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Testing EVERY pre-boss weapon against Expert Eye of Cthulhu


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Do we really need another testing thread for easy bosses that people didn't have trouble with in the first place?


Does anyone care about comparing the Boreal Wood Hammer to the Paper Airplane as weapons against bosses?


But I did it anyway. Enjoy!

No modifiers of any kind were used.

Accessories: Tsunami in a bottle, hermes boots, shark tooth necklace, ring of regeneration, feral claws (for melee and summoner) or fledgling wings (for everyone else)

Melee armor:
Gladiator armor! This stuff is actually great. No knockback and same defense as Gold armor. I'm going to start using it more, I love it.

Ranger armor:
Fossil armor. Ammo used was Frostburn arrows, Tungsten bullets and Poison darts.

Mage armor:
Wizard hat, Diamond Robe, Platinum greaves

Summoner armor:
Platinum helmet, Flinx Fur Coat, Platinum Greaves

Buffs used: Bast statue, stoneskin, regeneration, plenty satisfied (pad thai). Used Healing Potions.

Minions used: 1 Flinx.

The defense from buffs was high enough to make there be essentially no damage in phase 1 from EoC and only moderate damage in phase 2. This made this fight much easier than King Slime, although the kill times for this fight were slower than all other bosses I've seen, probably due to lack of buffs.

Safety: Weapons aren't assigned a safety rating, as the safety is just 'the weapons range' + 'the weapons DPS'. Slow melee weapons were more dangerous, fast ranged weapons were safer.

Melee weapons (including tools):
Remember all fights include 1 Flinx helping.

1.Enchanted sword (blade+beam) (54 seconds): I usually test just the beam, but this time I attacked with both, only using beam when I couldn't reach the eye. Really impressive results.
2.Terragrim (71 seconds)
3.Starfury (72 seconds)
4.Thorn Chakram (75 seconds): A consistently good anti-boss weapon. Performs best if you stay close or aim downwards to minimize wait time for misses.
5.Ice blade (sword + beam): 81 seconds
6.Amazon (84 seconds): Yoyos can provide constant dps and good control, which is nice.
7.Blade of Grass (85 seconds)
8.Ball o' Hurt (98 seconds)
9.Swordfish (98 seconds)
10.Rockfish (105 seconds): This is the tool with the highest DPS for this fight (Rockfish is technically a hammer).
11.Exotic scimitar (106 seconds)
12.Falcon Blade (108 seconds)
13.Scissors (112 seconds)
14.Bladed Glove (112 seconds)
15.Storm Spear (113 seconds): A very safe option for melee
16.Purple Clubberfish (118 seconds)
17.Flaming Mace (121 seconds)
18.Reaver Shark (121 seconds): The best pickaxe for damage. Better than a platinum broadsword, and better than a trident!
19.Fruitcake Chakram (122 seconds)
20.Rally (124 seconds)
21.Rotted fork (125 seconds)
22.Katana (131 seconds)
23.Mandible blade (131 seconds)
24.Bloody Machete (131 seconds)
25.Chain Knife (132 seconds): Another very safe option
26.Candycane Sword (132 seconds)
27.Platinum Broadsword (136 seconds)
28.Ice Boomerang (140 seconds)
29.Sawtooth Shark (140 seconds): A chainsaw that is actually viable, though not your best option
30.Mace (141 seconds): Making it flaming shaved off about 20 seconds, as seen above.
31.Bone Sword (141 seconds)
32.Gladius (142 seconds)
33.Enchanted sword (beam only) (143 seconds)
34.Trident (147 seconds)
35.Shroomerang (159 seconds): Didn't know this was faster than most other early boomerangs.
36.Spear (160 seconds)
37.Platinum Shortsword (167 seconds)
38.Bone Pickaxe (167 seconds): There's a chance that a falling star hit the EoC (I usually redid that when it happened), but I think this is just a pretty good tool-weapon.
39.Gold Broadsword (168 seconds)
40.Tragic Umbrella (170 seconds)
41.Enchanted Boomerang (172 seconds)
42.Gold Shortsword (174 seconds)
43.Tungsten Broadsword (180 seconds)
44.Gravedigger's Shovel (196 seconds)
45.Ruler (200 seconds)
46.Tungsten Shortsword (212 seconds)
47.Ice blade (just beam) (218 seconds)
48.Fossil Pickaxe (221 seconds)
49.Lead Broadsword (225 seconds)
50.Silver Broadsword (228 seconds)
51.Tin Broadsword (228 seconds)
52.Candycane Pickaxe (228 seconds)
53.Zombie Arm (231 seconds)
54.Shadewood Sword (234 seconds)
55.Ebonwood Sword (238 seconds)
56.Breathing Reed (241 seconds)
57.Iron Broadsword (244 seconds)
58.Platinum Hammer (252 seconds)
59.Wooden Boomerang (254 seconds)
60.Silver Shortsword (254 seconds)
61.Silver Hammer (261 seconds)
62.Scythe (267 seconds)
63.Staff of Regrowth (278 seconds)
64.Tungsten Hammer (279 seconds)
65.Iron Shortsword (284 seconds)
66.Gold Hammer (287 seconds)
67.Platinum Axe (293 seconds)
68.Rich Mahogany Sword (294 seconds)
69.Boreal Wood Sword (297 seconds)
70.Platinum Pickaxe (300 seconds)
71.Lead Pickaxe (311 seconds)
72.Tin Shortsword (312 seconds)
73.Gold Pickaxe (319 seconds)
74.Lead Hammer (325 seconds)
75.Ebonwood Hammer (327 seconds)
76.Gold Axe (330 seconds)
77.Copper Broadsword (333 seconds)
78.Palm Wood Sword (334 seconds)
79.Tungsten Axe (337 seconds)
80.Iron Pickaxe (341 seconds)
81.Cactus Sword (342 seconds)
82.Shadewood Hammer (350 seconds)
83.Wooden Yoyo (345 seconds)
84.Iron Hammer (350 seconds)
85.Silver Pickaxe (356 seconds)
86.Tin Pickaxe (365 seconds)
87.Wooden Sword (369 seconds)
88.Silver Axe (383 seconds)
89.Lead Axe (386 seconds)
90.Tin Hammer (391 seconds)
91.Copper Shortsword (416 seconds)
92.Iron Axe (430 seconds)
93.Cactus Pickaxe (436 seconds)
94.Copper Pickaxe (449 seconds)
95.Rich Mahogany Hammer (454 seconds)
96.Boreal Wood Hammer (467 seconds)
97.Tin Axe (487 seconds)
98.Palm Wood Hammer (533 seconds): Just 7 seconds before dawn.
99.Copper Hammer (Dawn came)
100.Wooden Hammer: (Dawn came)
101.Lead shortsword (dead): Too aggressive in this attempt. It was early on, and I didn't bother re-doing it.
102.Tungsten Pixkaxe (dead)
103.Copper Axe (dead)
104.Umbrella (dead): Another early attempt. But this is a really bad weapon, not aiming up and down and can only attack forward, not backward.

Ranged (including thrown):

Bows used Frostburn arrows (I generally don't have a bunch of spare stars for this fight). Guns use tungsten bullets. Blowpipe uses poison darts.

1.Minishark (42 seconds): The sharktooth necklace in first half and lack of defense in second half means that fast-firing weapons are the best here.
2.Boomstick (47 seconds): Multishot weapons do well, too.
3.Blood Rain Bow (49 seconds): Essentially a pre-Hardmode Daedalus Stormbow.
4.Sandgun (52 seconds)
5.Molotov Cocktail (54 seconds)
6.Happy Grenade (65 seconds)
7.Sticky Grenade (66 seconds)
8.Bouncy Grenade (66 seconds)
9.Frost Daggerfish (68 seconds): These are good even against Queen Bee. Worth fishing up if you've gotten good bait at this point!
10.Spiky Balls (69 seconds)
11.Paintball gun (71 seconds)
12.Bone Javelin (72 seconds)
13.Musket (75 seconds): One of my personal favorites for all boss fights. Usually good for overcoming defense, but not quite as good here since defense is 0 in second phase and fast-firing weapons do better.
14.Revolver (82 seconds)
15.Poison Knives (86 seconds)
16.Platinum Bow (88 seconds): Bows in general do worse than guns in general, but this bow is pretty good. Outperformed by Blood Rain Bow.
17.Bone Throwing Knives (88 seconds)
18.Grenades (88 seconds)
19.Snowball Cannon (89 seconds): More than 2 times as fast as just throwing snowballs
20.Flintlock Pistol (100 seconds)
21.Gold Bow (102 seconds)
22.The Undertaker (104 seconds)
23.Blowpipe (104 seconds)
24.Harpoon (105 seconds): This is a pretty variable weapon.
25.Lead Bow (110 seconds)
26.Silver Bow (111 seconds)
27.Red Ryder (112 seconds)
28.Javelins (114 seconds)
29.Tungsten Bow (115 seconds)
30.Blood Water (115 seconds)
31.Ebonwood Bow (116 seconds)
32.Unholy Water (119 seconds)
33.Star Anise (127 seconds)
34.Iron Bow (131 seconds)
35.Shadewood Bow (135 seconds)
36.Throwing Knife (136 seconds)
37.Rich Mahogany Bow (137 seconds)
38.Palm Wood Bow (142 seconds)
39.Rotten Eggs (146 seconds)
40.Copper Bow (150 seconds)
41.Tin Bow (151 seconds)
42.Shuriken (165 seconds)
43.Wooden Bow (166 seconds)
44.Boreal Wood Bow (168 seconds)
45.Snowballs (210 seconds)
46.Flare Gun (313 seconds)
47.Paper Airplanes (426 seconds): A terrible, chaotic fight, especially since I had hundreds of flares covering the ground from the last fight.


1.Demon Scythe (38 seconds): This is the only 'underworld-tier' weapon available before bosses (besides Cascade, which, oops, guess I didn't test everything).
2.Crimson Rod (about 61 seconds, average of 59 and 64): I couldn't believe how well this did. It's also one of the best weapons for King Slime and Queen Bee. This is honestly great as a 'main' weapon.
3.Diamond Staff (66 seconds)
4.Gray Zapinator (77 seconds): This weapon is so variable, it could probably outperform Demon Scythe on a good day. But it's random.
5.Amber Staff (99 seconds)
6.Ruby Staff (101 seconds)
7.Emerald Staff (105 seconds): This is the weakest gem staff with auto-fire, and it did way better than the next one without auto-fire, likely due to my misclicks with the non-autofire staves.
8.Vilethorn (105 seconds): Honestly expected better, given the 0 defense in Phase 2.
9.Thunder Zapper (112 seconds): This weapon is pretty bad, but its fast fire rate helps out here. Still not as good as Amber Staff, found in same region.
10.Wand of Sparking (144 seconds): This does much better than gem staffs of comparable damage due to firing rate and the On Fire! debuff. Maybe the best item to find in a wooden chest.
11.Sapphire Staff (179 seconds)
12.Topaz Staff (190 seconds)
13.Amethyst Staff (235 seconds)

Summon Weapons

Summons often got distracted. Snapthorn did most of the work in its tests.

Flinx Fur Coat armorFinchSlimeFlinxVampire Frogs
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