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Share your memories in this thread​
  • With Terraria's 8th anniversary in mind, we wanted to hear your memories... Some things that you might share are how you came to find Terraria, what you remember as you first played the game, what platform did you start on, what was that moment that got you hooked, what made you seek out and find the forums, etc.
    • Your story doesn't have to include all of the above, they are just examples of the type of things you can share.
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Thanks for helping us celebrate 8 years of Terraria!​

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Lord Garak

When I first entered hardmode I experienced the misfortune of having built my home in the Corruption's designated spawning location. Since I had no way of sustaining NPCs and each day was a constant battle just to open the front door, it made the early hardmode period much more punishing. I would sneak out and try to grab just a bit of ore or a new item. Eventually I became totally lost and didn't play again until years later when I came across reports of new content. I hopped on with a few online friends and discovered they had chests containing things I'd never seen before. My eyes grew misty as they came to rest on a spare Clentaminator. I grabbed that sucker and dragged it back to my decrepit first world with my friends in tow. By this point it really looked dead- vines and thorns everywhere, random dirt mounds from my attempts to section-off enemies, and random chunks of exploded terrain and missing walls (I think enemies could still break blocks at that point, or maybe I had just gotten bomb-happy in a few scuffles). With my newly found Lightning Boots I raced across the Corrupt wasteland towards my home on the right side of the map. As I approached it I began spraying in wild circles and watched in amazement and joy as that hulking hunk of wood shrapnel and chest rows rapidly became green and pure again. Like the Armistice, an eerie silence filled the cups of my headphones as the pounding waves of Slimers and Corruptors instantly vanished... and I heard the chirping of birds as butterflies began to flutter through my shattered windows.

I didn't play that world much longer, and it along with my beloved thousand-hour 1.2 world were erased when my playstation became (ironically) corrupted and I accidentally cloud-saved over my profiles. Still, this memory stands out as my most memorable and emotional experience in the game.


I remember playing the game way late into the night during my high school days. Later than I should have, but those hours of digging around underground and finding the next ore I needed were honestly ones I'll cherish forever. However, sharing the game with my friend and having our first world together is still the highlight of this game for me. With him, I was finally able to overcome the mechanical bosses due to my ineptitude with fighting them at all alone. We even fought all the way to the Moon Lord together, with it being both of our first time experiencing that content. It was a magical moment for both of us and we still play together even today, trying out the Thorium mod as we wait for the next upcoming update!


I remember the one day my older brother came up to me when i was about 8 and said, "Check out this cool game i found, it's kind of like 2d minecraft!" So for about an hour i was mezmorized with this game called terraria. To this day i still play terraria and laugh about how he said "It's kind of like 2d minecraft!" The part that really got me hooked to the game is when you complete something, such as making the terra blade, defeating a boss, and even beating the game. I really like how there is nothing like this game, not even minecraft can compare ;-)
I think i will play this game for the rest of my life, my brother is in college now but that dosent stop us from playing it. I hope on getting it on my PS4, i think doing that whould be a totally new experience ;-) I really appreciate the people that made this game, it created a time for me, my brother, and my friends to hang out and enjoy some time together! Happy Bithday Terraria!

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One day I went over to my friends house and he turned on his Xbox and launched a game called "Terraria". I didn't know what it was at the time, and so I played it to see what it was like. It was very fun but I had to get my friend to give me good gear cause he had already beat the Wall of Flesh. We played for a while, built all types of houses, and even tried to beat Skeletron Prime to no avail. When I went home, I found it on the App Store, so I bought it and continued to play. Within the week, I had already beat the game. Then, I found out it was also on the PC, so I ended up buying it. and that's how I started playing Terraria in 2015.


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Share your memories in this thread​
  • With Terraria's 8th anniversary in mind, we wanted to hear your memories... Some things that you might share are how you came to find Terraria, what you remember as you first played the game, what platform did you start on, what was that moment that got you hooked, what made you seek out and find the forums, etc.
    • Your story doesn't have to include all of the above, they are just examples of the type of things you can share.
  • Entries will close Monday, May 20 at 11:59 PM EDT
  • One post per member. No placeholder posts. You can share as much as you want, but please keep it to one post. You may edit your post anytime.
  • Every member that posts their experience will automatically be entered into a raffle
    • One raffle entry per qualifying member.
    • Raffle winner will be chosen by random draw and will win a prize of:
      • $50 Steam money

Thanks for helping us celebrate 8 years of Terraria!​

So, i found the Terraria demo on my brother's Xbox 360. It looked cool, so we downloaded it. We both had tons of fun with it! And on April 2nd, 2017 (years after we got the demo) we got Terraria for the PS3! We were both super happy! So we played it and loved the full version!

About last year, I got the PS4 version for terraria. Ironic that my brother had the PS3 version and I have the PS4 version. I got this account a few days after i got terraria for PS4 (or the exact same day) And around december or november, we got Terraria for PC. Now, let me tell you why I got this account.
So the reason I got this account was to report a bug. Now, I had known about TCF for a while at this point, and I finally joined it to file a bug and get help. Basically, I couldn't transfer my character from PS3 to PS4. This was because the accounts I was doing them on weren't linked via PSN. So i ended up creating a new character and give him all my stuff.


Eye of Cthulhu
I believe I found terraria by either scrolling on the App Store, or in my YouTube recommendations.

My most nostalgic memory was on mobile. I defeated eoc and built my underground base.
I forgot that you needed to have a pickaxe to mine, so I left my base without one and had to use bombs to enter.
Same world I thought crimson seeds (from eoc) did something cool (hasn’t found the crimson yet) so I planted them everywhere. Started wondering “why is it spreading” “OH CRAP” (Got jumpscared by the spider underground.)
I’m not sure if I still have that world, but it was a good one. (It was called Dirtmore.)


I found terraria through Ethoslab’s 1.2 is EZ (“E Zed”) series, and from that I found that the game was on Xbox 360 and bought it.

The my first play though ever was with my brother there. We had no idea what we were doing except what I learned from Etho’s videos. The one specific event I remember was the first time we encountered a clown.

We had a trench on either side of our settlement with platforms bridging them. Then, a blood moon occurred. We basically fought (or just watched) stuff and didn’t expect anything different that usual, when a clown comes in. Suddenly, it starts throwing bombs at us and destroyed our wall, which of course caused a sudden swarm of enemies to start attacking us.

We eventually killed the clown and survived the blood moon, but not before he caused a large amount of damage to our fortifications.


Duke Fishron
Oh boy, this is gonna be long. Have a spoiler tag so it doesnt destroy your monitor
Ironically, it all started with Minecraft. My neighbors were playing minecraft constantly on their phones, so I joined in so I could play with them. Eventually, those same friends introduced me to a Youtube channel called ElementAnimation, popular at the time for very well-animated Minecraft videos. I was around 12 years old at the time, and I totally ate it up. ElementAnimation was the first youtube channel I ever subscribed to, and for about a year after that, I continued using youtube solely for watching an endless amount of Minecraft videos.

A year or so later, ElementAnimation started making animated videos involving a game I had never seen before: Terraria. (Yes, this was the infamous Terraria Animated Series.) I wasn't really sure what to think of the videos themselves, but the game looked interesting and I had a ton of app store credit, so I decided to download Terraria to my ipad and just try it out. I was instantly addicted. I got a few of my other friends to play it, and I constantly read wiki articles on how to get the best stuff, various strategies, etc.

Eventually I realized that some stuff in the wiki articles were not in the game I was playing. I was really obsessed with the idea of the Tinkerers Workshop for some reason, and since Terraria Mobile wasn't even in 1.1 yet, I couldn't craft things like Lightning Boots, even though the wiki said I could. This annoyed me, so I decided to make an account on what was then TerrariaOnline, just to make a thread about how there should be more tinkers in the mobile version. (I really did not understand the concept of versions and updates back then.) That was in August of 2014, so... almost 5 years ago, holy crap.

I stayed on TerrariaOnline rather than just leaving after that first embarrassment, because I had so many ideas of how to improve the game and I just had to share them. Most of them were pretty awful, but it helped me become a part of the community. A month after I joined the site, the switch to TCF was made, and I continued posting random stupid suggestions I came up with and learning more about how to make this game balanced.

After a while I started actually making friends here. At first it was just me and a few other people hosting a poorly-handled Roleplay group about fighting, and eventually I learned how to host actual terraria servers. I still play Terraria with some of my friends from this site to this day. Yeah, I started as a terribly cringy kid, but now I have a small online community I can hang out with whenever I want, and that's pretty great.


I remember the day terraria came out like it was yesterday:

I learned about the game through videos from PaperBatVG, who had an early copy and had been doing a playthrough (he was hiding the jungle area as a surprise for release, at the request of the devs IIRC).

I was so hyped, I couldn't wait to play the game. It was a monday, I was out early from school and I was REALLY hoping steam already released it, since I had football practice at 19:00. It didn't release at 3, or 4, or 5, or after dinner, and thinking only about terraria I had my football practice (I sucked and quit soon after). I RACED home and when I arrived there it was, unlocked, available to buy. I bought it instantly and started exploring. I remember my first house, it was a complete disaster in hindsight but I was so proud, I wish I still had that map file..

8 years and 611 hours of terraria and countless playthroughs later here I am, still bad at football, and with loads of very fond terraria memories. Thanks for the game devteam, I loved it <3

ps: regarding PaperBatVG's playthroughs: I think he even had a guest appearence of one of the devs (Blue?), where the dev was checking the merchants text for spelling errors during the intro of the video. And Redigit got called Red a lot since 'Red and Blue, the creators of Terraria' sounded so catchy :)


Found this game thanks to my cousin, I was totally clueless at first. But once i got the hang of it i loved t!


The Destroyer
I actually found the game on my own. I downloaded the Xbox 360 demo and did the tutorial. Later, I forgot all about the game.

I was talked to about buying the full version, with a distant friend of mine telling me about how the full game has guns, but I forgot again.

I was then re-introduced to the game much later, when I was playing with my friends. They got on Terraria and I recognized the design instantly, and decided to start playing with them. For seemingly forever I was a non-frequent mobile user... Until I got the Xbox One edition for my birthday! Ever since then, I have been an undying Terraria lover.

I first found the forums back when Social Groups were a thing. At first, I was just looking up Terraria roleplays online, but eventually I came to join the forums and sign up for some. Eventually, I joined TLPW and Hysteria, and started roleplays of my own. I joined Random Forum Fights, but then left it for Calamity Adventure, which was later moved into the Roleplay section once Social Groups were ousted.


If anyone is interested in reading my Terraria story involving flare guns, here you go.
I fell in love with Terraria from the moment I started playing the mobile version. When the 3ds version was released, I bought that and played both mobile and 3ds edition a lot. When I got around to buying a ps4 and saw that Terraria was on sale, I couldn't help myself and bought the game again for the fifth time (already had bought the game on android, ios and twice on 3ds to play multiplayer with my sister). I then showed Terraria to a friend and he ended up liking and buying the game to play with me on ps4. With the knowledge I had from playing the other versions, I tried my best to make our playsessions as amusing as possible for both of us.
Eventually we defeated every boss and started building more actual structures. One of those buildings was a castle, not a particularly big one, but a castle nonetheless. We had not tried pvp at that point in time, but we didn't really want to destroy each other with our most powerful weapons.
While searching for an item, I saw two flare guns and a bunch of flares in a chest. These flare guns did little damage, and we came up with the idea to each use a different flare colour, and then playing some sort of tag game, covering the area in red and blue flares in the process. Just playing this in an empty space was a bit boring however, and since there were only the two of us, we were always shooting at the same person. We then thought about the castle we just built, and decided to have our flare tag games there. The castle made for a surprisingly decent setting for the game, although it was barely visible after some time due to the abundance of flares sticking to the floor and walls. We had a ton of fun there, even though it was a very simple game. It seems that flare guns are often overlooked, but while we didn't use them for their intended purpose, we gave them a purpose of our own. Sadly, with the 1.3 update on consoles, we can no longer play this silly game in our silly castle due to performance issues (lag and crashes caused by the hundreds of flares we fired).
A couple of months before that update, we did move to the pc version (yay another versions added to my collection!), but as of right now, we have not played our favourite game an there, but I plan to do so soon, especially because I got more people to play the game with us in the meantime.

This memory is the reason why I like flare guns and why you will almost never find me without one in my inventory.
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Sound Of Trance

Queen Bee
Originally, I resisted playing this game because I was into Minecraft and Terraria looked like a limited version of Minecraft since it was 2D. After a lot of pestering, my brother finally got me to play and I fell in love with the music, items, and feel of it all.

The forums are also one of the nicest forums I've ever been on! (And I've seen a lot of forums).

King Victor

Skeletron Prime
Terraria... Ah, good, good, good ol' Terraria. The memories bring me into a land of nostalgia and memories.

It all began when I was 10. back then I watched Stampy's videos on Minecraft everyday.

I remember getting home from school, and feeling very upset when I realized he didn't post any Minecraft videos that day. instead he posted a video on a series that I had known he played, but never clicked on any of the videos for some reason. Anyhow, I was bored and had nothing to do, so I decided to watch the video. The second it came on, I was hypnotized by all the strange items, funky blocks, and diverse content the game had to offer.
(I also thought the main character was Megaman XD.)

I watched the whole video had binged watch, like, 5 more.

Afterwards, I remember asking Siri (or whatever smart voice thing I had on my tablet at the time) to look up Terraria on the app store. But, instead Siri kept bringing up pictures of terrariums.

I finally got her to bring up Terraria after about 12 times asking. I ran to my mom and gave her five dollars in order for me to use her credit card.

I downloaded Terraria. And let me just say, I was not disappointed. It was the best five dollars I have ever spent... EVER.

And to this day, when people ask me what my favorite game is, I don't even have to think about it. The answer will always be,



When I was around eight or ten or so, I began to watch stampylongnose's playthrough of Terraria, and I thought it was really neat. I played for around two days when I got it some time later, and immediately was disgruntled at how long it took to mine something. And so I went mining, and surprisingly, one copper pickaxe isn't better than another copper pickaxe.
I dropped the game for like a month and went to Minecraft all over again, farming my sugarcane.
One day I felt compelled to play it again, and now I'm here, with an unknown endless amount of hours logged on mobile/PlayStations/3DS, and over seven hundred on PC. Epic gamer moment

Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl

Empress of Light
I found this game when I was browsing through some pirated copies of games I wanted, and found this game. I thought it sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. A few months to a year later, I don't exactly remember, a friend of mine bought the full game, and I saw that there were new updates that I wanted. I bought the full game a few days later and have been hooked since.

My favourite memory was the time I started playing the game again (Way back when 1.2 came out and I first bought the game), it was so cool to see all the new things, I could make my brothers jealous with the game I had gotten them all hooked on and they rather quickly bought the game as well.

We all have been playing ever since, though I am the only one who would answer with "Terraria", if I was ever asked what my favourite game would be.

Sky High

Ice Queen
I was pretty young when one of my father's friends showed Terraria to my father. He ended up buying it for himself and I and I was instantly hooked. Back then, I didn't play that well, but my love for Terraria has stuck with me ever since. I've watched as 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 came and went, and I've loved every second. Happy birthday Terraria!


Slime Collector
It was Easter of 2015.
My brother Joel and I had gotten a brand new Xbox One, and at the moment, the only game we had for it was Minecraft. We wanted to get more games for it in order to not make the console a waste of money. The only other game we could think of was Terraria. We heard little things about the game at the time. We just heard that it was good.
Fast forward to the summer of 2015. My mom and Joel went out to do stuff (can’t remember what, exactly) while I stayed home. When they came back, Joel had a copy of Terraria for the Xbox One in his hands. This was completely unexpected. It seems like they took a pit stop at the game store.
We started playing the game immediately. We had fun exploring the world, dying to umbrella slimes, and questioning the idea of cactus armor. I remember when we encountered the dungeon. Funny enough, I was one of the few noobs to NOT die to the dungeon guardian. Instead, we respected the wishes of the old man and waited until nighttime to confront his master. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened next.
I didn’t get really hardcore about the game until October of 2015, however. I decided to start a new world by myself without Joel. Over the course of several months, I taught myself how to play the game using only the wiki. How did I do it? Well, I looked at the list of bosses, figured out the order you have to defeat them, looked at strategies on how to beat them, and looked at even more pages when the wiki mentioned something I didn’t know about. I eventually started playing on PC sometime in the first quarter of 2016.
Now how did I end up in the forums? Well, back when I was a super hardcore fan of Minecraft (I still like the game), I always hung around this forum for a Minecraft PvP server, not to mention names (don’t worry, I’ll get into Terraria soon). This forum was a super toxic place, and I can’t even remember why I liked hanging out there at all. The reason I signed up was because I was falsely banned for hacking, and after several months, I had to get unbanned by admitting that I was hacking (I wasn’t).
Hanging around there got me to sign up for more forums for Minecraft PvP servers that I liked, and I got to experience the joys of being a part of a community on the internet. Eventually, I decided to sign up for the Terraria Community Forums in December of 2015, and I started to become active during the summer of 2016.
Obviously, my first year or two was very cringey for me. I was just a huge embarrassment. However, slowly over time, that changed.
Now, as of May 2019, Terraria remains my #1 favorite game, I made lots of friends within the community, and I’m even playing a big role in the Terraria Community Team. Things change, don’t they?
It’s been one hell of a ride, and I’m still looking forward to my future in this community. Maybe one day, the time will come where I can achieve my dream of being a community representative.
Happy birthday, Terraria, and thanks so much for the fun times and friends! :D
I played Terraria mobile for a long time with my friends, but I never really thought about getting the PC version. One day, I was looking on the wiki, and saw this thing called "Moonlord". I was confused, I had never seen that before. Turns out, the PC version was much more expansive than mobile. Thankfully, one of my friends also had PC, and with a few weeks of begging, my parents gave in and let me buy Terraria. Now I play with my friends, and we're still nowhere near Moonlord yet. But that'll come soon. We would probably be a lot closer if not for hours "wasted" catching bunnies and butterflies. Some people just don't understand the power of critters...
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