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  1. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    Hey! I decided to name my account after my first and favorite of my characters. Unfortunately, the original Terro, along with his Godly Arkhalis, got lost while I was installing Tmodloader. Rip, Terro. anyways, I am a relatively new Terrarian. I haven't gotten past the Destroyer yet, so when I get back to that point, help would be appreciated. I am a PC gamer who also plays several other things, such as TerraTech, Scrap Mechanic, Crossout, and Robocraft. My favorite biome music is Ocean, hands down, then underground hallow, then underground corruption. My favorite biome in general is Forest past the thirds of the world. You probably can guess why. The craziest thing that's happened to me? The first shrine I broke, got me an Arkhalis. The second? another Arkhalis. I was begging for the third one to be an enchanted sword. I find it while making my hellevator, right next to a gold bag and the Tinkerer. I swear I'm not joking. My favorite quality-of-life mod is dual wielding, and my favorite game changing mod iss…
    You though calamity? Ha! That game isn't terraria.
    Overhaul all the way!

    Umm, I like cats, Cats rule, Dogs Suck. I like to make RC stuff out of Lego technic, and K'nex, if anyone's heard of that. I also would love to do a multiplayer co-op, no more than 3 other people tho. I'm probably going to make a thread about that soon, Check back this weekend (2/16/19) If you want to join.Edit: nope. Ignore that If you do, make sure you have discord. I live in EST. Oh, my favorite event? Martian Madness, goblin army, then celestial pillars. That's about it!
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  2. EXRibbon

    EXRibbon Spazmatism

    Hi welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here :)

    My favorite biome music would be space! cause space is cool!
    second to that would be hallowed, overworld theme and then the beach! cause I rarely make beach bases lol.

    favorite mod? calamity! :D , it added alot of more bosses to fight after I initially got bored with the main game itself hehe
  3. Defure

    Defure Golem

    Hey, welcome to the forums. Would you like a dragon?
  4. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Retinazer

    Welcome to The Forums!
  5. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    Thanks guys! And okay, but what do you mean def? In-game? Or on the forum like a badge? Also, how do you get badges? On the TerraTech forums, you either had to meet activity requirements in the forums or win a tournament. Sometimes if you held a record you could get one too.
  6. Defure

    Defure Golem

    I'm offering a free dragon pic.
  7. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    P.s it would be awesome if one of you guys joined in the co-op. I'mma make the thread later today, before i play. P.s wish me luck against the brain. I only chose crimson cuz I want vampire knives for my corruption world (I need to stop neglecting it)
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    Nah, I'm good. I want terro as my profile pic. Just haven't played lately

    Whoops, I forgot. I have this habbit of sending 2 messages for different ideas. Sorry mods, if you're watching. Plz be a little forgiving with me about that.
  8. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Eye of Cthulhu

    Welcome to the forums, buddy! I believe it is pretty late to say this. Sorry.
  9. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    nah, it's cool. hey, you want to do a co-op? i mean today is the last day, and no one entered the contest, so screw it. you want to join me? It would be fun. I'll send you a conversation and probably ask Defure too.
  10. CrazedRPGFan

    CrazedRPGFan Steampunker

    Welcome Terro of Terraria. :cool:

    Enjoy your stay bud.
  11. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    hehe, i know it's a very creative name. I bet you're (not) jealous. Thanks! hey, me and Defure are doing a multiplayer survival. want to join us? we are planning to do it on saturdays and sundays.
  12. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Retinazer

    I mean.. it depends, what time exactly do you do it at sundays and Saturdays?
  13. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    oops, sorry dude. I meant to invite RPG fan. But you can join if you want!
  14. Terro

    Terro Terrarian

    i dunno yet. I'm EST, i dont know what Defure is, and it depends what your timezone is.
    Da heck?! why did it make 2? weird.
  15. Defure

    Defure Golem

    I don't know what my timezone is called, but it's the one where it's 17:46 when I'm typing this. (17=5pm)
  16. former_lurker

    former_lurker Terrarian

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!

    My favorite music is the normal daytime forest. It's the first music you usually hear when starting, so it triggers that happy spot in my twisted, twisted brain. :nursegrin: