators. If you would like to apply to become a moderator to help, better, and manage the community, click here to see if you qualify and for the proper steps on how to apply.

Featured Builder
......This week's featured builder is another amazing console builder. Using the PlayStation3 version of Terraria, member Shadowspan has created a space ship of epic proportion and quality. His S.S. Redigit II Space Ship is definitely the most astounding feat that I've yet to see built on the console versions of Terraria, and all without the help of third party building mods or programs like TEdit. Though it is still a work-in-progress, the spaceship features many pods that contain mini-biomes that are replications of the major areas in Terraria. This is all in addition to the ship's sleek and impressive design, equipped with fighter ships and rocket propelled thrusters.
......To check out Shadowspawn's official thread, click here.

Community Quotes

"Sexy as :red: steak." -Garneac.

"Drats. I overplayed my hand. Still, it's fine. I've got you here. And no one can hear you scream on the internet. :D" -Garneac


"This isn't marvel agents of shield
this is america's top model." -Mr. Mystery

"Mother of Redigit, it's beautiful." -Varler

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." -PowerCosmic

"I still don't have my harem." -Kelp

"Garneac is like the unicorn of Canada" -blumchen

"If I become moderator, I will promise free avatar changes for absolutely no reason at all." -QuackersDelta

Terraria PC Modding

by Bullseye55

......Why, hello modders and fellow Terrarians! With 1.2 arriving soon, I figured I'd give the veteran coders a little "present." I will not be featuring any mods this time; instead, a member who many veteran modders know and respect will be our guest. He's edited the tConfig wiki the most out of any member in the Terraria modding community, and still has the number one spot on the wiki's leaderboard. Our special guest today is Danjen (best known as Slairne on TO). The modding community owes him a lot, as he's the “ancestor” of today’s editors for the wiki!
......Here's my interview with Danjen on his modding experience and on being one of the major contributors to the community.
Bullseye55: How do you feel about still being the number one editor on tConfig's wiki, even though it's been a full year? Also, how do you feel about the Terraria Online community as of now?

Danjen: It feels great! The wiki is still a valuable resource for working with tConfig and modding in general, so to have made such a visible contribution is great. I did notice that after I left, very few changes had been made to the wiki, which is unfortunate because so few people contribute to it. As for the community, I don't really feel strongly for it one way or the other. During my time working with modders, it was largely within the tConfig thread, and I seldom looked at other parts of the forums. It's great to see to many talented modders keeping an active interest in the game.

Bullseye55: During your time coding a long time ago, what was your biggest accomplishment? If the wiki is your biggest, just say so. (Also, audience: Danjen coded in a much different time than you do. There weren't cheat menus back then, nor many coders in general.)

Danjen: My biggest accomplishment is probably all the active contribution to the wiki. I never really made a full mod of my own, and I think a lot of my effort went towards testing and documentation. It was cool to see what others made, of course.

Bullseye55: What caused you to leave Terraria for a time? Who do you think missed you while you were gone? What were your thoughts on me sending you a friend invite over Steam and then doing this interview a few months later?

Danjen: Probably work and school. With my time focused on elsewhere, it left little time for modding. That, combined with the 300+ hours I spent playing the game regularly, I was probably getting a little burnt out at that point. I never really interacted with anyone directly. I mean I would help out answering questions here and there, but I never really got to know a lot of people. It was quite surprising to learn that a lot of people looked up to me, especially to learn that I would be interviewed for one of the larger news articles about Terraria.

Bullseye55: If you came back after 1.2, hypothetically, would you be updating the TAPI/tConfig wiki as you used to do? What else would you be doing?

Danjen: Having had a lot more exposure to C# in general since then, I'd probably be more comfortable playing around with the game’s source, as opposed to using an API (though I might use tConfig as a base to start). If I did come back, yes, I would probably edit the wiki some more to re-familiarize myself with everything.

Bullseye55: This is the question that all the veteran members will want to know: Danjen, will you be coming back when 1.2 hits?

Danjen: I'll definitely give the game another shot. Who knows what might happen!
......Well, with that the interview is done. What are your thoughts, veteran modders? Did I appease you? Was this satisfactory? Did the last answer surprise you a bit? I’m curious to know, so put your comments below or on my profile.
......Happy 1.2 pre-modding and 1.2 modding! Enjoy!

......- Bullseye55
......The Terrarian Times Mod Specialist.

Terraria Fan-Fic Review
Teatime with Garneac

......Having already been through quite enough, he reacted as any reasonable person in an increasingly psychologically strenuous situation would have. He threw the axe with no regard to its landing place and ran screaming for cover.​

........—Chapter One of A Reluctant Terrarian

~ * ~​

........I grinned the first time I read that; during a second pass, I was in a more reflective mood but no less appreciative; the third read had me staring at the screen feeling all kinds of betrayed, because Spyder Z, author of this remarkable, on-going narrative, had with these two sentences almost casually summed up what a real life Terraria experience must feel like, whether I admitted it or no. I mean, sure, it’s just fantastic, isn’t it, thinking about all the amazing adventures you could have waking up in a weird land with a clean slate so far as your past is concerned; then again, lurking behind that bush over there is a slime whose seemingly harmless jumps feel “like a sonic force taking what little breath [you have] left.” To say nothing of the guide—here aptly nicknamed Guile—whose purpose in life is to deflect all questions aimed his way with the confidence of a politician in second term of office.*

........(*A prime example of the guide’s genius: “Your insistence on questioning every little thing only prolongs the inevitable, one stupid question at a time.")

........Before jumping into A Reluctant Terrarian—it’s quite a long drop before hitting bottom; over 64 000 words (89 pages in Microsoft Word) and counting—it would help if you’re a fan of the following: arbitrary capitalization; incessant italicization; fetishized ellipses; and goddamned onomatopoeia.*

........(*A slime hopping about: *Shlorp, Plop, fTchsh*
........A demon eye knocking on wood: *KThunk*
........Our hero starving: *GrrrrDggBlp*
........Our hero’s eloquent, heart-rending protest against his constant abuse: “Wreaaaaaaarrrrrgggg!!!”)

........Chancy stylistic choices aside, Spyder has never wavered from building the story around the game’s various gameplay mechanics (hammerspace; block placement; and health regeneration, to name a few) and founding it on a magic system. Convenient, perhaps; but the magic that dominates this story is old and unflinching. There are rules here which our protagonist* does not understand—and he must learn them, if he’s to have any chance of surviving for long. Or perhaps reclaim his memories. Or find out why he’s been stranded in a world as rewarding as it is relentless.

........(*Unnamed; excusing the rare mix-ups where it’s not always obvious which male pronoun is for who(m?), it works quite well.)

........Yes, there are a number of threads in play (present, past and future), all of which lead back to the relationship between hero and guide. Entertaining as these conversations might be, they do tend to follow a pattern: overwhelmed hero spazzes out and inscrutable guide remains inscrutable. Considering these episodes inform a good deal of the reader’s perspective on lore, and that these two characters are, for a time, the only people we encounter, the repetition is cause for some concern; however, with the story gearing up to include the upcoming 1.2 content, the stage has been set for some promising upheavals.

........A Reluctant Terrarian is detailed—painfully so, at times—with a carefully controlled group of performers who play their roles without deviation; yet the drama unfolding is no less engaging, hilarious or unsettling for all the slow pacing, in large thanks to Spyder’s commitment to capture as faithfully as possible his creation’s triumphs and frustrations—

........—and invisible tentacle violations.

~ * ~​

........If there's a writer in our community who you think deserves to have his/her story featured, let me know by leaving a post on my profile or by sending me a PM!

Terraria Comics!

by ibowser123

(click to view whole comic)
by Stackerzgame

Closing Notes & Credits

......Thank you all for reading the thirteenth issue of The Terrarian Times. It was a pleasure putting all this together, and a pleasure presenting it to you.
......Before we go, however, I would like to note a few things:
1.2 is very, very close. The Terrarian Times and its crew will most likely be taking a break after the update is released. This is to allow us (TTT members) to enjoy the update and learn as much about it as we can and, as well, allowing post-1.2 frenzy to settle down before we continue on our regular schedule.
......Thank you for you patience, and once again, thank you for reading!

......If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
......You can also PM me if you:
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Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
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The Mysterious One

Hello, Terrarians!

Welcome, once again, to another Issue of the Terrarian Times.

I'm Charmander27. Due to Mr. Mystery, our project manager having technical issues. I've put together this issue for everyone to enjoy, since we decided not to keep you all waiting any longer for the release of this issue.

The Terrarian Times (TTT for short), is Terraria Online's newsletter. The main goals of The Terrarian Times are to tell you the latest news in the game and the community. We'll show you the latest game development news, tell you what's happening in the community, and feature cool fan made creations!

This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas couldn't continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on May 30th, 2012. The current team is as follows:

Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery - Project Manager - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

Table of Contents

Terraria Update News

Spoiler Images and More

Over the past weeks, many spoilers have been presented to the Terrarian community. This has been wonderful for those that like to read and keep up with all the images and going on’s with the 1.2 update as it progresses. It is common knowledge that the update is coming, and coming fast indeed, yet many people neglect just how little the community has, in fact, been shown by Redigit and the rest of the wonderful Re-Logic team. Not only this, but thanks must also go out to all the Terrarian community members which have kept on top of the update spoilers and posted them for all those who were unable to see it when it was posted to view (Special thanks to Diablodoc who has been a prominent community member in his work to keep the rest of the community knowing what has been posted by the Re-Logic team). Thanks to the team at Re-Logic and the community members who have kept the rest of the community updated. There are many different spoilers for me to deconstruct in this article, but before the spoilers are deconstructed I would like to mention that this article is 100% not for those who do not wish to see or read about the spoilers which have been shown to the Terrarian community.

The images used for each section of the article, specific to it’s own section, can be found in a spoiler under each section before the break. This is to save space and help to prevent mass problems for people who do not wish to see spoilers as they skip over my article. Each image shall be in-text referenced to help prevent problems, with each section’s images starting at 1.1 and proceeding up in point 1’s. Important spoiler images shall not be put into a spoiler at the base of its section and will usually be displayed at the top of the section. An Extra section specified for Extra spoilers and screenshots of Terraria Online forum posts will not have a base spoiler and shall contain all the necessary spoilers as a data base for you to read and construct your own thought upon.

In this article I have also taken on a more feature article style of writing as this is infact a feature article. In addition the sections of the article have been organized by image quantity. Extra images are from Terraria Online or are images that I was unable to fit in without having my editor rage at me...

Most spoilers display a new item or a new piece equipment, yet there have also been spoilers which have gone against this and have been just to show us a new change to a previous item. One of these items is the Aqua Scepter, which has had an improvement that will change how players use it as well as change how players can fight with it.

The change is how the water beam created by the use of the Aqua Scepter now arcs in a smooth fashion (Image 1.1). This will enable players to use this weapon to fight off enemies in comfort by using the arc of the water to over or through blocks more effectively and damage the enemy while in safety.

However, this is not the only new change that can be seen. A new form of tree can be seen in this spoiler, this tree having a more spiky appearance and enabling a greater variety (Image 1.2).

Another thing that can be seen is the new background of the biomes, which shall be seen throughout the spoilers being discussed.

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:


The Aqua Scepter is not the only arching spell that has been spoiled for this issue. Another spell that has been spoiled is the Golden Shower (Name subject to change).

The Golden Shower is a spell which creates a path of golden liquid similar to that of the Aqua Scepter. Not only that but the Golden shower also has an arching effect like the Aqua Scepter (Image 1.1).

This Golden Shower spell is also a book spell, like that of the Crystal Storm. This is of course seen and known by the fact that the spell clearly lights up the player and shows the book as the spell is being used (Image 1.2).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:


Not only have spoilers been posted in the IRC client for Terraria, and the Terraria Online forums but, spoilers have also been seen in Redigit’s Twitter background. Redigit’s Twitter profile being Demilogic with his background being a picture of the Ice/Snow biome.

Some of this biome’s changes have been previously spoiled though so the new changes that can be seen are little. Yet this does not make the changes any less important, as even the smallest changes can drastically improve the quality of a game.

There are a few main things that can be seen as changes in this biome that have been reinforced or are new and not yet seen. Two of these are very important for improving the already great feel of Terraria.

One of these changes is the snow themed trees (Image 1.1) which will greatly improve the feel of the game while offering more variety to Terraria.

The other of the important changes is icicles (Image 1.2) being included into the snow biome. This will add uniqueness to the snow biome and help to give each biome a unique feel and atmosphere.

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Although Redigit’s Twitter background is not the only Twitter related spoiler to be released in time for this article. A new pvp game mode based spoiler has been released by Redigit.

This spoiler is based upon a new CTG object that has been added into Terraria. This object is of course a gem to suit the Capture The Gem gametype. While this gem is held by the player an icon appears above the player’s head (Image 1.1), although upon death, the gem is dropped by the player.

There is something else that can be seen within this spoiler. Torches hanging upon the cave’s walls (Image 1.2).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:


In addition to normal spoilers there has also been a leet achievement by the team at Re-Logic. This leet achievement is the 1337th item to be added into the game. This item is an amazing item from the looks of it and launches explosive bunnies!

This Image does not really show much more than the 1337th item yet it still shows more than enough to show just how leet this item and achievement for the Re-Logic team really is. The 1337th item is the Bunny Cannon, a dangerous tool that seems to launch bunnies which have dynamite strapped onto them! (Image 1.1)

This seems like both a silly idea on the character’s behalf, yet also an amazing one. Who doesn’t want to blow up your enemies with a cute bunny? (Explosives ignored)

Not only can you blow up your enemies using the cuteness (and dynamite) of the bunny, you can look cool with the giant bunny shaped cannon while you are doing it. (Image 1.2)

This is an amazing item, and props to the Re-Logic team for coming up with such an amazing idea.

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:


One interesting new thing that has been shown is also a new NPC that has been shown. This NPC is a pirate themed NPC, complete with it’s own parrot.

This spoiler mainly shows us the Pirate NPC, in this image named Jake (Image 1.1). Jake the pirate is not alone in this spoiler though, with quite a few other new things being seeable. The first of these things is the rain. This of course is not new yet still a great thing to finally get a look at.

Apart from this there is the building itself, constructed with new walls and tiles. The new walls run in a vertical fashion, with the tiles being constructed out of a similar or the same material (Image 1.2 & Image 1.3). In addition there are also new doors and furniture, which appear to also be constructed out of the same or a similar material (Image 1.4 & Image 1.5). There is also another tile that is visible, with a more rounded and bumpy look, again appearing to be a similar material (Image 1.5).

In addition, there is also a new armor/vanity that can be seen. This is quite interesting as it seems to be constructed out of a wooden and leafy material and can be assumed to be a new pre-hardmode armor or jungle armor (Image 1.6).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Image 1.6:


In addition to the rain visible in the Jake the Pirate spoiler, there is also a specific rain and Rainbow Gun spoiler. This spoiler also demonstrates other features of the update that occur during the rain.

The main part of this spoiler of course is the Rainbow Gun though, an interesting weapon which fires a arching rainbow (Image 1.1). The Rainbow Gun of course is not just a plain bland weapon either and has a rainbow design running across it from nozzle to stock (Image 1.2).

Yet the spoiler does not just showcase this one weapon, it also showcases creatures and how they interact to the rain. Goldfish have been seen to not only get out of water, yet also walk on land during rain (Image 1.5 & Gif 1.1)! Slimes pull out umbrellas too. (Image 1.3) Sadly, piranhas will not walk on land like the goldfish will. (Image 1.4).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Gif 1.1:


While these have so far been amazing spoilers, nothing has yet shown just how effective the already known paint system can be in the designing possibilities of the game. However, there is one spoiler which demonstrates just how effective it can be, one where a biome has been painted and changed to look like a snow biome. It of course is not a snow biome, but still looks just like one if it were ever to be made and added to the game.

This spoiler demonstrates quite a lot more than just some possibilities of the pain system. This spoiler also demonstrates the new night appearance as well as the new moon (Image 1.1). In addition to the moon, new ores can be seen in this spoiler, which have been used to help to create a space effect (Image 1.2 & Image 1.3)

As well as the new appearances and ores, there is a new item visible in the shadow of this spoiler (Image 1.4). This item appears to be a green object and is shaped like a gun or even that of a sideways Jackhammer. Additionally, there is also a new placeable that can be seen (Image 1.5). This has been assumed to be a sort of pulley system as just below this, there is a line of rope. This rope being connected by a chain link with a tile between the placeable and the chain (Image 1.6).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Image 1.6:

While the ability to create what appears to be new biomes is great and all, it is still important to look at the enhancements in actual biomes. One of these such biomes is the glowing mushroom biome, which has been drastically improved by the Re-Logic team. This biome has been previously spoiled in earlier spoilers to be an above ground biome as well as an underground biome with the 1.2 update. This biome has been spoiled to show more, new additions then last time.

This spoiler shows many great and wonderful additions, including a few in the hotbar of the player (Image 1.1). This hotbar shows 3 things that have been unseen so far. The first of these new items is the Piranha Gun in the first slot of the hotbar. This can, of course, be assumed to launch a Piranha projectile as its name suggests. The hotbar then goes on through already spoiled items as well as items which are already in Terraria. The seventh item is the next unseen item, this being a paint container shaped object with a pink top (Image 1.2). This can be assumed to be a paint bucket, likely for the already spoiled Paint Roller. The hotbar then goes on with two more pre-spoiled items before the final unseen item in the tenth slot of the hotbar, which appears to be a new ore (Image 1.3).

Of course the hotbar is not just a random thing and tends to require a player to occur. In this spoiler there are two players, both standing ontop of each other (Image 1.4). Players are not the only friendly thing you can see in this spoiler. A NPC can also be seen on the minimap at the top right of the screen (Image 1.5). This appears to be a mushroom themed NPC, which suits the spoiler it is shown in.

A mushroom themed NPC is not the only thing seeable in this spoiler. The player characters appear to have even built what appears to be gigantic furniture out of the mushroom, including a bookcase (not a real bookcase but still quite a good creation. Image 1.6). To the right of the main mushroom with the gigantic furniture, there is a smaller mushroom which appears to have a new actual furniture item, these being mushroom chairs (Image 1.7). They will definitely be a great thing for decorating all the mushroom creations that can be created with Terraria’s 1.2 update.

Yet what is a biome without it’s own unique enemies? From the looks of it, the mushroom biome has gained some unique enemies for the player to fight off. This enemy appears to be a mosquito-type enemy (Image 1.8)

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Image 1.6:

Image 1.7:

Image 1.8:

While new biome additions are all good, the possibilities for construction have not been shown as much as they could be.Luckily one of the spoilers that have been released in time for this article is one demonstrating a build created by a member of the Beta team.

This image has an eye catching centrepiece around the character, a painted wall arc (Image 1.1). However, this is not a glass wall, which can be told once a comparison is made between the painted glass and that of the glass wall in the spire of the tower (Image 1.2). Another thing that can be seen from the feature of this spoiler is that the wall tile has been painted with multiple colours (Image 1.3).

The centerpiece of this spoiler can also be compared to that of the glass around the player character. The player character being in a pink armor/vanity set, presumably dyed as the player is also wearing a pink Jungle Rose (Image 1.4). Around this glass wall surrounding the player there is also what appears to be a redesign of the Gold Brick Wall (Image 1.5). To the left and right of the player there are Tiki Torches. These torches have a new design different to that of the Tiki Torches already in Terraria. These torches can also be seen in other places in this spoiler (Image 1.6).

The walls themselves are not the only new things seen in this spoiler Image, there are also new tiles, specifically a new dark tile (Image 1.7). In addition to this, there are also chains seen on both sides of the tower, under the cannons (Image 1.8).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Image 1.6:

Image 1.7:

Image 1.8:


Another new biome change that has been seen is that of the Jungle biome. This biome showing off not only a new liquid to be added to Terraria but also that of other jungle additions.

This spoiler was created in order to show the brand new liquid being added into Terraria. This new liquid is a golden liquid, honey and can be found inside bee-hives (Image 1.1). These beehives are constructed out of a honey-comb like tile and wall (Image 1.2). Not only does this improve the hive like appearance but it also helps fit another new addition into the hive. This new addition is the bee like cocoon at the top of the hive (Image 1.3).

In addition to this new hive area, this spoiler also shows new flowers that can be located in the jungle (Image 1.4 & Image 1.5).In addition, new pot types for the jungle can be seen in this spoiler (Image 1.6 & Image 1.7).

One more thing that can be seen is the player and two summons (Image 1.8). The player is in a new green armor with two summons behind them. These are known to be summons due to a documented IRC discussion (Image 1.9).

Image 1.1:

Image 1.2:

Image 1.3:

Image 1.4:

Image 1.5:

Image 1.6:

Image 1.7:

Image 1.8:

Image 1.9:


In addition to all these spoilers, there have also been other things seen and released in time for this article

Community News

"Best of" Contests

Once again hosted by our very hard-working moderator kirabook, the "Best of" contests have officially begun once again for August. Be sure to check out all the entries and contestants and vote for your favorite! The winners of July's "Best of" can be found in the thread for August's entries. The categories are: Best Map; Best Mod; Best Sprites; Best Story; Best Tool; and Best Guide. Don't forget to upload screenshots of your picks to get your trophy points.


NPC Design Contest

Redigit, beloved creator of the amazing game Terraria, in all of his awesomeness, is holding a contest for an NPC design. The contest runs until Sunday, August 25, 2013. The winner gets his/her NPC brought to life and added to the 1.2 update! You can find the contest thread here, and the contest discussion thread here.

The areas of design you need to cover to submit an idea in contest are Appearance, Purpose, Acquisition, Dialogue and Names. Be sure not to break copyright infringement as well. For further information see the contest thread, once again found here. Be sure to get your entry in by Sunday so that you have a chance at getting your idea in the game!


Featured Artist & Featured Builder

An amazing builder and old-time member, Eldoro has returned to Terraria Online and has been plenty busy. Many of his older works are already included in PuLSe's The CraTeR vs. The Valley, but Eldoro once again dazzles with creations such as "The Swan" from Tenchi Muyo! War on Germinar and the titular estate from Howl's Moving Castle. Find pictures of both in the spoiler below. All of his works can be found at his Construction Company.

"The Swan" (Tenchi Muyo! War on Germinar)

"Howl´s Moving Castle"

But wait, not only is Eldoro an expert builder, he's also become a formidable spriter. His work can be found in his Sprite Company thread. Below are a few of his sprites that are my favorite.

Slime Mount:

Grumpy Draco Knight:


And More:


Featured Map

For our featured map of the week, I'm promoting one of the Terrarian Times's own members, Daleksax. His map, "Rising Atlantis," is a masterpiece of architecture and pixel art. "Rising Atlantis" has grown into a full role-playing world, complete with its own races, lore, deities and more. Daleksax has also done a few comic strips of a story based on his world, which can be found here.


Community Quotes

  • "People like you are the reason I have trust issues. ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)" -Mr. Bear
  • "I'm sorry I called you evil, twinkies. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just want to eat you all up. I've never really tasted you before, but you sound delicious. Just walk on into my mouth twinkie, so we can be together forever and ever and ever." -ibowser123
  • "I like riding propane tanks." -Mr. Mystery
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  • "My car prioritizes petting so high he stops to eat just to get petted." -Battle00333
  • "Yeah. So in reality, you're just a tiny leprechaun with tiny zombies and tiny plants. You think they're trying to steal your gold. That's why you're protecting your house." -thelastflame50
  • "I'll go get my "Blame D3athSt3nch" tshirt." -Mr. Mystery
  • "And his name's Ben Affleck, and because of that, I keep thinking of the Aflac duck wearing a batman costume." -ibowser123
  • "Now I can brag to my other... one.. steam friend ._." -bmrjw2
  • "Well, its better then "LOL WORLD LOL TREES LOL GUIDE LOL KILL :red: LOL TERRARIA HIJACK"" -Quackersdelta
  • "Keep your crabs in your pants and we'll see you round like a rissole!" -rubezilla
  • "Because they are boilers...and the best way to cleanse spoilered water is to boil it." -Loki ISP

Terraria Modding!

Classikly's Modpacks!

Welcome! My name is Bullseye55, and this is my fifth issue for The Terrarian Times' modding section. I’m inviting Classikly to attend the room today. He's known around the forums, if not necessarily for modding—although he does have a few of those, even if they are not as well-known as we would like them to be.

Anyway, onto the interview!

Bullseye55: What's your biggest accomplishment in modding?

Classikly: I think Pickaxe+ is pretty much my only 'accomplishment.' I can't say I'm too proud of it, but it's basically the only thing I've done that I feel actually contributed to the modding community in a good way.

Bullseye55: Do you plan on updating your mods for Terraria’s 1.2 update? Explain to the readers your thoughts on 1.2 as well.

Classikly: That relies purely on exactly what 1.2 will bring to the table. Sadly, I foresee that a lot of the content in the update will make a big portion of my mod irrelevant. So we'll see. I'm not too sure on how I feel about the update. From what I've heard it'll probably improve on a lot of the aspects of Terraria. But I'm scared for how it'll affect tConfig and its mods. It'll take a while for mods to recover and actually be in the spotlight again.

Bullseye55: What do you prefer doing in tConfig modding? What do you not like doing in tConfig modding? Explain why to the readers.

Classikly: Spriting is definitely the fun part about modding. Because I had no knowledge of pixel art in the beginning, it was a fun journey learning as I went along. .INI editing was one of the most tedious and irritating things I had to do while modding because of the size of my mod. Editing through hundreds of files is never a fun task.

Bullseye55: What is your advice on getting such a big mod together by yourself, without a team helping you?

Classikly: Make sure it's something you really want to do. This way you'll make a lot of progress just by burning off motivation. Or divide up the mod into smaller sections and finish them up one by one. In the end though, nothing's stopping you from gathering a team to help you. I just prefer working independently.

Bullseye55: What is your advice to future, current and veteran tConfig modders of the Terraria Online community?

Classikly: Work hard, and work persistently. Remember that no one's forcing you to do anything, so just go at it. If things don't work out the way you want them to, do not be afraid to ask for help. There will always be people waiting to help you.

Now that that's cubed away, let's get onto the mods! (Get the joke? :p)

Classikly’s main mod. A large amount of filler content and blocks. Definitely worth a try if you like building or getting more gear.​

Well, that's all for this issue. Hope you had a good time reading Modding Reviews!

Daleksax Column

Disclaimer: I am not that well-rounded in legal knowledge so please be understanding if I misinterpret any law, regulation, or terms within this column.

Terraria has grown in many ways since its launch and right up through its various updates—although it might not have been able to do so without the help and contributions of fans' ideas. As far as I can recall, Redigit (lead developer of Terraria) has never stated any specific idea/concept that he has adopted from any member here at Terraria Online. There have been cases where this lack of acknowledgement has aggravated members believing their ideas had been implemented without credit given. The question comes down to the investigation of legal ethics.

A prime example would be phubans'Suggestions from a fellow indie dev” posted June 8, 2011. This set of suggestions was posted long before the large 1.1 update. In it are mentioned eight or more ideas which later appeared in the update: chainsaws; drills; adamantite; mythril; barrels; gravestones; and the diving helmet. There is no confirmation that Redigit adopted the concepts from the mentioned thread, but with over 150 likes on the thread, I would not be surprised if he looked through it.

Without any confirmation it's easy for the creators of these concepts to feel robbed, having their ideas taken and used without a nod in their direction. Phuban's reaction is quite blatant in what he implied:

I'm going to refrain from updating this thread with new ideas for a few different reasons. Mainly, I'm just too busy to design new ideas. Secondly, I feel like the devs ended up using a lot of these ideas but never bothered to acknowledge that they got them from this thread, so I feel a little burned by that. A simple "thanks" would be nice; just something to let me know that my input was useful... Instead of feeling like my design input was just taken for granted :-/
The first myth of sorts that I must dispel is that Redigit is partaking in copyright infringement by not asking permission for the use of a member’s concept. Anyone who believes in what I previously said obviously does not understand what a copyright truly is. Copyright protects original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression. These specifically include things like literary works, musical scores, pictures (both static and motion picture) and dramatic works. It does NOT protect ideas, processes, concepts or discoveries, and this is where people often get copyright wrong. Copyright covers the text of your design document, but it does not cover the ideas the design document outlines.

The exact source in which you can find what does not qualify as copyright is quoted from section 102 of the US Copyright Act:

In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to

any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or

discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or

embodied in such work.
In no possible way does using ideas from members of the Terraria community break any copyright laws. The only possible—though impractical—way for community members to protect an idea from being implemented into the game without permission is by placing a patent on their ideas. Where copyright protected tangible expressions, patent protects the ideas themselves. Where copyright provides a long term but relatively weak protection, patent provides very strong protection for the short term. Where copyright occurs automatically and is very cheap to register, patents must be applied for and are typically expensive. Patents grant a right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, exporting or importing components to be assembled into an infringing device, or inducing others to infringe on the patented invention. Typically this protection lasts for 20 years from date of filing. As you can tell, patents are commercially oriented. They're designed to ensure that only the patent holder gets to profit from his/her invention for that period.

When you think about it, it's easy to assume why Redigit chooses not to ask for the approval of those members' ideas he's taken. He is not required by law to receive permission to access suggestions made by others. If not required, it would make sense on his end not to ask the poster of the suggestion if he may use it, for even if the owner of the idea denies its implementation, Redigit may still adapt the idea with no consequences.

So, if there is nothing legally wrong about taking the ideas of community members, then why doesn't the developer of our beloved game make any public announcement of whose ideas have been taken or at least address the idea's parent directly? One can never be too sure on the mind of another, so I would leave that open to discussion, though one has to realize that announcing to the public that you are using somebody's idea can create more drama than desired when analyzed...


Random User Interview
Featuring SurprisingBox!

Hello! It’s that Scottish Terrarian again, Dark Fire Wolf! Today’s lucky random user surprised me by coming out of a box: SurprisingBox!

Let's begin!

Dark Fire Wolf: What is your favourite class type in Terraria (i.e., melee, ranged, magic or even some other type never heard of before)?

SurprisingBox: Well, my favourite class in Terraria is magic; I really like the difference of it compared with other games.

Dark Fire Wolf: Out of all the moderators/admins you've seen on the forums, which would you say is your most favourite; and if you choose one, why would the reason be?

SurprisingBox: My favourite mods are kirabook and Loki ISP; I've had really nice conversations with them on plug.dj.

Dark Fire Wolf: Red came to you and gave you the chance to add something to Terraria! What would you add?

SurprisingBox: Probably a raccoon. Don't ask me why.

Dark Fire Wolf: -Random question of this issue!- You found a time machine in your back garden (or somewhere on your land...) but it has only one use! Where in time would you go?

SurprisingBox: Probably to when I win the jackpot.

Dark Fire Wolf: We’ve seen a screenshot of the (possible) change to Terraria's customization section (for those who don’t know what that means, it’s the section where you make your character). What do you think about this change? Do you think it’s a great idea or would you rather stick to the old/current style?

SurprisingBox: It's definitely a good change in Terraria because now you can get your colours more specific. With the old one you had to search so I think it's a good change to the colouring in customization.

Dark Fire Wolf: What do you think about the references in Terraria? Should some of them be changed?

SurprisingBox: I really like that there are more references in Terraria. Especially The Legend of Maxx, because it is set within Terraria.

Dark Fire Wolf: Have you played the console version? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? (I really don’t like how 505Games' ‘worked’ on it...)

SurprisingBox: No, I haven't.

Dark Fire Wolf: And the final question: what's your favorite plant in the game?

SurprisingBox: Fireblossom.

Well, that seems to be it for this issue. I hope you enjoyed it. Keep on gaming! Next issue’s interview is going to be... *Power cuts out.*

Comic Strips

Closing Comments

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this Issue. I know I enjoyed making it.​

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me or Mr. Mystery.​

You can also PM Mr. Mystery if you:​

  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
  • Want to add a community quote
  • Want something advertised
  • Or you want to give me cookies

Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!​

~Mr. Mystery & the rest of The Terrarian Times team.


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The Mysterious One

Hello, Terrarians!
I'm Mr. Mystery, project manager of Terraria Online's newsletter, The Terrarian Times (TTT for short). The main goals of The Terrarian Times are to tell you the latest news in the game and the community. We'll show you the latest game development news, tell you what's happening in the community, and feature cool fan made creations!

This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas couldn't continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on May 30th, 2012. After Redigit left development, the paper took a short break. But now that he’s back and working hard on the 1.2 update, The Terrarian Times will be up and running again with a brand new team:

Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery- Project Manager - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

Table of Contents

Terraria 1.2
Interview With Redigit
Terraria was released in 2011 on March 16th and it has come a long way since. On it's first day on Steam it sold 50,000 copies. Now it's sold over two million copies and that number is growing each day.
We're all excited for Terraria 1.2 and Andrew (Redigit) Spinks has graciously allowed to participate in it's creation. I (Mr. Mystery) interviewed Redigit asking him about the 1.2 update, Terraria, and Terraria's future. I found out some really interesting things and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Mr. Mystery: Well, to start off I'd just like to say thank you for making one of the most entertaining games I have ever played.
Terraria has been a great experience and I cannot wait for 1.2 :)

Demilogic: Thanks! We have been working really hard to make sure this update is as good as it can be. I want it to feel like a brand new game.

Mr. Mystery: That's great! I think everyone in the Terraria community is very excited to see your efforts. I think we've all been curious though, when you first started working on Terraria, or formulating the idea in your head, what did you expect to be the end result? Did you expect it to be as popular as it is today? Many consider it one of the “building blocks” of the indie genre along with big titles like Minecraft.

Demilogic: Terraria is the game that I always wanted to come out for Super Nintendo as a kid. It's pretty much the sum of everything I think that makes a game fun to play. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from all of my favorite games.
I had no idea that the game would become as big as it did. I was really just wanting to make a fun game that I could play myself.

Mr. Mystery: And you did - but you were joined by thousands of other people as well. Thats an achievement!
Now, many have been wondering about the latest update to Terraria. You've taken a short break, but now that you're back what can we expect from 1.2? A certain play-tester (Loki ISP) said that it re-imagines Terraria itself. What are your thoughts on the 1.2 update?

Demilogic: Ah man, I don't really even know where to start. 1.2 takes what made Terraria so fun and escalates it to a new level. From start to finish you will definitely see all the changes. Thus far we have already double the amount of items and monsters and we are still a bit away from finishing. This update not only focuses on new items and progression but we have also spent a lot of time focusing on core mechanics, building features, and new events. My end goal of this update is to blow your mind and keep you coming back for more. As Loki says this is the rebirth of Terraria.

Mr. Mystery: Fantastic! I think we all are excited to what 1.2 brings to Terraria. It sounds great so far, and I for one, cannot wait!
Now, things have changed since the beginning of Terraria. Tiyuri (spriter for Terraria) has moved on and is working on his new indie game - Starbound. You've hired several new spriters to help with the 1.2 update. How has this effected game development?

Demilogic: The new guys are better than I could have ever hoped for. It is incredible to see the amount of work they are each able to output per day and the quality is amazing. I am a lot happier with the team at its current state and see great things for Terraria in the future.
We just recently added a new member to the team as well! We hired Crowno from the community who is probably best known for his winning Jungle t-shirt design in our last contest!

Mr. Mystery: Ah, yes, Crowno! His work is indeed amazing. I can't wait to see the new sprites and graphics that these wonderful artists have cooked up for us.
Okay, more questions! What do you think of 505 Games and their ports to the many different platforms? Do you enjoy playing Terraria on, lets say, the console or mobile?

Demilogic: I think it is great! Even though I am a PC gamer by nature it is great to be able to play games like Terraria with friends on the couch. When Terraria first launched on console we had a great time hanging out and playing it, watching my sister try and figure it out was hilarious. I am very happy that they were able to bring it to Console as it would not have happened without them. I wish I had more time to play it on mobile but I can say that from what I have seen thus far I think people will be pleased with the results. It took me about 15 to 20 minutes to get a feel for it on iOS but after that it started to feel very natural and the game play was very pleasant.

Mr. Mystery: I think it's great that the Terraria experience is being shared with many different people. It's great that people can take Terraria wherever they go: from their computers, to their TVs, and to their phones.
Now, many of us are wonder: What about Terraria's future? Will there be any more content filled updates such as 1.2 after this? Have you considered hiring a small team of coders and spriters who will release patches to fix bugs in the future (much like Starbound’s dev team)?

Demilogic: Following 1.2 I am wanting to do more frequent smaller updates until I am ready to move forward to my next project (Yes, Terraria 2). At that time I would definitely be open to the idea of hiring a small team to keep Terraria alive and kicking until T2 is ready.

Mr. Mystery: Great news! I know a lot of us were curious about that. Now, to my next query: Terraria 2. You have stated that there would be a sequel to Terraria in the past, and even though it's early in the works, what are your thoughts about it? What would this project entail?

Demilogic: Due to the current condition of Terraria there are a lot of things I cannot do that I will be bringing to Terraria 2. You can expect bigger and more diverse worlds, deeper rpg elements such as leveling, classes, skill trees, and a world full of life that is constantly changing based on your decisions. The world will change with or without you, but you will be the deciding factor. I have learned a lot from Terraria and I feel capable of doing something bigger and more ambitious.

Mr. Mystery: Sounds... Amazing! Legendary! This is another thing I can add to my waiting list of games. I know we're all excited for any future games our favorite developer makes.

Mr. Mystery: What inspires you to make games? What inspirations do you have outside of gaming?

Demilogic: I've always been an avid gamer and found a lot of enjoyement from video games. Some of my earliest childhood memories include hanging out playing atari. I decided at a young age that I wanted to make games and that gave me the drive to teach myself to program and have a high interest in computers/developement.
There is an outside of gaming? Well, I am able to take inspiration from everything. The decision to make an Ice Biome came from walking around frigid Minneapolis after a Zelda symphony. Pretty much everything I see and do makes me think of Terraria and how it could potentially impact the game.

Mr. Mystery: That's a great answer!
What lessons have you learned from game developing? Do you have any tips to give aspiring game devs?

Demilogic: For aspiring developers I would say start small and take baby steps, try and keep your code clean and keep things modular and scaleable, and be patient! When I taught myself C# the first thing I did was make a text adventure game then moved to Pong.

Mr. Mystery: Sounds like some solid advice.
Now, to finish up; what's your favorite game (other than Terraria :p) at the moment and why do you like it? What games are you looking forward to in 2013/2014?

Demilogic: The only game I have played since I started working on the update is the Last of Us. I am not a console gamer but it is a lot of fun to sit and play it with my girlfriend at night to unwind. Naughty Dog did a great job with the story and gameplay! Prior to the update I was playing FTL and Borderlands 2. The games I am most looking forward to are Saints Row 4, Castle Storm, Cubeworld, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Mr. Mystery: Great choices ;) Well, with the interview coming to end, I'd like to say thank you for being an awesome developer and an awesome guy. It's been a great pleasure talking to you. I wish you the best of luck with further gaming ventures, and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Demilogic: I am extremely excited for the future of Terraria and I appreciate the interview! I will give you a hint to something I did recently, a small spoiler if you will. Sometimes when appropriate, zombies will adorn themselves with raincoats and slimes will garnish themselves with umbrella hats.

Mr. Mystery: You could say Terraria 1.2 is coming with a splash?
(That was overly cheesy, I know, I know)

Demilogic: You could definitely say that. We will see how these flood mechanics work out. ;)

Mr. Mystery: Once again, thank you for the interview and I cannot wait for 1.2!

Terraria Update News

Spoiler Images and More
There have been many wonderful spoilers released in time for me to write about them. They include a full map image given to us by Redigit, after he did some coding magic to make open area’s light up.

There's also a spoiler about about the addition of Lihzahrd, a type of lizard people.

** ** **​

The next spoiler was a concept picture shared by Cenx.

There's a lot going on above, as well as on the reverse, where writing can be seen.

We now know that the flower-like thing on the bottom left hand side of the image is in fact a flail that shoots out projectiles. It will be found in the jungle, as confirmed here:

Finally, the picture itself shows a few things, both unknown and known. At the top left of the drawing are rocket projectiles, half blocks and slants. On the right hand are new torches and enemies. The top middle shows a crystal object as well as a spherical one resting on the ground and a arrow pointing to a circle. This crystal object can be assumed to be like the stalactites shown in previous spoilers, while the spherical object can be assumed to be a mine, as it has been stated before that there would be the addition of new PvP items. The arrow pointing to the circle is less obvious, unfortunately, and could be many things.
** ** **​

The third spoiler is a screenshot of Cenx above an underground shack.

This spoiler shares quite a few interesting things, including new decoration items.

The decoration items seen are a fallen and destroyed grandfather clock as well as an overturned workbench and fallen chandelier. All three are covered in spiderwebs.

Above Cenx is a rock type item covered in grass. Her inventory and equipment also show some new things:

Cenx is wearing a princess robe along with the jungle rose. The rose has been dyed blue while the robe has not.

Cenx’s inventory show also reveal fairy wings in her trash slot, to say nothing of the rocket projectile in her topmost ammo slot.
** ** **​

The final spoiler is of treehouse creation, containing a screenshot of Loki ISP and Cenx screwing around in 1.2. A lot of what's shown is the work of Phlebas, one of the new spriters working on the update.

Again, a lot going on, much of it to do with the new items in Cenx's hotbar.

  • The first item in the hotbar is an Ice Boomerang and can be assumed to be created from the new Ice Biome shown by Jimmarn.
  • Second is the Hammush, already confirmed to be added.
  • Third is the pickaxe axe, already confirmed to be added.
  • Fourth is new. It seems like a tree branch and can be assumed to have something to do with growth or nature.
  • Fifth item is also new; perhaps it's a different kind of grenade? This can be assumed due to its shape and because it's a stackable item. This grenade is also colored like a bee and can be assumed to have something to do with the wasp or new mini-biome seen in the jungle in Redigit’s spoiler shown at the start of this article.
  • Sixth is a snow related throwable, possibly a snowball, as it shares the colour of snow seen in Jimmarn's ice biome spoiler.
  • Seventh is an aqua blue torch.
  • Eighth is an iron hammer.
  • Ninth is a new axe.
  • Last is one of the new ores, already confirmed to be added.
There's more to be seen in both of the spoilers. Included below are a few which can be seen during both the night and day, or only in the night version.

Rope is in the first image, showing how a group two wide will merge. There's also a new tile, wood based.

In the second image more of the new tile can be seen—along with a new brick tile. It's acting as a water container. The water is the same running through minimap in the top right of the spoiler.

In the third image single lines of rope can be seen, as well as a new table design and chair types. These chair types having a pinkish colored cushion design.

The fourth image also shows more chairs, these ones having green cushions. In addition to this the fire pit can be seen on a new brick as well as a stump like table. A green candle is atop the table.

The last image shows another addition to the game, a ladder. At least, it's assumed it will act as a ladder, although it's unsure if it will require the player to press up or instead jump in order to ascend.​

The first screenshot is either a new Demon Eye or a gore particle.

The second image shows Cenx's ammo, cash and trash. In the trash is a new wing type which has already been seen in previous spoilers, the steampunk wings. The next part there is a rocket like projectile in the ammo slot as well as three dye like objects.

The third image shows Cenx’s equipment and accessories. She's wearing a princess robe with a rainbow dye as well as a tiara/crown with a jungle rose as vanity. For her accessories, she has a pair of fairy wings, what seems like a and a flipper. The claw might improve melee while the flipper will have something to do with water. The fourth and fifth accessories are previously confirmed ring and cloth belt.

The fourth image shows Loki ISP and Cenx. Loki is in his normal get up, with something similar to an orb of light floating behind him. Cenx is in her rainbow dress with fairy wings and jungle rose. The rainbow dress is the princess robes, just dyed.

The last image shows a group of Demon Eyes, although two new types are also present. These eyes include one with a black iris (rightmost). The next eye is a green design, seen on the two leftmost.

Community News

"Best of" Contests

As posted by our very own moderator Kirabook, the “Best of” contests have officially begun! Be sure to check out all the entries and contestants and vote for your favorite! The categories are: Best Map, Best Mod, Best Sprites, Best Story, Best Tool, Best Guide. You can earn Trophy Points on the forums as well, just for voting and uploading screenshots of the results. Be sure to vote for your favorites so they can win the official “Best of” title. You can find the official “Best of” thread here.

Featured Map:
The Story of Red Cloud version 1.1 update

The Story of Red Cloud is a very popular and previously noted map. The reason I’m featuring it here today is because the creator, Tim Hjersted, has been spending a lot of time the past few months doing a massive update for the mod/map. The Story of Red Cloud has been updated to the “1.1 Prepare to Die” edition. The map now features some all-new dungeons, new areas, new weapons, npcs, and new bosses to fight. If you’re ready to extend your adventure on what some call the most well-done adventure map in Terraria, look no further.

If you haven’t played through the adventure map of The Story of Red Cloud yet, now’s your chance to do so! It’s a great mod that comes with its own storyline and music! If you’re still not sure about the map, check out the official trailer for the map below!

Check out the official The Story of Red Cloud map thread here, the Dark Souls Mod official thread here, and the download link on the Curse here.

Featured Story:
Return of the Platinum Armor

The featured story this week comes from AyeAye12, the guy who has been doing the Creation Compendium as of late. It is a well written story about an adventure through the Terraria world including some of your favorite NPCs as main characters. If you’re looking for laughs, adventure, or excitement, this story is a great read for anyone who has played Terraria before. Follow the characters on their crazy adventures as they slay goblins, figure out the strange ways of the gods, and make their way through their homelands. Warning: there is some mature language within the story. Check out the story to read more here!

Community Quotes
  • "I used to eat internet." -Classikly
  • "Quacker's accent matches that of W1k's!" -CaptainBubbles
  • "Also, Char, we talked about your weird fetishes. They have counselling for that." -beamohawk
  • "BOOBS" -Mr. Mystery
  • "The system is bear." -Charmander27
  • "Make me be productive." -Telepurte

Terraria Modding!

W1K's Modpacks!
Hello! I’m Bullseye55, here to present you my fourth article of Terrarian Modding Reviews! W1K is our guest today, who most long-term coders know has had a great impact on the modding community. Lately, his mods just aren't getting the attention they need; even W1K shared his disappointment with the traffic. Anyway, onto the interview!
Bullseye55: What's your best accomplishment? And why is it the best one?

W1K: I think I can openly say I am one of the most well-known NPC AI coders around the community, especially for my bosses (though I know I'm not the best one at all). As far as I remember, at the time I joined the modding community there was not really much in terms of content (as tConfig's multiplayer was even broken). Having past coding experience and a great will to mod my own contents into the game, I ended up making some of the first custom bosses the tConfig community ever had. I think this is my best accomplishment although my first works were not as well made as my recent ones.

Bullseye55: What is your favorite aspect of modding? How about the worst?

W1K: I don't think I have any specific favorite aspect of tConfig modding, as every single feature is made for the sole purpose of making the job of a modder both simple and easy to manage. Not specifically related to tConfig, but the aspect from modding that tends to be a pain, especially if you're aiming for a mod that adds to the game's experience and doesn't change it completely, is making sure every single content is well balanced and fitting with the original content.

Bullseye55: What's your advice on getting a tConfig modding team together? How about mentioning the Reborn disaster as an example?

W1K: Few people. Friendly people. Trustworthy people. That's really all. Reborn was a disaster for a nicely huge number of reasons, but the causes of most of them were the lack of the first three points.
Bullseye55: How do you feel about 1.2, and how it will impact tConfig modding?

W1K: I think Red is doing an awesome job with 1.2, at least from what we've seen so far. I do really appreciate most of the new content and the work on giving space for unused potentials like the forgotten hardmode jungle biome, the featureless snow biome and such. It will affect modding in a lot of ways, for sure, mainly because as Yorai has stated, tConfig will probably need a complete rewrite after the update's official release; on the other hand, mods with a great variety of well fitting contents (mine as an example) might actually need to have their balance reworked to fit inside the new and modified array of vanilla content.

Bullseye55: What is your advice to new, future, current and veteran modders using tConfig?

W1K: As I always say, if your code doesn't work as you expect at first, mess around with it. You can do pretty much everything you want with tConfig's hooks. Some mods might need more knowledge involved, but as long as you know the basis, all you need is a bit of creativity in using them.
Now that the interview is done, let's move onto the mods W1K has produced while using tConfig.
W1K’s Main Modpack
Includes a large variety of content and is one of the oldest modpacks still surviving. Enjoy the first public bosses ever produced with tConfig, or just play around with the pack!​

W1K’s Minimods
They include a number of helpful gimmicks, including a hunger system, position saver, different modifiers and a difficulty changer.​

Based off of Homestuck, this is a heavy work-in-progress. Still worth giving it a try. And nagging W1K to keep working on it. :p

Everything mentioned above can be reached by checking out his thread.

Well, now that the time with W1K is squared away, I think I'm done here. For my next article, I might revamp the system—or it may stay the same. Happy modding!

Daleksax Column

Happy July, everyone! For those of you who are new, or care less about reading The Terrarian Times, these columns are written to share views and opinions, either from myself or fellow Terrarians about happenings with the game and the community. A lot has happened since the last issue, so I’ll try to touch on a larger number of them. I'd also like to welcome on board a guest/co-columnist for this issue, Gmayor61.

It's been confirmed that Terraria will be taking part in Steam Trading Cards. If you're not fully aware of what, exactly, Steam Trading Cards are, you might want to take a look at this.​
Gmayor61 and I discussed the trading system and how we felt about Terraria being involved.​
Daleksax: Well, as you most likely have seen by now, it has become clear that Terraria will most likely be taking part in steam trading cards. What are your initial opinions on this?

Gmayor61: I believe my single comment on the announcement thread sort of covers that question; I simply asked, "Why?"

Daleksax: So you don't see the real point behind it?

Gmayor61: I can see the main point behind it, I guess: more publicity and more interaction between players on Steam as a whole would probably be the main idea. As it's a new thing, Red would smartly take that up in order to get more hype for the game. As far as I know, not all games get trading cards. But as a whole, Terraria doesn't really seem like it would fit among the bigger games on Steam.

Daleksax: When you say that, are you aware that other indie games are currently taking part in Steam Trading Cards, such as Super Meat Boy, FTL and They Bleed Pixels? Yes, Terraria may not be as big as SMB, but it's on even ground with some of the other indie's participating.

Only thing I have against the whole thing is it seems more like Valve trying to put TF2-styled collecting into everything on Steam, making players play a game till they might randomly obtain a trading card.

Gmayor61: Didn't really know that other indies were participating. That's more to my common knowledge. The main thing I'd be worried about is that we don't know the requirements to let your game into the trading card system. Most AAA games shouldn't have much of a problem if money is a part here, but indie games are having a different point of view on this.

Daleksax: I see.

Gmayor61: There's another thing that bugs me about it, but it's not just Terraria, it's the trading cards themselves.

Daleksax: What's your complaint? The only issue is that you're almost forced into the system of collecting them if you wish to get badges to level up your Steam account and get benefits other players don't have.

Gmayor61: I don't really care about the levels or the system. I guess it's more of feeling sorry for those who care.

You see, I apparently already have all the card drops for TF2, which allows five out of nine cards. I even got two of the same card; it does mean I should be trading them, but how do the card drops to total cards system work? We don't know how many cards Terraria has, nor do we know how many cards one can receive for free.

From my point of view this could potentially spawn threads asking for card trading on the forum itself, and in the wrong sections, obviously. That's both a bad and good thing.

Daleksax: Well, let me quote this directly from the trading card steam page: "Play any of the participating Trading Card games to get trading cards. Up to half the card set is dropped through game play, the other half is earned through your collecting prowess." No matter how many cards get implemented in Terraria, each player will only be able to get half, so as you said there comes the forum issues. Hopefully moderators will be able to try and keep trade talk in the trading forums.

Gmayor61: I see; and from what I saw, you can either trade for the other cards or actually buy them (which would be as smart as buying a weapon in TF2 from Mann Co.). What my opinion really boils down to is that Red and Terraria are basically trying to get more attention that they should probably have. The trading cards aren't all that bad, but it seems unfitting to Terraria in a whole; as good as Terraria is, it just doesn't really feel like publicity fits its style. Yes, other games are doing this as well, but it doesn't mean it's still necessary (read: being inspired by EA and hound more money). It all really comes down to Red trying hard to keep Terraria alive via other means, while what he should be doing is focusing on making the game itself attract people via it's goodness.

Daleksax: I would have to agree.

Gmayor61: Basically, if Terraria should get famous, it shouldn't be because of any fancy trading cards or the console version (which in my opinion ended in a disaster due to the bugs, i.e., music box four drops a hamdrax upon destruction); rather, it should gain its long term fame by just leaving a favorable experience in your mind.

Kinda like Minecraft did. As dumb as it sounds, it's a good sign when Starbound was called Terraria 2.

That means it was successful, and people enjoyed it so much they wanted it to stay connected to that game only.

I'm not saying people should do that, though, by no means. That's bad. Stop that, guys. But if it happens, it's still a sign that Terraria did some pretty good job.

Daleksax: This leads into my next subject. If Terraria does in fact take part in Steam Trading Cards, it suggests Terraria will be taking advantage of other Steam related devices (ex: Steam Achievements; Steam Cloud). I think achievements are more but I could care less for it. I see achievements as ways to get players to play a game longer just to obtain said achievements so the player is occupied until real "new" content is released. Achievements just lead to a large, false sense of satisfaction; yes, they can be fun to get, but once obtained you may just realize that you spent the past eighty hours attempting to reach a crappy target for nothing.

I've seen you voice your opinion on this topic on the forum before but if you would do so again here...

Gmayor61: I guess I also don't really see much of the point behind it. Like trading cards, it's a bit fancy for Terraria. You pretty much sum it up, they could be nice at some points, but if achievements should be introduced, they should have linked awards like in TF2; i.e., getting a new special weapon/hat. I've seen a mod for achievements, though.

Daleksax: And what about Steam Cloud support? Yes, I know it's less likely, but if Terraria did take notice of it...?

Gmayor61: Steam Cloud support would actually be a nice touch. Mainly Loki would probably like it. People who travel a lot but don't have a laptop can really use this to continue their playthrough just about anywhere. Terraria itself doesn't weigh too much, nor does Steam. You could sneak into the library to play Terraria on your account and wipe away all traces.

Daleksax: As a map creator, I'd be able to take great advantage of it, sharing beta types of worlds and such. I know I almost had a heart attack last week when I thought my computer died and I had lost my world file for Rising Atlantis. 250 hours of work down the drain (good thing I recovered the files!), but if Steam Cloud existed I would never have had to worry.

Gmayor61: That's one of the perks. Online storage of such a small game basically means you can access it anywhere, and the invested gameplay shouldn't disappear either. It's basically like having the game itself everywhere with your progress.

Daleksax: There are tons of Terraria players out there who don't even go on the forums and/or Curse, but having an open cloud would make it possible for these players to find adventure and story maps that they may have never known about.

Gmayor61: I think that's where the workshop would come in. I doubt Terraria will get workshop support, but that's among the things that would actually help the game rather than fancy it.

Daleksax: Well, then, shall we wrap this up?

Gmayor61: Aye, I believe we covered enough to rap about this.

Daleksax: Anyway, it's been great having you. You're always welcome back as a co-columnist and I believe we can end this off by stating that Steam Trading Cards are a "capitalist" plot, Steam achievements for Terraria are just another stale way of extending game play and that Terraria Steam Cloud support would benefit the game like getting rid of always online DRM's for EA.

Gmayor61: Yeah, in a nutshell, trading cards and achievements are just spraying gold spray on the game. It makes it look kinda fancy, but it doesn't really add much. What would help would be Cloud support and Steam's workshop, which serve as a nicer way of sharing items and keeping your own.​
Moving onto my usual 505 Games banter. I would rather keep it short this time because it comes to a point where all I'm doing is going around in circles. 505 Games, developer of Terraria’s console and IOS ports, announced June 26th that they would be releasing a console collector's edition.

To quote my initial reaction:

Looking back this is more just sparked from the moment. Yes, I can agree with my original statement to a point such as the seven other Terrarians who liked my comment, but it is still good to approach from separate angles. I understand and 505 Games probably understands that they will not sell many copies of this; obviously the only people who will buy a collector's edition copy are die hard collectors and people who see it in stores and have never played it. The best that can come out of this for 505 is that they score a bit of a profit and their market expands a bit. It’s basic economics, so I can’t put them down there. The issue I have is the price tag of $40 USD. Yes, for the modern gaming industry publishing a disc copy of a game bumps up the value, but for a game I can purchase on Steam for $10 or less or on the Playstation Network/Xbox Live for I believe $15, it just seems irrational. The small bit of collectors content thrown into the mix does not seem like it is worth the extra 25-30 bucks to me.
Before I finish off I would like to discuss some things on the base of 1.2, my opinions and theories. The 'Murica Day teaser has really gotten me thinking. When looking through what fellow Terrarians have been able to deduce from the world map spoiler, it becomes quite obvious that the update will be drastically changing how Terraria worlds generate. With what looks like more biome variation and new randomly generated dungeon structures, players will have enough to keep them busy scavenging new worlds. This may also reinforce one of my earlier theories in a previous issue where I discussed that one of the few ways to add new content to Terraria is through more split paths, sideways progression and player choices.

Nothing is yet to be said about 1.2’s release date besides a hoped for July window. Of course, it will probably be like the 1.1 update when we didn’t know until a bit more than a week or two before the update went live that it was actually going to be released then. At the time I'm writing this, we're already into the first week of July; if we don’t get a trailer and/or release date within the next two weeks, I would place bets on 1.2 arriving in August or later. Not saying that is a bad thing: the longer we wait, the more polished content is delivered.


Random User Interview

Featuring Jestex!

Heyo! It's me! That Scottish guy, also known as Dark Fire Wolf. Today's interview was with Jestex, a spriter.

Let's crack onto the questions, shall we?
Dark Fire Wolf: So, I heard you're a spriter. How long have you been spriting? And if it's possible, could you show us one of the items you've created? :3

Jestex: I've sprited for four to five weeks and I really haven't made many items but here is my newest weapon and my favorite enemy :

<sprites not available>

Dark Fire Wolf: If you were able to give the Dungeon Guardian its own unique look, what would you choose?

Jestex: <picture not available>

Dark Fire Wolf: Are you part of a ‘fandom’? (Basically, are you a brony or furry, etc.) If so, and if you want to say, which one(s)?

Jestex: No.

Dark Fire Wolf: You've been around the forums for quite a bit. If there was anything you wanted to change, what would it be?

Jestex: I think the ranking titles and the theme should be changed.

Dark Fire Wolf: (Random question of this issue!) What is the oldest console you have? (Not counting PC; any portables like PSP do count, though.)

Jestex: Probably Playstation One.

Dark Fire Wolf: And the last question: Hallow or Corruption?

Jestex: I like everything better in Hallow—except the enemies.

1.2 is coming (or if your reading this from the future, it’s already out and you’re possibly onto 1.3! XD), so I’m putting the user interviews aside and going to review some servers!

Until next time, keep on having fun. :3

Comic Strips

<comic by ibowser123 for this issue not available>

Closing Comments

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this Issue. I know I enjoyed making it.
If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
You can also PM me if you:​
  • Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
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  • Want something advertised
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Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!
~Mr. Mystery


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The Mysterious One

Hello, Terrarians!
I'm Mr. Mystery, project manager of Terraria Online's newsletter, The Terrarian Times (TTT for short). The main goals of The Terrarian Times are to tell you the latest news in the game and the community. We'll show you the latest game development news, tell you what's happening in the community, and feature cool fan made creations!

This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas couldn't continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on May 30th, 2012. After Redigit left development, the paper took a short break. But now that he’s back and working hard on the 1.2 update, The Terrarian Times will be up and running again with a brand new team:

Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery- Project Manager - Manages the project and compiles and pieces the paper together.

Table of Contents

Community Quotes:
"If 42's the answer to life, the universe and everything, what happens when you divide it by ze-WAIT NONONONO DON'T DO IT" -StoryPasta2

"I'm man-nut intolerant." -ibowser123

Game Update News:
There have been no spoiler releases as of late, what with Redigit and Cenx being away at E3 and all. For those unfamiliar with E3, it is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This expo is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry, presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). E3 is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to show off their upcoming games and game related merchandise.

While at E3, Redigit and Cenx met many big name industry folks while also participating in many interviews.

After the expo, Redigit and Cenx will be going to Santa Monica to wind down.

Although there are no new spoilers released about the next Terraria update, there is news that the next big spoiler for the 1.2 update will be soon.


In other—quite wonderful—news, 505Games is looking to expand the Terraria experience onto the IOS.

For those are curious about how Terraria will work on IOS, there's a video by the team at Gamespot running through a demo of the port.

Some of the new features coming to the IOS include a zoom feature to enable fine building, as well as easy item changing, with the slot in the item bar only having to be touched to change to the desired item. The zoom feature also brings up a grid around the player. In addition, there is also a floating control stick, which centres on initial touch point. As this is being shown the auto jump comes into play, although there is also an “up-drive” jump feature instead of a separate button. This “up-drive” feature being when the left hand control stick is pushed upwards. Another control stick, on the right hand side of the screen, is an “auto cursor” mode, the idea coming from the console release of Terraria.

Near the end of the video there is a rough release date stated, sometime late summer or early fall, probably August or September—although this could be changed as needed to allow for more improvements. There's hope that months after the IOS release there'll also be news about the game going mobile on Android and Windows.

Do keep in mind addition that, as of this moment, Terraria on IOS will focus on the early game, with hardmode to follow later on possibly.

Finally, we also have a picture of Redigit—well the back of his head, really—as he plays the demo of Terraria on IOS. (Picture taken by Cenx.)


I myself can't wait for the next big spoiler for the 1.2 update, and hope that I can cover more news on Terraria in my next article.


Terraria Alpha

Some of us might wonder what Terraria was like in it's early stages of development.
Some of us might wonder what it might be like to be a Terraria alpha/beta tester.
Today we have an article from alpha tester, Sandor Lorange.

"Way back when, before all of you knew this game existed, there was a small little alpha team. I was popular in the forum for Redigit's old game, and a friend of mine was already on the alpha team (Joey). I don't think I ever actually helped report any bugs, but I can shed some info on what it was like in the alpha days.
The funniest thing was crafting. You did it the same way you do now but it was glitchy. Something you crafted could appear at the other end of the world map. That was a real pain. Starting was definitely harder. There was less definition of world generation stuff, so you could in theory start a new world/character on a blood moon. Not fun. I used to have to dig a hole and close myself in to avoid death. I don't remember if Heart Containers were in the game, I sure don't remember ever leveling up anything.
Server play was seamless but hard. There wasn't as much vanity, so the guy you thought had your back was actually your enemy. Back to spawn. But the thing that changed the most was the definition of the game. When it started, we knew it was an open world game, a bit like Minecraft, but the art potential and amazing capabilities and tactics of some players in battle didn't exist until we made it up. So I'm not gonna lie, the alpha was boring at times, especially alone. None of us had really realized that you could make such cool stuff until Terraria was released to the public. I had a picture of my little hobbit hole somewhere on my computer, if I find it I'll post it on the forums. I hope this gives everyone a nice idea of how far the game has progressed.

Yours truly,
What an interesting read!

Community News/Features:

Community News:
Theme Contest

Terraria Online is hosting a theme contest! For the contest, participants are asked to design their own Terraria based XenForo theme for the forums. It can be based on one of the three following: the Overworld; the Hallow; or the Corruption. The goal is to give the forums more awesome visual options other than the classic “XenBlue pro Dark” theme we’ve been using for so long, and to give the site a more Terrarian feel, aided (hopefully soon!) with the upcoming new titles and title icons.

For any of you with web-design, photo-design, or artistic skills, this may be of interest to you! The contest is sponsored by Curse and there are prizes for the winners. Kirabook is in charge of entries, and any completed themes are to be submitted to her—and her alone. For more information on the contest, its prizes, or how to enter, click here.


Featured Builder:


This week’s featured builder is a lesser known member, but her creations are awesome, and I think deserve recognition. Tamara has many traditional, yet unique, buildings like her Mushroom Sanctuary and Ladder Trees.
Tamara also has many Terraria videos showcasing her buildings as well as visual effect videos such as “Rain in Terraria,” “Door Express!” and “Fire Work Terrarian!”

If you haven’t checked out Tamara’s creations yet, be sure to do so by clicking here!

Featured Artist:


Our featured artist this time is a little different than the ones before. Colinjay9000 does pixel art for Terraria, but he does it using Legos! With Legos, colinjay9000 has recreated some of the enemies, weapons, and armors as Lego pixel art. If you haven’t checked out his amazing creations, here’s some examples!
Be sure to visit his thread to check out the rest here, and of course leave a comment if you like the creations!

Featured Modder:


I present to you the latest Modding Review! Today’s modder selection has rolled the spinner over to Shockah! He has a big arsenal of utility-typed mods, including his Final Cheat Menu 2, Boss HP Bars, and Accessory Slots+, all of which can be found here.

** ** **​

But before we get to the interview, let's go over the mods in a bit more detail.

Accessory Slots+
Adds up to six more accessory slots on your player. Handy!​
Ever wanted that “zing!” when you get an achievement in Team Fortress 2, but in Terraria? I recommend trying this mod out!​
Advanced Crafting Menu
This offers a GUI with which you can craft all items. Used to use this myself. :p
Awesome Christmas
A collaboration project between Yoraiz0r and Shockah. This adds an extended Christmas feel to Terraria. Try it out!​
Boss HP Bars
Ever wanted a bar clearly showing how much health a boss has left?​
Shockah’s Final Cheat Menu 2
Probably one of his most popular mods. Includes a NPC spawner, item spawner, settings for Hardmode and time and a prefix editor. I recommend this mod the most out of any if you are a tConfig mod developer!​
Health Up!
Allows you to get more health and mana. Also organizes the mana/health bars.​
HP Bars
Displays health bars over all enemies. Useful. :p
Item Manager
Revamps the 200 item limit. Recommended for mediumcore characters!
Never-Ending Christmas
Ever wanted Santa to move in and presents to drop all year long? This is the one for you. :p
Note Blocks
Adds note blocks into Terraria. Enough said. XD
Adds a simple quest system into the game.
SAO Interface
Adds a differently-styled Health/Mana bars into the game.
Shop Info
Lists the sell prices of each item next to the item in your inventory. Even works on mod items. Handy!
Stacks Up!
Ever wanted your stack sizes bigger? Use this! Configurable up to 100x stack sizes.
Adds Fireflies at the time of this writing. Very good to look at. :p

Wow. A total of sixteen mods to extend and enhance your gameplay!

** ** **​

Now, I talked to Shockah a bit about his mods and modding in general:

Me: What is your greatest talent and favorite thing to do in Terraria Modding?

Shockah: My greatest talent? You mean the thing I'm best at? I guess its coding eye candies.
Everyone loves eye candies! Fireflies, auroras at night, fireworks... The second thing I love to
code is things that are useful and/or original. Even back in my Minecraft modding times, I never coded any items that would just be copy-pasted but buffed/nerfed versions of other ones - for example, my Minerals! mod; I never really coded full mineral tool sets, only the ones which I had some unique ideas for. It's the same right now in Terraria. Boss HP Bars, extra accessory slots, wrapping items with paper into custom presents… Other than coding, I'm good at balancing stuff out. I hate when something is unbalanced. I guess that's why I don't use many mods with custom content :p

Me: What is your biggest Terraria Modding achievement?

Shockah: Hmm, that's a hard question to answer. I don't really think any of my accomplishments can be called “the best”, but I guess you could say getting into the tConfig dev team was the biggest. Since then I have added many useful hooks to tConfig that make some great stuff possible to do.

Me: What part of Terraria Modding do you dislike the most?
Shockah: Like some other great modder said before me (hi PoroCYon!), its spriting. I was never really good at drawing anything. Most of the time I'm either doing stuff that doesn't require spriting at all or something that isn’t complicated that I can handle. Or, I just ask someone else to do it for me. :p (Sorry Yoraiz0r!).

Me: Are you the same Shockah as on the Official Minecraft Forums?

Shockah: It's a me, Shockah! Yep, hello! :)

Me: What advice would you give to experienced and new modders alike?

Shockah: You should only do something if you feel its fun. Ask yourself - will it be fun to play? Will people really like it? And, most importantly - would YOU like to use it? If you answer 'no' to any of these questions (or at least the 1st or the 3rd, the 2nd depends on your attitude towards modding), you most likely shouldn't do it.

** ** **​

If you have not already, check out the tConfig IRC!

** ** **​

Well, now that that is out of the way, I think this article needs to come to a close.

I enjoyed writing this up, even though it was done on the 18th. (Well, my computer was in for an upgrade that took about a week, but it was worth it.) Bye, and enjoy modding!
-If you’d like to nominate a person for modding, let me know through a private messages.
-Nominees must satisfy these requirements:
1. S/he must a semi-popular mod with quality, enjoyable content.
2. S/he must be active in the community


Today we have something a little... mysterious.
Loki ISP, the most mysterious member on TO (besides me, of course) secretly handed me this image.
Can you guess what it is? Can you see past Loki and his mysterious ways? The guessing starts now!

Column: Opinion on 505 Games

Well, with Redigit off for the past week or so there hasn't been much in terms of 1.2 news for me to really delve into, but it seems 505 Games has left plenty behind for me to ponder. I'm sure that at this point anyone who has read my previous articles may know I don’t take a strong liking to 505 Games or console gaming as a whole, so do keep in mind that I'm about to voice some terribly biased views and if you really wish to debate with me, shoot me a message, it would be my pleasure!

I covered back in the eighth issue that I hoped the console ports would receive the 1.2 update for multiple reasons; yet now that505 Games' confirmed the release, they've also left some holes behind. They confirmed 1.2’s port, yet they deemed it as DLC, not an update; this can only lead me to believe that console users will have to pay for 1.2 content, otherwise it would have been stated upfront as free content. I can see where 505 Games may be coming from if they intend to run 1.2 as DLC: they’re in it for the money and developing a port with a free update may not be worth their time. Yes, one can argue that porting 1.2 as a free update would get them sales from the base game as popularity grows around the update, but is it really worth that much?

View it in the sense of what gets you more profit: publish a free update that costs money to port, and then hope for hype to grow enough for an increase in sales of the base game; or develop a port that everyone who already owns the game has to buy if they wish for new content. It's a no-brainer, really. Making a ported update into DLC not only gets you money from pre-existing customers who are awaiting new content, but also pumps out revenue from new players that found out about Terrariafrom 1.2 and buy both the base game and DLC on the console. Seems like a lot for me to talk through, but how can I not when505 Games was so vague about what they meant when announcing that they would be adding the computer update to consoles?

Moving on from my previous argument, if all that's said is true and console players will have to purchase 1.2, then that presents an issue. Updates stack upon each other, so once Terraria continues into development post-1.2 and, theoretically, hits 1.3 someday, what does 505 Games do? If they require players to purchase 1.2, when 1.3 comes out will they make that a separate DLC; and if so, will players have to first purchase the 1.2 DLC before being allowed to purchase 1.3? Or will there be no further console development past 1.2? These questions all fall back onto whether or not there will be charge for 1.2 and ifTerraria ever even reaches another massive milestone in its development.

Which reminds me: the IOS port. Not much for me to say—well, maybe there are a couple things I may put out there. I’m glad to see that Terraria continues to expand onto other platforms (maybe I'd be a bit more enthralled if another company was creating the ports), but I'm not sure where I can draw my line in what I believe to be too much. I just can't see myself paying for or playing Terraria on my phone. The demos look great and all, yet I just don’t know how well the controls will correspond overall with a small touch, not to mention the fact that I cannot imagine trying to play through an entire game of Terraria on my phone when I have a computer to do that. I would assume that it'd play much better on tablet devices because of the large screen (Minecraft did really well on IOS), it's just that I can never see myself playing a mobile Terraria.


Daleksax, Your Local Pessimist

Comic Strips

by ibowser123

by Stackerzgame
(click on image to view whole comic)


Now, before this Issue ends I'd like to put some things I thought deserve attention and that you should check out:

Indie Gamers Forum: Do you like Indie Games but don't have a place to talk about them? Are you a developer trying to get the word out about your game? Visit here and take a look around. A really neat place.

The Terraria Console Steam Group: A way for console users to be able to chat directly through Steam. "I hope this makes the console community grow" says its creator, David.

Crea: Crea is another indie game like Terraria that is currently in development. It is being made by Siege Games and looks very promising.

Closing Comments:
Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this Issue. I know I enjoyed making it.
If you have any questions or feedback feel free to PM me.
You can also PM me if you:
Want to suggest a feature (art, videos, maps, mods, etc)
Want to add a community quote
Want something advertised
Or you want to give me cookies

Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!
~Mr. Mystery


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The Mysterious One
Good day, Terrarians!
I am Mr. Mystery, project manager of Terraria Online’ newsletter, The Terrarian Times (TTT). Our plan is to feature fan-made creations, tell you what’s happening with game development and community news and share interviews with members so they can get involved. This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas couldn’t continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on May 30th, 2012. After Redigit left development, the paper took a short break. But now that he’s back and working hard on the 1.2 update, The Terrarian Times will be up and running again with a brand new team:

Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery- Project Manager - Manages the project.

I’d like to warmly welcome all the new members of the Terrarian Times and thank you all for helping.

Table of Contents
Game Update News: Spoilertastic
Community News: Kira’s Tale
Community Features:
Featured Builder: ZangBa
Featured Artist: Star and Moon
Featured Modder: Yoraiz0r
The Future of Terraria
Comics: Stackerzgame, ibowser123, lizzzard01
Random User Interview: Mr. Mystery

Community Quotes:
"Off to Napoleon's head...."
"I keep forgetting I'm a psychic..."
(These are all from me and ibowser123's nonsensical chats)
"Who are you and what have you done to Stackerz."
"No, because Kane."
"When life gives you lemon, it'll probably burn your eyes out with them."
(These were compiled by QuackersDelta)

"I'm sorry."
-Chippy :')

Want to suggest a community quote? PM me!

Game Update News: 1.2 Update and the Console Port (WARNING: LOTS OF SPOILERS)
Well it has been a wonderful two weeks since my last article for The Terrarian Times and hopefully I will provide you all with some wonderful speculation on the latest Terraria update spoilers. This time there has been some great video’s produced, one of which being a small mechanics video coming directly from Redigit. The other video that has been released is some Beta footage based around the dye system that has been implemented into Terraria 1.2, this video created by Chippy Gaming otherwise known as James Bennett on Terraria Online.
Before I begin this it should also be known that there might be spiders in Terraria’s update.

To start off with I shall be discussing the mechanics video created and presented to us by Redigit. This wonderful video can be found on his Youtube account, Demilogic.

This video is a marvelous video starting out with Redigit and his new pet (an Eater of Souls. This is a common Corruption enemy, found in pre-hardmode).

From this point there are a few things that can be seen.
  1. First, the Hotbar can be seen.

    From this hotbar we can see many things. These include:
    • Redigit is using something by the name of “Terra Blade”. This is seen in use later in the video emitting a green projectile sword, while also swinging like any other blade.

      This enables us to assume that this weapon projects a ranged or magic damage, while also providing melee damage to creatures if it is needed.
    • As the video progresses Redigit scrolls over all but one of the hotbar slots.
      Redigit does not scroll over the 5th
      or 6th hotbar slot (although it has been confirmed that the 6th hotbar slot is the clentaminator

      Although Redigit does scroll over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th slot. As he scrolls over them
      • The first slot is pre-stated to be the “Terra Blade”.
      • The second slot is the “Ice Bow”. This has been seen previously in other spoilers but has never been confirmed as to be called the “Ice Bow”. This can be assumed to fire arrows like all other bows.
      • The third slot is the “Tactical Shotgun”, an obvious ranged weapon with its name suggesting that it shall fire a set of bullets that spread as they travel away from the gun.
      • The fourth slot is the “Rocket Launcher”, seen later in the video to cause mass devastation to Redigit’s creation. This Rocket Launcher has also been confirmed to have multiple ammo types, so as to not have a destructive ammo as a necessity when it is being used.

        It has also been confirmed that The Demolitionist and Arms Dealer shall not sell Rocket Launcher ammo.
      • The seventh slot is the “Paint Brush”. This will paint objects and tiles, using a wide range of paint (which will be discussed later).

      • The eighth slot is the “Pickaxe Axe”. This as its name suggests is both an axe and a pickaxe, showing Redigit’s humor very well.

      • The ninth slot is the “Hammush” a weapon that is designed off “The Legend of Maxx” comic.

        It can be assumed from the flavor text of the “Hammush” that the Hammush is capable of destroying Demon Altar’s. From this it can be assumed that the Hammush is, in fact, a Hardmode tool. This can be assumed as currently in Terraria it is known that the Demon Altar can only be destroyed by a Hardmode hammer (e.g. the Pwnhammer).
        Also as the “Hammush” swings it results in a trail of mushrooms being left in the arc that it swung.
      • The final slot (tenth) is the “Paint Roller”. It is assumed that this “Paint Roller” will be used to paint the back wall.
    • There is an Eater of Souls Buff in the Buff/Debuff bar (
      ). This buff can be compared to that of the "Pet Bunny", which enables us to assume that this is infact a positive Buff. Knowing that this is a positive Buff it can be assumed that it is infact a Pet Buff (also taking into fact that over the course of the video the Eater of Souls can be seen colliding with Redigit and not causing any damage or knockback).
  2. Furthermore in addition to both of these things, it can also be seen the addition of a minimap.

    This minimap has been confirmed by Redigit and Cenx to only show tiles at the brightest that they have been. This also has been stated as to enable players to see things being built in real time if that area has been discovered. This will be a great tool for people to use when playing multiplayer or when building. It has then been confirmed that the minimap will not only have a zoom feature but also a toggle feature, enabling those that do not wish to use it to disable it. Another feature known about the minimap is that it shall show teammates. There are also four different types of map that can be selected.

  3. We can also see a new (no doubt naturally generating) backwall, under the overhang of dirt to the left of Redigit.
  4. Whereas unlike the backwall, we can also see new flowers that have been implemented into Terraria’s update.

    In addition to this, more flower types can be seen throughout the video.

    These are also not the only new vegetation that can be seen throughout the video. Bushes and stones can also be seen.

    The new tree design can also be seen throughout the video, a great new variation to the current Terraria version.
From this point Redigit starts moving, running to the left of his starting position. As he does this it can be seen one of the mechanic changes that have been implemented. This mechanic change being the addition of being able to walk/run across 1 block tiles without having to jump, as well as walking and running across half and slanted blocks.
  • This can be seen as Redigit runs across the house that he had constructed prior to this video being made.

    This house has a few things which can be seen, including:
    • In this image we get our first glance at set of slanted tiles. These slanted tiles are created by a hammer being used on the tiles. Where in the video the “Hammush” has been used.
    • In addition to this, we can see the addition of new torches, also seen in the ice biome spoiler provided by one of Terraria’s spriter’s Jimmarn. These torches appear similar to that of “Blue Torch”
      . Although this new torch is different, being a lighter Cyan colour and even having a different angle to the “Blue Torch”.
    • It can also be seen that banners can be faced in both directions now. This is a great change for builders and designers, enabling them to create an overall better theme to their designs.

    After Redigit has passed the house he continues his path to the left, jumping over a lake and landing cleanly on the other side. After this Redigit keeps running for a short while, before arriving at his destination.
    A large waterfall design. This design shows off half and slanted blocks well, in a good, smooth design.

    This area has a wonderful feature next to it. During this section of the video we can see Redigit access his inventory.
    • The wonderful feature that can be seen is the new addition of Fountains. This video includes 3 fountains.

      One confusing thing is if two fountains are in use at one time. Luckily though Redigit has confirmed that if two fountains are active at once then the one furthest to the right shall be the one that is used, meaning that the two fountains will not conflict. The rightmost fountain would be the color changer.
      1. This fountain, when activated, results in the water on screen being transformed into that of a cyan colour.

        At first thought it can be assumed that this watercolour is similar to that of Jimmarn’s spoiler pictures. But it can be seen through cross examination that these are in fact different with the fountain color being a lighter shade of blue and more cyan colored.

        This means that this first fountain is of an unknown nature, and can only be assume to be either a fountain that does not belong to a biome or that it is of an unrevealed biome.
      2. This second fountain is an obvious desert fountain, resulting in a sandy yellow water.

        This can be safely assumed due to this fountain’s cactus design on its face, as well as the water being compared to that of a Desert biome spoiler.
      3. The last fountain is a Hallowed Fountain. This fountain results in a pink watercolour.

        This fountain is known to be a hallowed fountain for many reasons.
        First, its comparison to that the Hallowed water shown in the Wire Actuators spoiler.

        The watercolour is exactly the same between these two things. Another thing that lets us safely assume that this is a Hallowed Water Fountain is that further into the video Redigit hits the fountain with a rocket projectile and inevitably picks it up.
    • In addition to this there is the addition of paints, which are to be used along with the “Paint Brush” and no doubt the “Paint Roller”.
      These three paints are a deep pink, purple and violet.

      These paints are used to colour in tiles and objects.
    • Other things that can be seen inside of Redigit’s inventory are Rainbow Bricks, a color changing brick tile which when used to create waterfalls creates colored waterfalls.
    • There are also two things which Redigit does not scroll over or have his mouse travel over.
    • Two yet unseen ammunitions are also seen in Redigit’s inventory. One of these is the rocket launcher ammunition.
    • Finally there is Redigit’s Equipment.

      There are a few things that can be seen in this spoiler.
      • New armour has been equipped by Redigit, as well as a Gold Helmet Vanity.
      • This armor has been dyed with a blue and black dye, a new addition into Terraria. This dyeing will allow much variety in the possibilities offered by Terraria.
      • There are four Accessories equipped to Redigit.
        1. First, there is a dyed Titan Glove as Redigit’s first accessory. It can be assumed that this is infact a dyed accessory due to each pixel placement. Although they may be different colors, it is still the same design between them.
        2. The second accessory that Redigit has equipped is similar to that of the Rocket Boots, Hermes Boots and Spectre Boots. But this accessory has a different design, where the one in Redigit’s Accessories has a yellow colour and a lightning side appearance while the Rocket Boots, Hermes Boots and Spectre Boots all have a different design. The Rocket Boots has a back thrusted type design, while the Hermes Boots and Spectre Boots both have a wing design on their sides. Due to this it can be assumed that in fact the accessory equipped to Redigit is, in fact a new accessory.
        3. The third accessory equipped to Redigit are dyed Demon Wings. This can be assumed as the wings equipped have the same pixel placement, although recoloured.
        4. The last accessory equipped by Redigit is similar to that of the Band of Regeneration, Band of Starpower and the Anklet of the Wind. This accessory has a different design, which is unlike the Band of Regeneration and Band of Starpower This new accessory is like the Anklet of the Wind in the fact that it is a front view sprite design. Although this accessory equipped by Redigit is also different to that of the Anklet of the Wind with the Anklet of the Wind having a larger base section, this new accessory has a larger upper section. This enables the assumption that this accessory is a new one.
Now, the second spoiler video which I shall be discussing is a dye video created by Chippy Gaming. This wonderful video can be found on his Youtube account.

Although I would like to inform people before they start thinking too much that this earlier video is mainly the result of a misinterpretation and that you should not expect another one of these videos from Chippy Gaming.

This video produced by Chippy Gaming is an overview of the Dyeing system and some of the dyes that have currently been put into the beta version of Terraria 1.2. This video starts off with Chippy Gaming in a rainbow dyed suit of Armour. In this part there are no new things that can be seen apart from the use of a set of Rainbow Dye on his equipped Armour. The video then fades to Chippy Gaming inside of a light brown wood House, with a gold chests to his left and behind him, new furniture to his right and then outside of a door a water fountain.

After Chippy Gaming explains that this is Beta footage and that this is liable to change, he then fades out again. The video then returns quickly with a larger view of Chippy Gaming in the house. From this point there is just the reiteration that there is a new tree design that can be seen, with most of the spoilers in this video being located in his inventory and chests.
As Chippy Gaming opens his inventory we can see a few things, including:
  • Something that we can see in his crafting bar is the inclusion of the “Fire Pit” recipe. This Fire Pit recipe shows us that in order to create the Fire Pit it will be required that the player has 5 wood pieces and 1 torch in their inventory. It can be assumed due to the fact that the recipe contains a torch that this Fire Pit shall produce a field of light from its position. This will also be a great decorative object for builders.
  • Apart from this there are also the main subject in this video which can be seen in Chippy Gaming’s Inventory throughout the video - dyes.
    There are a total of eight dyes seen throughout the video:
    • The first dye that is specifically referenced is the “Black Dye”. This Black Dye, as its name suggests, changes the colour of the vanity object equipped to the player to a black variation of its design.
    • The next Dye that is specifically referenced is the “Rainbow Dye”. As its name suggests, and as is shown in the beginning of the video, this dye changes the colour of the equipped vanity to a Rainbow variation of the vanity armour.
    • Other dyes which Chippy has scrolled over include:
      • ”Blue Dye”. This can be assumed to change the colour of the equipped vanity to a Blue variation.
      • ”Green Dye”. This can be assumed to change the colour of the equipped vanity to a Green variation.
      • ”Purple Dye”. This can be assumed to change the colour of the equipped vanity to a Purple variation.
    • There are three dyes which can only be assumed.
      • Red and Cyan Dye. The colour of these dyes can only be assumed due to the colour of their sprite in Chippy Gaming’s inventory.
      • Yellow Dye. This can be assumed due to the colour of the sprite being a yellow colour.
  • In Chippy Gaming’s inventory it is also seen that he scrolls over the “Steampunk Pants” and the “Steampunk Shirt”.
  • Another vanity item that can be seen in Chippy Gaming’s inventory is a Pharaoh hat. This can be assumed from the sprites design.
  • The final thing that can be seen in Chippy Gaming’s video is as he passes over an inventory item of his. This inventory item being a “Drax”. This Drax is a renamed Hamdrax.
    This can be assumed due to sprite of the tool, as well as the fact that with the half block and hammer mechanics change in Terraria the Hamdrax’s hammer power would result in catastrophe as it is used.
    The Drax:

    The Hamdrax:

    In addition to this, Chippy passing over the Drax enables us to see what the statistics of a “Strong Drax are.

In addition to the two above video’s there has been another one released by Chippy gaming. This video showcases the Minimap feature that will be implemented into Terraria 1.2.

There is not much else that can be seen in this video. This being as they have already been commented or that it just is not seen. This video is mainly about the map and its features, showcasing its multiple different settings and how it works.
Although, there is one thing that can be seen that has not yet been commented. This being a new zombie type.

This zombie can barely be seen as it is night time. The only reason that it can be seen is that there is some residual light left over from the Excalibur that was being swung.
This has later been commented (maybe jokingly) that this is a “Walrus Zombie”.

All in all it is a great video showcasing the map inclusion well.


In addition to these two videos there is also some great news about the development and updation of Terraria for console. It has been confirmed that Terraria for console should no doubt be receiving a DLC from 505 games in the future, containing all of the wonderful features from the update already in motion by Redigit for PC.

Unless you have been hiding in a cave these past few months, Re-Logic has released some exciting spoilers and news regarding the future “1.2” update for the PC version of Terraria. Due to their creativity and devoted fanbase, 505 Games has received overwhelming community support for the idea of bringing these updates to consoles as DLC. Our goal is to bring as much as we can, if not all, of the PC content to consoles in the near future.

505 Games is giving Re-Logic as much space as possible to continue this, as we all have seen, creative and innovative streak. Once they have fully developed their vision for the future of Terraria, we will announce our plans for the delivery of this highly anticipated DLC. Be sure to follow the following sites to keep up on all these new developments:



That is the end of my Game News Coverage (GNC) article. I hope that you all can enjoy reading my article as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Sadly I cannot find as much information to write for my console section... There is not much information that I have found apart from that one quote.
If you have spotted something that I did not talk about in this article feel free to PM me.

Message from Mr. Mystery: Well D3athSt3nch, you and the community’s thirst for news for the console may be quenched soon enough. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news!

Community News/Features:

Community News: kirabook’s spoiler:
This issue we have a little something different to show. Kirabook, a moderator for the site, has given us quite the thought provoking image. Can you decipher what it means?

As for the exclusive info... Well, I just spent my entire afternoon/night getting stuff together for something special forum wise. We hope to put it out soon. I'd really like to say more, but, some of the most important stuff is not set in stone or ready to be launched.

When can we move this out and give more information? I'm not sure. I contacted Curse myself this morning, and it all depends on them.

We have confirmed that we will be getting a new forum theme and the base theme should be up for everyone to see in ~3 weeks. (>.>) It won't be styled or anything... yet.

Featured Builder:


Since the release of the console version, the Terraria Online forums have been bustling with activity as new and old members seek to link up and play this new platform together, or simply get information on the game. This week’s builder is a special treat, as he is the first featured builder to have his buildings created on the console version. ZangBa has created a Terrarian rendition of the classic Dracula’s Castle, and it is quite a feat for the console versions. It is the first major construction of its kind that I've seen created on this platform. ZangBa uses the PS3 version of Terraria, and has said himself that this build took “about 30 days” to complete. He has made an awesome video to showcase his amazing creation, complete with fun music! Be sure to check it out in the link provided and give him a shout out if you enjoy it.

Profile: http://www.terrariaonline.com/members/zangba.119788/
Thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/draculas-castle-recreation.99907/

Featured Artist:

Star and Moon

This week’s featured artist is a lesser known member in the community, Star and Moon. He is an exceptional spriter and has many sprites already submitted on Terraria Online. He even takes requests from time to time to aid modders with their graphical needs. His spectrum of spriting includes armor sets, weapons, crafting stations, decorations, and more. If you haven’t checked out his sprites yet, be sure to head over to his thread in the link provided and do so. Star and Moon is also recently trying his hand at other types of Terraria related art, so check out his regular, non-sprite, art thread as well. I hope we get to see more great work to come from him in the near future.

Profile: http://www.terrariaonline.com/members/star-and-moon.113417/
Sprites: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/star-and-moons-terraria-sprites.96536/
Other Art: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/star-and-moons-terraria-non-sprites.99609/

Mod Section by Bullseye55:

Welcome everyone! I’m happy to interview Yoraiz0r, who is long overdue for a much needed interview and feature. Yoraiz0r (also known as Yorai) is a very well-known tConfig modder. He may be popular and helpful, but his mods don’t quite have the reputation they used to. Which is why I’m here, bringing you quality mods.

Now for the interview I conducted with Yorai!

** ** **
Bullseye55: So, Yorai, to begin: what is your favorite community creation in the modding department as of this date that is fully functional?

Yoraiz0r: Would tConfig itself be a legitimate answer?

Bullseye55: Yes.

Yoraiz0r: Then obviously that!

Bullseye55: Ok.

Bullseye55: Alright, any worries for tConfig with the 1.2 update, and other almost guaranteed updates around the corner?

With you being high up on the list for developing it.

Yoraiz0r: I have many worries about tConfig in general, most of them being minor. 1.2 is one of those... Specifically the amount of work that has to be redone.

Along the lines of re-adding the hooks many people use, there's the concern on improving current flaws in the system and such. I'd like tConfig to be the best mod support it can be =)

Bullseye55: Ah.

Would you feel that tConfig would advance further if Redigit made the game open source, and helped you with his code if you wanted him to?

Yoraiz0r: That's a bit of a complicated question... tConfig would advance for sure if Redigit took a liking to it; however, making Terraria open source is not necessary for it to advance.

The best thing that comes up with an open source project is that everyone can look it up and suggest improvements contrary to what's going on at the moment. Many people stopped looking at Terraria's decompiled code shortly after the start because of the unnamed fields and unexplained method logic.

Yoraiz0r: And to address Redigit helping with the code: that would be awesome, but we managed to handle ourselves for a year now so it’s not necessary.

Bullseye55: For modders out there, Yorai: is tConfig open source, and can people modify it and submit suitable changes to you with your approval?

Yoraiz0r: tConfig is not open source. It cannot be due to the fact that Terraria itself is not an open source project. However, on the tConfig thread we listen to people's requests and whenever something cannot be done with the current version, we try and get it to become possible (as easily as we can) within the next few versions. tConfig has a lot of capabilities thanks to the community wanting it to have them =)

Bullseye55: Exactly why we have a lack of knowers and thinkers, while tConfig can do most things. What do you think would happen to Terraria modding if we attracted more thinking coders around here?

Yoraiz0r: Oh my, that would be lovely. I can never have enough of those. It’s always nice to see people with coding potential come around to the forums. They make very awesome things and sometimes take me in by awe-filling surprise.

Bullseye55: Like grable, creator of the Recipe Book mod?

Yoraiz0r: yeah , exactly. It’s inspiring to see people come out of nowhere with a wonderful creation such as that , and seeing them filled with dedication is also wonderful (grable posted about five updates to his mod within a day of creation).

Bullseye55: Ah.

Yoraiz0r: Other amazing examples would be Empio and Shockah, both amazing coders who can do a lot of original, well designed things!

(And obviously Surfpup; we should all praise him for tConfig and his wonderful Epic Loot mod)

Oh, and Arkhalis and his Dynamic Difficulty.

Bullseye55: Having mentioned those mods, are there any others you think fit under the "big" class title? Maybe Avalon or Eikester’s mods?

Yoraiz0r: Both are splendid and filled with content. The Awesome Christmas mod made by Shockah and I can be counted as a large-ish, too. Another modder I have to praise for a lot of content would be W1k and his modpacks, although they might not be keeping up with the recent tConfig versions if I recall correctly.

Bullseye55: W1K confirms he’ll return to modding in June.

Yoraiz0r: I’m aware. I still have occasional chats and giggles with him.

There's a lot of content mixed into small packs so you can mix and match what you want in there.

Bullseye55: If you notice, W1K plays Team Fortress 2 with his group of friends. I'm sure you have seen me with them. XD

Yoraiz0r: I've seen the two of you play together; however I never manage to enter the game with him at the same time (nor do I tell him I try to join).

Bullseye55: Anyway, back to modding.


Bullseye55: So, what do you feel tConfig lacks the most right now?

Yoraiz0r: That’s a tough question. I mostly murder any issue I find with lacking features within a day of thinking about it.

Bullseye55: Exactly why the program itself is almost perfect, in a way, but we don’t have a large number of thinkers.

Yoraiz0r: I guess. As Surfpup also thinks, tConfig's inability to bundle multiple mods into a single pack for fast loading is one of the annoying missing features. Despite the process of merging being simple in itself, many modders do not understand how to achieve that and the complaint comes around every once in awhile.

Yoraiz0r: Actually—

Bullseye55: Hmm?

Yoraiz0r: Something I think tConfig lacks is proper tutorials. The one feature I have every single itch of irritation about adding.

Bullseye55: Agreed. The wiki is slowly going out of date, too, except for the change log.

Yoraiz0r: Believe it or not, I once tried helping out on making tutorials for the wiki but random users shortly reverted my work and had me frustrated all over the place.

Bullseye55: Ah.

Yoraiz0r: I would've worked on tutorials by now also if it weren't for the announcement of 1.2.

After tConfig reaches 1.2+ versions, I might go around writing tutorials again.

Bullseye55: Alright, to finish up, what advice would you give to new and experienced modders?

Yoraiz0r: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but try to explore by yourselves first before seeking help from others.
** ** **

If you're looking to try out some of Yorai’s mods, here are a few that might be of interest:

Dual Wielding
It allows you to use two weapons/items at once through the right and left mouse buttons. Imagine holding a torch held while swinging a pickaxe! (Will have to be rebuilt using the modpack or tConfig’s in-game rebuilder.)

Ever wanted to wire something up remotely, yet couldn’t find anything in 1.1’s wiring to do the job? This mod will do just that.

If you’re looking to play as something other than human, this is for you! Choose between different races using an item that spawns with your player. Each race has its own abilities. (A sequel, Races 2, is in the works!)

If you’re not impressed by your character’s colors, why not change them on the fly?

** ** **

Special mentions (at Yorai’s insistence):

Omnir’s modpacks

Zoodletec’s modpacks

** ** **

Well, that’s all from me this issue. See you all in two weeks. Also, remember to vote more! (I only got five counted, privately messaged votes, and two uncounted ones.)

-If you’d like to nominate a person for modding, let me know through a private messages.
-Nominees must satisfy these requirements:
1. S/he must a semi-popular mod with quality, enjoyable content.
2. S/he must be active in the community​

The Future of Terraria: Where will it go, how it will be remembered.
Issue: 9​
Terraria has been alive for just over two years now and as the game keeps growing and aging it brings to thought; what lies in Terraria’s future and how will it be remembered? Will Terraria be remembered as a classic or will upcoming 2D sandbox/exploration games overshadow the game we all know and love? What are the limits of Terraria, and where must the line be drawn to stop updating the game?

With update 1.2 around the corner, one can only assume that it will bring even more activity to the games community (unless the update is trash, then I fear a riot may break loose). Even though Redigit, creator of Terraria (http://www.terrariaonline.com/members/redigit.9411/) has promised more updates to come, eventually there will come a point he must pull the plug on Terraria’s progress for good. A microcosm of what may happen to Terraria’s community after the end of development occurred around February of last year when Redigit had announced his departure from Terraria for personal reasons. The rapid deflation of Terraria’s community may be assumed to mostly be due to the fact that Terraria would never again be enriched by new content updates, or at least that is what we were led to believe. What one can take away from this is the fact that new content updates are one of the largest factors that keeps the Terraria community together and without them, a large number of players may once again abandon the game. Then again, if official mod support were to be added to Terraria, it may expand its lifespan and keep a larger portion of the game’s community long after the end of the game’s development.

Until Redigit does pull the plug, there are still many ideas that could be implemented into Terraria, yet at what point is it too much? Game progression is probably the first area in which I feel that the game will start running into dead ends. Game progression can easily run stale for there are only so many times one can go mining, fight bosses, and explore biomes to progress further into the game (I feel this was one of the biggest problems with Hard Mode introduced in update: 1.1). Yet if Redigit tries to prevent too much of the same stale game progression it would most likely be through more sideways progression or alternate progression. This is not at all a bad thing, only that too much of this can become far too overwhelming for new players. I predict that as Terraria progresses further into the future update wise, we will be seeing less and less content added to Terraria in terms of progression. Instead we will begin to see more and more new content added to Terraria that involves mechanics, building, and other stuff that wouldn’t screw with progression. Of course I could be completely wrong and Redigit may continue working on things to add to the game’s character progression and work around the game becoming stale. May we just leave that up in the air for right now.

Years from now, after content updates come to an “official” halt and Terraria is long past due, it brings to mind a bizarre prospect to imagine and that is; “how will people remember Terraria?” You could bring multiple different views into this. One may say that Terraria will always be remembered by them and have a very special place in their heart, yet another may also say that Terraria is bound to be dwarfed by future titles in the same genre such as Starbound (http://playstarbound.com/), smaller 2D, indie, sandboxes such as Crea (http://siegegames.com/), or even a mixture of the two. As far as I am concerned, I will always remember Terraria, but depending on what future games are like in contrast, I may consider Terraria more as a building block to those games and maybe even a classic. Not to say of course that fifteen years from now, I won't open up my steam inventory (That is of course as long as Steam is still around and Zombies haven’t killed us all) and see Terraria sitting there untouched and reinstall just for the nostalgia of it all.

The future of Terraria is still up in the air, and, for all I know, Terraria may still be going strong ten years from now. However, I doubt this.

Comic Strips

Today we have another segment of Stackerzgame’s comic:
Crabs Journey to Hell (click image to view whole comic)

ibowser123 offers us a funny little Terrarian comic:

We have a guest comic from lizzzard01:

(not-so) Random User Interview: Mr. Mystery
Hello, and welcome to another Random-Terrarian Interview! Today we’ll interview the person behind this paper, Mr. Mystery!
Mr. Mystery: Hi, Dark Fire Wolf. I’m glad I can be part of something as great as The Terrarian Times. You and your leader are great!
DFW: Let’s begin shall we?
DFW: Out of all the mobs in Terraria, which is your most favorite & most disliked?
Mr. M: I have a love-hate relationship with the Wyvern, because I love how it looks and how it flies but it likes to rip out my vital organs and stuff >_<
DFW: We’ve seen spoilers of new items like dye that can colour blocks and can even colour water! What are you looking forward to most in the 1.2 update? (for me right now it’s the Rocket Launcher! :3)
Mr. M: I really think fountains and the new water mechanics combined with dye and sloped/half blocks could open up a lot of opportunities for builders, but all the new items and vanity sets look great too. As I don’t build much, I would have to say the items and vanity sets.
DFW: Do you think theres anything good on TV? (random question of this issue! :3)
Mr. M: I don't watch much actual television (meaning I hardly ever sit down and watch TV) but there are some jewels out there if you find them. I try to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock when I can.
DFW: Angel or Demon Wings?
Mr. M: I usually go with Demon unless I want to look different just for variation.
DFW: We have many town NPC's on Terraria; from your view, what would you say is the most useful?
Mr. M: I’d say the Mechanic. Who doesn’t want wires, wires, and more wires?

After that Mr. Mystery mysteriously needed to leave, so I’ll just end it here. Have fun and keep on gaming!


Devilbro: Header
ibowser123: “News in the community” icon, “Featured builder” icon, “Thoughts and comments” icon, “Random User Interview” icon, “Featured suggestion” icon
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Mr. Mystery: “Featured modder” icon

Closing Comments:

Thank you all for reading!

I really enjoyed making this issue with the new team, so I hope you all enjoyed reading it. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to post here or PM me. If you want to suggest a “community quote,” PM me as well.
Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!
~Mr. Mystery

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The Mysterious One

Good day, Terrarians!
I am Mr. Mystery, project manager of Terraria Online’ newsletter, The Terrarian Times (TTT). Our plan is to feature fan-made creations, tell you what’s happening with game development and community news and share interviews with members so they can get involved. This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas could not continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on the 30th of May, 2012. After Redigit left development, the paper took a short break. But now that he’s back and working hard on the 1.2 update, the Terrarian Times will be up and running again with a brand new team:

Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
Mr. Mystery- Project Manager - Manages the project.

I’d like to warmly welcome all the new members of the Terrarian Times and thank you all for helping.

Here are some comments from the new team on the 1.2 update and being a part of The Terrarian Times:

I love being part of the team. It gives me more things to do on the forums and actually encourages me to look at everyone’s topics, ideas, opinions and profiles which integrates myself further into the community.

As for the 1.2 update. I'm stoked! I'll hate to see tConfig and most of the modding programs get washed out of date, but I can't wait to join some new servers and experience the entire new game. I'm loving the dyes and can't wait for new references and items like the Hammush.
I find being part of TTT a great experience and cannot wait for this issue to be released so that people can enjoy the work we’ve put in for them. Also, I consider being part of the team a great chance for me to do something useful for the forums; instead of just going around viewing things, it will enable me to return something, to offer what I see to others.

My thoughts so far: keep up the good work!

I am just as excited as can be about 1.2, since I know just how much it will have in store for both old and new players.

I hope that people can enjoy the waiting period before the release just as much as I am so that people can appreciate the game itself more when it is updated.
Started off not caring one way or another about 1.2. Now, with some of the spoilers that've been coming out, it's nice to know there's stuff to look forward to. Hell, it's almost enough to make me want to reinstall Terraria! (Although I'm not quite there yet.)”

“Regarding TTT: great in theory, but more work than I expected. (I’m a procrastinator of the highest degree.) Then there's the constant worry of trying not to step on anyone's toes when I edit/comment.

I love how enthusiastic everyone has been, though! Reading the articles and interviews you lot have worked on has been informative and energizing. Good work, all around.
Being part of TTT...

Hmm. Well, I find it quite nice in that it helps me actually get some stuff done, because I am horrible at finishing things on my own. Giving me a deadline definitely helps.

As for the forums, I tend to post and help out wherever I can, so I don't really have this "give back to the community" some of the others share. But I enjoy being in projects to help out with the general spectrum of Terraria related things.”

As for the update—well, it has penguins, so I think you all know how I feel about it.

And if you somehow don't, then, well, here you go:

If anything, the community owes ME.
“Well, to be part of TTT Team feels great knowing that you're part of a team that shows support of the forums and what’s happening in Terraria such as the 1.2 update. I think it's gonna be a whole new game when it comes out, just like when 1.1 hit. :)

Table of Contents

The 1.2 update, return of Redigit, and Console News (game news overview)
Community News: Titles Update
Builder Feature: Rudoboy
Featured Suggestion: Gesser’s Healing Gear
Featured Art: EpicCriddle
Featured mods and interview: PoroCYon
Thoughts on 1.2 and the console port (commentary)
Comics strips
Random User Interview: Pickred

Community Quotes:
This section is empty for now. If you find any quotes from community members you feel deserve to be featured, PM me. Thanks!

Want to suggest a community quote? PM me!

Game Update News: 1.2 Update and the Console Port

First off, for all you newcomers: what is Terraria?

Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling video game created by Redigit (RE–LOGIC). It started development in January 2011 and was available for $9.99 on both Steam and Re-Logic’s website on Monday, May 16, 2011.

Of course, that still doesn’t answer the question. Terraria is a game where you “dig, fight, explore and build!”; so much is possible, and the world itself becomes your canvas. So grab your tools and go! Build wonders; forge weapons; slay foes; dig underground; discover treasure; earn money and gather resources. Do whatever it is you want to do. But beware, there are challenges around every corner. Are you up to the task?

Redigit’s return following time off for personal reasons has been met with approval, for the most part, thanks to his decision to update the game. Terraria 1.2 will be the biggest addition yet, and the news has caused a surge in activity forum wide. While 1.2 might leave older projects outdated—hopefully only a temporary setback!—it will do more good than bad, promising entertainment for experienced players and beginners alike.

Terrarians will encounter many new items, enemies, mechanics and challenges, to speak nothing of bosses and biomes. A lot’s been confirmed so far. For builders, there’s furniture, materials (rainbow bricks and shadewood), design tiles and banners (and campfires). Combat enthusiasts can look forward to beam swords, cannons, Hammush (Legend of Maxx reference!), snowballs, shields and traps. All tinkerers can rejoice at accessories, active and inactive versions of every block and wire fixes and enhancements. Apparel has also changed: vanity-wise, expect Egyptian, Eskimo, fairy and steampunk outfits; whereas armor can now be dyed and has grown to include snow and cactus sets. There’ll be different mobs and variations on old ones (non-mechanical bosses with unique AI; clown bombs won’t destroy tiles anymore) as well as appearing with health bars (with the suggestion that the on-screen reminders be toggled). Regarding mechanics: players will be able to automatically walk up half blocks and one block high tiles; PvP will be tweaked; and Hardmode will undergo changes, not just limited to the spread of corruption and hallow.

Aesthetic additions include a revamped character menu as well as rain clouds and normal clouds. Rain won’t be a major factor in lag creation since it will be a background effect; torches, then, being in the foreground, won’t be affected. World generation will also see the possibility of a giant tree, along with more flora and even stalactites. In the screenshot below, one of the first spoilers released to the community, we can see some of the new content, which I’ll speculate more on in a future article.

Oh, and something about pets and mounts. (A unicorn mount, at least; to be exact, a unicorn’s head on a riding pole. It’s unknown if this is more of a vanity item than for practical use, but let’s not lose sight of what’s most important: we can now decapitate unicorns and collect their heads.)
Among all these additions is Terraria’s 1000th item! This is quite the achievement for all of those part of the game’s development: sole coder Redigit; the spriters AaronC, Jimmarn, Phlebas and Waffles; and creative consultant Cenx (Redigit’s girlfriend). Just the extent that Terraria has managed to not only reach 1000 items inside of the game, but no doubt also pass that number, is just incredible. This massive feat calls for players to celebrate in anticipation for this update—which is possible, thanks to the 1000th item itself being a confetti gun. Couple that with fireworks, and players can party all night long.

Everything reported above is just the tiny bit we know so far being added. It’s my opinion that this update will increase the wonders Terraria already holds; the variability of spelunking or fighting, building or designing is one of the best things about the game. Just a few of these great inclusions have caused me to become very excited about this update, and the fact that more spoilers are coming out quite regularly helps maintain the excitement. All I wish is for the community to remember that while they may wish to have 1.2 released as soon as possible, that is not the best course of action. What would be is to support Redigit, to encourage him to continue his work until he is happy with the update.


Aside from all this talk of 1.2, there’s also been other important news: 505Games’ port of Terraria to consoles, purchasable through Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network for a small cost.

Now, the console ports consist of many wonderful additions, not least of which are “reworked controls optimized for consoles.” A world map and split-screen multiplayer are also in place along with new bosses, enemies, gear, pets, music and much more! This initiative to bring Terraria to console makes the game more accessible to gamers everywhere.

Not surprisingly, there have been some bugs reported for the ports—but don’t fear! 505Games has worked hard and made live the first bug fix patch.

This patch covers a great deal, ranging from simple save differences to improved network stability which should resolve several multiplayer issues.

For a full list, open the spoiler below:
The bug fix patch has been approved by SCEA and will be pushed out as soon as they can get it out.

Huge thanks to everyone for sending in feedback, suggestions and reporting the issues and bugs you've been experiencing.

The list is pretty huge, but the key fixes are:
• Improved network stability that should resolve several multiplayer issues where players would not be able to connect or would encounter other issues such as crashes and the game not functioning properly during multiplayer
• Time of day is now saved when exiting a game.
• Fixed Magic Missile crash/kick issue.
• Fixed that a local world could sometimes be overwritten by another player’s online world.
• Fix for clay pot placement issue.
• Fix for Vilethorn thorn glitch.
• Improved controls when in a shop user interface.
• Improved Hellforge positioning.
• Tweaked analog stick dead zones.
• Fixed crash when quitting the game with inventory on screen.
If you do not see a particular bug that you are experiencing and have reported to us, do not panic. This is the first patch to fix the critical issues along with whatever we could quickly fit in to get you all digging.
There are other issues on our list that we continue to actively correct and will let you know their status in the near future.

On top of all of this, 505Games has announced that the port will be available on European Playstation Network stores on May 15th for €14.99 / £11.99.

And that’s all from me. Hope to see you all for the next issue!

Community News/Features:

News in the community: Titles update

For those of you who are new or maybe haven’t noticed, there have been recent changes to the trophy and titles system. The system was created and is being updated by our very own moderator kirabook with the help of Loki ISP and various members of the community. The new advancement program offers points for more than just simple likes and posts. The more you are involved with the community the more things you can get points for. You can get points for making guides, maps, mods, stories, fan art, videos and more. You can also earn trophies for voting and participating in community events.
The new trophy system also will be having a nominating and voting poll for each category once per month. The nominating categories are for Best Mod, Best Sprites, Best Story, Best Tool, Best Map and Best Guide. The winners will be voted upon by the community and the winners will receive a trophy. A nomination can only win once per category, so this encourages members to make even more art, mods, etc. and expand our great community here on TO!
The title system has been updated to a terraria theme, each with different tiers. Titles now derive from the various mobs you battle on your adventures. The titles should be getting updated soon with new pictures designed by W1K for an even more Terrarian experience. Some examples of what’s to come:


Featured Builder: Rudoboy
I chose Rudoboy this week because he is relatively new to the forums yet has made a crazy amount of amazing buildings and structures in such a short time. He is a very kind builder and often helps out others with designs. Multiple creations of Rudoboy's have been used as additions to the previously featured builder PuLSe’s “The CraTeR vs. The Valley.” A creation of his is also featured in our very own daleksax's “Rising Atlantis” map.
Rudo has a lot of different designs, ranging from classic buildings to factories and mines that feel fully functional all the way to pixel art spiders and his recent 'The Overlord' (above) design, which is an abstract x-ray of the human-like face. I’m sure we’ll see more great designs from him in the future.

Be sure to check out Rudoboy's designs and current works on his thread found here.

I also got an exclusive interview with Rudoboy for this article:

Charmander27: What inspired you to become a builder on Terraria?
Rudoboy: Building was a way for me to extend the duration of Terraria when I get to obtain all items in game. I enjoyed playing a lot, so I didn't want the experience to end.
Charmander27: Where do you come up with some of your more outrageous and unique ideas such as your "Overlord" design?
Rudoboy: I am a great lover of art. I thought it would be interesting, the idea of walking through an artistic work in a video game. The design was inspired by a comic look. I love comics. In short I could say that 'The Overlord' is a mixture of my hobbies. I want to thank PuLSe for baptizing it. I'm not good at naming my creations.
Charmander27: There are massive changes that are coming to Terraria in the 1.2 update. Are you excited to use the new content to further your building? Do you plan on including the new content for future creations?
Rudoboy: Of course, I am excited to use the new content. I thought of making a creative thread again once the content is available because I think building possibilities will be increased enormously.
Charmander27: Do you use any tools, such as 3rd party programs or mods, when building?
Rudoboy: I prefer to build by hand but use TEdit when I need to move things, to re-color areas of blocks or to draw the sketch if the building is huge. Terrariform helps me to get the materials.
Charmander27: Do you have any advice or tips for new or aspiring builders?
Rudoboy: Try to build different things and practice many times. I know it sounds obvious or predictable, but I think it is the key to improvement.
Charmander27: Final question. Is there anything else you'd like to say about your building, or art style or about Terraria in general?
Rudoboy: Sure. I want to thank the entire community for the warm welcome they have given me during these five months, and to thank you for this interview. Best wishes for The Terrarian Times!


Featured Suggestion: Gesser’s Healing Gear

Gesser is a fairly well known member of the community and Terraria enthusiast. He always comes up with more ideas that could be implemented in the game, which sometimes even gets some attention from Red himself. Today I’d like to talk about his suggestions for his proposed healing gear. When I first heard about it I was pretty skeptical about it. We already have healing potions! I thought to myself. But he has created a project that is formulated to give different possibilities while playing Terraria. He has posted ideas for numerous items and even an armor set that works with healing items. If you haven't already, check out his ideas here:

Featured Art: EpicCriddle’s Cave Story+ Character Sprites

One artist that is becoming extremely popular on the forums is EpicCriddle. He does amazing sprites for people to use as avatars in the fashion of the game Cave Story. These are very well done and deserve recognition. He has done sprites for a lot of the staff as well, including even Red and Cenx! If you would like to see his work or possibly get a sprite made for yourself, check out his thread

Mod Section by Bullseye55:

In this issue of The Terrarian Times, I’m proud to present the first (of hopefully many!) segments on mod creators. Our guest today is PoroCYon.
He’s one of the less-known modders around the forums, though his mod packs have quite the gimmicks. He also works on the expansive Avalon with BlahBlahBal.
As luck would have it, I managed to get a hold of PoroCYon and we spent some time chatting about his work:

Bullseye55: What is your biggest accomplishment in modding? How do you feel about this accomplishment?
PoroCYon: Probably being a part of the tConfig team. And this interview! I really like being in the team, and made some awesome features (tConfig 0.29.9). I was really surprised that you would interview me!
Bullseye55: Do you enjoy modding? What’s your favorite part?
PoroCYon: Yes, I like it. My favourite part is making things like my Nyan Cat and Gravity Gun, those are really awesome. I also like coding cores (because I hardly ever have any ideas for content).
Bullseye55: What is the most stressful part of modding?
PoroCYon: For me, it's making sprites. I HATE it. And I fail at making those. But for the coding part, I dislike making AIs, or tweaking everything for hours to make it look good (I'm not a perfectionist...). And, in general, debugging. It's hard to find and solve bugs in mods.
Bullseye55: If you had the authority to work on any mod you wanted to, and the knowledge, what would that mod be?
PoroCYon: Good question... Probably the use of shaders and creating something with that, but I have no idea what. Aside from modding, I want to create a game! (But I don't have any inspiration.)
Bullseye55: What advice would you give to both future and current modders?
PoroCYon: Another hard question. Future modders, have fun modding! (Not really advice but meh…) And to the current modders: keep modding!

** ** **
Poro’s mod packs have a variety of features, including but not limited to:
—A mountable Nyan Cat! This also includes an API for mod coders allowing you to make your own mountable NPCs!
—Fireworks and a flashlight. Self-explanatory, though modders could learn from this.
—An auto-targeting system. Handy in Player Versus Player (PvP) matches.
—True Invisibility. Now you, your armor and your wings are invisible. Also useful: NPCs won’t attack you on sight!
—The Recreated Gravity Gun! This weapon can really affect how you play, being such a nifty tool. Find out its uses for yourself!
You can find his mod packs here. Be sure to congratulate him for his feature and his work!

** ** **​
Now onto our sub-feature: Terrarian Avalon, by BlahBlahBal and PoroCYon.
This mod is highly diversified, including a very wide array of NPCs, items and tiles. You’ll find several handy things, making it, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable experiences.

You can download Avalon here. Make sure to thank Poro and Blah for all they do to give you quality content.

** ** **
Well, that’s the end of this segment of Terrarian Modding Reviews. Hope you liked it, maybe even learned about something you’d like to try.

Thanks for reading!
** ** **​
Follow PoroCYonon these:

** ** **
—If you’d like to nominate a person for modding, let me know through a private message.
—Nominees must satisfy these requirements:
1. S/he must own a semi-popular mod with quality, enjoyable content.
2. S/he must be active in the community.

Thoughts and Opinions on 1.2 and the Console Port.

And before I start “columnizing” or whatever you wish to call this, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Daleksax, columnist for The Terrarian Times, and glad to be on board for the ride. I am here to write and discuss my opinions on a variety of things, from game buzz to community news; whether you believe I’m right or wrong is up to you.
Along with a good number of other Terrarians, I’ve begun to get hyped over the 1.2 update for PC to be released in upcoming months. It was more than a pleasant surprise to hear lead developer Redigit was returning to work after about a year long hiatus for personal reasons, and since his return he’s delivered a fair amount of spoilers. New to the team are AaronC, Jimmarn, Phlebas and Waffles, spriters who have been doing an amazing job at both continuing the same Terraria feel we know and love while adding their own flavor to the game.
What I feel we haven’t seen so far is anything to do with either improved game mechanics or overall progression. I assume we won’t see much until a couple weeks before the update is live—and it’s always possible we won’t be shown any until the launch, which I would prefer, because I love the surprise of discovery without a spoiler, well, spoiling things.

Of course, with news of 1.2 came the inevitable question: “will it also be coming to 505’s console ports?” Even though we still don’t know the answer, I feel there’s no reason why console users shouldn’t get the new content as well. If the ports receive the 1.2 update, we’d have less to worry about regarding the divide in the community over the consoles’ “new” content—content which, I have to say, I’m not a big fan of. Keeping these two communities on even ground is the best way of relieving tension between them: if both have the same content, then newcomers won’t have to choose which version to purchase based on what’s available in-game; instead, their choice will be influenced by platform preference. Alas, only Redigit and 505 have final say on the matter…

Comic Strips

by Stackerzgame (click on the picture to view the whole comic)

by ibowser123

Random User Interview: Pickred

Hello! I am Dark Fire Wolf and I do random articles for The Terrarian Times on behalf of the great Mr. Mystery. He is great. And majestic.
(The above introduction was written by Mr. Mystery)

Today I will be interviewing our very own Terraria Online member, Pickred!

Dark Fire Wolf: So Pickred, tell us why you bought Terraria or joined the forums.

Pickred: The reason why I got Terraria was because back when PBat did videos of it, I was drawn to the game as it seemed such a fun experience, compared with when I played Minecraft or Combat Arms, which are now either dying or the community helping it stay together. Though if anyone from Combat Arms sees this then know I am known as Intel Giver. I am quite famous among the community even if the company that runs the game hates me.

Dark Fire Wolf: I haven't heard from PBat for ages! Glad to see I’m not the only one pulled in by him. Kinda sucks to be hated by a company, but there’s always someone there that wouldn’t hate ya.
Right then, lets get started with the questions, yes?
As a player of Terraria, what do you think is the best all around mob and would you have it as a pet?

Pickred: I would say the best mob would have to be the unicorn as I myself am a Brony and will be for a long time. I would be so happy with a unicorn pet as then I can take my pony in to battle shouting out "FOR PONY!" as my battle cry.

Dark Fire Wolf: Quick! A pie transforming waffle thingy is flying towards you. What do you do?

Pickred: *Pulls out his bass cannon* This is nothing special but my BASS CANNON! *Pie transforming waffle faints* 9001 damage. "Its super effective!”

Dark Fire Wolf: The dungeon guardian, anything you would change/add/just say about it?

Pickred: The dungeon guardian is an interesting mob, to say the least. I like the overall protectiveness it gives off, protecting its weak brethren within their homes from this brutal murderer from entering the fortress of awesomeness. Though if I were to change anything about the guardian, maybe make it so that it flies slower and also maybe make it drop some awesome Easter eggs, like a special armor or maybe like Redigit’s personal armor (if he ever had any) or maybe the old dev weapon that was made but removed in future versions.

Dark Fire Wolf: We just had that contest for the new Terraria music, and I found the top three entries great. What did you think about them?

Pickred: The contest that Plug.DJ hosted was amazing and was better then we could have ever imagined! For me, all the entries were amazing. Each one had its own flare and style which another one didn't.
Though I wish there were some other styles used such as house, classical and chill music as I find Terraria missing in the region. I also wished there were some parodies as other game communities make for their games.

Dark Fire Wolf: What's your favorite kind of pie?

Pickred: Well, to be honest, I don't like pie much. Though if I were forced to eat a kind I would would eat chocolate pie.

Dark Fire Wolf: Terraria has so many (in-game mods) mods. Which is your favorite mod, if any?

Pickred: I currently enjoy The Hellish Hardmode as I am part of making some of the sprites for it. Also, I might take a look into your world under the right housing conditions.

Dark Fire Wolf: When you're not playing Terraria, what other games do you play?

Pickred: Currently I don't play many games because of my broken headset, though I do play Minecraft and Combat Arms NA when I feel like it (but I don't play Combat Arms EU).
Though I do currently play Terraria and Social Games on my phone (Galaxy S2). They are Defender Of Texel and Balloons Tower Defense 5.

Dark Fire Wolf: And the last question for this issue: should Redigit add more food based items to Terraria? (I wasn’t hungry when I asked this.)

Pickred: I think Redigit should add some food but not as a hunger system as that is kind of hard to manage in a 2D game. Though some food to restore Mana (Star Fruit) and Health (Heart Fruit) would be awesome.

Thank you everyone for reading!
~Dark Fire Wolf

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AaronC: “Art feature” icon
Mr. Mystery: “Featured modder” icon

Closing Comments:
Thank you all for reading!
I really enjoyed making this Issue with the new team, so I hope you all enjoyed reading it. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to post here or PM me. If you want to suggest a “community quote” PM me aswell.
Note: This Issue was very long. Following Issues will be shorter and be posted more frquently.
Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!
~Mr. Mystery
Previous Terrarian Times:
{Issue 7}
{Issue 6}
{Issue 5}
{Issue 4}
{Issue 3}
{Issue 2 N/A}
{Issue 1}
{Original Introduction Thread}


The Mysterious One

Hello all, welcome to the official Terraria Online newspaper! If you're new to The Terrarian Times, we do interviews, reviews, various features on fan made content, and much more! The TT (Terrarian Times) was a project originally started by TheEimas who is, sadly, inactive on TO. We, the Terraria Online Alliance and the community continued this project. The Terrarian Times is a community based project which means that we need YOU to help, from interviews to just having a good eye for art, you can help! Please PM me if you want be involved. So, without further ado, here you go! Please enjoy. ~Mr. Mystery​

Latest Forum News:
The new holiday contest is out! Join now!

There is another contest to! Hurry before it ends!​


Check out MacManLtd's Youtube Channel! He does play-throughs of various, maps, mods and more!


Today we are doing a interview/review on W1k's amazing modpacks.
Click the link in the image above to visit it!
Check out this amazing interview by me:​
Me: So, where did you get the inspiration to make you mod packs? Tell us the story of how "W1K's mods" came to be.

W1K: Everything started one day while playing Terraria with my italian gaming community. I went on TO one day (I wasn't a member at that time) I saw tConfig. After some time, I started a project on my my community's forum about a simple modpack including items from the community's ideas.
W1K: We had also a pretty nice playthrough after like a month of development. The modpack was called PGOW Mod at that time (the community's name) and didn't included much.
W1K: I had some bosses requests after some time, and joined TO to get some help from the main thread. I worked a lot on my first AI at that time after a lot of tConfig releases (custom npcs were broken on MP at that time). With some help by surfpup himself, I made my first boss (Rathalos, probably the first boss ever made for tConfig) and after some work, I released the modpack again, on TO, under the name of W1K's modpack.
W1K: When I started getting a decent ammount of contents, the modpack was split into the small packs you can see today. I left the modding scene for like a month, but when I came back, I started working on the Mini Mods section of my Modpacks too.
W1K guy.: And this is pretty much the story of my modpack.

Me: Where did you learn to code?

W1K: It was long time ago. I started with small Game Maker projects then went on with pwn, for San Andreas Multiplayer's Game Modes codes. That's pretty much where I learned. I have pretty much like 5 years experience with pwn (never studied anything, everything learned from trial and error) and so, learning C# didn't took much time.

Me: Do you do any spriting as well as coding?

W1K: Nope, I hardly sprite. The only things I'm capable of are small edits or recolors. I'm the coder in my great project. It's easy to notice how many contents are taken from different spriters.

Me: Exactly how many people did you have working on this project?

W1K: That's a good question, my credits list on the modpack's thread pretty much credits them all. Most of the help surely came out by my main spriters, Zeno (the one who helped me at the time where my mod wasn't on TO yet) and Zoodletec. They did most of the sprites for my modpack. I also took some help with codes from Yoraiz0r, who helped me a lot with global codes knowledge. He was essential in the creation of my major MiniMods, the Position Saver and the Hunger System.

Me: What advice/comments to you have to give to aspiring coders/modders?

W1K: Experience comes by practicing, don't go too fast or you'll just fall from the ledge. Basically never do too much, or you'll just get bored faster. A lot of people take modding as an hobby and if you have fun in your job, it comes out pretty simpler.

Me: Thank you!
This amazing review was made by W1K's good friend, Alkemy who is amazing and started the Italian Terraria Community.

Everything started in a small community, fans of one of the most creative and entertaining indie: Terraria!
After ending all together this awesome game we asked ourselves: "why limit ourselves to play with these items and equipment while we have a huge world full of materials?" and so Wik showed up with his great idea of slowly building up a MOD with our help.
With the passage of time, between disagreements and missing collectivism in our group, Wik didn't gave up and decided to continue the MOD's project searching for help on a forum. (TerrariaOnline)
After some time, the mod started to "get a form" and ideas continued to come up, so we decided to finally release it officially and try it on a private server managed directly by Wik. At first, like normally happens with Beta versions, there was a lot to fix up but slowly with great will, Wik, with the help of his brother, finally realized his project, gifting way more fun inside Terraria!


I would like to start with describing the graphics part of the mod, which presents a lot of really well done sprites that fits perfectly with the game's original graphics.
I was personally really impressed by sprites referring to Warhammer 40k, precisely the Terminator armor and the heavy weapons like the famous Requiem or Bolter (from with I have never been separated).
About bosses, I can't help but mention the one, graphically talking, that mostly impressed me: Ridley, a flying monster really well done reference to Metroid's world that everyone knows.


The music part of the game wasn't edited by the MOD. Most of the weapon's sounds are taken from other equipment already in Terraria.
Like the StarStorm that makes the same sound as used Stars. Another example is the famous Chainsword, made really realistic using the same sound as the Chainsaw.
Only a boss in the MOD have modified sounds and I hope that there will be more in the future.

Game play

It can be said that the MOD perfectly fits into the game's original levels, as it has changes pretty well balanced with the rest of the equipment created by Terraria's developers.
By this we mean that every damage, armor, bonuses and more values are expressly studied to not unbalance anything, neither on PvP mode.

Regarding bugs, I can say there's still some work to do regarding some bosses, which can become really annoying in some cases! I particularly refer to the final boss, Okiku. A boss really nice and original for its 3 forms, different during the fight, each with different form and powers... that on multiplayer mode, however, once reached the last evolution, it becomes really annoying and confusing because of numerous errors in its script.

The MOD's additions are easy enough to understand and manage. Though, we need to say it, the creation of a Wiki would certainly not hurt!

Concluding I can say that the MOD itself really satisfied my expectations and, yeah, it has also exceeded them! I would suggest to try it to everyone who wants to have fun in Terraria without going too much from the game's mechanics themselves.


Here we have AyeAye12 reviewing a a fan-made story called Terrarian and an interview with it's author, StoryPasta2.
Read it here!​
ME: Hello, StoryPasta2. Let's start with your first story, Terrarian. Other than the video Minecrafitan (
), what other inspirations did you have for your story?

SP2: I was also sparked by a thought of a crazy worst case scenario of a meteor crash.

ME: Haha, well something like that would spark off something in anybody's mind!

So, what other authors do you use as an inspiration? (from the forums and the real world)

SP2: Basically, the whole post-apocalyptic part was inspired by Suzanne Collins, Author of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I forgot who wrote the idea of "Life After People" that showed on the history channel, but that was also an inspiration.

ME: Do you have any other Terrarian novel ideas?

SP2: Novels related to Terraria? Oh, I have lots of them...and I might start one totally unrelated to the Terrarian Trilogy. Yes, Terrarian, Skyrarria, and one other story about Kevin arriving home to find the island chain is in imbalance...again.

ME: I can't wait to read them! One last question; what hints would you give to new Terraria writers?

SP2: I would say to keep writing, even if nobody is reading. You will eventually get a huge audience if you keep writing!

ME: Thank you for the interview!

SP2: Your welcome ^_^
Now read this review by AyeAye12!
The Terrarian Story Section is a vast labyrinth of threads.
Each story, a corner, leads to a world. Some are dangerously terrible, enough to irritate you to death. Others are priceless gems, and are known throughout the land.
One such corner is Terrarian. This story isn’t popular, yet it doesn't hurt to read and the story is one that is quite intriguing.
The story is inspired by the Minecraft short film Minecraftian, which can be seen here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMH37fuBv50&list=UU1x87wB-eRTZxvjXTgVPtcg&index=2&feature=plcp

The story starts with the main character, Kevin, and his adventures through a world which has been ruined a corrupt meteor. The premise is a lot more original than other “Wake-Up” stories, although I should note that if it is to be set a few thousand years after the prologue there really shouldn’t be corpses left…

Chapters are snappy, which is a very refreshing new thing. Sorry, Garneac, but however wonderful The Dreamer and The God is it’s always nice to have a break.
The plot also goes at quite a fast pace, which is a bit of a double edged sword. Although this means it is quite tense and makes you eagerly await the next chapter, it means it can leave you a bit blind if you’re not paying attention.

If I was a cynical twit, I could say grammar could be brushed up a little, and titles could be made more important by adding capitals. But I’m just pernickety.
So, in conclusion: this is a little, fun gem which won’t take long to read, but is great fun. If you don’t have much time, or are eagerly awaiting the next update of A Reluctant Terrarian, then this is for you.
There is also a sequel, Skyrarria, which you should read as well. I haven’t, which is why you should!

I give Terrarian 3.5/5 AyeAye heads!


Endling's Suggestions/Boss Art!
These may be a little old, and since Red isn't here, they'll never be officially integrated, but they are still awesome and deserve recognition!


Participate in some meme making!
Check these nice art threads!
Avatar of the Week!


Here we have a nice interview by me to an awesome builder named Eldoro! Check his buildings in the link on the image above!​
Me - So, Eldo, do you use any tools (3rd party apps, mods, textures, etc) when building?
Eldo - I usually use Buildaria for small buildings ( I'm a bit lazy about digging all the materials and those things), but for big buildings I use TEdit so I can make big advances with less time.

Me - Awesome! So, what other games do you enjoy building in?
Eldo - Well it isn't really the same as a game, but my first game with building or spriting was RPGMaker. I made some games with my friends and others with a fantasy theme. Also I played LittleBigPlanet on PSP, made some crazy machines in there...like zeppelins, hovercrafts, airships and a lot of maps.

Me - Nice! Now, if Terraria would get it's final bug fix, what would you want to see in it?
Eldo - -Hmmm, I would like to see a lot of things...hmm..but I'll choose more wires and more devices, I mean who doesn't want to build a working elevator for their big base/house for example?

Me - What advice/comments would you give to aspiring builders?
Eldo - I always say the same about this subject : "Practice, practice and more practice!" Build thousands of things, houses, bases, ships, cars, monsters etc... maybe your first one'll not be good or amazing but the next ones will be better. If someone saw my thread some months ago there were screenshots about my first buildings and...well...they were very simple but I continued building a lot of different things and now I'm having an interview and feature on the TTT!.

Me - Am I a good interviewer/papermaker?
Eldo - Hehehehe :p Yeah, there were good and direct questions and I like to check out the Terrarian Times to know about different members of this great community :D! I really like your work so keep it going ! ^__^
Eldo would like everyone to know that even though he's inactive now (with IRL stuff) he'll be back soon! He'd also like to thank the Crater Team, because he keeps playing this game because of them, and everyone else who likes his work!

Be sure to visit his thread in the link above!

Interview with W1K and Eldo - Me
Advertisements - Me
Art Feature - Me
Video Feature - Me
Icons on video feature thing - Me
Review and Interview with StoryPasta2 - AyeAye12
Review with W1k - Alkemy
Those little icons on the art feature thing - Eikester

W1K's Modpacks: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/wip-w1ks-modpacks-tconfig.76101/
Eldo's Construction Company: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/eldo´s-construction-company.53376/
Terrarian: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terrarian.85693/
Elding's Boss Art: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/ends-boss-concept-gallery-suggestatorium.19379/
MacMan Games Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MacManGames

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The Mysterious One


Hello all, welcome to the official Terraria Online newspaper! If you're new to The Terrarian Times, we do interviews, reviews, various features on fan made content, and much more! The TT (Terrarian Times) was a project originally started by TheEimas who is, sadly, inactive on TO. We, the Terraria Online Alliance and the community continued this project. The Terrarian Times is a community based project which means that we need YOU to help, from interviews to just having a good eye for art, you can help! Please PM me if you want be involved. So, without further ado, here you go! Please enjoy. ~Mr. Mystery​

Latest Forum News:
Long time admin and community writer, confuzzledyma, has either retired, or is taking a long break! She has helped this forum so much and we thank her and wish her the best in the other projects she is taking up offsite! Have a good one Amy!​

No news from Redigit yet on his big project yet. The loyal community continues to be patient. We're still waiting!​

Welcome to the Trap of the Week with rangerofthewest! With the addition of new members to the team, I have given up my position as mod writer to write about traps and fun wiring components. Today's article will be about "The One Time Switch.", designed by me, rangerofthewest It works fantastically, and can be used for several things.
Ingredient List
1 Bird Statue
2 Pressure Plates
2 Dart Traps
1 Inactive Stone Block
1 Active Stone Block
26 (you can do it with 18, however it is easier with 26) of any block (except Active/Inactive Stone)
18 Wire
1 Lever
Your finished product will look like this:

With the wires:

Now we discuss the various components. First, let's look at what makes the switch "One-Time." The only way to open the closed gate (the gate on the right), is the pressure plate on the left. But the pressure plate on the right doesn't open the gate on the left. That is the reason it is one time.

To wire your one time switch, use the wire on the left. This is the wire that is activated once. There are various uses for this, but mostly in maps to play.

Thank-you for reading the Trap of the Week (TotW) section with rangerofthewest! In the next volume of The Terrarian Times, we will cover is one I call "The Torchwood Trap", as you'll find out why! Till next time!

By ClockweRk
Everybody knows that you can die very, very, easy in the Dungeon when you are not in hard mode. So this is why that we will give some tip to make you survival rate higher and having the max fun instead of running all the way back to the Dungeon whenever you die.​

The safe zone: You know, you can run out of Health quick so, the little ''useless'' room has a great use. You can lock yourself in so these cursed skeleton can't hit you and you regenerate health. The mages will not be a problem because you can destroy their incoming projectiles and the cursed skull may be your only problem.
Me and my friend Possion241 have just made a Moneymaker but I don't know if it's already been posted. Here's what it looks like.​

It can produce 4g under 30 sec. Click to resize it to see better. Not my bad if Brimst was here to block the view.​


Today we have an interview with Hippo, about a mod he worked on with Super Weegee1, Mudkips, SamothUpaw, vPixel, Bringster, and guitar808. The Dream Mod is a collaboration of random awesome things thought up by awesome people. Here is an interview with Wigglesniff and Hippo:​

What inspired you to get some guys together and create a mod?


1.1 had just come out, and I was excited. MILLIONS of new stuff to do. Wiring, bosses, loot galore! But in about a month, I had already done millions of stuff. (Yes, it's possible.) So I wanted to try out some mods. Most of the mods were cool, but non adapted to stuff we had in hardmode yet. So I thought to myself, instead of waiting for these people to updater their mods, why not make my own mod? And that's how Dream came to be.


What has helped you the most to continue on the mod, rather than just adding in a couple of things that fit your extra-hardmode needs?


My biggest supporters have definitely been Mudkips and SamothUpaw, the two spriters. (Hoping to get you guys some recognition!) They were spriting like magicians really, answering when I called. Our modder left about a month ago, and Dream has sort of shut down, but there's a rumor Mudkips is still spriting. That is some serious dedication right there.


Do you plan to start any other mods, or keep everything inside dream?


I'd prefer to keep that a secret, if you don't mind.


Haha, exciting!! What can you tell us about your modding future? Will you definitely continue

modding in some form?


One thing I know for sure: I WILL continue modding. I might do some more Terraria modding, might do some MC modding, (I play Terraria MUCH more don't worry!) and I hope to be Starbound's first modder. Be on the lookout for Hippo in the future. I just love modding, being able to take something that someone else made, and putting your own personal twist on it. It's amazing that other people can play what you have created. It's really cool.


Well, thank you Hippo for your time and good luck in the future!!


The Story of Red Cloud Review
Map By: Tim Hjersted
Review By: MortalKomic​
I have played a couple adventure maps in my day, some good, others not so much. After playing this Adventure Map/Mod I have re-evaluated how I look at these. The Story of Red Cloud to say it simply is insanely huge. This map has several, if not a dozen dungeons, all with extra paths that either link together as you progress and unlock new areas, or just gives you more loot. This map will take several hours to complete, and the creator self-proclaims it to be 15-20 hours long. The dungeons all have their distinct feel look, and a lot of effort was clearly put into them.

When I mentioned the extra paths in the dungeons having loot, you better go for that extra items and armor because this is not for the faint of heart. I would even go as far to say that if your a casual player, this might not be for you. On the other hand if difficulty is your middle name, you'll revel at the many boss battles and enemies, but you will also groan due to annoyance. Most of the dungeons have buttons that have traps or release enemies. This is no big deal generally and triggering one is usually your fault, usually. See, many times monsters will step on these traps, sending poison arrows towards you, and it's even worse when they hit the button off camera. This isn't necessarily the maps,or the mods, fault, but it lead to many cheap deaths, which is worth noting. Despite random arrows of death coming towards you sometimes, the platforming is still pretty fun.

Regarding how the mods are, they are basically awesome and just enhance the map. With the double wield mod acting as a god send when facing against many enemies, the mod that really changes up the game is the Red Cloud Mod. Obviously the mod was made specifically for the map,and adds so much to the game. It adds the Demon Souls element of Dark Souls, which acts as experience points to level up items and create new accessories. There are also new enemy types, which can mix up game play. Pretty much, the mods create a completely different game from the normal Terraria, not to mention the amazing custom music that comes with the mod. I would literally use the mods just to play a new map, because they are just that fun to mess around with and experiment.

Something I also think is done quite well is the story. While it was quite lame at first, just another family killed by goblins, it started to expand. There were also bits of mythology in the story, like a quick story about Hermes fighting a Obsidian God. Don't get me wrong however, the story isn't Shakespeare but, it does it's job sending Red from dungeon to dungeon, biome to biome. While the story is fine, it also does it's job setting up cool set-moments. Basically the story is okay.

Overall, this is a great Adventure Map/Mod that delivers in ways unimaginable, big dungeons, new weapons, accessories, and enemies. Despite my small gripes and problems with the The Story of the Red Cloud, this is worth the download, especially because it's still being worked on and adding new things to the over 200 new items.
I give it 4.5/5 Trees.


When you first start to read A New Existence, by Xeno, you would probably groan in despair.
“Oh great,” you would exclaim. “Another story about some guy waking up in Terraria!”
However, if you delve deeper than this cliché fact, then you will find an entertaining story laced with humour, mystery and good writing.
The way the story starts is interesting in its own way;​

" Hello. So you've decided to know how I began my journey eh? I began it much like everyone else does. By waking in our world. The world that I, along with all of you inhabit. The world of Terraria. We all remember that moment. Waking up, wondering where we were, how to get home, why we didn't remember even having a home. We all did this, it was our reaction. We had no idea what was going on. Where did our random existence come from? Still we know nothing more than we did then. Still, we wonder. Still we know only our identity. Mine, is Xeno"

Not only does it bring the character into the story easily, it also subtly breaks the 4th Wall. It references other “Wake-Up” stories that have predeceased it, and admits that the story itself is not built on the most original of ideas.

The next line after that also makes me chuckle a bit;

"After around an hour of me freaking out over this petunia style instant existence and me busting my lip by tripping over a rock, I was able to calm down enough to assess the situation"

This reminds me a lot of my frantic confusion when I first played the game, as I hoped to stumble on to the button which allowed me to speak to the Guide.
Humour continues throughout the story, which I find very welcome. I will not post every single line that makes me grin, but trust me, this is quite funny.

The Guide is an important character as well, who is portrayed in a positive light. Because, let’s face it, seeing a guide who acts like a troll and is a total jerk gets very boring.
On the other hand, he is exactly like the guide: knowledgeable, kind, friendly…and hopeless in a fight.
I like him.
Talking of the guide, there are a small variety of characters that have been presented in the story: Fasha, a mysterious mage; Danson, a shady arms dealer; and the Dryad; a tree spirit that hasn’t been introduced yet, but will become a lot more important further on in the story, I assure you.

At the end of Chapter 7, the latest one (at time of writing), there is a cliff-hanger that you should be eagerly awaiting for.
Of course, you have to first start reading it.
So, what are you doing? Go read it!
A New Existence is a very good Terraria fan fiction, which is one of the very few that I actually read; chapter by chapter. It had me grinning, on the edge of my seat and impressed.
I give A New Existence 4/5 Popsicles!


The Creation Compendium! If you think you're good at building and want to show of your creations take a look here! Every week there are different themes for your creations!

The Terraria Online Alliance! Wanna make Terraria Online a better place? Join this group. You can make a difference!

Long-time roleplaying server "The Legend of Anthia" is one of the few servers still online today. If you enjoy roleplaying or never tried it before, start here!

Rangerofthewest for the TotW!
Wigglesniff for mod interview!
ClockweRk for the Tips And Tricks section!
MortalKomic for his review on The Story of Red Cloud!
AyeAye12 for his review on A New Existence!
Devilbro for the logos!​

Closing Comments:
Thank you all for reading and helping!

I plan on creating an "Ask __" Section of the paper. What it basically is, is you guys send me questions, I choose one, and give it to the anonymous person. They answer and I put the mystery person and the answer in the next issue. These questions must pertain to Terraria and this forum. Also, if someone would be willing to create a newspaper format and paste the articles in it that would be great! If you have any suggestions, please tell me! Feedback is welcome!

Previous Issues:
And that's the way the cookie crumbles, folks!


The Mysterious One

Hello all, welcome to the official Terraria Online newspaper! If you're new to The Terrarian Times, we do interviews, reviews, various features on fan made content, and much more! The TT (Terrarian Times) was a project originally started by TheEimas who is, sadly, inactive on TO. We, the Terraria Online Alliance and the community continued this project. The Terrarian Times is a community based project which means that we need YOU to help, from interviews to just having a good eye for art, you can help! Please PM me if you want be involved. So, without further ado, here you go! Please enjoy. ~Mr. Mystery​

Latest Forum News:
Five new moderators were selected after several veteran mods retired. >Thread<
This just in, Redigit loves Diablo III! >Post<​

Features and Interviews!

First off we have rangerofthewest, talking to Surfpups about the mod of mods, t-Config!
Q: What inspired you to create this mod?

A: I suppose it was a combination of two things. First of all, the process of creating a mod for Terraria the "normal" way is difficult, especially for the general public. The original idea was to make it easy to modify parameters, like how much damage a weapon can do - doing something as simple as changing a few numbers should not involve decompiling an assembly, finding the right line of code in thousands of lines, making the change, and recompiling - instead, you modify a text file. Of course, tConfig has a lot more features now, and it continues to make modding easier for many people.
The second factor is that I simply enjoy programming and at the time I had just discovered how to play around with Terraria's code. It was a great way to learn C# (the programming language Terraria is written in) and has been a fun project.

Q: Do you have any ideas as to if you are going to make another mod?

A: I have thrown around a few ideas for Terraria mods, which I might work on at some point, but there's no guarantee that I will. All of the mods that I make are made using tConfig (such as Deathmatch PVP, The Portal Mod, etc), and making them usually helps me to discover flaws in tConfig, as well as showing off what tConfig is capable of. In general, though, improving tConfig is a higher priority than making other mods.

Q: What's the next addition you are going to make to TConfig?

A: It's hard to say for sure at the moment, but the To-Do List on the tConfig Wiki should give everyone a pretty good idea of what is to come. Sometimes I take care of things on that list, and sometimes I end up working on other useful features that modders ask me to do. I can almost guarantee that the next update will have a much greater tile limit. This feature, and others, are already available in the Beta release. It has not been released normally yet because altering the tile limit is something that should be extensively tested.

Q: When can we expect another update?

A: I'm not sure! These last few weeks I've been busy with exams, Diablo 3, and a job. It is refreshing to take a break from working on tConfig every now and then, but I'll never abandon it.

Q: Do you have any tips for aspiring coders?

A: Getting to be good at programming just takes a lot of practice! Think of some fun projects to work on, and don't be afraid to ask others for help if you get stuck. It also doesn't hurt to go to college and take some Computer Science courses, but I can understand if that's not an option.

Q: What are your plans for the future in coding?

A: Right now I've got a web development job, so I'm having fun with PHP again for the first time in years. I hope to develop my own videogame at some point in the future, but that could be years from now - it just takes so much time (and persistence!) to do. It's also possible that I'll get involved with modding another game.

Note from the Author (rangerofthewest): I quote from Surfpup "I'd like to point out that if Terraria becomes open-source, I'll open-source TConfig too"​

Thank-you for reading this issue's exclusive interview with Surfpup!​

Hero's Quest T was quite the adventure, short, but still worth the play. Hero's Quest T offers the player an unique scoring system using wires, a simple story and multi player support up to two players!

Hero's Quest T offers an amazing experience to players who are not familiar with the adventure map scene, which is what made it perfect for myself. Quick easy story, side quests and even a boss battle. However, for those avid adventure map players, Hero's Quest T may not be the most ideal map for you to be playing as it is not as complex as many other adventure maps. Though, it did contain a few parts of the story where as I died over and over.

All in all, Hero's Quest T - Adventures In Terraria was a great experience for myself being a total noob when it comes to Terraria. Also, as a first attempt at creating a map, ColdFusionGaming did quite a good job! I recommend this map to those players looking for an easier, slower paced map or to those who would rather start out with a short and easy adventure map.

I give it 4 creamsicles out of 5.

Now for an interview with Enzym by AyeAye12! The Creation Compendium veteran! His buildings always catch my eye! An archive of his “Epic Creations” can be found here!
ME: Hello, Enzym. Let's start by talking about your main talent, building. How long does it take to make one creation, on average?

EZ:It depend on the size and the detail of the creation and yes my mood too.. On average it usually takes about 4-5 hours building in game and using TEdit.
And Some time it takes 1-2 day like my entry on cartoon.

ME:Wow! It would take me weeks to create something like your creations!

So,when did you start getting interested in building in Terraria? Why not Minecraft?

EZ:I started building on terraria after I see the CC about medieval castle though, I didn't finish my castle in time...
And after receiving a lot of likes on my Pirate ship, I decided that I will join on every CC.
Why not minecraft?? Its all because of Yrimir

P.S. I also play minecraft and I like both minecraft and terraria.

ME: So, is there any advice you would give any budding builders out there? (Like me

EZ: Uhhmmm... This is what I do when I’m making my CC entries.
1."Google is my best friend", I search the internet for images that I can use as reference.(its always good to have so reference image.)
2. If possible, I choose to make things that I like, For example my favorite Anime,Video games, Movies, etc. This allow me to be motivated and Enjoy while building.
3. And last, Don't be afraid or be shy to ask for help on the forum, There are many people here that is willing to help you.

ME: And finally, what have you making for the Steampunk Creation Compendium?

EZ:After browsing the internet, I decided to make a Flying ship...

ME: Thank you for answering my questions, Enzym!

Community Talk!

Random User Interview!
Here we interview a random forum user on the current state of Terraria and Terraria Online! What’s your opinion?
Today we have moderator Twi interviewing prominent forum member and Terrarian Paranσid!​
Twi: Hello Paranoid.

I'm Twi, and I would like to ask if I could have permission to interview you for the Terrarian Times. The subject would be the current state of TO.

Paranσid: Well, this will be interesting. Go ahead!

Question 1: How do you feel about the community in a whole?

Answer: The community is a place filled with different kinds of people.
The majority of which are just fine.
Some annoy me. Meh.

So, I feel that this community, as a whole, is probably one of the best you could find.

Question 2: Do you feel as if since Redigit’s decision to terminate the development of Terraria, Terraria Online is dying?

Answer: When Redigit officially canceled the development of Terraria, he removed hope of another update.

This caused some players to just up and leave...but many stay around, on servers.
I can't say Terraria Online is dying, but it is losing member count.

Question 3: Do you feel that the decreasing member count will be a good thing? Less activity, but closer friendships, etc?

Answer: No. I like more people.

Question 4: If you could do one thing to change Terraria Online. What would it be?

Answer: Change the people to more tolerant ones.


Join the Mechanics III today! Only 9.99 free!

Wires, wires, and more wires!​

Good Member Feature:
A new section of this newspaper where we will point out people who are trying to make the TO Forums a better place.​
TheEimas: The person who started it all! TheEimas had the brilliant idea to start this newspaper and it continues on today! He started The Terrarian Times a year ago and thanks to him, here we are! So from me, and all of the community, thank you! You’re awesome! ~Mr. Mystery

Closing Comments--
Thank you all for reading! Again, if you wish to help PM me or post something on my profile!
Thanks to the TOA and the people listed below:
rangerofthewest for his interview with Surfpups about his mod: t-Config.
Twi for his map feature on ColdFusionGaming's "Hero's Quest" and interview with Paranoid.
AyeAye12 for his interview with Enzym.
Devilbro for the awesome logo.​

Thanks for reading!
And that's the way the cookie crumbles folks!


The Mysterious One

Latest News

♦Redigit has ended development of Terraria. He's promised one last bug fix, but then he's going to enjoy time off with his family. He has hinted at a new game, and we at Terraria Times wish him luck with both his new child and new project.​

Today we bring you four interviews with: Obselescence, AyeAye12, Anti-Positive and Garneac. All of them are great writers. Enjoy.​

Us: Obselescence, you are most well known for your fan-fic, Ladder to the Sky. What inspired you to write this adventure?

Obselescence: Wouldn't say I'm most known for that. Partially because it never finished, and partially because I think The Chronicles of Gandalf ended up getting more of a reception. But sure.

Ladder to the Sky was actually a joint idea I had with a dude named Zerovirus (who is also an amazing spriter). We really liked the Terraria and said "Hey, you know what? Let's write a backstory for this crazy thing!"

So we came up with a mythos of sorts, that explained a lot of stuff Terraria never actually explained.
And then we looked at our mythos and basically said, "Okay. Let's write a story to this."

Us: Okay then. Why did you stop writing the fanfic? Was it because of the lack of an audience, or because Zerovirus backed out, or another reason?

Obselescence: It's a bit of all of the above, really.

I don't think we were ever really happy with the sort of audience TO has for storytelling. A lot of the responses we got felt sort of shallow ("This is great. Make more, please."), and we ended up realizing pretty quickly that we were writing for the same sort of people who considered The Life of a Slime a great work. We weren't really motivated to keep going when we realized that even if we wrote total garbage, we would have had people telling us it was great and that we should keep going.

So that was part of it. I think Zero lost interest mostly for that reason, and the effort just kind of came tumbling down from that point.

Which was a bit of a shame, I guess.

Us: I know how you feel, I feel I don't get enough criticism on my stories either...Talking of Life of A Slime, that brings me on to another topic. Some people see you as a "grammer nazi" and despise you for hating Life of A Slime.What was your reaction when you learned that it got a feature?

Obselescence: I was honestly pretty surprised. Life of a Slime is a bad story in so many ways (and pretty much anybody of decent literary merit would be quick to say so). The characters are completely cardboard and have no names, the grammar gets so bad it's actually hilarious, and the plot is essentially nonexistent... Which is only just getting started.

I guess what surprised me is that it got a feature in the first place. I understood pretty well that it had a following on TO -- though I have no idea why -- but I'd always been under the impression that TO features were subject to quality control in some way.

That is, I'd expected to see whoever was in charge of features look at the story, say "lol no," and refuse to put something like that up on the front page.

But it didn't happen, and I think it was pretty embarrassing that TO featured a story with grammar unacceptable in third grade.

Us: But do you think it was a good concept? Telling a story from the eyes of a slime? (Well, not eyes, but you know what I mean.)

Obselescence: "Telling a story from the eyes of a slime" is a workable concept, but it really does depend on how well the story is written. A lot of great concepts get ruined by poor execution, and sometimes even bad concepts are salvaged by solid writing.
Us: You are also on the front of a new type of Terraria story; non fictional accounts of your gameplay of Terraria. Your most recent one is about Gandalf using nothing but magic. Why did you make these, and were they more successful than Ladder to The Sky?

Obselescence: I did Gandalf because, well, it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. That was really about all there was to it.

I might have also used Gandalf to sneak in a lot of commentary about 1.0.6 (which was fairly controversial at the time), but that wasn't the main reason I played through him.

As for popularity, I do think that Gandalf ended up being more popular than Ladder to the Sky. People seemed to respond more to Gandalf (partly because The Chronicles of Gandalf ended up being finished, I guess), and I actually see him pop up in conversation every once in a while.

Us: One more question: Of all the Terraria Stories, which is your favourite?

Obselescence: I really haven't kept up with Terraria Stories. I don't actually have a favorite.

Us: Thank you for answering my questions!

Us: Hello there! Now, you may have already spoken to TheEimas but if you haven't I'll inform you! TheEimas set up a Terrarian newspaper that features some of the best things in TO! Currently we do interviews, art features, ads, and other great things on TO. So, he asked me to interview you on your stories!

AyeAye12: Fire away! I'd love to answer your questions!

Us: Thanks! Alright! First I'd like to say your stories are so creative and unique! What inspired you to make the characters and plots of the stories?

AyeAye12: Well, the Legend of the Platinum Armour was inspired by the origins of the platinum coin; how was it made? Where did it come from? Did it come from a now extinct ore?

Then, a Goblin army attacked my world, and I started to think: "What if these Golbins could actually succeed? What would the world be like?" Also, I was thinking about where exactly these Goblins came from. Their scouts appeared on the Eastern Ocean, so I guessed they came from some kind of world over the ocean, and so that inspired the Goblin World and City.

Melissa Mycroft was inspired by what happened after the Legend of The Platinum Armour, and my explorations to the Underground Jungle. Also, it was inspired by how the Ocean could be expanded.

Also, Dryad: A Deity was meant to be the backstory about a very minor character in the rest of my stories: The unnamed Dryad. I also wanted to really expand on the background of my Terraria-Story World (Chieftain Wars, for example).

Us: Wow! Awesome! Now, how long does it usually take you to write a story or think of ideas? Do you make it up as you go?

AyeAye12: Well, it varies. I could go for weeks not writing a word, or find inspiration to write two chapters in a whole day! I never really plan my stories, so that also makes extra time. I barely ever type my stories on Word or any other savable software, preferring to do it straight on to the post. This has sometimes ended with me getting very irritated, when I forgot to save...

For ideas, I get them mainly when I get down to type; which is weird, for all the other ideas that aren't Terraria-related anywhere I go. I never like to plan, as I have said, because I find it a) boring and b) a bit artificial. Writing on the fly lets my ideas flow naturally, which makes for better reading.

Us: Sounds like an intense yet relaxing process! Will we expect more stories in the future? How many are you planning to make?

AyeAye12: I am at the start of Update X, my first ever Terraria story set in real life. I don't want to spoil much, but it's meant to be horror, and contains some very controversial ideas...

I am also thinking of making a Mario fan-fiction, set against the backdrop of Super Mario Galaxy, and its sequel. It will follow Mario trying to find the Staff of Order, to stop Bowser's Staff of Chaos, and will have Mario trying to find the five Legendary Power Stars, to create the Diamond Power Star, which will unlock the Temple of the Dark Luma's. I might send it off here, but it's more an enjoyment thing, and it would be a lot longer than my Terraria fan-fiction.

I have also been thinking of a Terraria story set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which the Hallow and the Corruption have turned into giant armies. And when I say armies, I mean the modern type: machine guns, tanks and Fighter jets. I might not though...

I would also love to write some Starbound fiction, when the game is released and I can get inspiration.

Us: Woah! Those are some great ideas! I can't wait for your new stories. They sound awesome. Have you ever thought about adding art to your stories or the stories you are going to make in the future?

AyeAye12: I have been tempted to make Terraria fan art before, but I have thought that it is too sketchy and scribbly to be able to be half-decent. As for my stories, Lightningkid and Bamseperhave made me some fan art before, so I don't think I need to add any more art there!

But one day, I might upload some art, but I wouldn't do requests, just because I don't have enough time! Of course, I need to learn how to upload pictures first...don't expect it though.

Us: Ha ha. Sounds like an adventure. Alright then! Thank you so much for your time!

Q. What inspired you to write After Mods?

A. I came up with the idea of what Terraria would be like once mod support was added, and put in some story elements to it, like fantasy parts.

Q. If Terraria turned into something like that would you like it?

A. Considering it would mean turning into a video game character and when you die you die forever, no, not really.

Q. How long did it take for you to write a part of the story?

A. Well, people didn't like how I would add a little bit to the story every so often, so I went to making the parts bigger, but it takes a good hour or two to do about 10+ paragraphs.

Q. If it randomly gets more support would you continue it?

A. Perhaps. Depends on how busy I am though.

Comea: Hello Garneac! I would like to get an interview from you. Can I get to the questions, if that is OK with you?

Garneac:Hi Comea Cosmos! And sure, go ahead, that would be awesome.

Comea: Alright, first question: What inspired you to write The Dreamer and the God?

Garneac: Nice. Well, ever since I started playing Terraria (1.0.6, I believe?), I've always wondered at the lack of a story behind the game. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. In fact, I enjoy the freedom the game offers. Still, I couldn't help but wonder at the story behind the arms dealer and dryad and the old man--and the guide (oh, the guide!). And also, wouldn't it be neat if there was a reason behind why the terrain could be leveled so easily and neatly? So I came up with the Empress, and it snowballed from there.

I also recently finished reading the kick-:red: Scavenger trilogy by the talented K. J. Parker, which stars a man who wakes up with no memory except for how to handle a sword.

So, it was a combination, I suppose: K. J. Parker's sharp writing and my desire to create a story, any story, to order the disparate events behind Terraria.

Comea: You sure must have had a great deal of motivation! Thanks to the sandbox style of the game, it's easier for the story in many ways. So, how much time do you spend writing the chapters? Or, how much time did you spend writing your whole work?

Garneac: The time spent writing each chapter has increased. The first chapter was written in a day and was originally broken up into four chapters, before I realized I'd soon be up to Ch.57 with no real development to show for it. Anywho, I usually take up to a week to write a chapter. Or, at least, that's what I'm aiming for.

Overall though, I spend a hell of a lot more time editing the prose, restraining myself from rushing ahead, rewriting scenes and just thinking about what should happen next and how Adam's story will impact the god-killer's and vice versa. Maybe three weeks in total for the current five chapters? Feels longer though.

Comea: That's very impressive! Spending so much time on these works clearly shows that you are dedicated to it. I'm sure it takes a lot of time to check the grammar, remove unnecessary fragments... when you finish this story, will you keep on with another one?

Garneac: Oh boy. First, an important caveat: I am going to write this fan-fic for as long as is possible. I suppose when reader interest dies off I'll call it quits, because hey, I already know how the story ends, right? Posting the story is my way of sharing because that's the nice thing about stories. They need to be made public. Well, some stories, anyways.

But yeah, after I finish with The Dreamer and the God, I think I'll be comfortable enough to finally start working on my own on-going project. It's been at least three to four years in the making. I actually have a Word document filled up with just a bunch of cool/interesting/important dialogue! It's massive in scope, and it's that size that's made me hesitant to start writing it. There are so many places where the story fractures into multiple threads which then circle back before breaking of into new directions... Intimidating, to say the least. After working on TDatG, I should have the control and perseverance to attempt the project. (And hopefully get published!)

Comea: I and many others are in suspense for the next chapter. I really hope you will continue on it! Now, is there anything you would like to add before I send the interview to my editor?

Garneac: First off, thanks for the support. By which I mean everyone involved with The Terrarian Times and everyone else who has read the fanfic to date, enjoyed it, and maybe even commented.

Next up, TO members should make a trip down to the writing sub-forums and have a look-see. There are some really nice pieces of writing there. All it takes is a little effort to sort through them. Also, I'm sure the writers would appreciate the feedback, even if it's just a like or dislike, a full-blown critique or theories about what'll happen next.

Finally, thanks to Terraria's developers and the rest of the team (and the modding community!). The game is awesome, the mods are better, and without both I'd still be trying to find a way to release my creative juices. (Err, that came out a bit wrong, didn't it?)

Comea: Alright, thank you for such a wonderful interview! Personally, I really support you too, and I hope you will continue. Who knows, with your ambitions you can write a bestseller!

Garneac: Heh, here's to hoping I can pull that off!

With the news of Redigit's departure, the community seems to be in an uproar. At face value, the community seems to have split in many parts. The forum seems less active, though there has been more people signed in than before the news was announced. Most everyone is in turmoil or disappointment, or so one would think. Not everything has been doom and gloom of late. From the sea of chaos arrives new projects and new determination to make Terraria a better game and make Terraria Online a better place to be.​

First we have a project started by the Terraria Online Alliance, Game FAQ. Their goal is to create an FAQ of just about every frequently asked question to ever grace the forum. The TOA cannot do this alone and needs the community to chip in on their project as well. Have you seen a common question on the forum that has been answered repeatedly? Feel free to head over to the thread and suggest it. “What is the point of making a game FAQ? Terraria is dead.” Not only will Terraria still be here, so will the forums. Not everyone has the game now, we have new people arrive to the forum every day, and people still need something to answer their common Terraria questions. “Why don't they just look at the Wiki?” One cannot just look at the wiki and find what they are look for if they don't know the name or what the object does, now can they?​

From the ashes of null development arrives TerrariaRV, a working in progress 'modification' which aims to make Terraria more flexible, faster, and generally, more mod friendly. Development started February 23rd and seems to be achieving new records speed records everyday. Haven't heard of it? Be sure to check it out.​

Now, it is a common fact that many people just will not mod their game. Most people want official content from the developers themselves. Fact of the matter is, the developers will not be adding new content to the game for a long while. While Terraria will always be there in everyone's Steam library, can we say for sure our interest in Terraria will never fade? If TerrariaRV becomes a standard for the Terraria Online community, so will the mods that follow.​

Yes, some mods can be ridiculously overpowered, lacking sprites that match Terraria in any way, or generally all around bad. This is the chance of a lifetime to take command of an important part of Terraria's future. The sprites look bad? Get a an artist to improve the sprite if the mod is satisfactory. The mod is bad? Do not support it, or work with the mod developer to improve it.​

Now that most “fans” have left, we will soon have people who truly care about Terraria and the future. Instead of competing, let us work together to finish what Redigit started, and leave the past behind. We still have each other, and the future we can make ourselves. Terraria is not over, even if the development may be.​


By Black & White and fetalstar:

So what's a 4koma?
4koma is a comic-strip format that generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom.​

The newest comic will be posted in this thread, and the rest will be archived
in a small website that I'll have finished by the next comic update. c:​

It'll start slow at first, but it'll pick up speed when we get more finished!
We hope you enjoy our comics! ❤

By Vakarrus:
Steve? Oh he's just that guy. Nobody really cares about him.
He only comes once everyone else has already got their turn, and all he does is say morbidly depressing, yet humorous things like:
"I hear that the population of slimes is decreasing, and even if we stop killing them now, they'll still likely die out."
"Oh, if you ever go to the corruption and find a red ribbon, could you give it to me? It's my sisters. Or at least, it used to be."​

Good people with good deeds
A new section of this newspaper where I will point out people who are trying to make the TO Forums a better place. Section name is temporary, so feel free to suggest one.

•Loki ISP. Probably everyone knows him. For a long time now he's been trying to make the Forums a better place - he has created the Terraria Online Alliance and the Terraria Online Community Feedback Portal. If you care for the future of the TO Forums, go check these threads out.
•Mr.M3AN: Creator of www.terrariatrade.com . Forum dedicated to trading items of Terraria.​

Awesome art made by Beta. Be sure to check his thread.

Comic made for Black & White by Suika Ibuki. Enjoy.
Part 2/4


Introduction to the Terrarian Times
Founded on December 3, 2011, the Terrarian Times is a humble newspaper that seeks to provide the TO Community with a public "pulse" of what is going on around TO.​

The Terrarian Times will include topic areas such as: interviews with staff/members, art features, news/reviews, contest results, etc. Advertisements will also be allowed on a limited basis per issue.​

The Terrarian Times will be published on a monthly (I will try- TheEimas) basis. Each issue will be stickied in the Off-Topic section and will be featured on the Front Page of TO.​

Call for Help - How YOU Can Get Involved!!!
TheEimas is the Editor in Chief of the Terrarian Times, but he cannot make this all that it can be by himself. This is where you come in! The desire is to make this truly a Community-owned project. As such, we need members to contribute to its success - in the form of ideas, time, and talents.​

To Share Ideas for Stories or Provide Feedback: PM TheEimas or post in the main TT thread:

To Volunteer to Support the TT: PM TheEimas
Current Positions Needed​

•Interviewers: Just need solid communications skills.​

•Art Reporter: A nose for Art, where to find it, and an appreciation for the diversity of creativity here on TO.​

•Advertising Coordinator: Someone to handle requests for ads and select which will go in each issue.​

•TO Observer: Basically, someone to catch members of the TO Community making positive contributions to the community - helping others, suggesting great ideas to further the community, etc.​


•Logo - Devilbro
•Interview with AyeAye12 - Mr.Mystery
•Interview with Garneac - ComeaCosmos
•Interview with Anti-Positive - MerchantDrake
•Interview with Obscelence - AyeAye12
•Editorial - kirabook
•Info - Loki ISP
•Sticky - cofuzzledyma​


The Mysterious One

Latest News

•One of TO's moderators, Darkas-Pony, has stepped down from moderator rank because of real life reasons.
•Redigit, also known as Red, will have another child soon. We wish the best for you Red!​

Today we bring you two interviews: One with modder Omnir, creator of Omnir's Modpacks, and another with Berserker66 - creator of Omnitool and other great tools for Terraria. Enjoy.

Us: Hello there, Berserker66. Let's begin by talking about your work. What made you want to mod/modify for Terraria?

Berserker66: First, I tend to get quite mad at people calling me a modder. None of my work is a mod, it's all seperate programs. The proper name is tool.

As for the original question; I make programs to almost everything I play. For example to find a point in a min/max curve.

Terraria came out when I was working on a world generator for minecraft (Weird World Generator, google can find it). So of course I had the idea to make something similar for Terraria.

In order to create a world you first need to reliably read a world so my first world mapper was created and well from there it took off.

Us: Okay, sorry about calling you a Modder. Could you tell me what " World Mapping" is, for those that don't know?

Berserker66:What the name implies, you create a map, usually in the form of an image file of a world. Have not met anyone who didn't know that though :p

Us:I didn't know that!:confused: Anyway, do you think that you help enhance the gaming experience of Terraria by making these tools? Atlantis mode sounds really fun! :)

Berserker66:I have been badmouthed for allowing cheaters to get their way (finding floating islands, for example), but many more people have thanked me for my work.

So some people get mad, others like it. Just the way it always is, isn't it?

The most popular tool is the Planetoids World Generator. I'd say in this case it does prolong your terraria experience, when you feel normal Terraria worlds get dull. I would not call it an improvement however.

Well now that Omnitool has all my tools in one package, that one became the most popular ;)

Us:Are there any other tools you are working on right now, or any ideas of tools that you would like to share?

Berserker66:I am working on a new program, which's content is secret at this point; but I can tell you that it's not a Terraria tool.
Due to this there are likely no new terraria tools coming up from me, at least for quite a while.
I will continue to maintain what exists, of course.
Also; with the growing "plugin" support of Omnitool, other programmers can make use of my clean interface to Terraria world files.

I hope to eventually finish my "CaveWorld" generator, which creates a full underground world, with ruins, mineshafts and lots of other goodies. That however might very well still take months to complete.

Us:And finally, what is your personal favourite tool? Except for your Omnitool ;)

Berserker66:The tool with the fondest memories is my "Header Reader", which simply put out things like current time of the day and name of the world into a text file. It was my first terraria tool and a major step for getting to where I am now. I never released it however.

If we only select from published tools then probably Worldify; the tool to turn images into worlds.

I had the entire algorithm already planned before doing any coding and when I got to it, it went really nicely without much problems or bugs.

Ironically, in the current Omnitool version it is broken and due to christmas related things I am unable to fix it at this point :(.
In Omnitool the tool is simply under new world -> from image, so the name of the tool is somewhat lost.

Since Omnitool I have started working in a team. I still do all coding but people make translations for it and its subtools as well as test things. I even got a "right-hand", called Ijwu.
I'd like to thank him especially, he is a really great help.

From that point onwards, working on the programs turned into much more fun, due to messing around with things in a group.

Mh.. I kind of rambled into an offtopic direction, sorry ;)

Us: Not at all! Thank you very much for answering my questions!

Us:What inspired you to make the mods in your modpack?

Omnir: Many things.
1. I noticed that the open-endedness reminded me of the German MMORPG "Tibia," and a 1980 P&P RPg called "MERP." Both games are tough and "intense," in that death is either permanent or very costly. The two elements together (Open-endedness + costly death) along with available variety in creatures and items, made both games addictive and -fun-. So, I wanted that.
2. The graphics were/are a lot like Final Fantasy. I love Final Fantasy. I wanted more of Final Fantasy in it XD
3. Modding communities were always adding life to games I played, and I felt it was time to give back. And with Relogic being more than faithfully busy with updating Terraria, I wanted to give something back to them, as well.

Us: How long did making this mod take, and how much time out of your day did you devote to it?

Omnir: I started around September? And around June for my Sprite Sheets. It's taken -at least- 3 months. Back then, I'd easily spend 8 hours a day working on it. My job is flexible with that, and for me the progress was very inviting. However, now I'm slowing down due to other things and I'm only working on it maybe 3 hours a day >.<

Us: Wow. You're very dedicated.

Omnir: That and I -really- wanted those things for myself. XD This was originally a mod for me, but then, as stated above + I was using Surfpup's Tconfig, i felt like giving it to the community. Originally, I thought people would discard my code and maybe keep the graphics for their own mod.

Us: Looks like it was more successful than you ever thought. How did you learn the coding neccessary for the mods?

Omnir: Mostly, I look at the examples code, the decompiled codes, used logic, trial and error. I don't know programming (though I'm learning a bit), so it was pretty tough XD

Us:I should hope so, especially with no prior experience. How did you initially react to the community's response to your mods?

Omnir: "Whew!"

Because I -did- bust hide on it; I didn't expect undeserved praise. My feelings would've only been disappointment in myself if it had failed -- I aimed to get it right XD

But, even aside from expectations, it is nice that it was received well. :)
Us: Do you plan to continue modding for a while, or will you stop soon?

Omnir: I want to continue modding for a bit longer -- not sure how long it'd be. Currently, I still have some things I want to add/revamp in my mod, plus I'm working with many others on a "huge" mod that will also add in new features.

Us: So, what is this big mod for the modpack?

Omnir: This big mod is a group project that Hero will be producing videos about. We're hoping for new features (many of which will show the true capabilities of Tconfig), bosses, armors, items and NPCs. We're working on the first update, but it's not related to my mod -- except that I'll be copying some sprites over to it :p

Us: Sounds like it's going to be big. Thank you for your time.


By Black & White and fetalstar:

So what's a 4koma?
4koma is a comic-strip format that generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom.

The newest comic will be posted in this thread, and the rest will be archived
in a small website that I'll have finished by the next comic update. c:​

It'll start slow at first, but it'll pick up speed when we get more finished!
We hope you enjoy our comics! ❤

By GoldenPheonix97:
He brings you two Roleplays made by him:
Super Terraria Crossover
Digimon: The Next Generation

Good people with good deeds
A new section of this newspaper where I will point out people who are trying to make the TO Forums a better place. Section name is temporary, so feel free to suggest one.​

•Loki ISP. Probably everyone knows him. For a long time now he's been trying to make the Forums a better place - he has created the Terraria Online Alliance and the Terraria Online Community Feedback Portal. If you care for the future of the TO Forums, go check these threads out.

•Skele. He created a thread about how to make a "real" suggestion. For now it's not finished but already it is a helpful thread. Maybe later it will get stickied?

Art Feature

Changed it to something different but still by Cyan the Red. I personally like Night's Edge most.​

Comic made for Black & White by Suika Ibuki. Enjoy.
Part 1/4

The Dreamer and the God
Story by Garneac​

In the shadow of a dungeon a god-killer prepares to escape from the world by destroying it.
On the other side of the continent, another man wakes up in a field with no memory and among strangers.
His past lies locked in the fragments of his dreams, but in an attempt to remember he will be forced to retrace the god-killer's footsteps and in so doing set off a series of events that will plunge the land into chaos.
This is the story of their war to control fate, whatever the cost.​

Introduction to the Terrarian Times
Founded on December 3, 2011, the Terrarian Times is a humble newspaper that seeks to provide the TO Community with a public "pulse" of what is going on around TO.​

The Terrarian Times will include topic areas such as: interviews with staff/members, art features, news/reviews, contest results, etc. Advertisements will also be allowed on a limited basis per issue.​

The Terrarian Times will be published on a monthly (I will try- TheEimas) basis. Each issue will be stickied in the Off-Topic section and will be featured on the Front Page of TO.​

Call for Help - How YOU Can Get Involved!!!
TheEimas is the Editor in Chief of the Terrarian Times, but he cannot make this all that it can be by himself. This is where you come in! The desire is to make this truly a Community-owned project. As such, we need members to contribute to its success - in the form of ideas, time, and talents.​

To Share Ideas for Stories or Provide Feedback: PM TheEimas or post in the main TT thread:

To Volunteer to Support the TT: PM TheEimas
Current Positions Needed​

•Interviewers: Just need solid communications skills.​

•Art Reporter: A nose for Art, where to find it, and an appreciation for the diversity of creativity here on TO.​

•Advertising Coordinator: Someone to handle requests for ads and select which will go in each issue.​

•TO Observer: Basically, someone to catch members of the TO Community making positive contributions to the community - helping others, suggesting great ideas to further the community, etc.​


•Logo - Devilbro
•Interview with Berserker66 - AyeAye12
•Interview with Omnir - InvisibleClarity
•Art Feature - Red the Cyan.
•Info - Loki ISP
•Sticky - cofuzzledyma​


The Mysterious One

Terraria Online newspapper.
Welcome to our newly created Terraria Online newspaper. Since it's our first release we don't have much but we hope that you have great time here.​


Today we have three interviews with our new Moderators-in-Training.
I hope you like it and have a good time reading them.​

Interviewer: So we begin.
What was your first thoughts when you became a mod?
Valanthril: Called it. When I heared about the number off aplicants that had applied I knew my chances had slipt to 99 %
to become a mod but I didn't fret. I was like, sure I'll get picked. I'm awesome after all.
So my first thought was.
Called it.
Interviewer: Okay, and what of the other moderators that have been picked? Do you think they were good choices?
Valanthril: I knew that was coming. ;) I think both are great choices. Kira is faster then lightning and Grace always knows what to say :p
Interviewer: Thanks, so. Why do you think you were chosen out of the 128 or so applicants?
Valanthril: Refers to answer 1.
I honestly do not know. I guess it was partly through my activity on the forums. But this is just a shot in the dark here.
Interviewer: Alright, enough about that. Tell me a bit about yourself. What is your personality?
Valanthril: Euhm.... Well I'm very openminded. I consider myself pretty witty and funny at times although I've been known to hit and miss sometimes
:p I'm also pretty social I guess. But that's a question you should ask other people about me really Interviewer: Okay. Thanks. One last question: What is your favorite part of the terraria online forums?
Valanthril: Well Off topic is where I spend most of my days. Chilling out Relaxing out cool and all posting in there while sitting on a stool.
Interviewer: Alright, thank you for your time, Valanthril.

Interviewer:Let's begin.What did you think of first when you became moderator? Kirabook:Ah, I didn't think I was going to be chosen. I wondered what was ahead of me. And most of all, I wondered how to fix the suggestion forums.
Interviewer:Fix suggestion forums?
Kirabook:The suggestions are less active now than before due in part to the organization. It's very hard to organize something like suggestions because you want everyone to have a fair chance and not appear to be favoring some ideas over others.
The megathreads became very cluttered and useless. The original posters rarely updated the original post with new information, but that is a big task to handle in any situation with so many people posting small ideas 24/7.
I want to bring traffic back to the suggestions and encourage suggestions to be more than a few sentences and explained in detail. How to do this? I'm not sure.
Interviewer:I see. What do you think about other new moderators?
Kirabook:We're all the noob squad. ;) I've seen them around and I feel they were great choices to become moderates. Both reasonable and great to work with. 8D
Interviewer:Why do you think you were chosen from all other applicants?
Kirabook:Hm... I would have to guess because of similar reasons Graceful was. I was actively involved in the Forum Reform thread for the most part and I'm generally friendly around the forum. I try to be as helpful and clear as possible.
Interviewer:Are you happy with the place you were given to watch over?
Kirabook:Indeed! Very much so. I look over the Terraria section and the Help and Support section. I don't think I could ask for much more. XD
Interviewer:Let's talk about that you. What is your personality?
Kirabook:Hm... well, in real life, I'm pretty quiet. I spend at least 15 hours a day on the computer. I can be pretty hyper, but I can get anxious and panicky fairly quickly in some cases, though never anything involving the internet really.
I do like to help people out and be useful, I'd rather be useful than useless. Though sometimes I also take in so many hobbies that I get overwhelmed. XD But pretty much all my hobbies are on hold during my time at school besides occasional art.
Interviewer:Alright, thank you for your time, Kirabook.

Interviewer:Ok let's begin.
What you thought first when you became mod?
Graceful Assassin:My first thought was "Wow, they picked me? That's very interesting. What a great honor, privelage, and a crap ton of more work to do. I'll have to do my best to not to let anyone down."
Interviewer:Okay let's continue. What do you think about other new moderators? Were they good choices?
Graceful Assassin:They were great choices, I'm proud to be able to work side by side with Valan and Kira, both great people. I have no doubt they will do great.
Interviewer:Why do you think you were chosen from all other applicants?
Graceful Assassin:I honestly don't know, quite hard to know what the "Elder Mods" were thinking, that and I hate tooting my own horn. I'll leave that up to other members specualtion.
Interviewer:Are you happy with the place on the forums you were given to watch over?
Graceful Assassin:I am in the help sections quite frequently, so yes I am very happy. Sad though, I don't get to post there as much as I used to, but I still do from time to time.
We were all given Terrarian sections for obvious reasons, D-Day 1.1 is coming soon, and the terrarian sections will be hit quite hard. Terraria is the reason we are all here, so I am very happy with that section as well.
Interviewer:Let's talk about you. What is your personality?
Graceful Assassin:You'll find my personality in real life differs from that of the forums quite a bit, in real life I am more quiet and reserved, I keep to myself quite often. I tend to be super lazy in real life.
That's very different to how I act on the forums though, In the forums I help as many people as possible, I reach out to other members, and am a bit more loud spoken. I put 110% into everything I do here.
I try to incorporate some of my tendancies on the forums into real life in hopes to become a better person
Interviewer:Alright, thank you for your time, Graceful Assassin.

General Information

Two main things happened this week:​
  1. The "Elder Mods" has chosen new Moderators-in-Training. They are: Graceful Assassin, Kirabook and Valanthril. Now go to their profile and wish them good luckif you heaven't already.
  2. Just two days ago was released Terraria 1.1, so Forums got filled in with rants, bugs, Wall Of Flesh, question threads that soon get locked. Now came the time, no not the holidays, the time when half of General Talk threads is locked.

It's still empty here since it's our first release but now you can order ad for your clan thread
or something you want to advertise. For now I will put this here.​


Art Feature

What do you think about this heh? For me, I just can't describe
the amount of awesomeness that is here. Just look at that innocent looking Merch
with happy Monta and you know that this piece of art is best.
I have only one question. Who's noob now?

Maybe you want to order a interview with someone or want to advertise your clan or even feature your art just PM me with your request.
Maybe you also have some suggestions for us, if so feel free to say them here or PM me.

Main staff:
Owner: TheEimas
1st interviewer: Shock Horror

  • Logo - DevilBro
  • Art Feature - NoobWithAPen
  • Interview with Valanthril - ShockHorror
  • Idea for newspapper - Great people of TO
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