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Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

Discussion in 'The Crossroads: General Cross-Platform Talk' started by HYL14NCR45T, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    Vega(Street Fighter):
    note: change hairstyle to either 88, 102, 103, or 104 at stylist, make it as blonde as possible
    mime mask
    leinfor's style, dyed bright yellow
    leinfor's fancy pants, dyed bight orange
    use bladed glove for optimal look
  2. S!3V3N

    S!3V3N Terrarian

    S!3V3N from the Strangled Red PKMN creepypasta.
    You need:
    Plumber's Hat w/ no or Loki's Dye
    Leinfors' set for the rest of it
    Shirt: Red dye
    Pants: Black dye
    And then put a Yoraiz0r's scowl on and a Yoraiz0r's spell in one of the highest available accessory slots.