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Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets


(1.4 Only, well, if you want a little more detail, then you can play on 1.4, it still looks fine on mobile) So, i edited one of my characters to look a little different, and i'm loving the new look!

Items Used:
Hairstyle 1 with Hades dye, Familiar wig
Spectre Robe (Male ofc), Cyan and Black
Hallowed Greaves, Cyan and Black

Winter Cape with Cyan and Black
Cross Necklace
And finally, Diamond ring with Hades dye.
Screenshot (4).png


My main character (pfp) is pretty simple as far as vanity goes so here's my Journey Mode character;

Capture 2020-06-11 13_25_10.png
Capture 2020-06-11 13_27_01.png

- Demon Horns (Cyan and Black Dye)
- Dark Artist's Robes (Cyan and Black Dye)
- Dark Artist's Leggings (Cyan and Black Dye)
- Fin Wings (Cyan and Black Dye)
- Squire's Shield (Cyan Dye)
- Critter Shampoo (Cyan and Silver Dye, used with Terraprisma)


My 3 favorites are (in no particular order):
1. full Arkhalis's set with living rainbow dye
2. Nebula armor with prismatic dye
3. palladium armor with brown dye + leaf wings


Skeletron Prime
The “strap“/middle part‘s star veil and toolbelt. The “long coat” is actually using the familiar shirt :>
So that's what was covering the boots, I saw that and couldn't think of what it could be. Honestly, I usually just click random for characters and just use armors for vanity.
Edit: Honestly that's a pretty creative use of incorporating the normal clothing options into a vanity
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I made a set inspired by Elephim in FFBE.

I was originally going to go for Princess Dress instead, but that thing looks horrible when dyed. There is also no small enough crown/tiara in Terraria, and since you can't have a crown and a flower at the same time I decided to ditch the crown.

I'm pretty satisfied with what I came up with.


(See avatar)

Tux set with black dye.
Platinum crown (or gold)
Cross necklace with teal dye
Optional: Undyed obsidian, paladin, or cobalt shield (the one in the image is an obsidian shield, with gold dye)
Optional: Angel Halo

Frozen/Fishron/Festive wings with blue flame dye (intense optional).

Had many good times earning the parts for this set in the days. After 1.3, I tried changing the shield and halo up a bit with strange plant dyes. I think I still prefer the undyed cobalt or obsidian shield with no dye on the halo either. The gold obsidian shield does look pretty nice, though.
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Skeletron Prime
Capture 2020-06-29 10_17_10.png

My Main Vanity

Cobalt Mask
- Black and White Dye

Leinfors’ Excessive Style - Blue and Black Dye

Dark Artist’s Leggings - Black and White Dye

Yoyo Glove - Silver and Black Dye

Yoraiz0r’s Spell - Blue and Black Dye

Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak - Blue Dye

Yoraiz0r’s Scowl
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