Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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I really hope this isn't like, just a not good question to ask for some reason, but. . .
What engine/IDE is Terraria made in, and/or what coding language is it made in? I know the tModLoader mods are made in C#, but I'm not sure about the actual game. I'm interested because coding is something I'd like to, well, get more advanced with (the most I can do is slightly basic modding for Terraria).
Well I have some questions.


Will this boy get released in the next update? It's kinda sad this Cavern Water Fountain didn't got released with other when it was finished.

Realating to water fountains, before re-sprites of Water Fountains there were two addiational fountain what were seen to be like mushroom biome (to somebody it was looking like Thunderstorm) and the other that looked like volcanic eruption.
Were there planned other events like rain/blizzard before it got all scratched out?

What was idea behind alternate biome Crimson and ores?
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Is terraria 3ds getting more bug fixes or is it discontinuted?
could you add villages, with random NPCs that don’t work like normal NPCs; but almost like ‘generic’ NPCs?

==Other stuff==
One thing that I've really wondered is what was inspired to create Terraria. And how they've keep updating and pushing the game to the limits of the engine while it also could have been a new sequel or DLC instead. I'm really impressed with the amount of love and effort been put into it.
The making of Terraria was inspired by Minecraft’s creative idea of a simple sandbox game.
Have you ever considered the possibility of a new class? *cough* *bard* cough*
Second, what are your favourite bosses?
Third, have you considered giving mini bosses treasure bags? (Pumpking, snow queen, etc.)
Finally, are you planning on adding post-moon lord content? *cough* cthulu* cough* mechanical brain* cough*.

Also, electroman, the reason there is no mech brain is because the mechanic never finished.
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How did you come up with the idea of the broken hero sword, and it being dropped by creatures in the solar eclipses?
The making of Terraria was inspired by Minecraft’s creative idea of a simple sandbox game.

N. O. Nonono
1. Are you pleased with how Terraria has turned out. If not, how would you have preferred it to have become?

2. Are there any plans to add more bosses before or after Moon Lord?

3. Is there a specific reason as to why there isn’t a crimson counterpart to the Destroyer and Spazmatism?

4. Why did you decide to go with the “Lunar” theme at the end? Were there other considered themes?

5. Are there any plans to finish the throwing class?

6. Are there any plans to better implement the Ranger and Summoner class pre-Hardmode?
Что послужило толчком создания игры - террария? Как вы пришли к этой задумке и её реализации?
What was the impetus for the creation of the game terraria? How did you come to this idea and its implementation?
What was your working experience before you started making videogames?
I'm almost out of high school and I'd like to make videogames one day, but I don't know how to start.
Is there going to be a terraria 2? If so, are you considering making it 3D?
Is terraria going to stop receiving updates at any point?
Is terraria otherworld ever going to be picked back up again?
Thank you so much for continuously working on this game!

While mods can often give a representation of what the hardcore/engaged subset of the community wants, implimenting this type of content can easily lead down a road of higher complexity and difficulty in the game. Aside from Expert mode, what design decisions have you made in the past that make both long time players, but also newcomers to the game feel comfortable. Are there any such further plans for the future?
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