Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary! Contest and more, come join in!

Discussion in 'Community News & Features' started by Unit One, May 15, 2019.

  1. matarael

    matarael Terrarian

    If I had been told that I would be playing a game for over 5 years without getting bored of it, I wouldn't have believed it. May this game have many more happy birthdays! This game+community+ReLogic team all rocks!
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  2. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait.

    Eight anniversary?


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  3. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Time flies when you’re having fun ;)
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  4. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    From what I heard, I believe it's because the people who distributed Terraria over somewhere in Asia was also the people who distributed Danganronpa, so basically, they decided to add that Monokuma costume for fun. I don't think it's an actual official crossover. I might be wrong though.
  5. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    Grand design for me. It's so useful IMO!
  6. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    No hablo Español muy bien, but it's still wonderful.
  7. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    That long already? I feel old.

    But anyway, many congratulations, you bunch of wonderful people.:)
  8. Olegrizz90

    Olegrizz90 Terrarian

    Happy birthday to the wonderful world that is TERRARIA :)

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  9. Samorot

    Samorot Terrarian

    Happy Anniversary Terraria! Standing tall since 2011!
  10. Nedved

    Nedved Skeletron Prime

    Rly? Is this true? I can`t belive years ago i start play this game... I remember when bone snake was a boss with unlimited healt, lava get him regeneration... Nice one guys keep it up i iwish you never get power too make Terarria even more awesome (soeey for bad english ;/ )
  11. Lunabell

    Lunabell Official Terrarian

    Terraria was a birthday gift (my birthday is also May 16th) and it is still my favorite birthday gift I ever have gotten. I had so many fun memories with friends and just laughing. And I am so glad I share a birthday with one of my favorite games <3
  12. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Happy birthday!
  13. Xlr8tor

    Xlr8tor Terrarian

    This game was intended to go far so well in the game experience of all players and also in the history of video game, with this unique concept and all the possibilities of construction, this game really impressed me.
    all this is thanks to the developer, and this unique community and its incredible staff.

  14. NBRI

    NBRI Terrarian

    Happy Birthday to my favorite game in material existence!!!

    8 years... I feel old ;(
  15. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    Happy Anniversary! Here's to Terraria, much love :pinky:
  16. StipulateV

    StipulateV Steampunker

    Uh, it's Brazilian Portuguese, but it is indeed wonderful. Thank you all for submitting such nice posts :happy:
  17. Pixeroot

    Pixeroot Skeletron

    Happy Birthday Terraria! Thanks for all of the fun! <3
  18. TheWith3r129

    TheWith3r129 Terrarian

    I hear “no more you’ll know”
  19. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Retinazer

    Looks pretty cool!
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  20. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Retinazer

    "At last, my time has come!" - Party Girl