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tModLoader TGM1234's Mods



Side Note: Just posted under WeaponOut forum asking if they could make it compatible with this mod cause the weapons in-hand don't show the dyes, would you be able to do anything about that on your end?
Possibly! It depends on how WeaponOut does their draw code. If it's a simple PlayerLayer it may be something I could put into ShaderLib itself, which would make Item Customizer compatible automatically

Note: WeaponOut did have Item Customizer integration; however, when ShaderLib 2.0 happened, parts of the relevant code changed, breaking it.
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ShaderLib 2.1.2 released! This adds in native WeaponOut support to the held item shader feature (which in turn allows Item Customizer to work with it).
Turns out it really was that easy. (Works with both WeaponOut and WeaponOutLite)

Someone should go tell @Flashkirby99 to remove the old Item Customizer support, though - it may not be crashing anyone's game, but it's still filling the chat log with errors.

latest shaderlib broke dyehard and secret dyes. They say "Shader lib is missing"
Strange, I didn't realize this happened. I'm not quite sure why, but it looks like these mods have to be rebuilt in order to work again. I'll upload a rebuilt Secret Dyes momentarily.
No code changes have to be made, and fortunately Dye Hard is open source, so until the author rebuilds their mod, here's a temporary solution:
- Extract Dye Hard
- Copy the Dye Hard folder in ModLoader/Mod Reader to ModLoader/Mod Sources
- Go to "Mod Sources" and hit Dye Hard's "Build + Reload" button

EDIT: The Secret Dyes reupload should be up now
EDIT2: Dye Hard update was released, you should be able to use it now
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I got multiplayer testing to work, so I could debug it a bit.

Item Customizer 2.1.4 released:
- Slightly improved netcode efficiency
- Added netcode for NPCs dyed by Paintball Gun (previously, this would not sync between clients - note that it only syncs at the time of application)
- Fixed netcode for ammo dyes (the bizarre boss summon fix had broken this)
I was bothered by a couple things, and I had been looking into custom shaders, so I made...

Hair Dye for Armor v2.1.0
- Changed the Speed Hair Dye function when equipped, it now goes from an equip's regular look to the color, like the hair dye does.
- Removed the ability to equip Martian Hair Dye. It didn't look good on anything and regular Martian Dye exists anyway.
- Added a tooltip indicator to the affected hair dyes letting the player know they're equippable ("Can be equipped")
It's time for the return of World Persistence! There still wasn't another mod that attempted to accomplish quite what this mod did, so I figured it was about time that I dust it off and turn it into something that isn't a sad heap of improperly implemented features, and is available for the current version of tModLoader.

The real World Persistence 1.0 starts now! (Requires Mod Helpers aka HamstarHelpers, kudos to Hamstar for creating such a great library)
With World Persistence, a variety of things now persist on world exit, and can be toggled in the config:
- Player position, velocity, fall height data, and wing time
- Player debuffs and breath time
- Items dropped in the world
- (Disabled by default, experimental, may be unstable) non-town NPCs and projectiles, including bosses and minions (but still not including any modded data like dyes, prefixes, or potentially critical modded NPC parameters)

It's also being given a fresh start as a "new" mod, which removes the old "EvilMod" joke.

EDIT: Despite my best efforts, a game-breaking crash made it into 1.0 that crashed players without any data and spammed logs about it... which was everyone but me.
Here's hoping 1.0.1 fixes that mess. I added more null checks.
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does world persistence affect performance or memory usage
It shouldn't, though it can currently begin to cause a bit of save bloat if a single character visits hundreds of unique worlds, which would slowly increase memory use and character load time. Hopefully this isn't in the range that most people would use a character, but in case it does become a problem for anyone, I'm likely going to include an option that clears the world-specific data upon loading, or which disables remembering more than one world's stats.
World Persistence 1.1.0
- Massive update to saving and loading code
* Your existing world persistence data WILL be lost!
* Be sure to pick up any important dropped items!
- NPCs now save coins collected in Expert mode
- A variety of extra NPC and projectile data is now saved
- Player position now includes mounts and rope status
- Player position now includes player direction... lol
- Player stats now includes health and mana (no more off-world healing exploits)
- Bugfix: Grappling hooks saved on world, rather than player (fixes players inheriting other player's hooks) (still experimental) (could still act weird in multiplayer)
- New config option: Save player grappling hooks (requires position saving)
- New config option: Control character data world cache size (stops potential save bloat) - find this on a new client-side options tab, default is 20 worlds, range 1-100, visiting more than this number of unique worlds will begin forgetting the oldest data (note: at this time, the player saving toggles only toggle loading, so visiting worlds will still save data regardless, meaning that this setting has impact even if player saving options are off)

additional note: to remove existing player save bloat, it is necessary to either load the character without the mod to clear the data, or to visit worlds until all of them have been recorded in the cache
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Not sure if this is an issue due to some other mod or not, but I can't seem to use the Item Customizer window at all right now. Can't drop dye or items into it, click the rename area, or even close it with its own button.

Is anyone else having trouble with it?

I was using the customizer with invisible dye so I could bat at the air with just my hand, using claw weapons. It was fun.

Okay for some reason things are fine now. I wonder if it was something I wasn't doing. I can place items in it properly now.
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If you actually tried it you would've noticed that it already is? If it actually isn't working for you though, try using WeaponOut Lite rather than the full version, it's the one I've tested the most with (and which I use personally now, so I'd know if I somehow broke anything). It should work with either, however.
Item Customizer 2.2.0
Here's some long-awaited fixes:
- The Anti-Netcode Update
- Refactors netcode to be less stupid by removing netcode, not even kidding (mod now sends far less packets while maintaining functionality)
- Even more wrong projectile shading fixes, particularly from client-side weaponry (as it turns out, projectile.whoAmI is not to be trusted)
- Finally fixes the infinite knockback bug (was a far more basic fix than I anticipated)
- Fixed another multiplayer bug causing desyncs, due to code running on the server when it shouldn't be (I think)
- Some code refactoring
- Mod should hopefully always unload properly now (note that other mods not unloading properly can cascade and result in IC and other mods appearing to not unload as well, such as Spirit Mod and their glyphs, currently)


Item Customizer, when paired with Recipe Browser causes me ( and a friend of mine ) to be unable to move/use any items/open inventory/open the menu screen/basically do almost anything very often upon loading with any character into any world.
This issue is removed when either Item Customizer or Recipe Browser are disabled.
tModLoader version, running on Win10 64bit, 16gb RAM
Client log file attached

Mod list:
Item Stats+ v1.3.2
Wormholes v1.10.2
Which Mod Is This From? (WMITF) v2.6.2
Wing Slot v1.7.3
WeaponOut v1.6.4
Thorium Mod v1.6.3.4
Smart Doors (From 1.4) v1.3.2
Shorter Respawn Time v1.0
Shop Expander v1.1.2
Shader Library v2.1.2
Recipe Browser v0.8.7
OmniSwing v3.0.1
Motion Blurs v1.3.1
MoreAccessories+ v2.3
Max Stack Plus Extra v1.1.0.4
Luiafk v1.0.0.130
Even More Modifiers v0.1.2.3
Item Customizer v2.2.0
imkSushi's Mod v4.3.1
Mod Helpers v5.7.3
GRealm v1.9.0.3
Full Health Respawn v0.0.1
Fargo's Mutant Mod v2.2.1
Health And Mana From Bosses v1.1.2.1
Death Screen Countdown v0.15
Calamity Mod Extra Music v1.0.7.5
Calamity Mod Music v1.4.4.5
Calamity Mod (No Calamity Music) v1.4.4.4
Calamity's Vanities v4.0.3
Boss Cursor v1.4.1
Boss Checklist v1.1.1
Better Taxes v2.4.0
Better Buffs v1.2.3
Base Mod v1.9.0.2
Assorted Crazy Things v1.3.1.1
Ammobox+ v1.5.0.1
AlchemistNPC v9.3
Colored Damage Types v1.5.0


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Looks like the issue here is with Recipe Browser, not Item Customizer, sorry!
Though GRealm is throwing an error as well - I can't say for sure, but that might be involved in the issue, as I've been able to use IC and RB together without issue.


It seems ranged weapons that use ammo from Thorium don't do anything in multiplayer while Item Customizer and Thorium are the only mods installed (as well as cheat sheet for assisted testing and shaderlib)

Update: Can confirm Cheat sheet doesn't cause this. Did some more testing, fiddling around with enabling and disabling the two mods and for some reason the issue ceased...?
Update 2: Not sure why the bug is so finicky, the "Webgun" from Thorium seems to be broken pretty consistently, while some other weapons are not, and whenever more ranged weapons seem to break, it includes vanilla ones too apparently. 🤷‍♂️
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I'm not certain about the other issues here, but for the Webgun, if you want the shot webs to be dyed, make sure you dye your cobwebs!
The same applies to flamethrowers, the Star Cannon, or other weapons that use unusual ammo - just like weapons that use typical ammunition.
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