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Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment


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Alex took it upon himself and ended the longest Martian Madness we've ever seen. In the meantime, I can't believe it isn't a campfire!
And yes, he tried igniting the mounds.`:D


Skeletron Prime
Na it's ok. It's best to do it on P.C as it's more easier but it can be done on mobile. Once you've got a screenshot or vid etc. you look for a bar next to post reply called upload a file. Then you find whatever you wanna put in. Now from here you can choose to upload a thumbnailwhich is a tiny image of it (not recommended for large images or vids) or a full image which is best. Then just press post reply. (Wow that's a mouth full)
i know how to REPLY, i dont know how to make a THREAD.


Skeletron Prime
This just says for SCREENSHOTS, not specifically TERRARIA screenshots.

Your first Moon Lord battle always calls for a screenshot. I have Moon Lord gear cuz my friend gave me it. ...I had still died xD


Being the UnderTale fan that I am, when I found the Strange Skull item after venturing into mods, I knew I had to make a Sans character.

...Kinda tempted to put in a FNaF screenshot that I took cuz this is just a "Screenshot moment" thread, not specifically a TERRARIA screenshot moment thread, but I won't until I get the signal that it's okay.


Official Terrarian
This just says for SCREENSHOTS, not specifically TERRARIA screenshots.

I mean technically no but it's a Terraria forum and the thread title is "Terrarians, Show us your "I must screenshot this" moment. Anything not regarding Terraria (Mods, Vanilla game or otherwise) shouldn't be posted here.


I found this in Terramap on a new Large world I made to get all the new map goodies. I sorta use my older character to help the newer one out a bit...heh. Usually money.


So apparently, worldgen cares not if minecart tracks run THROUGH solid ground...



Pumpkin Moon bugged out and raised the spawn cap to over 40, infinitely being spawn camped by flying orange projectiles.
Once I had same situation in Normal mode, I played with my friend. It was insane farm. I hooked the floor and tanked them all, I had solar armor and solar eruption. Trees always were in one point (in me), and pumpkins always were in another one point (upper than me). My friend had armor to heal me. So i couldn't die because i had heal from my friend and from boss deaths. It was insane. In one night we have farmed about 60 trophies. Unfortunatly i haven't screenshot of that madness.
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