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Official TerrariaOnline will be closing down soon.

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(now closed as of 16 July 2016 10AM EST)
After five years of tremendous service as the original Terraria Community, TerrariaOnline will be shutting down as of July 15th, 2016, by mutual agreement reached between Re-Logic and Curse. Beginning on or around that date, the site will go dark and no longer be accessible; links and bookmarks for TerrariaOnline will redirect to Terraria Community Forums (TCF).

Despite its recent lapse into low activity, TerrariaOnline (TO) has presided over much of the lifespan of Terraria:
  • the thrilling launch of the original game,
  • the breakneck build-up of game-play and features in to the original "finished" version (1.1.2),
  • the shocking announcement that Redigit was leaving Terraria behind, and the intense anticipation when he returned,
  • the addition of 505Games as a partner to introduce Terraria to consoles and mobile devices,
  • the virtually unprecedented release of two enormous, content-laden updates at no cost to those who had purchased the game,
  • and finally, the genesis and launch of Terraria Community Forums (this place), as Re-Logic began to eye the future beyond Terraria.
Throughout all of the ups and downs, even through the dark days of "Red's Hiatus", the TerrariaOnline community refused to let Terraria die. It is in large part to that unwavering support and enthusiasm from the TO community that we have the game that we enjoy today, and will continue to enjoy for sometime to come.

This has been a very difficult decision to make, but in the end it is in the best interests of the entire Terraria community, particularly in the areas of support and help. By having a more centralized community, it will become infinitely easier for the developers and staff to address concerns, both technical and otherwise. As TCF grew and grew, TO became much less active, and there simply wasn't enough resources to monitor these two communities at the same time. By having a single, core community, this alleviates the problems while also expanding the community to encompass those at TO who never even knew of TCF's existence. It will benefit the game itself, as bugs and tech-support will not be posted on a less-active forum and gone unseen, and will be addressed faster. It will benefit the community, as we can have a more focused location for player/developer interaction. It will also benefit the staff, who can answer the concerns that were previously posted on TO, where there was a shortage of staff as it were. Members who would frequent TO, only to find it way too quiet for their liking, will now be part of the thriving community we've all come to know and love.

We expect that there will be an influx of some newer TO members who had not yet found TCF, and we trust that the community will welcome them here, as well as show them the ropes and be ready to assist them with adapting to the change in environments.

We thank Kane Hart for his efforts in getting TerrariaOnline up and running, and for keeping it going through some tough times when we didn't have much support from others. We also thank those who volunteered their time over the years to serve on the staff, to run the original The Terrarian Times, and everyone who helped make TerrariaOnline great. We're sad to see TO shut down, but at the same time, think not of it as TO "leaving" or "dying", but simply a merging of the two communities for the greater benefit of Terraria and the Terrarian playerbase.

TO is where many of us made the friends we still have today, it's where a lot of us clamored in excitement about a game that wasn't even out yet, and where we shared our first discoveries when we got our hands on it. In a way, without TO, TCF wouldn't be the place it is now. To honor this occasion, we'd love to hear about some of your fondest and favorite TO memories in this thread. We'd also encourage you all to make sure you grab and transfer everything you might need from TO, (favorite threads, posts, anything of note) as you visit it one last time before its doors shut. But as with everything in life, when one door closes, another opens.

If you have further questions about this, feel free to do so below. We will try to collect some of the frequent questions (and answers) in the next post.
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Frequently Asked Questions (and hopefully some answers):

What about the Terraria Wiki?

The Official Terraria Wiki will remain at Curse, where it has been all along, for the foreseeable future. The Gamepedia team at Curse has done a stellar and professional job with the Wiki over the years, and there is no reason to fear that the quality of that important resource will be affected by this going forward. They are a completely separate group from the team that managed the forum, and we enjoy a good working relationship with them.

While there have been calls from some to move the wiki to be under TCF control and management, that would be an enormous undertaking for a company as small as Re-Logic to assume. It would be a full-time job for at least one person, if not more, and we would have to start from scratch (as the Gamepedia wiki content is "owned" by Curse).

What about the Custom Terraria Maps that are hosted by Curse?

We hope that Curse will continue to support this feature going forward, and the latest word we have is that they will. With 1.3.1 out now, we anticipation a renaissance of adventure map making and interest. If they decide not to do so, we do have a section of TCF for posting worlds for PC platforms.

What happens to my TO account and content?
Do I need to do anything to close my TO account?

After the deadline posted at the top of this thread, any attempt to access TerrariaOnline will be redirected to Terraria Community Forums. You will no longer be able to access your account or your content on TO after that date. There will be no guest access (read-only) to TO after that date, either. It will be effectively inaccessible from the general Internet.

There are no special steps that anyone is required to take to close their account. If you have concerns about private information that you may have posted there, you can remove that information yourself at any time before the site goes dark. The only personal information ever required on TerrariaOnline was an email address; if you wish to change that, follow these steps (please do this as a final step in your interaction with the site):
  1. Log into your TerrariaOnline account,
  2. From your profile menu, select Contact Details,
  3. At the top, the email address associated with your account is displayed. You can change is to anything you wish, enter your account password, and click the Save Changes button at the bottom.
  4. Note that if you use a non-functional email address in step three, or do not re-confirm your account from the functional address that you entered, your account may not be accessible by you any longer.
If you have posted a link to TO content anywhere on TCF (or anywhere else), obviously those links will no longer be valid.

I didn't have a TO account, does this affect me?

No, it shouldn't. There may be the odd link to TO content around the forum, but those should get discovered and removed/changed. If you do find such a link, please alert the post author of that.

Will I automatically have a TCF account?
Should I move my TO content to TCF?

If you do not already have an account at TCF, you will need to make one. The process is much the same as it was when you created your TO account: Choose a name, confirm your account by email (important!), and you're a member! Your likes, follows and trophies will not be transferred - TCF uses a different trophy system without points, and the rest simple aren't feasible to transfer.

As far as your TO content goes: it depends on what it means to you, and whether the content is still meaningful to this community. If you haven't moved it already (or viewed/used it) in the nearly 2 years since TCF opened, then the answer is probably 'No'. TCF is not intended to be an archival storage system for your old anime discussions and screenshots from v1.05. Please be judicious when deciding what to move, if anything.

We especially ask that you not take hundreds of screenshots and post them on TCF "for posterity".

Of course, you are welcome to download and store any of your content from TO on your own computers.


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I will share some of the experiences I had on TO as a way to look back on the wild journey it has created with Terraria and the community.

From what I remember, I joined TO for a very strange reason. It was during the time when 1.1.2 was believed to be the "final" Terraria version and I had used Tconfig to Mod the game and bring more excitement to the game. And while I had known about TO since I've gotten invested in playing Terraria to follow the Developer news. I didn't sign up until about a year later after I'd learned most of what 1.1.2 had to offer.

My reason for signing up was to compliment the Mod Developers. Several Mod developers such as @Omnir , @Shockah , and @DivermanSam I remember well from there with their mods in particular being some of my favorites to use with Tconfig, and I wanted to show my appreciation for them.

Other than that I mostly lurked on TO, and made the occasional suggestion for the game since they looked fun to create based on what other users had created. I followed it closely to learn of how Red and Cenx eventually made the 1.2 Update after it was believed there would be no more updates, and that brought great new life to Terraria making it feel like a completely new game. And checking the site frequently to get more news about spoilers is one of the most exciting memories I have of the site as well.

Eventually after I heard the news that TCF would be born as the new official game forums, I was reluctant to sign up at 1st because transferring to a new forum was something that made me nervous. I still mostly lurked on TO as well, and it had been years since I'd really invested into a Forums Community and it was something I was also reluctant to do considering experiences I've had with other forums that have hostile users that could roam free forcing a person to hide for fear of being attacked. But after lurking enough on TCF as well I finally signed up in January of 2015 after seeing that TCF was different from places I've seen before, that TCF as an evolution of TO planned to take what was great about TO and make it even better. And I was right because I was warmly welcomed by several users here and it ultimately helped me break out of my shell to really become part of a community that I can say with 100% certainty has been life-changing. The friends I've made here are irreplaceable, and I'm always happy opening my browser and seeing what's new on TCF.

TCF still couldn't have happened without TO, and it is because of this along with the excitement that happened throughout TO that I've been able to join a great Community for a game that I got highly addicted to, wanting to devour the knowledge of every secret the developers put into the game. Because of this I am very grateful for TO for forming the foundations of the Terrarian Community and will always remember it.


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It looks like Terraria Online has served it's purpose, Goodby Terraria Online, we will miss you.


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Ah, TO. Weren't those great time huh?..

As a lady going through their own "edgy" middle-teen phase back then, I have the worst memories there. I went by so many different names, different accounts, I can't even remember half of the accounts passwords for pete's sake. Also, I couldn't seem to find the threads that these were in, so no screenshots. :/

Let me lay down me tale of woe.

So, I joined the forums when I was around 15 or so. It was very, very odd. It was the first forum I've ever joined, and man, was I awful. I didn't say very much, but when I did say things, it normally gave me a very, very bad reputation. So I ditched that account, and made another one.

So this other one, gave me an even WORSE reputation. But, it was pretty funny to be honest. And as an in-mature little Golem I was, I made sprite contests on that account, and rigged them. But something very odd happened, people's reactions to the contest got them ether infractions or their accounts suspended, and when a very popular troll by the name of "Bobrocket" got his final infraction to permanent-ban..
Hoooo-boy, a lot of his "friends" really, really did not like me. In fact, nobody did. So, what did I do?

Pretty much committed "internet-suicide", and made another account. :^)

This new one I had a pretty good reputation on, it was an account who had a cartoon pony as a "persona". I had quite a lot of likes and messages as well, it was pretty nice. So I kept it, and ditched everything that happened before.

But then I lost all connection to the internet for a year, and I was never seen again on those forums. Beyotiful. There was a couple more accounts in there, but I never did anything with them that was notable.

So, after that 1 year of no internet, I found the Terraria Community forums were open, and I went there. For awhile I never actually did much, maybe a little, but nothing much. But near the beginning of March, I started to really open to this forum, and do things on it.

And now i'm here, from a awful SJW, to.. Something, I guess.

Thanks for the memories guys, even though nobody will ever remember me back then, which is a good thing, it still was pretty fun.


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The Irony still stands that the longest lasting community member from the TO times is announcing the closing of the site.

Anywho though, had some fun memories there, I gained a huge amount of data and valid opinions on what I was suppsoed to be using at the time, as well as the great opportunity to play and communicate with some cool people over there.

It had to start somewhere, but now its time has passed and we're moving forward with Terraria and its future.


I have fond memories of that place. People like Razor Knight, Droid15243, Pulse, Rudoboy, Victim of Fate, Kelp, Mr. Mystery, Blumchen, Telepurte, Whale Cancer, Surfpup, Yoraiz0r, W1K, Omnir, Tim Hjersted, ReaperDouble0, TheLastFlame50, Garneac, Rubezilla, D3athSt3nch, just to name a few, made such huge impressions on me and left lasting memories that have somewhat shaped who I am. I'll always have those great memories.


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Why will it be remembered? I don't know, blame Omnir-- to look on TCF's side of things.

May ALL the TO memes have their TCF counterparts.

All of them.


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I said back when I moved over here; I didn't like the Curse-hosted site. There were so many bad ads. Community was good. Still is.
I've met a few folks over here that are interesting; good people.

On Terraria Online, I didn't really talk to anyone. I only made one friend over there and he's definitely moved up the ladder from his days as an administrator. Rather proud of him.

But there is one thing that forum had that we do not - and that's the community IRC network. I'd really like to see that come over here in some form.


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IRC is an interesting thing - I assume the old one no longer works? I honestly haven't looked.



Never used my account there, personally, though I think I had one at a time. I frequented the site, but mostly to check on updates.
even through the dark days of "Red's Hiatus", the TerrariaOnline community refused to let Terraria die.
"Red's Hiatus" AKA the rise and fall of tConfig. Fun times.

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This is the part where I make a joke about how you should scan your computer for viruses after being there. You know cause it's cursed network. Now I need someone to aggressively disagree.
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