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Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets


Everyone loves the Vanity Slot :dryadgrin:. But sometimes, we make our own vanities with dyes, armors and existing vanities. So SHOW US, the Terraria Community, your own Vanity Sets.

Mine First :dryadcool:
Tactical Ranger
SWAT Helmet w/ black dye
Hero's Shirt w/ black dye
Tuxedo Pants w/ black dye
Steampunk wings or Jetpack w/ black dye
Tactical Shotgun, Chain Gun, Vampire Knives


Skeletron Prime
(I have no idea what to call this set.)

Robot Hat with Black and Red dye
Hallowed Chestplate with Black and Red dye
Hallowed Leggings with Black and Red dye
Flame Wings
Star Cloak with Red Dye
Vampire Knives

It looks like this:


Scrubow Gamer

Official Terrarian
Luffy (I watch to much anime):

Summer hat
familiar shirt (your chest needs to be a red main shirt and your arms need to be the skin color)
familiar pant (shoes need to be yellow, and pants need to be blue)
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