Hot Topic Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

I was getting beat up by chaos elementals in a hole and said i was slan thats all dident say what i was slain by thats it dident get a screenshot
Using Alchemist NOC mod btw


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Got a Blood Moon on the first night of a playthrough (Got some life crystals during the day)

Alright, 2 posts in a row, I know, but like, ??????
My Desert spawned PAST my jungle???
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It gets even better.

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When I found a shadow chest halfway out of bounds

Capture 2020-11-17 15_02_26.png

When the town cat decided to take up research

Capture 2020-11-25 18_42_43.png

When my friend learned telepathy. There isn't an invisible third player there, that's genuinely them holding the blade.
here are some good photos

this is my modded character,next to him,that tree is covering the cactus like it's nsfw or something


weird pot

more weird pots


historic picture of my old deleted chracter.
Lava clipping through the world. happened again right after this, killing a bound stylist.


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